Click Here To Subscribe! ► - 1080p HD - The Camera steps in front of cascading RC's from the sky to give you AMAZING ACTION Shots of some KiLLER RIGS. NiTRO, ELECTRiC, and GASOLiNE take to the Jumps at the Calgary Blackfoot RC Track. These machines are built to Jump High, and Race fast.. and thats exactly what they do. In this video I capture some unique and exciting action shots.. and slow them down for you to see in detail.

The RCSparks Studio films with 3 different Cameras.

1) Main - Sony HXR-NX70U NXCAM Compact Camcorder

2) Secondary - Sony HDR-XR550v Compact Camcorder

3) Go-Pro Hero2 Camera

I use Final Cut Pro X for Video Editing.

Music Supplied by: Monstercat Media
Artist Name: Noisestorm
Track Name: Breakdown (Original Mix)
Video Link:
Album Download Link: iTunes:

Where I get my RC's:


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Runtime: 5:27
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Author Luca Iaia (11 days)
what the melodi

Author Emil Ekman (2 months)
wait... the car is almost to flipping/90 degrees, and then somehow managed
to land on all 4 wheels, how?

Author Jake Odom (15 days)
i love it where do you think i could get a traxxas slash 2wd brushless

Author loki honzons (12 days)
Me podrías pasar la musica del vídeo? Gracias

Author enzo ruvolo (18 days)
b BL moto bimbo moto bimbo moto bimbo Marceau Pimpa foto bimbo bimba master
bimbo morto a bimba

Author Luke Hindle (20 days)
when they flip they just roll so many times

Author Steven Nix (14 days)
Hey is a slash warth getting

Author Angel Di Maria (21 day)

Author WesticlesEmpire (3 months)
The GTO body on that truck looked AMAZING. Was it easy to pull off? I might
try something like that.

Author jitzu ninja (1 month)
Hey do you know how I could start a rc car channel

Author Smalls legend (1 month)
badass video, big track, big air, slow mo............................need I
say more?

Author Filip Makarewicz (2 months)
What s the name of that green little, electric buggy in 3:50 ???

Author ibrahim perez (1 month)
Echa un vistazo a este vídeo en YouTube: ximx c. M m mmm MV,mvm. 

Author The CrimpsOn FuckeR (3 months)
needs to be more slow mo bro!

Author Mike Stimek (3 months)
Excellent video, you inspired me so much. I am now currently racjng my rc
truck as well as taking care of me and a friend's youtube page cslled

Author Дамир Мухаметгалин (2 months)

Author rc-car-guy (18 days)
I like that e-revo

Author Humberto Martinez (14 days)
Goood video..

Author aiden dawdy (1 month)
were do you get these cars.

Author g toutorias. (2 months)
This video is cool with some hd

Author Skeletonboss12 (3 months)
DJ this might sound strange but 4 years ago I lived two houses over from
your house lol and it's once I move that I start to like rc's 

Author Brody Reid (1 month)
Love the GTO 

Author JimisLive (3 months)
was the little green bug a losi mini eight?

Author Samuel Fierros (2 months)
nice body for that e revo

Author ayxan qocayev (3 months)
I like this model not offroad and not onroad

Author Henri Scott (3 months)
those are some awesome trucks love the revo!

Author TheRcworld101 (4 months)
What camera where u using at 0:30

Author tech rex (25 days)

Author OJJVZ (10 months)
I always wondered if braking or throttling in mid-air has as much effect on
rc cars as it does on full size dirtbikers, but now I can see yes indeed it
has. Nice vid

Author Norma Uresti (1 month)

Author Matthew Athearn (3 months)
Can I have one of your rides

Author alex haselwander (2 months)
What's the music

Author ThreeMsRC (4 months)
Amazing editing and camera angles!

Author Luke Hindle (20 days)

Author Trevor Dentice (4 months)
What is the green truck 

Author A Gallardo (3 months)
Your awesome 

Author Juan Montes (3 months)
Where i buy a vehicle as those.???? Please tell me

Author checkit247 (25 days)

Author max neale (5 months)
Revos have pretty epic suspension, it's so seldom hat you see one bounce.
Nice vid medic

Author Matthew Jung (5 months)
i have a slash 4x4. What upgrades do u think i should do with it medic

Author Biohazard rc (5 months)
When is skate park pain coming out

Author Mike Stimek (3 months)
Actually team JM-RC*

Author zukajson 48 (1 month)
the blue one is awsome :D

Author Cole Mocznski (5 months)
hey i am getting a 1/10 scale 2.4ghz exceed rc .16 nitro powered engine off
road buggy what kind of gas should i use 

Author Robi Mustsaar (2 months)

Author Fennet Fox (5 months)
Some extreme slow mo rc boats would be sick!

Author Toby Stines (3 months)

Author Дамир Мухаметгалин (2 months)
Вотэто да

Author p8lawa alotibe (2 months)

Author rehlich (1 year)
Awesome vid

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