Darren Carr - Ventriloquist - Australia's Got Talent 2013 - Audition [FULL]

Darren Carr - Ventriloquist - Australia's Got Talent 2013 - Audition [FULL]

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Author Shade (8 months)
No offence to anyone but my god the Australian version of this show's got
some fat disgusting judges...

Author TheMoneychainGames (6 months)
they got some good comedians and animals but there country is weird

Author Kazuma (3 months)
why said the ugly guy no? only for this joke that he is ugly?

Author DjZenitSwe (4 months)
Omg her ugly fucking laugh...

Author Quinn Clayton (2 months)
It took me forever to think of this... sadly.
Is the arm that the puppet is standing on false?

Author ThreeTreesPro (4 months)
What the fuck is up with her laugh.... And at least he's better than Jeff

Author Don Cross (5 months)
Few weight loss classes needed.

Author Gammah Pasheko (3 months)
That guy who said "No" is really ugly

Author James (3 months)
It wasn't funny.

Author tradewins (7 months)
The Australian version of this show compares to the British and American
shows like minor league baseball compares to the major leagues, because the
country only has about 23 million people - about the same as Southern
California by itself. The best of Australia's Got Talent, from what I've
seen, are mediocre.

Author Cari Walker (6 months)
Did yall know that that one judge Dawn French played the Fat Lady in Harry
Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban?? I just found that out myself! Haha

Author Jazneo Gamming (4 months)
wow he really good at it didnt see his mouth move at all 

Author angellucass (5 months)
What happened? I fell asleep.

Author Milos Petrovic (1 month)
When the Ventriloquist Appears. The Judge on the right, Seems kinda Pissed.
Um why ?. That is just Rude. I'm Glad he got him good. 3:12 The audience
actually applauded, when he called him ugly XD BAAhaha

Author Gary Basil Grant (18 days)
good luck to the ventriloquist and to each his own....

Author Austin Greig (14 days)
Is that Achmed reincarnated as a bird?

Author SoMiracleAV1 (20 days)
6:49 why are all the lights on and then after that they are back to normal

Author Kate Southerland (1 month)
Amazing acte

Author Patrick Crehan (21 day)
fat bitch judge on left her laugh is very annoying

Author xPNova (7 months)
he hua hua ha

Author Yullenator (4 months)
Not funny at all. Ugh.

Author Areku P. (4 months)
"Tell him you're sorry!"
"I'm sorry you're ugly"

Author ahmed alhmadi (3 months)
Lol that guy know how to make fun out of people

Author altops (6 months)
i rolled

Author ElectroAfrican (3 months)
Glad you finally found yourself Darren! You are simply brilliant.

Author mistofoles (1 month)
Dawn French?? WTF???

Author Damian Mess (1 month)
Holy shit. What the fuck was that laugh at 0:54?

Author άνθρωπος.of.камня (3 months)
hahahahahhahaha this is perfect...who is he... ( that look
ugly hahahahahaha

Author Richard Forty (4 months)
I got some good laughs, so he is pretty good, but he is not quite in the
same league with terry fator or jeff dunham.

Author mrhail00100 (2 months)

Author tac0 (4 months)
everytime that girl laughs she kills a baby.

Author zorokakashi (2 months)
bad bit, no sense of humor.

Author Aminity (1 month)
There is ALWAYS that one nasty judge out of every show like this. -_-

Author Georgia Bayliss (3 months)
Kyle pisses me off so much! He acts so tough is he trying to be the new
simon cowell? Come on I can't be the only one thinking this?!

Author bigjm4n (8 months)
that judge is a little bitch

Author RedB Ben (3 months)
5:10 you made her go AH AHH AHHHH
- it could happen again
- that's enough.

Author Blake King (3 months)
Ahh, Its a fake arm. I see.

Author Sarah Old (2 months)
Australia's Got Talent seems boring compared to the others :/

Author Roy JCJ Allen (4 months)
Fuckking stupid!!!

What exactly is the catch line??

Or do you have to be half plastered - like on most other stupid Aussie
shows - to understand the catchline??

Ek vra maar net.......

Author Arbitrary Renaissance (3 months)
It took me an embarrassingly long time to figure out how that puppet

Author SqueedilyPlays (8 months)
Wasn't funny.

Author HobboGaming (3 months)
he cant really be moving the puppet he might be making the voice but not
the movement because he's using 1 arm to sit the puppet on and the other is
by his side so he cant actually move the puppet

Author chaotic hunter (21 day)
Am I the only one wondering how he made the bird move his mouth when
neither one of his hand was in the bird 

Author teppolundgren (8 months)
I've never understood people who, when they think something is funny, just
shout out: "That's funny!"

If it's funny, why don't you, you know, laugh instead???

And what an annoying woman that is, who is ushering the contenders on stage!

Dawn:" It's a yes from me."
Bitch: "Dawn's just given him a yes!"

Geri:" And it's a yes from me."
Bitch: "And now Geri's given him a yes!"

For fuck's sake, we have eyes! This is not a radio show, because if it was,
she'd be narrating the whole thing.

Thank God she isn't!

Author Dennis Curtis (5 months)
With both hands visible how does he make the birdy talk??????? hmmmm

Author nhat vo (4 months)
Lol I don't get how that guy gets offended by that; then he actually
deserves the insult

Author Anderson Queto (5 days)
Puppets are awesome; the convey such warmth and emotion so innocently.
That's why I live to create them. you too can experience the joy of the
amazing buddies. 

Author abc1234rd (2 days)
there's so many mean comments on here :C

Author John Herbert (12 days)
I didn't know the Vicar Of Dibley hosted AGt!

Author Iwan Leon (7 months)
I really like the lesson in this video. The fact that the judge kept his
decision despite the great performance. There are always consequences to
our actions. 

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