How to String & Sucker Tomato Plants

Step by step instructions about how to string and sucker indeterminate variety tomato plants.

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More information about determinate (bush/cage) vs. indeterminate (trellis/vine) varieties:

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Author waylan bashrum (11 days)
this is fantastic for commercial growing but for just growing at our house
ill pick the first few months of suckers off our plants to reduce how bushy
they get but I don't pinch all the suckers because we always grow more
plants then we need for just the family gradma always wants some green ones
to fry and we like them with just salt and pepper on them plus we eat a lot
of BLT and sandwitches.Last year we made salsa since we also grow many
peppers and it was fantastic you know we subed you channel so keep posting
videos please will post a few little videos of our plants soon .

Author jksatte (4 months)
Humph, that was very informative. Thank you. I have seen others on youtube
string their tomato's but I didn't understand how that worked. Now I have
an idea. Thank you. Janice

Author MylkyD (4 months)
Very informative video! Thanks!

Author Karl Becker (7 months)
Very informative. More so than some books I've read! Thanks.

Author Matt Riser (2 months)
These are the things I watched my mother and grandmother do, they didn't
know why when I asked why it was done that way. "thats just the way it's
done son"

Author Jeanne Märtin (2 months)
Why cant you cut off the bigger leave and let the fresh new leaves grow? 

Author Best Buds (1 month)
If I did sucker above the last blossoms, and my plant's upward growth
stops, resulting in only lateral dark green leafy growth, what should I do?
New growth has started pretty rapidly at the bottom of this plant. 

Author Jennifer Soutor (2 months)
Is this working?

Author Best Gardening Tips (2 years)
This video is very very good for everybody to learn which "new plants" you
should eliminate on your tomato plants.

I have just added this to this article:

Because the woman (in the video) explains it much better than everybody
could write:-)

Author DJMovit (6 months)
Nice little informative video. I wish mine would get to have a thick main
stem like your plants do. I wish I had a greenhouse too :-)

Author Mohammed Aslam (6 months)
I was having headache searching the web sites on HOW TO POLLINATE GREEN
HOUSE PLANTS and amazingly you explained me in so simple way, oh Mam BIG

Author Paul Hendry (2 months)
top video.i never new about the vines and the bushes

Author Angel Lane (5 months)
Do you want the string that the stem goes around to be tight or kind of

Author Kurt Jacobson (2 months)
thanks, very helpful video

Author 0MrENigma0 (4 months)
Thank you so much for sharing this information! Finally someone talking
about growing tomato plants that obviously knows what they are talking
about. About to check out your other videos to see if any pictures of this
later in the year.

Author Humayun Kabir (8 months)
I am very happy your larning system. I like it

Author Nicole Torres (5 months)
Thanks for posting this video! found it very educational

Author M Dastur (5 months)
wonderful video and you are very good at what you were doing too.

Author Ozden Guney (6 months)
Thanks a lot. This was the most informative video I've found so far.

Author Andy Delu (29 days)
Very informative, keep the posts coming!

Author Patches O'Rourke (6 months)
Great information! Thanks.

Author Elaine Kavros (1 month)
thank you quite informative....I'm new at this.... :)

Author Immo Rêve (3 months)
How to String & Sucker Tomato Plants

Author Linda Cockburn (7 months)
The clearest, most concise movie I've seen. Tomato pruning you are
demystified, and all my tomatoes now have no laterals... except above the
flower... thank you!

Author cocamocha681 (2 months)
Wonderful demonstration..
"Thank You".

Author Abdur Rahman (4 months)
very informative video.....Thank you. 

Author Mohammed Aslam (6 months)
Every thing in a nutshell! awesome video, thank you mam God bless you,

Author Best Buds (1 month)
Actually at 6:10 it kinda addresses my issue of what I shouldnt have done,
but now that I did do that, is there anything to be done?

Author Ethan R (3 months)
Great video. Just one question, I volunteered on a farm last summer, when i
strung and pruned the tomatoes, we always removed the clippings, to reduce
the risk of disease, what is your thinking on just throwing them underneath
the plant?

Author clarity2106 (2 months)
Hi, I'm growing some varieties and am unsure looking at them whether they
are determinate or not? My varieties are Moneymaker and Black Russian so
your advice would be appreciated.

Author rooster beaverhousen (1 month)
very informative video. now my tomatos won't be wasting their energy. thank

Author pauly brown (4 months)
6.02 haha, quality info 6 .02 .... personally...i always make sure to check
out the whole stem before i sucker off!
great informative video, thumbs up!

Author dw2010sat (4 months)
Very informative and useful, thank you very much for sharing

Author Thomas Luczak (1 month)
THIS IS by far and away the best sucker vid i have seen but i`ve got a big
problem. forgot to label my deter and indeter plants ! well there`s always
next year. thanks for the info.

Author TurboBe The true gamer (2 months)
i luv tamatas

Author duffland09 . (5 months)
Great vid. Thank you.

Author Wade Philbrick (4 months)
great vid.

Author courtneybrad (1 year)
Do you ever use any supports for outward growth? Like a cage? Or are they
contained as they grow up

Author Plaudible RotMG (10 months)

Author Big H (1 year)
Would stringing your tomatoes this way outside be ok? Would wind be an
issue you think?

Author Steve K (1 year)
Nice! I'm going to string and sucker my Cherokee and Zebra tomatoes this
year like that.

Author Pete Corp (1 year)
You're the best.

Author PiggySaysOmNomNom (1 year)
I remember in my high school hydroponics class, many of my classmates would
just over look these saying they are hard to find. Me, after learning to
know what to look for. I found it easy. Always look for "w", and if you
find one, make it a "v" by taking out the middle.

Author Aquil Shamsid-Deen (1 year)
> 10 stars for this video ********** <

Author Spliffer45 (1 year)
So its best to wait for a blossom above the sucker before you remove the

Author biggetl (1 year)
I tried this a few years back on two of my plants and I have to say it was
a wast of time and a pain in the butt!! The plants that I grew in gages
produced more than twice the tomatoes then the ones that I took the suckers

Author Front Porch Farm (1 year)
You can top your tomato plant by pinching off the growing terminal above
the last blossoms to keep it from growing taller. This will limit the
amount of tomatoes you harvest, especially this early in the season. You
can also train it horizontally to let it continue to grow. If you have
room, you can also leave a sucker or two and then you must keep suckering
those stems, also, and have a couple of main stems on your plant. This can
be done higher on the plant if the lower ones are gone.

Author Dove Money (1 year)
if you take all the suckers off then how do you get tomatoes is that not
what makes the flowers

Author Jamie Jordan (1 year)

Author ToriMichele Morris (1 year)
Great video! Thx so much!!

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