Female Genital Cutting

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Documentary on female genital cutting

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Author convolutedexperiment (1 month)
Education is the key!

Author Maima Mahiz (2 months)
And people stick up for them. Funny how "man"especially man dominant
religions have the last laugh and the pleasure. Nooo nothing wrong here.

Author convolutedexperiment (1 month)
Beautiful women, insecure men!

Author Dioxus IV (4 months)
You guys can't judge people by their beliefs or insult their whole country
without knowing the purpose behind it. Most of you are saying female
circumcision is wrong but you can say male circumcision is okay to do? When
are we going to have equal rights? When are people going to stop judging?
What is this world coming to? All of you ignorant people have no idea why
they do it, yet you judge anyway.

Author Alysia Payne (4 months)
I literally got nauseous just thinking about that little girl... I have
little girls... there is no way I can imagine doing this to them or going
through this myself... I feel sick.. 

Author Richard F (4 months)
So many of the articles on this topic refer to it as genital cutting. What
is wrong with these writers?! It's mutilation, pure and simple.

Author Dioxus IV (4 months)
People believe that they should not have sex just for the plessure, so they
remove the clitoris.

Author jon ping (7 months)
ive always wondered if they let them keep their lady bits in a jar as
souvenir, or if they just feed them to the cattle

Author A Rahman (8 months)
They should hang for this barbaric system

Author Shonda Shotwell (8 months)
omg I cried! (what is really the point?)

Author A Rahman (8 months)
They should hang for this barbaric system

Author God best (4 months)
This is evil and sick. The world is so confused.

Author urdrem1 (9 months)
Male circumcision removes 50 to 85% of the nerve endings in the penis, it
also dramatically alters the normal mechanical function of the penis. Go
to infant male circumcision videos here on Youtube, and get back to us when
you have determined how much more tissue needs to removed before you deem
it mutilation instead of the lie that it is merely a harmless medical
Men and women from around the world are rising up out of the shame,
intimidation, and ridicule to express their resentment that a large part of
their sexuality was stolen because small but critically important parts of
their genitals were removed against their will or before they were able to
These saviors of humanity bent on cleaning up the earth one genital at a
time need to step out from behind the cowardice and hypocrisy, and start by
cleaning up their own genitals, and: LEAVE THE GENITALS OF OTHERS ALONE!

Author Mark Kirshner (1 year)
Check out this video on YouTube:

Author Mark Kirshner (1 year)
Check out this video on YouTube:

Author Mark Kirshner (1 year)
Check out this video on YouTube:

Author jgrieve84 (1 year)
Shocking! No matter what culture your from that is child abuse! Sicking
that people still act like this in this day an age.when the people
defending this act have there own children then you'll understand our anger

Author SVanTha (1 year)
if the monkeys in africa want to mutilate themselves, let them.

Author Gosteph08 (1 year)

Author ManCriesTruth (1 year)
While the Human Rights are a later social construct, not all of them are
social constructs before being put into language. For those rights, it
would actually be down to unalienable natural rights as defined by
survival. For example you have a Right to clean water at nature's penalty
of death by thirst, and so you have a Responsibility to not use the water
you drink as a toilet. This is a Natural Right governed by survival and the
Anarchic basis of "self ownership", as here: /watch?v=muHg86Mys7I

Author sylverwicca (1 year)
why are people here comparing male and female circumcision? this is about
FEMALE circumcision, the two are very different.... I have never heard of a
man dying later on in life from a circumcision women on the other hand...
plenty. Both are wrong and are a violation of a childs rights but there are
many more consequence to FGM then there are to MGM

Author jalzate (1 year)
FGM is terrible. I wish for a world where girls are free from this kind of
oppression. I dislike how anti-FGM activism has to justify male
circumcision (this documentary does, says "unlike male circ blah blah").
Male circumcision was also designed to damage the mechanics and sensory
aspects of sex, and when done on minors for non-therapeutic reasons it is
also a human rights violation, even if the damage is less severe (which is
not always the case).

Author dattebenforcer (1 year)
An yet male genital cutting is so normalized and even staunchly defended in
the USA. Double standards.

Author musicproducer16 (1 year)

Author MCconsolegamer (1 year)
Ameen i agree and am with you.

Author jalzate (1 year)
Actually, if anesthesia was the problem, the UN and the WHO would not
oppose medicalization of FGM. Medicalization of FGM has occurred for
example in Malaysia and Indonesia, and yet it remains a human rights
violation. And if anesthesia and sterile conditions was the difference,
then traditional circumcisions in Africa, like Jewish circumcisions, would
be frowned upon because there is no anesthesia nor sterile conditions.

Author Rebecca Morrison (1 year)
That's just wrong I'm never going there

Author JAMES GILMORE (1 year)

Author Mouad Bekka (1 year)
No it has to do with religion in Islam both males and females must and it's
healthy for them prophet Muhammad said it in Hadith, go and read the
medical journals and see the benefits of it a doctor from Texas in early
1900 he found that it is healthy for females to b circumsized too because
it controls their sexual desire otherwise fornications and pregnancy will b
spread just like what is appending in America and the west now teenagers
getting pregnant at early age such as 12 and 13

Author hamcam9 (1 year)
It acts as a lube and it primes and protects the glans. Without it, the
glans becomes dried out and less sensitive.

Author xXLikeAbosSXx09 (1 year)
basic human rights according to who's rules?

Author Mule Anderson (1 year)
I just looked up some pictures of this because I didn't really know what it
was and shit is nasty... Not the pictures because all you see is a fucking
small hole with stiches above it. -_- but the process

Author Luke Mcvillain (1 year)
On my pipi

Author Katika Tito (1 year)

Author bethyboowho (1 year)
Educate the women...I love this. It is through lack of education that this
can continue to happen.

Author Troy Eppstein (1 year)
Why are we so outraged by female circumcision when many thousands of baby
boys in the US have their genital mutilated every day? When are we going to
stop that?

Author sylverwicca (1 year)
no it defies your logic, I dont have children an Im not religious I would
never consider circumcising any child that I did have, so ur presumption is
wrong. A male friend of mine went through a circumcision at 13yrs, no pain
killers, I was horrified, however his only complaint was the lack of pain
killer however for these women their suffering seems never ending from
problems with sex, child birth and periods these thing can lead to death.
most, not all, mens biggest problem seems to be sex!!

Author Minerva Perez (1 year)
They say they perform this barbaric procedure because of tradition. That is
one stupid tradition aim at keeping women in control. Then their mates
complains that their sexual life is not pleasurable. What do these idiots
men expect?. It's like making love to a stiff because their women have no
feeling at all.

Author kissmehoneyhon (1 year)
because also kids masturbate????!putting their hands in the
diaper,rubbing.whateverjust as easy as they pick their nose.why is that
sooo dangerous,so it should be cut off,why not teach the child not to do so
in public.would save much blood..pain..and lives...

Author Rebecca Morrison (1 year)
Wait that means you can't have kids? Doesn't it?

Author Katika Tito (1 year)
how fucken stupid is pplk from this country and all country wht this do for
womens!!! how stupid is !! God..fucken shit big shit..iam so happy i born
in euroep!

Author PrettyInBlack (2 years)
Them women are fuckin pedofilers. Nasty shit.

Author neechee5150 (1 year)
@Leslie Corners If preventing infections were the real reason or a
sufficient reason to cut the genitals of children we would be cutting the
genitals of baby girls first as girls/women get far more UTI than males,
and women frequently get yeast infections in addition to bacterial
vaginosis, clitoral phimosis and clitoral balanits. Women also
produce/collect as much or more smegma as men.

Author stardude3396 (1 year)
and this is why circumcision should be illegal.

Author Luke Mcvillain (1 year)
I am a kid and i didnt got forced i wanted to cut my extra skin

Author hamcam9 (1 year)
It's not that hard to pull back your foreskin for 4 seconds in the shower
every day. But I wouldn't know. I'm circumcised.

Author hamcam9 (1 year)
You're really ignorant.

Author muchomusiclibre (1 year)
Were we really created equally?

Author Whitney Hope (1 year)
its gotta be a blow to your ego to have a woman who that just does not want
to have sex compared to one who would ENJOY being w/ her husband!?! would
it not?? and your children! Most marriages happen for the main purpose of
procreation...We know how DANGEROUS it is for these women to have children,
so for the sake of your wife and the children she's to bear you, I'd think

Author David Lopez (1 year)
If any american saw this, they would think its barbaric and wrong, but they
have no problem doing it to male babies

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