OLTL 1993 Todd Attacks Marty in the Alley

By Request.

Also known as "How Todd Got the Scar".
Todd attacks Marty. Luna stops Todd from raping Marty again by hitting him in the head with a pipe! Why there is a piece of lead pipe in the alley behind a radio station and a bar is a mystery :)

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Author ScholarTuck (6 months)
I would love to hear Susan Haskell opinion about how RC changed Marty's
character to a sociopath in the last years. After bringing OLTL to a new
level in the 90s, her character deserved better.

Author Shannon Bax (8 months)
Good Video!! Both Marty and Luna played that part real well!! I wonder
where Susan Batten is today?! She was one of my favorite actresses besides
Susan Haskell.

Author mac020507 (2 years)
I am curious as to where I portray "rape tv" as "black and white". In these
particular comments, I make no assertions about the use or portrayal of
rape on television. My only comments refer to the disturbing number of
comments making light of the very serious subject of rape, whether in real
life or as a story line. People can make all the comments they want about
the plot, the performances, the show, etc. But ''rape is fun" comments will
get 'em blocked PFQ.

Author mac020507 (2 years)
Actually, this is not an "open board". It's a YouTube channel, MY YouTube
channel and I DON'T have to respect anybody's fantasies or their ugly
little comments about this subject. I have attempted honest conversations
on here about it, but many of the people making those comments don't have a
grasp of the true seriousness of the subject. Rape fantasy and real rape
are not the same thing, and can't be treated as the same subject. I know
the reality personally. This is a TV show, not reality.

Author Iris Correa (3 years)
@rpm8064 Yea I agree..but Jack is younger than Todd was in this scene. Too
bad the show is going off the air....curious to see how "Jack" would turn
out to be now that the real Todd is back.

Author mac020507 (3 years)
@19dymondgurl Yeah, that is one of those "pretend you didn't notice that"
things. It was probably a matter of that being the best take they got of
the scene so when they got to editing they just had to go with it even
though she clearly hits him in the back of the head. I think they just
assume that people won't notice stuff like the ID so they don't pay much
attention to those details.

Author rasberryslushie916 (1 year)
It was because marty tutored him and he still failed, so it was a revenge

Author sweetfantasy23 (3 years)
@mac020507 I'm a little offended that you assume that because I'm young,
youngsters think "rape is a joke". I was sexually assaulted as a TEEN at
age 17 by an adult family friend my parents trusted.Yes, I was under 10
when these episodes aired. But actually I think it's funny how you and
other people older, think young people think this is all a joke,and then in
our real life society ignore or forget about the younger rape victims like
our voices don't count. In no way do I think this is funny

Author kittykat14671 (2 years)
Rape is cruel..

Author delidude1999 (1 year)
Absolutely HATE Marty. While no one ever deserves to be raped, she
overplayed the victim so much that Todd was never redeemable.

Author JxFx7 (3 years)
@robert61090 Yeah, you gotta wonder.....

Author cranialextraction100 (2 years)
Todd is EVIL. I hope he dies painfully.

Author Caitlin Schmo (2 years)
mac, i was born and watched some of this stuff, not these details
interstingly enough. but i'm in my 40s. bottom line is that they used rape
to gratituously entice not educate per se. its rape as cool tc schtick!
cold but true mac. it worked for it hooked in a lot of men at least for the
sweeps. rape tv is not as black and white as you want to portray my friend.
then again, i suspect deep down you already know that!

Author yaniv235 (3 years)
@mac020507 the problem people dont think before they cooments! its realy
dont funy

Author gthug818 (3 years)
And thus is the story on how Todd gets his scar.....I wonder if RH Todd
knows this because I know he is a fraud. TSJ is the real Todd

Author PintheDog (2 years)
Wait, Todd tried to rape Marty again and MARTY AND LUNA are the ones going
downtown? WTF?!

Author K Pryde (3 years)
These scenes were much more harrowing than I expected. It's so grueling,
especially because there is no thrill or revenge fantasy come true when
Luna hits him. Instead it's just fear, disbelief, and pain.

Author kittykat14671 (2 years)
How can people think rape is funny ?!?!?

Author fwdthinker (2 years)
Those are the ones who don't think it can happen to them. That can happen
to ANYONE. I guarantee they wouldn't think it would be funny or sexy then.
Plus, you have some shows that have glamorized it look like "just sex".
Performances like this show the anger and violence that REALLY comes from a
rapist. Definitely NOT about sex or romance. . .

Author chicagofrank2010 (2 years)
I was watching the show back then. Marty was known as "Marty the Party
Girl" and during the Spring Fling Todd and his 2 buddies gang raped Marty.
Todd was the ring leader. He hated Marty because she was smarter and I
think she teased him. Marty was defiantly raped .

Author Jeannie Vanderburg (1 year)
your right she over did it she needs to be lesbo and FORGET MEN AT
ALL.thats what i did in away. i was abused sexaully by a old dirty basterd
cause he wants a baby. well i said to hell with men. some women get pushed
way to much

Author Lorrie Rack (3 years)
I can tell some people commenting (the anti-Marty stuff) were not watching
back then and don't understand. Sad.

Author CurlyGirl26 (2 years)
Love your work, Mr. Howarth. . YOU are why I wanted to BE like Hank and
Nora and Tea and Evangeline

Author mediterraneanqueen (3 years)
@lorrierack yes yes yes! i grew up watching this show from around 1985 and
to this day i will not ever see marty as being crazy or anything. to the
anti martys out there, have you ever been raped and then harassed by your
rapist afterwards?

Author semipunchfacecat (2 years)
why does Todd hate Marty so much???????????

Author Ryan Howell (1 year)
Todd was a great guy

Author mediterraneanqueen (3 years)
@mediterraneanqueen see what you would do if you lived in soap land, lol,
i'd bet your asses that you'd switch his face with his twin too! lol you
know you would! and it makes perfect sense!

Author tiluviel eowyn (2 years)
what did she evr do to him. and why does todd keep attacking marty!!!!
leaver her alone, you brat!

Author EllaVin11 (3 years)
@dreamgirl484 This is EXACTLY why RH refused to do a romantic paring with
SH/Marty & had issues with love scenes in general. The spring fling rape
was horrific enough but many people forget that he continued to terrorize
Marty for a long time afterward. Todd was eventually truly repentant, but
never forgave himself & didn't expect Marty to. This was essential to the
character & was my problem with the SH/TSJ (as Todd or Victor) "rapemance."
Bottom line, RH & SH were phenomenal in this s/l.

Author noodleann9 (1 year)
God, I thought Todd was scary back than!

Author Iris Correa (3 years)

Author yaniv235 (3 years)
we all fans of rh and todd but whan todd he did things like that back than
i was against him ! rape is line you cant cross! if there are people who
are fans of the rape todd did even its soap opera they sick! you cant give
good cooment on that even in joke! by the way they both play amazing this

Author OUT view (3 years)
@brotherandsister4eva She won the emmy that year

Author Ricearoni80 (2 years)
For the record, Todd's goal in this scene wasn't to rape Marty. He wanted
to scare her so badly that she wouldn't pursue another trial. When it
didn't work, he took it further and further to the point where it's not
clear if he had activated the "rape" part of his brain and had passed the
point of no return. Hard to say.

Author mac020507 (3 years)
@lady81182 That was the start of his "redemption", but Todd and Marty reach
a sort of tolerant co-existence after Powell is found out as the serial
rapist and Todd apologizes (sincerely at the time) for the rape and
everything he put her through. They were never comfortable around one
another, but they found some peace for a while......and then there was
Blair......and Patrick :) Bye bye peace!!!

Author Dascha Christ (1 year)
i was born 6 years after this show but my sister was a teen when this show
aired she had the episodes on dvd and i would watch this with her i
remember being terrified of todd and not understanding what was going on
but as i got older i started to grip on to what was happing and this year
of episodes still scare me but i must say they were a hell lot better then
the last couple years of oltl

Author candycaptures (1 year)
Marty is the sole reason I used to watch OLTL and I thought SH did an
amazing job with this storyline. But the part when she runs and leaves Luna
to tangle with Todd always makes me say, "Damn that's cold Marty."

Author delidude1999 (1 year)
he actually did not fail--the professor miscalculated his grade

Author johnnyblaze3131 (3 years)
she hit him on the back of the head i dont see how he got a scar from it?

Author rpm8064 (3 years)
Looking at these clips, you see what a "bully wannabe" his son, Jack, is.
Todd was off-the-damn-chain! Jack is not NEARLY in the same league as his
dad was!

Author RockyG531814 (1 year)
i do hope a judge can finally have him convicted and executed

Author Ron Klopfanstein (2 years)
I never knew why "Todd" didn't have the scar covered up by plastic surgery
until now. I'm a "General Hospital" viewer; with only basic knowledge of
"One Life to Live." Now, I get it. One of the biggest soaps have made
through the years is writing stories where leading men, or potential
leading men, commit rape. At least the scar, to a relatively limited
extent, doesn't send the message that rape can be glossed over.

Author Karissa Fleming (3 years)
When did Todd start redeeming himself? I mean... the two got to the point
where they were civil with one another. Was it after he saved her from the
car crash?

Author mac020507 (3 years)
@lorrierack Some of them weren't even BORN when this aired. I don't really
like the anti-Marty comments since this is a "Marty" channel, but I can
deal with that. It's the "rape is fun" and the "there was no rape" comments
that bug me, especially from viewers that are obviously young. It scares me
a little to think that some of these kids think rape is a joke, even on a
soap opera. Gives me chills.

Author Ricearoni80 (2 years)
Depends on how you define "redemption." They began to explore the other
sides of Todd in late 1993, when he was manipulating Rebecca. There were
bits and pieces of his vulnerability and softer side that gradually began
to grow. After he accidentally killed Suede during their fight, he was
devastated, and turned a corner and was fully on the path to redemption,
though RH at the time didn't see it as "redemption," but rather exploration
of other sides of Todd we hadn't really seen prior.

Author mac020507 (3 years)
@sweetfantasy23 That statement was made in reference to the number of
comments posted on my videos by people whose channels give their age as
teenagers or young adults who make comments like " I wish Todd would rape
me". The only assumption is that they are telling the truth about their
age, and judging by the "text-speak" and lack of correct grammar and
spelling on many of those comments, it is not an errant assumption. As a
survivor myself, I would never silence a victim's voice, young or old

Author robert61090 (3 years)
It doesnt make sense to me how he got the scar on his face, seeing as how
he got hit in the BACK of the head.

Author 19dymondgurl (3 years)
Why does Todd have a California ID? He's from Chicago. His scar makes no
sense seeing how he was knocked out from behind for some reason I thought
Luna broke a bottle and slashed his face???

Author Destiny Ingram (3 years)
Marty is always whining. And was she gonna leave luna?....bitch

Author Ricearoni80 (2 years)
I think Todd was originally supposed to be from Santa Cruz, CA. They
changed his home town later on.

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