Bandit Model 5000 Forestry Mower

Land and right-of-way clearing operations looking for a powerful, dependable stump grinder/forestry mower should take a look at the Bandit Model 5000. The Model 5000 is the largest stump grinder and forestry mower built by bandit industries. Built to with stand rugged conditions that land clearing contractors tend to encounter, the Model 5000 has been designed to surpass all others in its class. Engine horsepower options are available from 500 to 600 horsepower.

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Author Bandit Chippers (5 months)
This machine can easily handle 12" diameter trees!

Author Cessna 182a (1 month)
My grandpa owned a tree business until not too long ago and had Bandit
chippers and I believe even a mower. Great wonderful pieces of equipment, I
remember how much those machines love to eat!

Author lilseip-B14 (10 months)
The 268 ppl who didnt like this drive a prius an hug trees 

Author Conner MEDU (7 months)
Looks like one of those Canadian snowplows on steroids!

Author chad jones (3 months)
Zombie killer

Author Tony Carothers (1 year)
the ultimate zombie killer.......

Author Workmule4ever2day (4 months)
Dear Santa... please let me have one of these and please fix the leak in my
500 gallon tank. I can hear the vortex of disappearing diesel from here. 

Author Natethanastysnake666 (7 months)
Avatar nor Ferngully would approve haha

Author Timothy Joyce (4 months)
Wouldn't mind using one of those to make some mountain bike paths!

Author Kyle Bentzinger (2 months)
must be fun to drive/use xD

Author Perci Ferreira (5 months)
Muito legal trabalhar com esta maquina

Author David F (1 month)
Pioneers and Frontiersmen needed these. lol

Author jordan king (5 months)
how big of trees could this thing "mow"

Author Thomas de Boer (7 months)
powerfull machine!

Author kyle peterson (1 year)
how about a 1/5 scale version for making awesome single track ? :D :D:D 

Author schinkengermany (7 months)
No trees were actually harmed in this video

Author janken919 (10 months)
nice machine!

Author Kyle Cherry (7 months)
probably the most badass thing on the planet.

Author Danger Theif (4 months)
Beautifull Work check out this ..!!
Custom Clearing

Author Christopher Pausz (7 months)
The power of this thing is insane 

Author Jack Fenton (7 months)
They should put one of these in dead rising 3

Author Jake Smalley (9 months)
This would be awesome for making deer plot lanes.

Author Paul (3 months)
Wicked machine!

Author Taxedtodeath (5 months)
Don't look like it will cut the trees of about 12" in dia. tho. 

Author AmesDrew (7 months)
What tree stump ...

Author Honda Rincon (1 year)
hell, mow me an football field in the middle of the woods

Author Candlemanification (10 months)
Yum Yum eatum up ,Yum Yum eatum up.nice for making trails

Author THE AussieGamer (10 months)
Who would dislike this vid I mean I imagine makin a trail for dirt bikes
and go dirt bike riding........ Accept I don't have a dirt bike but I WANT

Author dairy farmer (11 months)
environment killing comments are coming

Author Dick Walker (1 year)
Awesome video!!! This machine would be the perfect solution to the dense
wooded acreage on my property. Never knew this kind of machine existed.
Should help people with overgrown vegetation problems..... and boost sales
in the process.

Author Dat Nguyen (5 months)

Author colton meekins (11 months)
dear santa.

Author Kanch Gopal (4 months)

Author igor orłowski (1 year)
tank he he :)

Author John Ryan (7 months)

Author Jaakko Nikinoja (1 year)
can I use this willow?

Author hawkboy1792 (9 months)
where can i get one of these! :D

Author Ms. E. Novalsky (10 months)
Bandit Model 5000 Forestry Mower.

Author Honda Rincon (1 year)
great for clearing and cleaning for deer food plot. how much is it to rent
something like that for an day !!!

Author Серж Дур-Дачник (1 year)

Author Adam H (1 year)
That would be awesome in a zombie invasion

Author nchayfarmer (2 years)
how do you know this wont a thinning operation to make way for more taller
trees or a plantation operation half of the "trees" in this video are
smaller than your wrist go spread that bullshit somewhere else

Author yzman321 (2 years)
can i borrow that?

Author card shooting gamer (2 years)
when theres a zombie apocolypse use this and tree huggers should watch
another video

Author MoparMonkey Man (1 year)
Thats incredible! i'll take two I only have one question.."Does it come in

Author CyberVerme (1 year)
É a verdadeira máquina do DEMO!

Author trigder128 (1 year)
Hey Tree Huggers.........

Author Bryce Crook (2 years)
read my comment to TheCrazymi The purpose of the mower is not made to take
down rain forest, and in addition you also can't control what customers do
with products they buy.

Author mike scott (2 years)
x wife rather deal with the zombies lol

Author Bryce Crook (2 years)
The machine in the video is specifically used for mostly "Right Of Way
Clearing" which is the very beginning stage of making way/room for our
water, gas and electricity supply to our homes and businesses. As long as
your smart about using these machines they can create more good than some research

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