Playing with Konapun! #5 - Spaghetti Set

Finally got the time to upload another konapun video ^_^

These are inedible!
Bought at Isetan in 2011

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Author SuperGa Mers (27 days)
I can eat the konapun?

Author Tuyet Cao (1 month)
Hay hay 

Author MsCaptainTaylor (15 days)
so what do you do with this stuff after you make it? Collect it? Throw it

Author Aulia eranita saputri (1 month)
Not food ??

Author Jelly Valdez (1 day)
I want to have one Collection !!!

Author Jo Snyder (9 days)

Author Teen 9 (12 days)
I eat so l can not eat.

Author Kendall Lokay (16 days)
Just asking do the kits come with the pots and pans and such?

Author Marcel Assaad (25 days)

Author Carmen Contreras (26 days)

Author Giuseppe Greco (1 month)
Ma dove la vete preso ???

Author Natasha Noor Aziz (4 months)
Now I'm so addicted to this

Author Ilija Zivkovic (1 month)
why you dont speak in videos

Author 핑크베리 (1 month)

Author Haha Yu (1 month)

Author Carmen Contreras (26 days)
Can u eat iy

Author Minecraftwinger (1 month)
But it looks fun to do

Author Wendy Marvell (1 month)
Maplestory music

Author 선지연지연 (1 month)

Author Beatriz Barbosa (1 month)
for people who want to know if you can eat in the description of the video
is saying that is not edible

Author Clayton Wilson (1 month)
Cool toy

Author Ana Caroline Rodrigues (1 month)
kk legal

Author Michelle Lee (2 months)
Where u buy? At Singapore? 

Author Valeriasauceda8 (2 months)
is it even real food

Author อานุช มากสุวรรณ (2 months)

Author Jessica Ruiz (2 months)

Author Minecraftwinger (1 month)
Who would eat that discussing

Author Vania Sembiring (2 months)
The background song is song from game Line,maple story

Author Aulia eranita saputri (1 month)

Author Sandy Vang (3 months)
Is it just me or is the song like Amoria from Maplestory? Lmaoo. 

Author Paola Fernandez (6 months)
I bet it tastes horrible!!! 😝

Author Katelyn Nguyen (3 months)
Paola you play animaljam?

Author Enjelika Koekerits (3 months)
i more like kracie popin cookin......

Author MattzProductionz (3 months)
I wish you could eat this, it looks so good lol

Author tejada den (3 months)

Author kirito - kun (4 months)
Cool ;-)

Author raisha changoer (4 months)

Author Real Baller (4 months)
I love it!

Author MariPlaysVideoGames (4 months)
Plz reply

Author Adrienne C (4 months)

Author Jenny . (4 months)
>v< ;() (: |B no :(

Author Paul Higgins (4 months)

Author fab. liana (4 months)
So amazing! I love it!!

Author Sirguy Gaming (5 months)
I thought i was going to get a set to eat it... until i found out its

Author MariPlaysVideoGames (4 months)
Where do you buy konapun

Author Angel creepa Thecreepypastawolfgirl (11 months)
no eat

Author 자영 이 (1 year)

Author 준희 이 (11 months)

Author Megan Santos (11 months)
I subbed! :)

Author Martha Aramthip (1 year)
You can't eat them

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