How to Do the Wobble | Line Dancing

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Learn how to do the Wobble line dance in this Howcast dance video with expert Robert Royston.

"Alternative Line Dancing: How to Do the Wobble: ""Hai I am Robert Roysten. I am five time World Champaign of Country dance with methods like skills with . I really hope that you learned how a line dance and experience what it is like, to move to America's music and that's country music.

""Hai, so now we can teach you how to do the wobble. You may be seen the wobble at a wedding or you may be seen the wobble at club. You know that is not done with the country music. It was done with the song called wobble. It was more the hip-hop on the song, but it is incredibly popular in the line dance right now, in the country bars, all the in the state and in some country dance conventions that happens. So we think it is appropriate to teach you the wobble in the country attire. So starting of the wobble, we can start with the and you can jump forward right foot and apt to you can go an one. and you just gone to group two, three, four and you can jump back and to five, six, seven, eight. So that can be jump forward a wobble and then back wobble. So this is five, six, seven, eight and one. Then four, five, six, seven and eight. So you can board your left both hands and you can do one, two, three, four. Other side, five, six, seven and eight. You can to put on flare on this. Right, you know this is not the exact way to wobble. Right, so like as you go forward, you can jump forward, you can just and jump back and just on a group you can do that. Use that to point that way and that way, you can do it everyone as there or you can really get the end. So again, jump forward wobble, jump backward wobble point to the left with group, and point to the right with the group. So we will start one more time. Five, six, seven go and one, two, three, four and five, six, seven to the left and one, two, three, four and five, and six, seven and eight. Now we go to the cha-cha step. Right foot you can go forward, and cha, cha, cha, left foot forward and cha, cha, cha. Go again with right foot forward, back cha, cha, cha, forward back, cha, cha, cha. From here you go the touch-touch steps. You want to go touch and touch and touch and touch and touch and touch and touch and. You can do it with turn to the left. You can simple by this steps by doing it eight counts of walks, so you can do it one, two, three, four, five, six, seven and eight. And we can do and one, and three, and four , and one, and two, and three, and four, and five, and six, and seven, and eight. So you can do it with several walks. After you complete the jerk, you want to turn you at the new wall and you done all over again. And one, two, three, four and five and the left, five, six, seven for the left and one, two, three, four and five and now the cha-chas right forward and cha, cha, cha left forward and cha, cha. cha, and one, and two, and three, and four, and five and six and one more time for one, two, three, four and back five, six, seven and eight to the left and two, three, four and five and now the cha-cha step, one, two, cha-cha step forward and backward and you can walk if you walk it, walk one, two, there, four, five, six."

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Author Liliana Urias (2 months)
OMFG THATS HOW WE DANCE IN MY TOWN! X'D but exept a shuffle we do

Author aquafina2u (1 month)
Great video. Hope you have more :)

Author Hunter Naquin (1 month)
lol this is so funny

Author Anita Sanchez (8 months)
Where can I go how to dance Houston tx

Author christina martin (5 months)
VIC is the rapper who sings wobble. Has video to it

Author gigimc (2 months)
how adorable...... feel a little safer now I suspect? haha

Author Paula Smith (2 months)
Thank you for posting. My bridal party and I had to learn this dance for my
wedding. You broke down the steps as simple as "A, B' C" and we had a great
time doing it. 

Author jcherise1 (3 months)
LOL THE CHIK is so bright. she's blending in with the background. I can
barely see her o.O

Author joy garcia (4 months)
Thank you so much! You teach very well, I got it!!!

Author Michelle Bailey (4 months)
Love it. Looks awesome.were can i go to dance like this whitwell tn close
to chattnooga..pleace this..

Author John E (7 months)
You dont always have to do the cha cha thing with the feet, you can also
just do right step forward, left step forward, right step back, left step
back. repeat starting with your left foot

Author Lavern Lasalle (7 months)
The Guy did a good job!

Author leneyboo (5 months)
Lmao! This is awesome!

Author Elaine Lapointe (5 months)
Love it. Looks awesome.

Author glam (5 months)
Good job on the basic steps. However the both of you would be run over when
you begin to turn because you are standing still while the everyone is
stepping back. Hence, the lyric... back it up.The Wobble done at clubs and
events is nothing like the real Wobble. Check out the video.

Author Kimgressman (2 months)
Put some boots on

Author Onelight Lamb (6 months)
Wobble was created in Philadelphia...Love this dance! happyfeetdancer,com

Author Claude Castonguay (6 months)
Hi! Everybody out there.Fun dance done by a food looking couple.This is
just line dancing do you're thing forget how is wright or wrong.Enjoy.Love
you all l!!!! 

Author Jacque carrillo (7 months)
Awesome job! Thanks

Author ladylovebx (7 months)
racial slurs are not necessary if any one should be upset is the county
line dancers they are the pioneers of line dancing we as in blacks/latinos
took it from them and added our own flavor! so lets stop the hate!

Author Cherish Mays (10 months)
Redneck wobble yall

Author David Thaler (7 months)
Country music is America's music? Funny...I didn't know the Pilgrims and
Native Americans listened to it.

Author Noahstyle (8 months)
You're white...

Author Donna Staggs (8 months)

Author Pia Pia (8 months)
Try to make a tutorial of the De Low Shuffle

Author BuckeyeStatus (4 months)
Toby Keith's Bar tonight baby! Wobble

Author Emily Hull (8 months)
My dad knows him and I know his son and daughter and my brother is best
friends with his son and I do west coast swing so I know him

Author renee smith (9 months)
I can do it now...:-)

Author Keith Turner (9 months)
LOL Read what "Holly Decker" said at the bottom of the comments. Line
dances are stupid to you Ms. Decker because you can't dance and most likely
have no rhythm and two left feet. But don't hate on something because you
look funny doing it. :)

Author Sandra Wilson (9 months)
Everywhere you go the Wobble is done differently but same concept. It's
your own flare that makes it different.

Author Evelyn Maben-Hall (10 months)
Wobble. I know you can do this.

Author Jen C (9 months)
This girl seems a little lackluster. 

Author Cece Davis (9 months)
Oh wow

Author Alyssa Patten (10 months)
We normally cross our feet when we jump back and instead of a chacha step
we do a step ball chain

Author dklyde (6 months)
Good instruction but jazz is America's music. 

Author dominicanbeauty34 (5 months)
since when does taylor swift dance? I thought she was as stiff as a board
when she came to dancing...

Author MsCovergirls (11 months)
Wtf is this Ctfu THAT AIN'T THE MOVE! (in my tamar braxton voice) they look
horrible, this it's not the wobble it's the bobble lol

Author Mia Larson (11 months)
My grandmother wants to learn how to do this... what has this world come to

Author Ariana Amaya-melendez (11 months)
Lets getit down

Author Danny Gomez (11 months)
White people... Lol jk

Author Lovely Lady Channel (11 months)
Ummm ok...not the wobble. But good try

Author Kylee Petty (11 months)
This was not the wobble you made your own version

Author kenmax2008 (11 months)
He made wobble dance so easy to learn and dance. Kudos!

Author yoits Oyozoe (9 months)
fuck this i'm not doing this for p.e

Author jordnot (8 months)

Author Jasmine Berry (10 months)
What was with the music??????

Author nicthommi (1 year)
This cowboy is getting it...

Author H Wilson (1 year)
Thank you!!!

Author liliana phillips (1 year)
they should've played the real song when they danced it at the end.

Author MrBurtwagon2020 (1 year)
It doesn't matter if i used correct grammer or not u got the point lol stay
in your own lane the boot scootn lane lol ha!

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