LOL Matador Gets What He Deserves

Matador Julio Aparicio Gored Through Chin During Madrid Bullfight, LMAO!

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Author Gaynor Armash (1 month)
How about the poor bull thats got spears and blood coming out his

Author j4k3h17m4n (27 days)
I think Europe should just stop fucking around and invade Spain

Author kagemuche (2 months)

Author David A. (11 days)
Final comments...The bandilleros only penetrate about an inch or so and are
not meant to inflict serious injury. And the picador's lance actually has a
"stop" on it to limit penetration as well. The formers is to evidence which
way the bull tends to hook with his horns (left or right) and the latter is
to cause the bull to lower his horns somewhat so the matador can go over
them with his sword for the usually swift kill vs. having none of this
which means the matador would essentially have to kill the bull from the
side which is considered cowardly.

There are some videos of the bull taking the sword and not dying instantly,
but I've actually gone to a dozen bull fights and can say from my
experience, the bull usually drops like a rock and is dead within seconds.
Just looking at the facts of how cattle are castrated early in life and
then treated at the slaughter house, yes, I think the bull has a better
life and goes out fighting rather than in a mass killing as done for
thousands of cattle every day. He also has a much longer life on the bull
ranches and so forth.

The biggest objection is that people take pleasure in tormenting the bull
via the bullfight, but nothing could be farther from the truth. The
afficianados of the bullfight do NOT laugh or clap at the bull bleeding,
etc. It is all about whether the matador shows skill, bravery, etc. or
outright incompetence and cowardice.

I don't mind people objecting to the bullfight, but most of the comments
here are uninformed or wrong. E.g., the Spanish take pleasure in the bulls
pain or that matadors are cowards. They don't pleasure in the bull's pain
and it's nuts to say matadors are usually cowards. Almost all matadors are
covered in scars, it is an extremely risky profession and it is designed to
be dangerous. So those here who are happy the matador gets seriously
injured are actually agreeing with the basis of the bullfight which is that
it is supposed to have a huge element of risk.

When a matador does lose his bravery with a difficult bull or for whatever
reason, you can be sure the Spanish turn on him to the extend of hurling
their beer cups full of piss at him.

Lastly, the bull is NOT hated and in fact celebrated in art and music.
These are the facts I know having lived in Spain and as a flamenco
guitarist, I was interested in the bullfight and so I studied it a little
and at least my opinions are more informed than most here. Having said
this, I am not a complete supporter of it, but there is a lot more to it
than most people think.

Lastly, the death of the bull is not wasted. All the meat and leather is
used, so the main objection should be that the Spanish takes pleasure in
the bull's blood (false) or that it is more cruel than the fate of cattle,
which is highly debatable.

At any rate, WHEN the bullfight finally becomes extinct, so will the
Spanish fighting bull. A lot of people think that is best, ok, but I wonder
whether the bull would agree. In the wild, life is arguably tougher and
even more brutal (being eaten alive by predators ,etc.), so would wildlife
prefer not to even be born?

Anyway, that's all, let the knee jerk reactions continue, that won't change
on YT comments.

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Author Exbrayat Jean-Luc (16 hours)
*Olé !*

Author Dexter Morgan (14 hours)
Death would be what this and all of the other gutless bullfighting cowards
deserve. They are beneath contempt and are nothing but vermin. They torture
bulls in the name of entertainment?! The best video on Youtube is the one
showing that filth, Juan Padilla getting his eye gouged out. The only pity
is that it wasn't both of that bastard's eyes gouged out or even the loss
of his life.

Author Steven Higholt (10 days)
that guy is a pussy .. they should have thrown his coward ass back in

Author David A. (25 days)
The bullfight is vastly misunderstood. Anyway, have it your way and outlaw
it and then the Spanish fighting bull will be no more. No more summer days
on the ranch or breeding cows. Gone. You might want to ask the bulls if
that was the best outcome.

Author Ciro Guerrero (7 hours)
Braboooo !!! Corten las orejas a ese imbécil y den al toro... 

Author Freddy Maarif (44 minutes)
il faut interdire les corridas ,bravo le taureau 

Author Vidar van Hel (14 hours)
Der Typ bekommt genau das was er verdient!
Ein echter Mann wäre imRing geblieben und nicht geflüchtet.

Author Hercules Rockefeller (11 days)
Stupid Spaniards..
Cows should be standing knee deep in their own piss and shit.. eating corn
and other cows and other crap they cant digest..

Countries other than America aint American!

Author Iranpreet Munjal (20 days)
that bull is being pierced with spears just to make some fame and money ..
first making some animal mad by hurting him/her and after that showing how
to control tht animal .thts bullshit .........tht man must be dispatched to
death ASAP

Author Ammar AlTuhafy (9 days)
is he dead? somebody make me happy and tell me he is killed 

Author Sniper Wolf (8 hours)
maricas, dejenlo al toro que lo termine, bien que corren como nenas, si asi
fueran las corridas de toros siempre bien que las apoyaria, toros matando
imbeciles eso si que me agrada

Author MultiCristian1 (26 days)
bravo por el torooooooooo!!!!! asi aprenden estos "españoles retrógrados y
estúpidos!!!!" quien manda!!! asi como esa mujer pone cara de horror por el
"hibrido torero" a mi me da pena cuando maltratan asi al pobre
toro........TORO 1-HIBRIDO HUMANO 0 jaja me gusta ver sangre humana
derramada por los toros.....

Author bittasweet symphony (3 days)
that was fucking harsh!

Author Eva Weertman (1 day)
the titel is more hatefull then the film.
That the man is a bull fighter is one, but if you film means you visit
these bull fights. you are worse then the bullfighter

Author Ivana Ivanova (21 day)
бык молодой сделал старого матадора-пердуна

Author truthseekers666 (18 days)
Im glad he got gored. Bullfighting scum!

Author Yogi Haughton (21 day)
Love seein' the fuckers gettin' mauled by the poor beast. Wicked outcome.

Author crusty21 (18 days)
The bull was nice enough to let him off the hook (or horn) could have
been much much worse.

Author Cenk Uyar (21 day)
Poor bull. His horn is now useless and covered with blood...

Author peter markoli (1 month)
this spanish guy does the dirty work himself you meateaters just eat them
and you also have them in a preson until they die
in apain they treat them kindly untel there komes a time for them to fight
you meat eaters are cowards and you are responsible for much more sufering 

Author condebayard (7 days)
Corrida is ok with me only if both "fighters" are naked (the bull is naked)
and no weapons. So chances are more equal, it would be a fair fight

Author Ciro Guerrero (7 hours)
Jajaja bien !

Author Drtraumaty (10 days)
Such a ridiculous sport. 

Author grannysnatcha (16 days)
cant believe the uk has to pay for this shit FUCKING EU CUNTS 

Author jack bower (1 month)
Good for the bull YAY!

Author ratapata69 (9 days)
Thats just beatiful

Author LA Mark (16 days)
as sorry as I feel for the bull (which would have died, and probably still
did) I don't know how anyone can watch this and not be horrified (honestly
I was surprised it was even allowed on youtube). If you truly respect the
sanctity of all life, wishing the death of this man seems a little
hypocritical. I am not saying you shouldn't accept the consequences of your
actions (if you mess with the bull you'll get the horns). All I'm saying is
you shouldn't go out of your way to wish death on someone. Remember it was
the same school of thought (some life is more valuable than others(i.e.
its ok to kill a bull because it is an animal)) that made people start this
brutal tradition and reversing it (the mans life is less valuable because
he participates in a cruel sport) will not solve the problem. Remember an
eye for an eye will leave the whole world blind (or at least with really
bad depth perception). And as much as I do not condone the sport of bull
fighting or killing animals for any form of sport, i do believe that this
breed of ethnocentrism can be dangerous and people should be self aware
about this because although it may end cruel traditions such as bull
fighting and female circumcisions, it will primarily just cause harm in the
long term through the misunderstanding of cultures and imposing your own on
others (ex. western exceptionalism). So fight for justice with love,
empathy, understanding and caution (of unintended consequences)!

Author Ficka Dirgantari (4 days)
hahaha good bull...u have good job for them..matador fuck u asshole !!!

Author Klate Wilson (1 month)
How can bullfighting still be allowed in this day and age? Future
generations are going to look back at us and say "they were savages in
those days"

Author Sebastian Ignacio Duran Sanchez (4 days)
Eso pasa por incharle las pelotas a un toro. Mueranse todos los toreros
quliaos asesinos hijos de su gran puta madre y dejen en paz a los animales

Author Thomas Eykeln (12 days)
Everybody who feels fun by injuring or torturing innocent animals have to
be blasted.
I wish you all torments of the universe.

Author Frederic Bourdin (1 day)
Good !!!

Author Zoltán Horváth (27 days)
Jól tette a bika! Valahol az őrölt spanyolokat nem tudom sajnálni,és ahogy
rohangálnak az állat előtt és hergelik,látom a videó felvételeken amit ők
maguk vettek fel,gondolom sokan meg is sérülnek vagy örökké nyomorékokká
válnak ! ZOLI

Author giftzwockel (8 days)
Klasse, wie dieses matador-Angeber-Arachloch auf die Fresse bekommt! Leider
hats die Sau überlebt!

Author Hunter Kean (5 days)
Lol i wish it did that to his nuts instead so he can regret that day for
the rest of his life

Author zacharycat (11 days)
can't win 'em all.

Author David Craig (12 days)
Is there a website for Spanish bulls that speak English.. We are from
Scotland we find this horrific. Don't tell anyone but dear bulls go for
matador's balls...Xx

Author Soare Michele David (1 month)
If you dont hurt him,that is good,cause the bull can play,you just show him
the red one,and run,for a show,but to hurt the bull is wrong...why the fuck
they put spears in his back ? 

Author Jordan Smith (2 days)
That man is so stupid and dumb!

Author mcnaby (6 days)
Serves the cruel cunt right...HaHaHa!!!

Author Ado Podrinje (26 days)
has this man survived? or got killed ? what happened to him later ?

Author bluenosepe (22 days)
Why did the man lie down? Didn't he enjoy the bull kissing him? Was that
lipstick all over the mans face?

Author Hendrik Buschmann (8 days)
Every human making fun of killing animals deserves death!!!

Author obia cimera (13 days)
I love this bull,Well done good <3 <3 No, she could be more

Author Cruise Mansfield (1 month)
Good paybacks a bitch

Author Jonathan Castro (13 days)
Jajajajajajajaja!!! Excelent!!!

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