120lb Bull Mastiff vs. 140lb 6'2'' Timber Wolf

We were visiting with Family & Axel (the Timber Wolf) a little while back. For the first time Rockwell (Bull Mastiff) finally had a dog to play with that was able to "push back". Unlike the rest of the 20lb to 40lb ankle-biters in our neighborhood.

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Author Euph (3 months)
I love the internet, but at the same time it makes me want to rage kill so
many ignorant assholes. These dogs are bigger than 99% of any dogs you
fucks have ever come into contact with. Stop with the keyboard warrior

The Timber Wolf mix in this video is bigger than most wolves in the wild.
Pure Huskies and Malamutes do not get that big.

Author Nasir Bradley (1 month)
That wolf gon turn on yo ass

Author Everett Cox (1 month)
The Mastiff is just a baby. The wolf is the overdog now but he won't be
when that Mastiff grows full size. It's wonderful to see a wolf playing
with a dog, normally the wolf would just kill him.

Author Ray Yamka (1 month)
Malamutes can get larger than that dumbass. And that is a husky dog. Not a
wolf. Not a single fucking drop.

Author sternsa200 (1 month)
Looks just like a Malamute to me.Can't see any wolf in it.My 140Ib
Malamute was much bigger and that one looks more like90lbs.The Bull Mastiff
is quite small also and is probably nearer to 70lbs

Author Rhythmic Rider (4 days)
That is literally a big fat malamute. If that's a timber wolf I must be
Dog ears, dog tail, dog build, liver nose, no traits of a wolf minus the
agouti markings. But that happens in domestic dogs as well because that's
one of the traits that is shown specifically in Nordic and Shepard breeds.

Author Carol Kisnics (2 months)
Lmfao... You realy gatta know your animals that ain't no timber wolf that
is for sure...that's a mixed mutt with something ..sorry but it bugs me
when people think there dog is a wolf while all along its a husky or a
malamute..sorry for being rude but ya might wanna correct your title

Author Bjørn Larsen (10 days)
Thats one big dog (or wolf - timberwolf is a dog/wolf mix yes?)!!!!

Author LPSElsified (4 days)
Obviously that so called "wolf" is a husky/malamute. Don't believe it!

Author Underground401 (22 days)
Not only is this NOT a wolf (c'mon ppl), but the weights are way off! That
mastiffs just a pup at about 80 lbs and that husky/mute is 100 TOPS, alot
of that bulk is hair

Author Kayla Heston (1 month)
As people have previously commented, this is definitely a malamute. Could
it be mixed with something? Sure. Could it have some wolf in it? It's
possible. But all I see is a malamute. And yes, malamutes CAN get that big.
I've seen them, as I follow many malamute breeders, and they have some
pretty big dogs. Fur also makes malamutes look bigger, especially with
woolly mals. My malamute is only ten months old and he's pretty big
already. His mother weighed 155 pounds and his father weighed 120. Not the
standard weight for a mal, but possible clearly. Beautiful dogs! 

Author skylar willman (21 day)
That's a beautiful wolf mix. I own one my self best friend.. mines a Huskey
mix wolf pushing about 176 very gentle dog about 4 years old. He has no
health issues what's so ever which I'm happy about 

Author Billy M (2 months)
2 dogs you don't want to fuck with theyn like some biker dogs and shit

Author Yarply Twelve (5 months)
thats not a timber wolf.

Author crotchrocket00 (25 days)
That is a Alaskan Malamute. They do get to 140 lbs. 

Author BABEPATROL1974 (7 days)
my $'s on the wolf

Author Curtis Decker (2 months)
This is a Siberian/malamute mix with maybe 30% got ripped
off. I own an High content arctic/timber and he's socialized to his peak
potential and will severely submit any domestic dog trying to show
dominance. The only dog he'll play with is my female mid content red and
white husky/timber have what's considered a low content wolf.
Check the eyes for gold or yellow, check the nails if to see if they're not
all clear, check the pre caudal gland, check the v cape, and teeth....I did
watching the video

Author GALzMissYoungsta (21 day)
Lol happy buddies haha

Author William Krause (18 days)
Identify music, please.

Author iilliamna (6 months)
It's really sad people think a malamute looks like a wolf. Really
disappointing and sad for the people who end up getting real wolves or
wolfdogs and they end up having no idea what they were getting themselves
into. This misrepresentation needs to stop, as for the sake of northern
breeds and real wolfdogs/wolves.

Author Colin Bach (1 month)
Let's play "Name That Tune!" Did anyone else think of "A Clockwork Orange?"

Author Quickwaya (3 months)
The saddest part of this whole video are the comments and the owner
claiming this is a timber wolf... Baahhahahhahahha. You all would not know
what a timber wolf was if it came up and licked your ass!! And those that
comment here that really believe this is a timber wolf??? Go get some
education and stop being so gullible!!! This may well be a wolfdog but is
not a HC wolfdog and is very much Malamute. Further Its fur makes it look
bigger than it is. 140 Again Baahahahhahahha Right!!! PLEASE!!!!! There are
so so many that are so incredibly gullible and want a wolf so so bad that
they are easy targets of those that are misrepers of wolfdogs SMH Stupid
ass people!!!

Author Marcello777 (1 month)
Thats a wolf mix. I never seen a wolf with a white face like that. 

Author Oonagh Parker (2 months)
lmao that dog isnt a wolf but the dramatic music going while they play is
super hilarious + cute
also uh. actual timber wolves dont reach above 90 lbs without being
severely obese so ur kind of shooting yourself in the foot w/ that video

Author Hitmon Chan (2 months)
Y'know lots of dogs die because of misrepresentation right? That's not a
wolfdog to any degree, and perpetuating the idea that a wolfdog looks like
a malamute is irresponsible to say the least.

Author Curtis Decker (2 months)
Btw I owned a grey wolf/malamute mix as well and he was the same size as
yours. He ended up being a mid content but was big because of the malamute
and he had more dog characteristics. My arctic/timber is no where near the
same size he's 14 months old 83lbs he might reach 100lbs but I doubt
it...ppl think wolves get big but they actually are skinny and tall...I had
ppl accusing me of starving mine this summer because he's so skinny
looking...he eats 3lbs of meat per day with 15 cups of 55g of protein per
cup and 23g of fat per'd think he'd be fat but his body burns
that off super quick.

Author Beki Beko (6 months)
That Is Not Wolf Is Alaskan MalaMute

Author yowandbm (2 months)
Alaskan Malamute x Wolf mix. It has ears, tail and coat color of a
malamute, scull size and shape of the wolf.

Author Matt Cissna (7 months)
Its white fang all over again!!!!!

Author mike mitchell (10 months)
that's not a timber wolf nor is it 140 pounds. the other dog looks barely
100... my german boxer is 106 and looks bigger and my English boxer is
89....dude stop uploading crap to get views...A timberwolf would destroy
any dog

Author Brian O'Connor (1 month)
thats a husky wtf

Author NPC Hunter (3 months)
It's not a wolf. Sorry, I'm quite the canine expert and you sir, are a
liar. It may very well be a hybrid, but not even close to a full wolf if
it has any in it at all. 

Author jeriatrix (5 months)
Not a Mastiff, not a Timber Wolf. Dum Dums

Author g1bz123 (1 month)
tail up mostly = malmute

Author Ringo Nordstrom (4 months)
Typical irresponsible dangerous dog owners. We gotta have a yard filled
with toddler toys, because, of course, the bull mastiff and the timber wolf
play in the same yard as the toddler. And, it wouldn't be complete, if the
fence wasn't full of holes and falling down, so the dogs can come and go
from the neighborhood and other little children and 20/40lb ankle biters
can come in and "play" with the dangerous dogs that have never shown one
tiny bit of aggression until the first bite, the first kill. Oh, yeh, and
we want to prove we're the biggest dummies with the biggest dangerous dogs
by advertising it in moving picture form to the whole world on Youtube. We
just can't get enough attention.

Author Lion Heart (1 year)
That bull mastiff aint anywhere near 120 pounds, and the Timber wolf is
definitely got a huge amount of malamute in it

Author Lee Ames (3 months)
As a Malamute breeder for over 30 years, I can tell you now, that is not a
wolf, it's a Malamute.

Author Walid Abbas (2 months)
Lol love the music

Author Jordan White (3 months)
100 % positive grey Wolf with a very pretty winter coat 

Author drragonwolf (2 months)
LOL "timber wolf"

Author s1edneck700 (3 months)
Timber Wolf = more advertising hits

Author tbrogoitti (4 months)
Ugh wooly mal not timberwolf. Someone got scammed. If you think this is a
timberwolf open a freaking animal science book. And no malamutes are not
part wolf. 

Author Daniel Winters (4 months)
This is illegal to make dogs fight

Author Deborah Bruning (4 months)
My goodness, I didn't realize wolves were so big! The Mastiff is dwarfed
by comparison, and Mastiffs are nothing to sneeze at!! Beautiful video,
thank you for sharing!

Author Adi B (4 months)
Timber Wolf looks so much better 

Author kime Hunt (4 months)
Wow, beautiful dogs. That wolf is large and in charge.

Author Bambi Raptor (5 months)
Damn the people commenting on this video are morons

Author r2d2r5d42 (2 months)

Author Eric LaPrarie (6 months)
thats not a Bull Mastiff that is a Pit mastiff the pits are smaller and
that hybrid wolf is not anywhere where near 140lbs. my BULL mastiff
(american Bulldog breed) is 140lbs and about twice that size.

Author Josh Arvig (5 months)
very low wolf content at best... shape of head and ears a big give away as
well as the nose paws and even the way it gaits around... breed and raised
alaskan interior grey wolves for 15 yrs so i would consider myself an

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