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Author Gammah Pasheko (4 days)
That guy who said "No" is really ugly

Author ElectroAfrican (5 days)
Glad you finally found yourself Darren! You are simply brilliant.

Author Georgia Bayliss (9 days)
Kyle pisses me off so much! He acts so tough is he trying to be the new
simon cowell? Come on I can't be the only one thinking this?!

Author ahmed alhmadi (11 days)
Lol that guy know how to make fun out of people

Author Jazneo Gamming (19 days)
wow he really good at it didnt see his mouth move at all 

Author DjZenitSwe (1 month)
Omg her ugly fucking laugh...

Author Yullenator (1 month)
Not funny at all. Ugh.

Author Richard Forty (1 month)
I got some good laughs, so he is pretty good, but he is not quite in the
same league with terry fator or jeff dunham.

Author TheMoneychainGames (3 months)
they got some good comedians and animals but there country is weird

Author altops (2 months)
i rolled

Author Cari Walker (2 months)
Did yall know that that one judge Dawn French played the Fat Lady in Harry
Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban?? I just found that out myself! Haha

Author tac0 (1 month)
everytime that girl laughs she kills a baby.

Author angellucass (1 month)
What happened? I fell asleep.

Author Don Cross (1 month)
Few weight loss classes needed.

Author ThreeTreesPro (1 month)
What the fuck is up with her laugh.... And at least he's better than Jeff

Author Dylan Jam (2 days)
Im sorry your ugly lol

Author Aaron Masaryk (3 days)

Author vessal honarpisheh (8 days)
Jerry keeps saying "his funny"

Author Arbitrary Renaissance (11 days)
It took me an embarrassingly long time to figure out how that puppet

Author Helker Abreu (9 days)
very nice!!! im from brasil!!! :D

Author QwertyGirl789 (10 days)
I just realized something. HOW THE HELL IS HE CONTROLLING THAT BIRD!?!

Author i Bassy (22 days)
Everything about his act screams 'Jeff Dunham'. The way the doll talks, the
jokes, even the choice of his dolls in this and the other video. Hmm.

Author Sohail Ahmed (16 days)
A big laugh to viewers!!

Author Bill Smith (15 days)
her laugh is fucking bad me sister i dead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hat her 

Author Ang Jian Cong (16 days)
Laughing so hard I'm crying

Author MrNicoPao (11 days)
6:49 there are two cross ... and then after only one ! 

Author Agazi Meijer (24 days)

Author 72Chevelle454 (2 months)
lol Who the hell is that?

Author KaijuCritic666 (1 month)
This guy has a talent. Wish I could bring life to puppets like that (I know
I know you don't need to tell me) however he needs to work on the jokes.
Still he gets a thumbs up from me

Author Chris Mannix (15 days)

Author Olivia R (1 month)
I saw the fake hand

Author Earl Green (1 month)
CAN’T HEAR THE TRUTH Numbers 24:13
Does all this seem like gibberish and religious mumbo jumbo to you? Even
though Balaam told Balak in no uncertain terms he could not go against
God’s word, Balaam was still angry because he didn’t get his way. When we
either can’t hear, handle, process, or accept the truth; there is something
in the way of our salvation. Get rid of it or go to hell with it. Choose.

Author moscowjade (14 days)
Uh....I've seen better acts than him by a couple thousand degrees. He's a
very mediocre vent

Author BOSCH DRIFT (1 month)
That one guy need to "FUCKING" learn that its a joke...shit and fuck you

Author Kar Gyi (2 months)
the bird sing from where? -.-

Author Karelys Rivera (29 days)
Dont say bad words 

Author Ryan Coloma (2 months)

Author midleton Hole (3 months)
geri halliwell every 5 mins thats funny fucking moron jesus we know it is

Author Piotr Górka (1 month)
this man whos put X dont have sense of humor PRICK

Author Sankalpa Wijewickrama (29 days)
Awesome !

Author marius euo (19 days)
hi gives life to the puppet that why this kind of level is very rare

Author Samuel Heng (2 months)
That judge was so petty. When the bird said he was ugly, he pressed no lol

Author slumberyelm59 (2 months)
he's so funny it made me laugh.

Author ragdollfan (2 months)
That kyle isn't just ugly, he's a dick

Author sparxstreak02 (2 months)
just realised, the arm Bird is sitting on is fake!

Author Jordan Olivas (1 month)
Like everyone else is saying,he is good,just needs to work on his jokes and

Author anon anymous (1 month)
This is so unoriginal it hurts

Author Terence Brown (1 month)
haha. i thought he was a funny. sure with a little more time he could pull
off more jokes.

Author Marioplunder12 (29 days)
bird sound a bit too similar to jose jalapeno i think :/

Author Guanxun Huang (2 months)
Fuck you!!!!! Kyle. You are son of bitch. What talent did you get. Fat

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