120lb Bull Mastiff vs. 140lb 6'2'' Timber Wolf

We were visiting with Family & Axel (the Timber Wolf) a little while back. For the first time Rockwell (Bull Mastiff) finally had a dog to play with that was able to "push back". Unlike the rest of the 20lb to 40lb ankle-biters in our neighborhood.

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Author iilliamna (2 months)
It's really sad people think a malamute looks like a wolf. Really
disappointing and sad for the people who end up getting real wolves or
wolfdogs and they end up having no idea what they were getting themselves
into. This misrepresentation needs to stop, as for the sake of northern
breeds and real wolfdogs/wolves.

Author michelle catherine (13 hours)

Author Euph (4 days)
I love the internet, but at the same time it makes me want to rage kill so
many ignorant assholes. These dogs are bigger than 99% of any dogs you
fucks have ever come into contact with. Stop with the keyboard warrior

The Timber Wolf in this video is bigger than most wolves in the wild.
Huskies and Malamutes do not get that big.

Author James Shawara (9 days)
People its a video of 2 beautiful dogs playing, Not a friggin pit fight. 

Author ROGER FANCHER (11 days)
Music reminds me of Fantasia. Maybe a composer O! Ode to Joy-Beetoven.

Author Alex V (15 days)
Yo Butkis!!

Author kime Hunt (15 days)
Wow, beautiful dogs. That wolf is large and in charge.

Author Adi B (15 days)
Timber Wolf looks so much better 

Author tbrogoitti (22 days)
Ugh wooly mal not timberwolf. Someone got scammed. If you think this is a
timberwolf open a freaking animal science book. And no malamutes are not
part wolf. 

Author Ringo Nordstrom (25 days)
Typical dangerous DA dog owners. We gotta have a yard filled with toddler
toys, because, of course, the bull mastiff and the timber wolf play in the
same yard as the toddler. And, it wouldn't be complete, if the fence
wasn't full of holes and falling down, so the dogs can come and go from the
neighborhood and other little children and 20/40lb ankle biters can come in
and "play" with the dangerous dogs that have never shown one tiny bit of
aggression until the first bite, the first kill. Oh, yeh, and we want to
prove we're the biggest DAs with the biggest dangerous dogs by advertising
it in moving picture form to the whole world on Youtube. We just can't get
enough attention

Author true alpha (29 days)
Cool lol

Author Deborah Bruning (1 month)
My goodness, I didn't realize wolves were so big! The Mastiff is dwarfed
by comparison, and Mastiffs are nothing to sneeze at!! Beautiful video,
thank you for sharing!

Author mike mitchell (6 months)
that's not a timber wolf nor is it 140 pounds. the other dog looks barely
100... my german boxer is 106 and looks bigger and my English boxer is
89....dude stop uploading crap to get views...A timberwolf would destroy
any dog

Author MilkCarten Lmt (1 month)
wolves are overrated creatures

Author true alpha (29 days)
Cool lol

Author Yarply Twelve (1 month)
thats not a timber wolf.

Author Josh Arvig (1 month)
very low wolf content at best... shape of head and ears a big give away as
well as the nose paws and even the way it gaits around... breed and raised
alaskan interior grey wolves for 15 yrs so i would consider myself an

Author ThachosenJuan21 (2 months)
Ya wolf hybrids weight is right my guess is the other dog weighs 70

Author jeriatrix (2 months)
Not a Mastiff, not a Timber Wolf. Dum Dums

Author Eric LaPrarie (2 months)
thats not a Bull Mastiff that is a Pit mastiff the pits are smaller and
that hybrid wolf is not anywhere where near 140lbs. my BULL mastiff
(american Bulldog breed) is 140lbs and about twice that size.

Author Beki Beko (2 months)
That Is Not Wolf Is Alaskan MalaMute

Author noelsingletary (3 months)
Small Mastiff and half breed dog/wolf

Author Fortuna Vendetta (3 months)
Could be a low-content hybrid, but not a full blooded wolf.

Author Silverbolt Coyote (3 months)
0:43 big dog is trying to hump... Mmmmmmm

Author Tom g (3 months)
Pure animal abuse

Author Matt Cissna (3 months)
Its white fang all over again!!!!!

Author willian portter (3 months)
real epic lol

Author Lion Heart (9 months)
That bull mastiff aint anywhere near 120 pounds, and the Timber wolf is
definitely got a huge amount of malamute in it

Author george richard (8 months)

Author Rebecca Wolff (6 months)
Well it also could be mixed with a malamute

Author Rebecca Wolff (6 months)
+Mike Mitchell yes that is a timber wolf. Its mixed with a husky. Its not
like they pulled it straight from the wild smart one....

Author Daniel Streeter (6 months)
Let me guess; not actually a timber wolf.

Author Nick Romenesko (7 months)
Or they both boys

Author jwugrad2003 (9 months)
Is that a giant malamute? I've been looking a getting one. 

Author I13dcontent (9 months)
I have a bull mastiff, the weigh way way more than they look like.

Author Kyle Hansen (1 year)
I'm from Northern Minnesota. That is NOT a Timberwolf.

Author uNANOtube (1 year)
Why is a 10 year old using a computer? Go play outside! It's summer!

Author Heathers fam (1 year)
That's not a timber wolf

Author AllYoukanEat (1 year)
you dont know what you are looking at

Author wmkess (1 year)
That Malamute is probably 110 pounds max. Working at a Vet clinic, I have
weighed about 7-8 full grown Malamutes that are "patients" there. 110
pounds is about the average. The biggest one we had was much larger than
that one and when he had to be put down, weighed in at 125 lb (was at a
healthy weight). I'm not even sure the other dog is a Mastiff. The face
resembles one but the size and body appear more like a boxer. My guess is
this is a 60lb boxer mix and a 100 lb Malamute(whos mostly hair)

Author Winter Fawn (1 year)
that is at best...a husky/wolf hybrid...even then ..i seriously doubt
that...looks like all husky to me should be more careful....your
goin to get him confiscated on suspicion of him / her bein a wolf or
hybrid.... i really am tryin to warn you because i think it would be very
terrible if that happend...i know what im talkin about because my friend
has been through it...though she got hers back only because she proved that
she was full blood abenaki indian....

Author k j (1 year)

Author Gabby IamDreamer (1 year)
That wolf is gorgeous!

Author Haron Allisson (1 year)
nice video!

Author brettvett1 . (1 year)
i want to see what a REAL 120 lb dog looks like, come check out
my Rottie, Hank, lol...

Author SG-Markiee Dee (1 year)
A malamute isn't that big

Author crazylady791 (1 year)
Wow! Someone really needs to learn his dog breeds! Can you say "Boxer"
"Malamute/Husky"! Why must people post this stuff? Does it make them feel
important? Wow. Really!?!?!?!?

Author bawoodd11 (1 year)
Sometimes the genotype can be very hard to determine from the phenotype of
these types of dogs. My friend purchased a wolf dog from his friends, so we
knew that the dog came from a timber wolf and a malamute. His dog looked
exactly like a malamute while the majority of her siblings resembled a wolf
with no strong markings. The dog in the video is definitely not a full
blooded timber wolf but might be a mixture of some kind surely involving
the malamute.

Author Atreyu Auryn (1 year)
Congressman Jim Moran - U.S. House of Representatives ???

Author Clarke Davis (1 year)
Weigh it did you?

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