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Author RCSparks Studio™ / djmedic2008 (4 months)
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until December 26th!! Come gain FULL ACCESS to one of the coolest RC Forums
in the World!! Details:

Author JAY RCAOS (4 months)
Max Ruigewaard
I'm pretty sure it's one of Traxxas' 16th scale cars, I think it's the e
revo vxl or slash vxl??? Not too sure but it is one of those two

Author OJJVZ (2 months)
I always wondered if braking or throttling in mid-air has as much effect on
rc cars as it does on full size dirtbikers, but now I can see yes indeed it
has. Nice vid

Author Juliano Korb (8 days)

Author nomedab (26 days)
One of my favorites from the master himself. Great job medic!

Author Gene McDonald (3 months)
the green one

Author mrking HDGameing (4 months)

Author nukky thompson (26 days)
this video just makes me want to go out and bash.

Author Enrico Balsemin (5 months)

Author Max Ruigewaard (4 months)
What type of car is that at 2:10 and the one at 3:51 ?

Author CJ Mattias (4 months)
When I heard the Noisestorm, I instantly knew this was going to be a good

Author Andy Coakes (5 months)
do people use nitro engine rock crawlers and trail cars 

Author kacper mądry (24 days)
2:36 Toretto : )

Author Josh Ross (4 months)
What camera did u use

Author iason gudushauri (4 months)
i want to buy that 

Author Chaz Lawson (5 months)
0:00-0:06…who gave that car steroids,beer,and monster energy…

Author amory beverly (3 months)

Author Kara Deniz (2 months)

Author WaveCrusher (1 month)
Nice video. I love that GTO body. I might have to get one. 

Author patrick anderson (5 months)
like this coment if you watch all of medics videos in 1080p


Author Dom Collin (2 months)
Hey were do you buy gas powered rc cars

Author rodrigo cunha (1 month)
where did you bouht these cars?

Author Corey Rookey (1 month)
That was awesome

Author Chris Kagiko (3 months)
what's the name of the song???

Author Collinbananadude (3 months)
What's the car at 4:08?

Author Seamus MacMattain (5 months)
I find more and more of your vids every day Medic, and this one has a
project I was thinkin bout... a 4x4 gto... lol sweet

Author BlazedKi11z (4 months)
i have to get RC stuff

Author thatyourbutt (4 months)
erevo sweet

Author Anderson Combs (2 months)
Great video. You alone got me into the hobby by just filming you and your
friends having a great time. Defiantly subscribed 

Author Tom Savage (4 months)

Author Franc Schiphorst (1 year)
Wow d&b & rc in the mix

Author Gene McDonald (3 months)
i like the little car with the classic "new beetle" body

Author Gene McDonald (3 months)
what's the name of this song?

Author Gene McDonald (3 months)
nice RC cars :)

Author YoungFastTM (10 days)
How do they control the RC while it's in the air?

Author CS 1.6 player (4 months)
holy shit

Author Tolga Boshnakov (4 months)

Author rehlich (1 year)
Awesome vid

Author KAH231100 (9 months)
All Some are E-Revo and Revo 3.3 Traxxas

Author skantha subramaniam (1 year)
See some nitro there

Author lacucaracha111111 (1 year)
except for the e-revo they are capable of takeing this type of abuse with
ease :P

Author Alex Brenner (10 months)
Yeah same question as Sam

Author The Cube (7 months)
i didn't "diss" him. I was giving honest feedback. If people were to give
me advice or feedback or whatever, I want them to be honest. Im not going
to do the bullshit "oh this is great" when it had a few points that sucked.
I'm just not going to be around the bush with it

Author The Cube (8 months)
its definatly not 600$ I got mine for 400 and its just as good as those
ones. You could probably get a decent one at the very cheapest for 250$

Author James Laddy (11 months)
Hey DJ! Im from Australia and I have to say, your videos are the reason I
became an RCer. You really do make the sickest videos! I currently own a
Team Associated Sc10, and I am in the market for a new rig. I Bash
practically every day and am looking to get a start in racing. So, If there
are any intermediate track/bash cars you would recommend, please reply. Any
help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks again

Author kiing GTAIV (8 months)
Where can I find these

Author Brandy Rigdon (9 months)
love the truck

Author fluxful (7 months)
nice slowmos :-)

Author OdieOde (7 months)
Although i'm taking your side in this, i do think it would be pretty
awesome to have the audio synced with the action. By the way, i still love
your videos. I watch the TTC and get ideas and the mudding and bashing and
trail running you do. Don't stop!

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