LOL Matador Gets What He Deserves

Matador Julio Aparicio Gored Through Chin During Madrid Bullfight, LMAO!

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Author Joe Williams (8 days)
Cmon now. At the end of the day. That is a fucking animal and that is a
human. You guys act so high and mighty talking about him getting what he
deserves and shit while you guys are eating burgers not caring how the
animal your eating got killed. The inferior species will loose. Face it.
That bulls life is not as valuble as that mans. And veagans can say what
they want but veagans wouldnt live the way they live without humans preying
on inferior species. Like dam its only natural.

Author yunfei yao (9 days)
so happy to see this lol :)

Author Unknown92 (2 months)
He was so suprised... thats what we call "PAIN".. Thats what you let feel
the bulls.... 

Author hog wild (1 month)
and people say rodeos are animal abuse.

Author yoshimoto powers (3 months)
the bull should have shook it's head when it had its horn in the guys face.

Author MrLaughatthis (2 months)
love it, love everything about it......bull is like, what now motherfucker
ima stick my horn through your face thats whats up

Author ubb4me (2 months)

Author Tecnolixx (1 day)
Is he still alive?

Author Hilario Perez (2 days)
how is this lol? In reality these guys put their lives on the line by going
head to head with an undomesticated animal. Its like fighting a lion the
only difference is that these animal are breed specifically for this. this
guy is lucky to be alive.

Author BITTER ALIEN (6 days)

Author Tatvavihara (7 days)
Your made your bed - now lie in it, live by the sword....

Author Basti Zmi (9 days)
standing ovations for this bull ;)

Author PlanetRockJesus (16 days)
Good for the bull.

Author olive sully (12 days)
Why is the crowd applauding? Sickos they have no morals, no emotion, no
heart. That matador got what he deserved

Author sir (1 month)
so beautiful .. I love this bull :) 

Author WC86EVA (4 months)
Yep, he got what he deserved. Hope he now knows how the bull feels. Such
a barbaric sport to these poor, innocent animals. 

Author caller347 (22 days)
After the bull dies in these games, they cook them and serve it to the
people. I find it less cruel than systematically killing them in

Author nuff sed (4 months)
run coward run coward run run run

Author karamel likør (2 months)
This makes me so happy. That fucking sadistic prick actually deserved to
die, but i'm quite content with the inner wounds he's obviously going to
get. Ah yes, and the blood. Nice detail. I feel sorry for the bull though,
because he didn't get the chance to kill the man. THAT is what he

Author Fernando Lourenco (2 months)

Author Brainbuck 83 (1 month)
Headshot... i love it...perfekt.

Author Eddy Pimentel (27 days)
Take that Bitch

Bulp wil

Author hynkie (28 days)
I find it sad that people are saying that seeing this makes them happy and
that they think it is funny. There is nothing funny about someone getting
hurt like this and there is nothing funny about a bull or any animal being
hurt, either. Saying that seeing this man be punctured like the bull gives
you any kind of pleasure makes you no better than the torero. Justice? Yes.
Funny? Not at all.

Author Luke Shapiro (1 month)
you lost, ASSHOOLE! 

Author mozzy747 (1 month)
Pity the poofy bastard didn't bleed to death

Author Ed Solo (15 days)
"Im so horny" says the bull GGGGGOOOAAALLL!!!

Author Newman Newmanz (2 months)
I don't give a shit about animal cruelty! humans killing human is far more
cruel then human killing animals. First eradicate human cruelty to human
and then we could talk about animal cruelty later, ridiculous people trying
to solve animals issue when we can't even solve our own human issue!
PRETENTIOUS&HYPOCRITES. Innocent human child or adult are being raped,
murdered, slaughtered, sexually assaulted, kidnapped, robed, blackmailed
etc.. and we pretend of protecting animals right, first solve your own
human issue and then others!.

Author Murat Bayat (4 months)
Matador!!!!! fuck you

Author moodylicious (4 months)
bull-fight er(torturing/killing)
is SANCTIONED SADISM, pure and simple.
The people in the stands salivating in pleasure, deriving joy and pleasure
in watching the mutilation, torture and death of these majestic creatures
are complicit in a barbaric act which should be condemned.

Author anast dimebagrestinpeace (1 month)
hope everybody who's involved in such a disgusting thing get killed so bad.

Author Vergon PARADO (2 months)

Author Yiğit Çent (2 months)
:( this is the worst job for everyone.

Author Coral Reef (1 month)
You've got what you deserve human !!

Author Nick B (4 months)
great penentration but not precise enough :(

Author Emmanuel Hood (5 months)
hahahaha this bull is the wise one ,the bull knew that is going to die but
of course the bull did the right thing at least hurt him but before dies ,
i hope all the bull will learn from this perfect bull , of course we all of
us eat animals but they have to be kill in a right way not this stupid way
, i hope this stupid guy will know how pain feel like , thank you Mr bull

Author Bud Smoker (4 months)
should have ripped his jaw off , good job bull

Author XOhorsechiefloverOX (4 months)
They should NOT do that to the animals !!! That's just animal cruelty !

Author john salonga (4 months)
he deserves it.

Author joseph rellama (2 months)
the bull was superior , this asshole is history

Author Der Ausgestossene (4 months)
definitly he got what he deserves, but that looks really awful

Author Grant Sibley (1 month)
Payback bitch!!!

Author andrew wilson (1 month)
I have an idea. How bout here in America, we come up with a sport called
Spaniard fighting. we will take a Spaniard or Mexican, and put him into an
arena just like the one they fight bulls on. Then, we will hold jamon or
tacos in front of them, let them charge and then stick forks into their
backs! And at the the end, deport them after we have had our fun with them.

Author Glenn Woods (1 month)
I love it when those cowardly Spanish gay boys get what they deserve...time
this fucking evil so called entertainment was stopped..hope all those
involved in this cruel barbaric sham all rot in Hell...fucking evil nation
of arseholes!!!

Author PermaFrostyify (4 months)

Author monsterrucks123 (5 months)
Bullfighting is cruel,mean and unfair to the bulls

Author dakippins (5 months)

Author Anton jansson (4 months)
Matador!!!!! fuck you i hope you get fucked in the ass

Author jerico navas (1 month)
Fucking cock suckers in the audience should get horned too. I hope that
fucker can never talk again after that. 

Author Daniel Santos (5 months)
No one helps the injured bull, why help the matador? Let him die alone too!

Author justiny3 (5 months)
Hope that hurt, arsehole

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