Acrylic Nail: Realignment, Infill and Reshape Tutorial Video by Naio Nails

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This video shows you how to do an acrylic nail infill with a realignment and reshape.

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Added: 2 years
Runtime: 10:22
Comments: 104

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Author ashley pettiford (2 months)
What is the difference between regular top coat and gel? Also if I use gel
topcoat do I need the specific lamp ? Air drying isn't a go? 

Author Hien Minton (4 months)
I wonder why ur acylic powder stay wet long

Author Divafreaks (3 days)
You are so good at acrylics

Author Divaliciousbeauty123 (4 days)
Where is this salon located?

Author Yvrose Almicar (24 days)
it looks so nice and I liked that'll. 

Author Hatsune Miku (25 days)
Teach me how to become a nail artist!!Please!!

Author Simoni Da Silva (1 month)
Perfect! !!

Author Ariella Singh (1 month)

Author Inaldejane Jane Serpa (1 month)
muito legal sua arte

Author e oleary (1 month)
I tried for the first time to do one of my nails and I need some practice
for sure. 😕

Author Huong Nguyen (2 months)
Good job... 

Author patricia schafer (2 months)
I love to watch your vids. you are so good at what you do . do you have any
tips for getting faster and more confident when doing Acrylics ?

Author hanna kolonsky (2 months)
Amazing technique! I wish I could do as good of a job when I do my own
nails and I wish the salons I went to cared this much about the customer.
Great Job!

Author Yuli Vargas (3 months)
Trabajas bellllliiiiiiisssssssiiiiiiiiiiiiimmmmmoooooooooooooDios bendiga
tu arte

Author Sophia De Gale (3 months)
is the lamp necessary +naiouk??

Author BRIANNA LUCAS (4 months)
Cool video I suscribed you and gave u a like

Author yupyup1562 (4 months)
Wow, it is amazing watching the difference between a professional and one
of the many assembly line salons I have been to. I wish all salons offered
this care and quality.

Author Channae Thomas (4 months)
I love your work but to order things from your website the shipping to the
US is expensive

Author Nikki gix (4 months)
It sounds like the file is saying walli

Author Princess Amany (4 months)
هذه الاظافر تمنع الوضوء ما يصير نركبها كل ساعه حتى نتوضاء

Author CASSANDRA dikesta (4 months)
love your work!!can you please show how to sculpt curved long nails?

Author billie-louise jordan (4 months)
Where did you learn all of this?

Author alexis ang (9 months)
Forget the Solon I'm doing this at home!!

Author Geordete Silva (5 months)
Fabulosa e detalista.

Author dominica lara (5 months)
gracias por compartir su experiencia :)

Author BlondieePanda (8 months)
Won't tacking the thickness of the nail make it easier to break?

Author Alexandra Luiza Traspadini (6 months)
hello dear, i think your work is a arte and you are wonderfull. Could you
make a video where you teach how to aply fiber? im not sure if i spell it
rigth it is fiberglass. and there are two types. thanks

Author Angie C (6 months)
All your videos make me want to get a manicure ! 

Author Nette Campbell (6 months)
what size is the brush you use to apply the acrylic?

Author Layla K (6 months)
Damn. She made that tip so perfect.

Author 문상숙 (6 months)
This is Korea.I would buy things
Buy way?

Author marie-jeanne Baudron (7 months)
C'est formidable merci et bravo

Author Cameron Rennison (7 months)

How do you get a job where u work?

Author Georgina Sultana (7 months)
Why do you pinch the nail again? I have never seen anyone do it?


Author finn hambling (7 months)

Author cot bash (7 months)

Author patricia schafer (6 months)
love your tutorials always make it look easy . I want to be an
excellent Nail Tech like you. Thank you for your teaching.

Author Elia Pink (7 months)
This intro music is kinda boring now..

Author ChristinaStory123 (7 months)
Wow amazing I wish there where nail salons like you around my area! You do
an amazing job

Author nanu1980 (7 months)
I wonder why coloured acrylic is used to cover up the half moon? I find it
looks unnatural, since everyone knows that nails have that half moon.

Author KissesMistress (7 months)
That Pinching tool is interesting, when I go to the nail salon they never
have used one of those, but it makes the nail look so much more natural.

Author Emina Srndic (8 months)
it must take a very long time for you do complete a full set :/

Author Teresa He (8 months)
That's amazing!! My friend got her nails done exactly like that, and I had
been wondering how it was done because it looked so cool. 

Author Sofia Ost (9 months)
Your natural nails are so beautiful

Author Ava Kovach (9 months)
What does the pinching tool do? And do you do your own nails?

Author Anne Fox (9 months)
It looks like the British are more advanced in their techniques. I tried
to get inverted molds done here in California but nobody is using that
technique and they don't seem to understand anything different from the
tired old standards of many years ago. Your end result looks very natural.

However one area that the US may be a little more advanced is the need for
a filtration mask. I hope you are not wearing a mask for this
demonstration only. Those small, light weight particles can lodge deep
into the lungs causing permanent damage. Otherwise your instruction is
done very well, very clear and easy to understand.

Author ccami432 (2 years)
what advice would you give to someone who has flat nails? whenever i get
the acrylic, it looks funny at times... :(

Author genevieve j (2 years)
Was it hard when you went to nail school?

Author AssiieJj (2 years)
In your mix ratio video you are striking your brush ones, in this video
twice, why? :)

Author itseffinsexxitime (2 years)
the pincher keeps the nail from being flat, when it's pinched it looks more

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