Stille Nacht (Silent Night) German - Sing Along

This is Silent Night in German Sung by Nana Mouskouri in the original Language. enjoy! has the words if you want to sing along also with a very few pics of a traditional european christmas!

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Author Whiterabbit4000 (4 days)
I've just realised for a few years I have mispronounced a few words. Thank

Author siobhan cosgrove (29 days)
i'm getting goosebumps listening to this. In tears because i'm thinking of
the WW1 Christmas truce in the trenches

Author MrGarry2u (1 month)
I learned this in English, then when I heard the 'real' one. I felt

Author Jerzy Komorniczak (3 months)
Pięknie. Przepiękne wykonanie ... brak słów... łza się w oku kręci.

Author mimimdragneel2 (8 months)
Who heards this music only for school ? Me, yes. ^^

Author David Steinkruger (6 months)
Dies ist mein libelingslied wann Deutsch Ich Studiere.

Author greg55666 (6 months)
It's funny, Franz Gruber, the man who wrote this song, was born in the same
town as Hitler!

Author Joe B (7 months)
I am german and I have to say, that the lyrics are not quite right, but it
is alright. I did not find a german video, isn't that strange? Great Job.

Author 222mozart (7 months)
zum abgewöhnen

Author Ernst Becker (7 months)
Sung so long ago in grammar school.

Author shelinoz9 (7 months)
I love it. My nephew always loved to sing this German version no matter the
season. This is a beautifully done version. Thanks!

Author Paweł Wiśniewski (7 months)
Kto to miał na niemieckim to łapke w góre
z Google+

Author 江建毅 (7 months)

Author ballmann3.Wold of tanks player (1 year)
heil is german for holy and hail idiot

Author Emmi Pisciottano (1 year)
Es una canción tan dulce y sencilla.. debe unirnos a los cristianos y a los
mantes de la m´sica, además de la Paz y el amor.

Author Islamisbad1 (1 year)
BTW I have nothing against the Germans and love this song, just wanted to

Author Rabble Rouser (1 year)
You: Hang yourself. Nobody care about you anyway. Everyone else: Obvious
troll is obvious.

Author CookieMonsterMC11 (1 year)
NICE!!! Frohe Weihnachten!!!! :)

Author firstgovs (1 year)
fuck your an ignorant piece of shit if you knew anything about history you
would know Germany did not start ww1 and ww2 was caused by alot of
different factors.

Author Günter Gewehr (1 year)
scary and nasty

Author roseanne74 (1 year)
Plus ... the three verses that are sung in English are in this order in the
German version - verse 1 English is verse 1 German, verse 2 English is
verse 6 German and verse 3 English is verse 2 German.

Author 46619TAB (1 year)
The song is credited to an Austian, Franz Gruber.

Author homikkkk (1 year)
Nicht schießen, bitte!

Author steve mcgill (1 year)
The British and the German's had the very first Christmas truce 1914, the
German-French truce was 1915. But the truce's weren't great victory's at
all, it was just a moment of saneness, but after as we all know it was
killing as usual. Lest we forget.

Author Diana T. Diaz (1 year)
Is a beautiful song, just enjoy it!

Author roseanne74 (1 year)
There were, in all, six verses to the original German carol ... and the
melody was slightly altered. Do a google search for the Silent Night
website ... it has the whole story and a copy of the original sheet music.

Author Felipe Mayer (1 year)
History expert? You're just a boy who needs to grow... That's what
you're... Get your ass out of here and go to school...

Author Bamchucknorris (1 year)
Get out of here you ignorant fool. Please do not poison this video with
your putrid misconceptions.

Author Cristina De la Cámara (1 year)
uuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh me chifla

Author mattieangerfist (1 year)
What does this has to do with the entire thing? Dude just fuck off here and
go to another video. You're just some random fucking troll. I'm not going
to answer anymore to whatever comes out of your mouth.

Author axelNodvon2047 (1 year)
Ich kan c u kan nut tel da difference in fags n governmen sistemz

Author Saul Hudson (1 year)
New Zealand? I think, because it is new... I may be wrong :)

Author Draculrider (1 year)
I remember singing this in 4th grade with my music class. I'm relearning it
right now :3

Author Magelet g (1 year)
it's Heil'ge is Holy and its not heil'ge hitler is it? no its not *sigh*

Author ballmann3.Wold of tanks player (1 year)
prety sure switzerland and it's people they have fought in neither world

Author Günter Gewehr (1 year)

Author Paweł Jeżewski (11 months)
Piękna,wzruszająca,wspaniała-mimo że niemiecka ;)

Author Gloria Johnson (1 year)
This is beautiful in German as I have learned it English. It is one of my
most favorite of Christmas songs.

Author hugo gun (1 year)
actually it means victory salvation...

Author spideraxis (1 year)
Very lovely. My knowledge of German is very limited, but I really liked it.

Author axelNodvon2047 (1 year)
Even bettar Ich kan c u kan but tel da dibtrance en fags n govermen
sistemz. Now sit on my bed with me.

Author Róbertné . Ilona Szemethy (1 year)
Szabad a Szentséges Éjről ilyen durván beszélni?? Tanította valaki veled a
Szent karácsony misztériumát?? Kinek a neve alatt rejtőzködsz? Kérdezi Robi
Bácsi Budáról!

Author steve mcgill (1 year)
If you decided to read up on experiences on the western front in world war
one you would know it was all about hate and destroying life even if it
wasn't necessary, that's human being's for you.

Author Anastasiia B (1 year)
learn your facts you ignorant fool

Author 46619TAB (1 year)
My father's parents were German and as a very little boy Grandmother taught
me this carol in German. That was 50+ years ago yet I still favor the song
sung in German. Memories I guess. Peace from Indiana USA.

Author Bobby Bartsch (1 year)
Heilige is how you say holy in German and heil means hail.

Author Dmitri Molotov (1 year)
Added to Christmas Songs

Author Günter Gewehr (1 year)

Author Robert Billings (1 year)
does anyone know the name of the painting at 2:05?

Author mattieangerfist (1 year)
Sorry, she can be beautiful but there are a lot more German women and girls
who look prettier, also I'm not German. I'd also say there are a lot more
prettier Dutch women.

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