The Proud Family I Love you Penny Proud Part 2

i do not own disney channel does

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Author Nogaye Bass (2 years)

Author Lu-Lu Harris (2 years)
He taking penny foe granted

Author Camryn Johnson (1 year)
It's a joke about the marrying thing DERR

Author TheDeerstalkerHat (2 years)

Author chloe Brown (2 years)
he seemed so nice, hes so mean now

Author cookiemonster91 (1 year)
Is he the voice of Shia labeouf

Author sStarIntheNightSky15 (2 years)
@krazybabygirl8 I thought I was the only one that's noticed lol good to
know I'm not crazy

Author DisneyxWolves4EVA (1 year)
every time he fell I felt SOOOOO happy!

Author MrDiggler99505 (2 years)
how are u spose 2 date after u get married dating the wrong guy just like
this 1

Author chanetta jones (2 years)
she shole is i fahgot about her and she sound so ghettoe

Author ber ke (1 year)
aw, i love those shows so much!! do you? email me!!!!

Author youngstuner3 (2 years)
i love the proud family

Author cDC1457 (2 years)
when lacienaga was saying that about johnny i would of slapped her ass and

Author Andrea Patane (2 years)
That's right! That's the voice over of Shia LaBeouf who lent his voice to
the animated character,Johnny McBride. The TV show is 2D animated.

Author Caressa Cooper (2 years)
( penny dad ) TRUDY there is a white boy at the door ( TRUDY ) PENNY come
on we need to change our names you will be lady and i will be marry

Author HeavenlyLee (2 years)
Moral of the story: always listen to Suga Mama.

Author Yaya mendoza (2 years)
i love this cartoon

Author nndzibah ndzibah (1 year)
he is such a loser

Author Memmy4979 (1 year)
Penny proud

Author Jurney Muntslag (2 years)
leukee film van jm

Author Nina Aldana (2 years)
I loved you ever since I saw You Bolin's Line and he got cheated

Author Jennypennie123 (1 year)
I haven't seen this episode in so long.

Author Autumn Night (1 year)

Author Summer Rain (2 years)
Who else notice the shirt change colors on 3:26

Author Nyia Alyssè (2 years)
idk...but i love raven!!!!

Author Kirakishou96 (1 year)
If a guy said that to me wheelchair or not its so sweet ^__^ I'll say yes
in a heartbeat

Author Ashna Yakoob (2 years)
did anyone notice that his shirt turned white?

Author 47Cartoonguy (2 years)
moral of the story: People who are handicapped can be dicks

Author Tykeira Johnson (2 years)

Author Madam FeFe (2 years)
i would but they might get deleted due to copyright youtube can be a
complete butt-hole

Author David T (2 years)
3:25 changed his shirt

Author steph lo (1 year)
The boy is cray cray lmao

Author wuhnderland (2 years)
Wow, that Johnny is such a jerk...

Author Melissa Muncy (2 years)
johnny is very rudeee

Author Justin Ruddock (1 year)
They messed up on the part when he talks about the ski trip the red head
boys shirt changes to white instead of green!

Author RayRay Girl (1 year)
Can air*

Author Stacey Upaka (1 year)
its shia labeouf

Author Jkwon7896 (2 years)
jhonny's voice is the same guy thats from the last airbender, you know tht
prine of fire or whatevr

Author cudd ross (2 years)
6:18 Ctfuup

Author Derpy (1 year)
WHOA slave joke really i love this show but really slave jokes

Author nadia jennings (2 years)
i thank it sweet that she is going out with him

Author nadia jennings (2 years)
im on you on that one i hate him

Author dbrown3034 (1 year)
I won't to punch jonnei he is so roud

Author Darkuss Sovereign (2 years)
In case you're wondering. I mean the Raven from her show: That's so Raven.
The Raven Symone i'm a fan too of.

Author Adventure Time Stories (2 years)
Mmmmhmmm u go penny

Author Kiara Campbell (2 years)
If she gets married, then she start dating. That's what Oscar saying.

Author MegaBBreezy1 (2 years)
Geash penny has a. Boyfriend I hate him

Author Nyia Alyssè (2 years)

Author Lauraslovelycreation (2 years)
at the end when she talks johnys sorry but out of the house if i were her i
would pull back his wheel chair and send him into a tree.

Author sdspratt4444 (1 year)
he,s such a jerk

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