How to cut A-line Bob Hairstyle - Aline bob haircut! $29.99 for two sizes of CreaClips. How to cut A line Bob Hairstyle. Easy steps for cutting shoulder length bob hairstyle. Cut your own hair at home. DIY celebrity styles and haircuts. Get rid of split ends and have a new hairstyle!

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Author Marcela Filova (2 months)
just OMG, my nightmare has been visualized? I didnt know...

Author siloherks Fockers (2 months)
En tijuana en donde lo venden 

Author Тина Домнику (4 months)
Ребята, чё за бред? Мне категорически не нравится.

Author Luis Cesar Truculo Hairdresser (5 months)

Author Regal Hair (5 months)
She's So cute!!! With her bob cut!

Author Garmai Tokpa (6 months)
what type of tools did you used to cut her hair?

Author SteelCat90 (7 months)
I think it's a very good and cheap alternative to a professional. Don't be
such hater, that is just hair...

Author Angela Crabtree (7 months)
I'm going to have to give a thumbs down. I am a professional stylist & this
tool is very inaccurate. Although the bubble may appear to be "balanced" ,
one may be overdirecting to a particular side, which makes EXTREME
DIFFERENCE. Plus, this cut looks out of a chop shop. It unfortunally lacks
all aspects of a quality cut including movement, texture, and detail

Author creaclip (1 year)
Yes you can do it by yourself! It is very simple and easy to use!

Author Maritza Wright (3 years)
lmao pause at 4:21

Author maikavang09 (1 year)
I'm with you on that one!! I'm also a stylist. No cape that I saw on the
model. lol... This is just funny.

Author codycobourg (3 years)
wow this looks amazing,

Author fary2009able (2 years)
i thank the lady who invented`s awesome...and thanks to my
friend james who mailed me my creaclip...i find it very easy to cut and
style my hair the way i want...the last i went to a hairdressing salon was
7 months ago...i wanted a bob with layers, and i told the stylist to take
my fringe out to the left side the end it was NOTHING I asked
for...and i paid £36 i was not happy at all....once again I thank the
inventor of creaclip

Author quendelync (2 years)
I love this and recently recieved my clips. I have a one length a line bob.
Could you do a video on cutting one of the, really short. I'm having
difficulty on what to do. Thanks. And Awesome invention!

Author Eva Siu (3 years)
This is amazing! I really should get one myself! Love it!

Author dida079 (3 years)
again all i can say is WOW lol

Author kelrox01 (1 year)
How do I get one?

Author Brittney Williamson (1 year)
As a professional stylist, this tool makes me feel far from inadequate. I
can do those very haircuts and personalize them to my clients needs. Happy
cutting friends!

Author creaclip (3 years)
@mreinstein48 awe thank you so much!!!

Author MusiQofGold (1 year)
I´ve decided to get that hairstyle in like 20 years. I am not kidding :)

Author jsnwelsch17 (2 years)
Usually if you flat iron or blow dry the hair with styling Product in the
hair you will have better results is what I Find ! If you Want tO sEE wAtCh
ONE OF MY Clipper cut on long hair VIDEOS!

Author creaclip (11 months)
Thank you!

Author creaclip (3 years)
@TianasLife Please check out our A-line Layers haircut!!

Author creaclip (11 months)
Wow thank you so much!

Author girlygirlwoman (1 year)
Love love love this!

Author creaclip (3 years)
@sherikream I have a video with the long clip, check out how to cut a bob

Author creaclip (2 years)
Wowow!! Thank you SO much!

Author PiercedPika (2 years)
:-O im like in SHOCK! that looks like a $100+ haircut they just did
themselves!!!! I MUST HAVE THI! the ceator of this clip is a friggin
GENIUS!!!! im tryin to wrap my mind around just how much money this is
gonna save!...... MY WALLET LOVES YOU CREACLIP!!!!!

Author creaclip (2 years)
Thanks! :)

Author creaclip (3 years)
@virtuesss1 Thank you for that amazing comment!

Author T McReynolds (3 years)
great video!

Author keshacollierkc (2 years)
Thats awesome and cute I love it thats for the video.

Author creaclip (3 years)
@LeaAnne94 Yes I agree!! more stylish and she stands out!!

Author creaclip (2 years)
Whoa! Thank you so MUCH! That made my day :)

Author twilightnekochan (3 years)
O_o this is frickin awesome! Gonna totally buy one, thanks for this! <3

Author TianasLife (3 years)
I'm a hairstylist - but this does seem like an easy way to do it. Only
problem with it is you can't do A-line layers so ur stuck with a blunt cut.

Author creaclip (3 years)
@ammaretto Yes I'm going to do a video showing HOW you would cut your OWN
hair in A-Line cut!!

Author animebooklover (2 years)
My favorite of the videos.

Author MaruchanQ (2 years)
where do yo buy that thing to measure the hair..?

Author creaclip (3 years)
@lovetwins89 wow thank you so much! Yes I would recommend to cut with a
cape at home!!

Author KX2018 (3 years)
this is beautiful!

Author creaclip (3 years)
@EB88 Thanks so much for your comment and purchase!

Author atinele1986 (1 year)
im a stylist and i dont feel replaced by a clip that can achieve a couple
of haircuts. I can achieve any, and i can personalize it to any of several
face shapes. Good luck with your hair clip!

Author creaclip (3 years)
@susiegupton46 Thank you so much!

Author bestiaccia (3 years)
Very good!!!!

Author creaclip (2 years)
@quendelync We have a few videos for short bobs!

Author 13moredays (3 years)
Her teeth...

Author fychchy (1 year)
Great product! A stylist can do these haircuts and personalize it to their
clients' needs...but at what price? I'd much rather use one of these than
spend hundreds of dollars a year. And hair always grows back so having to
pay for trims is annoying. I wish I had these sooner!

Author creaclip (3 years)
@codycobourg Thanks so much! This means a lot to me!

Author stelligna (10 months)
Hi! I like so much this bob style, but i would it longer... Can I still
follow this tutorial doing a lower ponytail with creaclip? Thank you!

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