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Author janken919 (1 month)
nice machine!

Author kyle peterson (3 months)
how about a 1/5 scale version for making awesome single track ? :D :D:D 

Author Tony Carothers (5 months)
the ultimate zombie killer.......

Author lilseip-B14 (27 days)
The 268 ppl who didnt like this drive a prius an hug trees 

Author farmer from tennessee (2 months)
environment killing comments are coming

Author igor orłowski (3 months)
tank he he :)

Author Dick Walker (2 months)
Awesome video!!! This machine would be the perfect solution to the dense
wooded acreage on my property. Never knew this kind of machine existed.
Should help people with overgrown vegetation problems..... and boost sales
in the process.

Author Josh Shephard (1 month)
Who would dislike this vid I mean I imagine makin a trail for dirt bikes
and go dirt bike riding........ Accept I don't have a dirt bike but I WANT

Author Candlemanification (1 month)
Yum Yum eatum up ,Yum Yum eatum up.nice for making trails

Author Honda Rincon (5 months)
hell, mow me an football field in the middle of the woods

Author Jaakko Nikinoja (5 months)
can I use this willow?

Author Honda Rincon (5 months)
great for clearing and cleaning for deer food plot. how much is it to rent
something like that for an day !!!

Author Ms. E. Novalsky (18 days)
Bandit Model 5000 Forestry Mower.

Author Adam H (7 months)
That would be awesome in a zombie invasion

Author nchayfarmer (1 year)
how do you know this wont a thinning operation to make way for more taller
trees or a plantation operation half of the "trees" in this video are
smaller than your wrist go spread that bullshit somewhere else

Author yzman321 (1 year)
can i borrow that?

Author a person who plays tf2 (1 year)
when theres a zombie apocolypse use this and tree huggers should watch
another video

Author MoparMonkey Man (7 months)
Thats incredible! i'll take two I only have one question.."Does it come in

Author CyberVerme (7 months)
É a verdadeira máquina do DEMO!

Author trigder128 (1 year)
Hey Tree Huggers.........

Author Bryce Crook (1 year)
read my comment to TheCrazymi The purpose of the mower is not made to take
down rain forest, and in addition you also can't control what customers do
with products they buy.

Author mike scott (2 years)
x wife rather deal with the zombies lol

Author Bryce Crook (1 year)
The machine in the video is specifically used for mostly "Right Of Way
Clearing" which is the very beginning stage of making way/room for our
water, gas and electricity supply to our homes and businesses. As long as
your smart about using these machines they can create more good than some research

Author Enrique N (1 year)
monkey at 5:56

Author TheCrazymi (1 year)
terrible! destroy nature in a second :(

Author Bandit Chippers (1 year)
This is custom equipment, so to get an accurate price I would get a hold of
a Bandit sales representative or a Bandit dealer. Thanks

Author forgotagain00 (1 year)
thats not big enouph need like a tank the size of a quarry truck and pup
behind it controlls it that would cut down any tree and shred limbs for
lumber for remodeling houses

Author cntsay2 (1 year)
idiot has no clue on operating that machine

Author PoNKKKKKio (9 months)
I want that "Toy" only to say I 've got it!!

Author Ian Keirstead (1 year)
this video is awesome. wish i had a had this job.

Author LegendSw0rd (1 year)
Away with you and your terrible machines of industry. Such an arrogant and
greedy defiance of nature makes me sick. The felling of trees is fine when
in proper need; say to build a home or to make the spear and shield that
protects your family, but it is such waste to plow through the forest
merely to try to tame it by creating paths. I bet they will not even use
the timber they felled. Remember this, fools: 'No matter how often he is
cut down, the Green Man will always live again.'

Author Latrell Davis (1 year)
Man ill by that crap ;)

Author tripodalt (7 months)
all of the firefighter need this for cleaning forest and opening ways

Author ThaiLogistics (1 year)
wood gasifier biomass

Author 916vario (1 year)
Was für ein Schwachsinn!!!. Die Fläche ist astrein befahrbar und könnte
auch mit nem Bagger und Kneifer abgeholzt werden um das Holz zum Hacken
sprich Hackschnitzel zu verwenden. Reinrassiges Energievernichten. Busch
OK, aber Stammware geht garnicht. Daumen runter.

Author Stihl Magnum (1 year)
i know right

Author ash lee (2 years)
that would be an awesome job to have

Author crackmaster88 (1 year)
stupid mankind will destroy everything -_-

Author 85ccmaster (1 year)
why was this guy going through the woods cutting down trees?

Author milestruja (2 years)
How much does this machine

Author bajsmannensparty (1 year)
would be better with a machine gun at the top.

Author Bryce Crook (1 year)
read my latest comment to the user "TheCrazymi"

Author jm00000001 (1 year)
Welcome to real forest with your machine. Rocks will destroy your hideous
diesel hamster in seconds.

Author maxo44 (6 months)
Can you use it for root removal of larges trees as well? To grind it to
15-30cm below ground level?

Author Mitchell McMullen (1 year)
Awesome for making trails!

Author blithe8 (1 year)
this is great for mowing down armies of zombies = they should put this in a

Author skillfulsugar (1 year)
is there an eco friendly model?

Author Bin Tian (10 months)
This should be called "Get Out Of My Way 9000".

Author janken919 (8 months)
All that fresh mulch must smell awesome!

Author thenoyola675 (1 year)
Monkey at 4:56

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