PIPER J3 Clipped Wing Cub 30cc Dle Engine Plane Flying Airplane Aircraft CMP CMPro

PIPER J3 Clipped Wing Cub 30cc Dle Engine
China Pro 09 CMP CMPro
EP Plane Flying Airplane Aircraft

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Author monkeygutz69 (5 months)
Guys, looking for a CWcub This one looks like the shiznit! Very kool
scheme. Can't find it from any dealer in the U.S. Where can I get it and if
I may ask, what was the price? Thanks

Author misfitsailor (1 year)
I have this plane. I am slowly putting it together. The quality is very
good! The landing gear feels strong enough to take some abuse. The tail
feathers are a little thick. Everything so far has went together straight
and true. All hinges that came with the kit must be thrown out; they
managed to paint or clear coat on to many of the hinges. That means that
the hinges will not properly absorb CA glue. Just a tip to others.

Author televisedsnail (2 years)
no flight review?? i want one bad but it seems nobody has any input on this
plane... hmmm

Author misfitsailor (1 year)
I just maidened mine on Monday. 24cc Fuji, 13 1/2 pounds heavy. Lots of
power. Glide ratio fairly steep, would hate to dead stick this one! Flies
and lands well. Rubber band gear bungees not strong enough, will switch to
O-rings. Used better tail wheel and separate servo for it. Roll rate
painfully slow, will try greater throws on ailerons. Not quite an aerobat,
but looks great on the ground and in the air. Hope to post video eventually.

Author Roger Baello (1 year)
where can i buy this?

Author Cowboy4737 (1 year)
Just ordered one,With the low wing loading a 20cc engine is plenty of pull
for this ship.Going to hang a DLE on it,Ill post first flight's and let ya
know how she fly's.

Author GibsonAviation (2 years)
Nice looking cub..................

Author Logan Salmons (1 year)
Mine is on The way when i get it running ill do some flight reveiws for ya

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