[Full Audition] Daniel Walker - Kiss From A Rose - The Voice UK - Blind Audition 4

Daniel Walker performs Kiss From A Rose on The Voice UK

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Author xeltos (7 days)
Some parts were great, others were bad. Sounds to me like he's trying to
impersonate Seal.

Author Chr0maticAttack (10 days)
I understand why they didn't take him, i wouldn't have. 1. This is one of
my favorite songs so... 2. Although his voice is amazing, he made a lot of
mistakes and the timing was way off.

Author csanchezcuba (3 months)
Its not wills fault neither, its not his fault he is a black son of a
bitch, being an asshole is just his nature.

Author Rusvi1 (2 months)
wrong song.

Author Emil Larson (5 days)
"Will.I.Am" can't sing for shit, so i honestly can't understand why he's in
the judge...

Author Solomon Li (21 day)
Everyone is doggin Will.I.Am but the reality is he waited... and got Jaz
Ellington, the WINNER.

Truth is, he was a little pitchy in certain spots too. 

Author Jomel Maroma (3 months)
The guy's got a really wonderful voice!!! WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THAT

Author qwdscer2 (4 months)
the gave him a chance at a real life. not a commercial one.

Author mathematics1800 (3 months)
Dude should of picked a different song for that range.

Author moet moed (4 months)
Your so talented Daniel.

Author Kareem C (2 months)
What was Will.I.Am thinking?

Author ariana gimenez (1 month)
i wouldve pressed the button he is a really talented singer
if that was me i would put you on my team right away

Author Bearingz (5 months)
How could he not press the button?! O_O

Author changeiswelcome (2 months)
Not lip-synched very well!

Author Em K (4 months)
He's really good! But I get why they didn't turn. 

Author OfTheRedProductions (1 month)
Great version, Great voice..
Shame Daniel didn't go through but he is still out there singing & luckily
i had the chance to see him sing and he was fantastic..
Look out on my channel soon as i also filmed at that show and he IS

Author Dan Kent (3 months)

Author Tracey Wright (4 months)
Fantastic effort, it is a shame you did not get through, I am in Australia
and on the first season of the voice here we had a young lady by the name
of Melanie Dyer try out and she did not get through and she was fantastic
too, dont give up.

Author Josh Phillips (4 months)
This tears me apart every time I watch it

Author shinom0ri (1 month)
I'm kinda suprised that he didn't get picked...

Author changeiswelcome (2 months)
Actually the audio and the video is off by a split second; just enough to
be annoying!

Author TEAMdynacom (8 days)
Fuck the stupid judge...I mean the son of the bitch from BEP....I think he
was jealous because of BEP sucks...

Author Reda Alidi (22 days)
What The Hell Will Knows about music ?

Author Douche Bag (3 months)
Listen to your gut, that's funny coming from a guy who absolutely can't
sing, if he had a gut it'd be telling him that this guy is freaking
awesome, but who told ya'll that life's fair....

Author Ivan Venegas (4 months)
Will has absolutely no talent what so ever with Voice! Idk why he's even a

Author das92 (5 months)
who are the judges

Author DangerZone200 (2 months)
i dont blame them for not pushing the button the guy was good and all but
songs like that need raw power in the voice to impress people

Author welton martins (5 months)

Author ubermaj4 (1 year)
Will is there as a producer more than a performer

Author Foursh (9 months)
William Turner, Morgen Freeman, Emo girl, and Stairshair blackdude, how
cant you press it :D

Author guiguidejarrie (7 months)
He sings well, but the best is the track played during the debrief, Letters
from the sky by Civil Twilight

Author adam ant (7 months)
he went with his gutt prick

Author Mae Seki (7 months)
His type of art is classified as "rap". He's a musician so he exactly KNOWS
what he's hearing and he certainly was put on that chair for a reason, so
stop talking about things you don't know and stop being so arrogant. Who
are you to say he cannot sing? Be quiet please, you're just a kid

Author Prince Akwasi (7 months)
He was very gud.

Author Tracey Wright (7 months)
Daniel, I am from Australia and Seal is one of the judges on the Voice
here, his team did a beautiful rendition of this song in season 1 which I
was looking for when I came across you. You gave me goosebumps, do not give
up on your dream perhaps you could come to Australia and audition for our
Voice, we had another contestant that got in after not getting through on
the Voice in another country, you can audition for Joel Madden, Seal, Delta
Goodrem and Ricky Martin here. :)

Author Gatra Di Yoga Tama (1 year)
Great voice!!!

Author Jordano Santos (10 months)
Who are these judges? I think that they can't sing like this guy, never...

Author selormtamakloe (6 months)
Dude acted really matured

Author Mme.Tenebrae (9 months)
Are YOU being serious? What SirCouchus wrote was meant to be FUNNY, guess
you didn't get that, so please don't speak about something you don't
understand. Plus, why the FUCK didn't he press the button, they pressed it
for people who were waaaaay worse!

Author FLuOsChE (11 months)
Author egyptahmed (1 year)
whats the name of hte song thats playing as he walks out?

Author Norma Monter (11 months)
I can't beleive they didn't press the button.. he is amazing! great range
in his voice.. have they become deaf!!!

Author backlash221 (1 year)
This was a sham, he was great

Author SirCouchus (7 months)
Be quiet? I wasn't making any noise...And why does my age (17) have
anything to with my preferred taste in music? I know this man was good, we
all do, there was no reason shouldn't have pressed the button,
but whatever, it's your opinion I guess.

Author gugugagagugu07 (10 months)
Well they can't , they use auto tune, there is for example
black guy)

Author RSN Gameplays (6 months)
No point on that. You can know so much about football without playing it.
Mourinho is a great example. You can now about a lot of good trainings to
grow stronger without being ripped at all. From all the respect, I repeat
this, no point in what you said there.

Author SuperLulzGaming (1 year)
you know what...... screw i hate him now

Author XiongAcc69 (7 months)
everyone has to remember that Will only has one more spot left for his
group, he was looking for something BIG, this guy was good and yes lots of
talent but then i think Will did the right thing of waiting and choosing
Jazz Ellington insted

Author oPESKYo (6 months)
FUCK Will I Amateur

Author ghostbirdofprey (5 months)
Look at them judges squirm. Bet they wished the could have dropped somone
to grab him. Maybe he can try out another season.

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