Playing with Konapun! #5 - Spaghetti Set

Finally got the time to upload another konapun video ^_^

These are inedible!
Bought at Isetan in 2011

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Author GoddessGothicLolita (14 days)
To the retards asking the same question over and over again. Its written in
the description that its INEDIBLE = DO NOT EAT IT YOU DUMB SHITS

and IF your gonna eat it then upload a video of the doctor getting your
stomach pumped to get that poison out so we can all laugh are your

Author Taryn Maschke (1 month)
what are u supposed to do with it if u can't eat it???

Author GasaiMiku (3 months)

Author 작은공장 (2 days)
Hello. I’m Korean. I like to watching your video!!!!!! 

Author Priscila Rodriguez (4 days)

Author 宋昀蓁 Jane 宋 (1 month)
麻煩大大告訴我!謝謝! ^ ^

Author Yohana Hernandez (6 days)
Is the food reall

Author soci Thomas (24 days)
Is this real food? Because I want to EAT it so bad

Author 녀쪼만한병맛소 (29 days)
How do you handle a question for you. I'm making hanging left?

Author SparklyZee (3 months)
The music makes me feel happy. :) 

Author Daniella Shizuko Carpentieri Shimamura (1 month)
Existi isso no Brasil?

Author antonia Ortiz (1 month)
Konapun not is a fodd no eating ;)

Author craftlife phil (23 days)

Author kuokuo 仔仔 (2 months)
What is the song?
I'm so love!

Author sofia martines (2 months)
so.... you cant eat it right?

Author dani vega (5 months)
Masoooooo estuvo horible

Author miguel almeida (2 months)

Author Phoemella Gabrielle Erese (3 months)
Hi can u deliver i am a big fan of konapun if you want that you will
deliver then here is my place and do you speak or understand english?? Ok
here " Phoemella Gabrielle Baguio City Lot 7 Block 41 PH 2 " OK I hope u
deliver it

Author Annette Parnell (2 months)
Dont eat it but i love the song

Author Emma L (28 days)

Author Valeria Fernanda Padilla Flores (1 month)
Secome oye

Author kas1707 (2 months)
why are you not talking

Author IPizzeria (2 months)
Can we eat it say yes this is mya

Author Carolina Dias (1 month)
Isso é comestível?

Author Beatriz Barbosa (7 months)
for people who want to know if you can eat in the description of the video
is saying that is not edible

Author Dhuxnn Chjjhh (4 days)
Fuck. China's. People 

Author Hossam Shehata (3 days)

Author Marcus Fullbuster (7 months)
Maplestory music

Author Atilla Fidan (17 days)

Author Natasha Noor Aziz (10 months)
Now I'm so addicted to this

Author Juniva Delacruz (5 months)
Hendi ako naga umaga

Author Violet Merlin (3 months)
Love the song!!😊

Author Duda Leão (3 months)
Eu to com fome agora! KONICHUA

Author Shreedhi Ejardar (4 months)
I would love to get one konapun set 

Author 天赐 (3 months)
I don't want the muzik

Author Sandy Vang (8 months)
Is it just me or is the song like Amoria from Maplestory? Lmaoo. 

Author cát vy mã (1 month)
Not eat

Author Windy Harmisscorpioni (3 months)
Iam very very hungry ><

Author HedcenNites (4 months)

Author darrion wilson (3 months)
can you it that 

Author casey trish palma (4 months)
I like your videos so much

Author Annette Parnell (2 months)
You can t 

Author Kendall Lokay (5 months)
Just asking do the kits come with the pots and pans and such?

Author daniela guerreiro (27 days)

Author clary03 (4 months)
Ma e tutto comestibile

Author An Bui Man (5 months)
2:04 look like poop

Author Jelly Valdez (5 months)
I want to have one Collection !!!

Author americavalis z (4 months)
Me gusta mucho

Author Rosa Rocha (19 days)

Author Aydin Wade (5 months)
Nice work you should talk in it

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