Black Ops 2 - Amazing Pikachu Emblem Tutorial (pokemon)

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Hows it going guys, im back with another epic emblem today for black ops 2! This ones pikachu! Had a load of requests for a pokemon emblem so i decided to start it off with this epic pikachu!! If you have any requests for a pokemon emblem be sure to leave a comment and a like! thanks for watching & subscribe if you haven't already for daily black ops 2 emblem tutorials!!

Intro Song - Feed Me - Strange Behavior

Song - Macklemore - Otherside

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Author Kyle Sanford (12 days)
The song is Macklemore - Otherside

Author Pokemon (16 days)
Red got chili peppers *-* otherside xDD

Author Susana Corral (29 days)
what song is that

Author WWSG | WorldWideSuperiorGang (2 months)
What song is that ?

Author Ayesston Croos (2 months)
Thx.....that pikachu is so cool :D

Author jamie groucoutt (4 months)
the songs guitar sounds like red hot chili peppers song otherside.

Author Edvin Korkus (4 months)
By de way ur pikachu was awsome

Author Henry Schmidt (5 months)
Thanks so much

Author Edwin Vega (8 months)
what song is that

Author Edvin Korkus (4 months)
Me loved ur song wats it called. Can u try do a good funny slender man pls
but u dont have to

Author TheMaskedKitten (6 months)
Amazing Pikachu! But, horrible tutorial.

Author Steven Maya (6 months)
Halo background

Author MrcHelEcO IM Guerro (3 months)
Is awesome Pila pila pila pila pila suprein xddddd

Author Jakob Martin (9 months)
yes its also me to..... Piikachuuuuuu

Author xKMDxGamerx (10 months)
The song that plays while he is making the emblem is OTHERSIDE - Macklamore

Author david stanley (1 year)

Author Link Thompson (1 year)
Check out this video on YouTube:

Author GalaxyGladiat0r (1 year)
Watch this video and create your very own pikachu 

Author JasonXZheng (1 year)
What is intro song?

Author Scatter Brain (1 year)
Good things don't become not good when something better is done. This isn't
'nothing', it's a badass, well detailed pikachu regardless what flip art
may have done.

Author Mr Chicos Tacos (1 year)
Can you do a mortal kombat character for me? Please?

Author tanisha hislop (1 year)
whats the name of the songgg!!

Author vincent vincent1234 (1 year)
11:01 pickachu looks demonic

Author kuraxo (1 year)
can you do this for me please

Author ray gabone (1 year)
Thaks bro it really helped

Author Sharkym19PvP (1 year)
pretty awesome! thx for this tutorial mate :)

Author elijah rivera (1 year)
It would be much more helpful if you did a step by step walk through!! But
amazing job!!

Author jorge alberto (1 year)
name the song please

Author kuraxo (1 year)
what are these songs?

Author Davante Bridges (1 year)

Author Freak1393 (1 year)
I'll never like your videos long as you have the annoying ads /: & the gay
songs that rip off other songs beats.

Author mgracer (1 year)
Yea so hard

Author Eric Taylor (1 year)
I was following how did your steps, it took an hour and a half to make and
it looked almost as good ALMOST is key word.

Author fabioa561 (1 year)
This looks hard fuck it looks cool

Author Pistachio Lover (1 year)
Monkey Wrench sucks

Author TheFrontFieldGamer (1 year)

Author Imbtrtenu (1 year)
So many people use this, and it doesn't even look that good when they do it.

Author christian eckley (1 year)
You should bring back prestige emblems

Author Anthony Tran (1 year)
Take a lot of time lol

Author 4gnomesx3 (1 year)
I wish you chould just download emblems

Author kirkandjeremy (1 year)
That is :) :) :) :)

Author Brian Jr (1 year)
What's the song on the beginning of all of your videos

Author Emiliano Soto (1 year)
how do you find how to make these emblems

Author Matt Gough (1 year)
Oohs booga

Author cash money (1 year)
bro that was sick

Author GhostyOcean (1 year)
So you don't like remix's of anykind? Cuz thats basically what your saying.

Author manizobx43 (1 year)
Okay and i find most of them easy and the emblems are really good. Your the
main person i come to for emblems. Thanks :D

Author LittleMonstahhRawr (1 year)
Okay vv

Author Kevin Mateo (1 year)
Song name

Author Alex Wilson (1 year)
ey whats that's song called bruh

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