Sandy Hook Victim's Name Listed Beneath Adam Lanza's in Yearbook !!!

Link to one of the names listed, Morgan Luzzi. He has the handprint like Shhh Hair Salon with a pyramid behind it on his T Shirt.

Great catch tnt33062:

In the first screen shot of Adam's name, the name Ryan appears to the left and to the right of Adam's name. His name is virtually surrounded by coincidence.

Ike Kupa above Adam's name is an actor:

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Author Brent Devlin (2 months)
Hey starz...enjoyed your videos for a long time. Very informative stuff,
hey, just wondering if there is any record of "Jesse lewis" from any other
years of having gone to whatever school that is.... ?..They have
manipulated ages and everything else, is there a chance Jesse Lewis does
exist but is just alot older now... The whole thing is a total mind fuck

Author Wildberry Jam (3 months)
the names appear to be coincidence there. I wouldn't
have published Adam's name in the yearbook though. 

Author James N (4 months)
There are no accidents, which is why they didn't accidently write the kids
names in alphabetical order. It was a direct, overt black op called
Operation Hooked on Eubonics. 

Author TheMisswoods86 (3 months)
Jesse Lewis is kind of a plain name. We have like... 20 in my small
hometown. All within the same age range...

Author Enterthe5t4rz (1 year)
Maam, have you seen the rest of the evidence? This is what they want you to
do. Forget this ever happened and move along. We have PROVEN this is a
hoax. You can let them rest in peace if you wish, but we will continue on
in truth. Many of us went out on a huge ledge on little more than our gut
feeling. Through persistence and faith, we pushed forward to share and
reveal evidence and information to which we have received no credible
answers. With all due respect, we will continue.

Author jonathan humphries (1 year)
Optimus comment?

Author stealthwavef22raptor (1 year)

Author flouride666 (1 year)
because that's how witnesses are silenced. by brainwashing their children
into becoming mass killers. that makes sure they never talk because...wait
why does it do that? Can you explain please?

Author Watcheruvdatube yo (1 year)
Another thing here. It is highly laughable to say that the name Ryan
appears on each side of Adam's as if it were intended that way. So what.
There are coincidences, and to think that there are none in life shows just
how narrow minded the "truther" really is. BTW none of this proves
anything. If i were to conspire to do this, i sure as hell would not plant
evidence all around that indicates me in any of this. However, you say that
is exactly what they are doing. CRAZY TALK PEOPLE!!!!

Author journey344 (1 year)
good job!!!!!!!

Author LocustJeff (1 year)
That would mean that all of the "kids" who were supposedly killed were as
old as Adam.

Author jester90991 (1 year)
I'd believe it... I know what didn't happen, the official story

Author Enterthe5t4rz (1 year)
Can't find them anywhere? Okay, now we need to look to see if these names
were used as victims in other recent shootings.

Author rmasco71 (1 year)
not a common name either

Author Anne Morrow (9 months)
Really? Just responding to my comment now? You're behind the times! Move on

Author sh0rtyd42o (1 year)
good catch tnt33062

Author Anne Morrow (11 months)
In respose to bill moir. You need to wake up, grow up and move on with your
life! Find something more meaningful to do

Author Engineer-mom-Bizowner (1 year)
What are those odd? Shill-zillion to 1

Author ben franklin (1 year)
watch?v=YmTY8NTvPUw once this is seen there's nothing else to

Author Wildrhody (1 year)
Check this one out too. On your video list of "Not Photographed," the last
name listed is Bianca Zanghi. I found her on MyLife, and she is from Sandy
Hook, and was born in 1988. Adam was born in 1992, so why would they both
be listed together in the same class and yearbook, with a 4 yr age
difference? mylife. com/c-143900664652

Author kingg213 (1 year)
I don't know how many Jesse Lewis's there are in the US! But I guess we all
know that apparently there are at least two in sleepy little Newtown now
don't we? And coincidentally one of them are listed just below Adams name
in the not photographed section of the year book! Speaking of coincidence!
You might find more people of your ilk over at "The Enormous Amount of
Coincidence Theory Channel

Author tnt33062 (1 year)
Good digging!! you know what else I noticed, that directly across from the
name Lanza on the right, is Ryan , and on the left side of the name Adam ,
Is Ryan in the Photo...

Author kingg213 (1 year)
Shut up stupid!

Author offwiththefairies77 (1 year)
Criminals will always have guns.

Author UNENSLAVER (1 year)
I caught that back in Dec. and commented all over about it. What I would
like to know is what is the source of the alleged yearbooks? Why haven't
former classmates or relatives of Adam shown up in any YT comments? It
would only take 2-3 people who knew what they were talking about to be
looked at as being credible. Adam Ryan? Did Adam exist after 2010 or did he
exist at all? Will we ever see or hear from Ryan or Peter?

Author Enterthe5t4rz (1 year)
Great! Adam would have been 2 or 3 at the time. He should have showed up in
the book.

Author LogicBeforeAuthority (1 year)
Its ALL planned. EVERYTHING... Almost

Author Enterthe5t4rz (1 year)
Maam, with all due respect, each of the massacres you mention fell on a
rare astrological event, Taurus rising in the East. Are you so sure now
that these events were not planned. See my video on Taurus Rising. I am
black and part of the awakening. Death truly does follow these events. This
was proven at Hiroshima which also fell on Taurus rising in the East. There
are much larger forces here at play than you can imagine. It would open
your when the cards fall, you are on the right side.

Author jonathan humphries (1 year)
Comment no longer exists. what did the comment say chris edwards?

Author T.J. Vliet (1 year)
If you have trouble aquiring the I.D. just tell Jesse you are the police
and he has to show you his ID. Don't worry the police don't have to show ID
so he will never guess you are not one. ,lol.

Author Mz. Evillynn (1 year)
I noticed this awhile ago myself...but only commented on Yahoo about it.
Jesse was also supposedly in the Obama pic as well, and did you know that
his dad is like 60?

Author Anne Morrow (9 months)
To the hated one, that's an interesting name for you... obviously you have
issues. As for saying I have no brain I now know u are the brainless one.

Author ACguernica (1 year)
There is a new thing going on where someone wrote in a forum 2 years ago
saying that there would be a false flag incident involving a lone gunman
(shooting) in december of 2012. I'll provide video concerning the

Author youroldsweetie (1 year)
Ryan could've been born in another state but that's good info.

Author MAJ-12/SM420 (1 year)
It's always the children that suffer the most. Thanks Bro, great job.

Author coldsteelscouts (1 year)
and actually quite a few of the pages were created before Fri Dec 14- some
were created the 10th but have since been removed and recreated because it
was getting so much negative- questioning concerns. Soto's RIP page was
created Dec 10, united way's donation page was also created the 10th, The
geneaology ssdi site first stated that A. lanza died Dec 13. there were
many more pages that were way off- too many to all be a coincidence.

Author youroldsweetie (1 year)
AND it supports the Adam-to-Ryan name/change theory since ONLY Ryan was
listed as a son in her obit while Adam was the only child named in the
Divorce papers. Again, a little 'out there' since she & the whole family
would've had to be 'in' on it... She spoke of Adam to friends at "My Place"
restaurant, she texted her SIL about "Adam still at home" in October 2012,
etc.. Ugh, such a crazy concept.

Author Bill Moir (11 months)
what a fucking ridiculous comment. is i wouldn't be surprised your way of
saying now i'm going to write a bunch of pure bullshit

Author Wildrhody (1 year)
You tell 'em too, Teri!! I'm a mom, as well, and a momma-bear, at that.
I'll fight to the death, if my family is EVER threatened, and I'm certainly
feeling backed into a corner, as each day passes, and more bullshit comes
out. If you want to read some really good info on Sandy Hook, this person
has done their homework. sandyhooktruth. wordpress. com/ Keep up the good
fight for truth!

Author Djaq227 (1 year)
its alphabetical order you idiots

Author LordTextus (1 year)
YouTube "conspiracy" truthseeker community, give yourselves a collective
pat on the back. You've earned it.

Author NanoVirus13 (1 year)
Oh c'mon give the poor guy a break. I mean, can you imagine the amout of
work they are having to put into counter-intelligence in a feeble attempt
to slow down the train coming at them? He's probably so strung out that he
looks like a deer caught in the headlights! People are becoming aware by
the tens of thousands every week and they have to make all these accounts,
maintain a database, develop personalities... it's mind-boggling work as he
can tell you. ;)

Author Watcheruvdatube yo (1 year)
This is BS. Maybe there is more than one Jesse Lewis. Ike Kupa, may be an
actor...He seems to be in schools plays according to your link. SO WHAT!!!!
Unless you research every name on that list, it proves only two things
here. Another girl or boy has the name Jesse Lewis, and Kupa likes to act.
Yea, you have convinced me. NOT!!!

Author squiffordmania (1 year)
That actually makes a lot of sense. I thought Jesse's father looked a
little old to be his Dad. Hmmm....

Author HistoricalRecordsVLT (1 year)
Jesse Lewis is the one whos mom thought he was over at Grampy Genes

Author rogue1537 (1 year)
Thanks for sharing, so many new findings!

Author youroldsweetie (1 year)
kathaksung... who posted a novel's worth of information on the
internet--whistleblower & conspiracy info (2010). Ihaven't read enough to
determine if he's a psycho or a truther but daayuum, he had LOADS 2 say!
Never know whether ppl who write like maniacs have truly lost their minds
or if they're legit trying to unload intel before they're silenced. I guess
FBI/CIA wud've scrubbed the net if it was true, so may be lunatic rantings.
Facebook page too but nothing since 2010.

Author gr8momkw1 (1 year)

Author Hollie Katrina (1 year)
Because nobody in our country has ever had the same name as somebody else?
My sister (19) shares a name with another girl (13) and our last name isn't
common. Also, my other sister (23) shared (her maiden name, she's married
now) a name with another woman (30+) and again, our last name isn't common.
So really, you can chalk it up to a hoax, but if your'e going to do that at
least defend it with something beyond 'they have the same name.'

Author Samaritan Sentinel (1 year)
Learn about all aspects of the New World Order, including the upcoming
reincarnation of the Antichrist, who created the plan for the New World
Order over 4,000 years ago. He will be brought back to life using modern
DNA technology, fulfilling the prophecy of Revelation 17:8 All proven in my
FREE e-book I just released at the site below, including who the Antichrist
is, how the New World Order started/progressed, what is to come, and what
you should do. FREE! Godspeed. samaritansentinel (dot) com

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