Stille Nacht (Silent Night) German - Sing Along

This is Silent Night in German Sung by Nana Mouskouri in the original Language. enjoy! has the words if you want to sing along also with a very few pics of a traditional european christmas!

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Author Whiterabbit4000 (2 months)
I've just realised for a few years I have mispronounced a few words. Thank

Author siobhan cosgrove (3 months)
i'm getting goosebumps listening to this. In tears because i'm thinking of
the WW1 Christmas truce in the trenches

Author mimimdragneel2 (10 months)
Who heards this music only for school ? Me, yes. ^^

Author Jerzy Komorniczak (5 months)
Pięknie. Przepiękne wykonanie ... brak słów... łza się w oku kręci.

Author Андрэй Захарэвіч (10 months)
Incorrect lirycs.

Author Lilly Gonzalez (10 months)
I prefer the German version than the English version and it's funny that I
didn't know this song until I heard it in German and when I heard it in
English I didn't like it as much and I learned all the words in German by
listening to it too much and in the 4th grade I almost pissed my pants out
of excitement when we sang for a holiday program in my school :)

Author David Steinkruger (8 months)
Dies ist mein libelingslied wann Deutsch Ich Studiere.

Author 46619TAB (11 months)
When I was a way little boy Grandmother taught me the words to Silent Night
in German. Decades later the words to the song still run thru my head in

Author MrGarry2u (3 months)
I learned this in English, then when I heard the 'real' one. I felt

Author Zau ze (10 months)
Przepraszam Polsko... uwielbiam niemieckie kolędy :)

Author Elena Monzheley (10 months)
Thank you))) The voice is so clear and beautiful.

Author greg55666 (8 months)
It's funny, Franz Gruber, the man who wrote this song, was born in the same
town as Hitler!

Author Joe B (9 months)
I am german and I have to say, that the lyrics are not quite right, but it
is alright. I did not find a german video, isn't that strange? Great Job.

Author Ernst Becker (9 months)
Sung so long ago in grammar school.

Author 江建毅 (10 months)

Author Christopher Sugi (10 months)
Ich liebe dieses Weihnachtslied auf Deutsch

I love this Christmas song in German

Kocham tę świąteczną piosenkę w języku niemieckim

Author shelinoz9 (10 months)
I love it. My nephew always loved to sing this German version no matter the
season. This is a beautifully done version. Thanks!

Author GermanEagle1000 (10 months)
Its so cool how Germany and a few other country's will push for Christmas
to not have fighting going own that day I love the military for that
reason. Danka Deutschland. :)

Author Sue Leonard (10 months)
best memories of my father on Christmas, rest in peace dad, we miss and
love you. Love John and family.

Author iSmelt YTB (10 months)
Ich bin!

Author Robert Catesby (10 months)
Dear Katrina, thank you so very much for posting this lovely version of the
GERMAN Christmas carol. This was written, folks, by Franz Gruber and Josef
Mohr in Austria ,1818. Kindly forgive the few foolish, unpleasant
comments. Frohe Weihnachten, meine Liebe! Sincerely, Thomas Byrnes

Author Frank Neumeister (10 months)
Have been singing the original STILLE NACHT for 80years. I grew up in
Einfach wunderbar!!!

Author david hasselhoff (10 months)
als moslem wünsche ich allen christen und allen menschen auf der welt
sinnliche, fröhliche und schöne weihnachten

Author Albi Bi NO (10 months)
penciptanya adalah seorang petani yang lagi kedinginan oleh
salju....terciptalah lagu ini...yang sangat mendunia..smpai akhir ZAMAN....

Author Królowa Julia (10 months)
uwielbiam tą kolędę, w ogóle lubię wszystkie kolędy

Author Ga Willie (10 months)

Author Momo Erchinger (10 months)
The Nazi comments are annoying -.- most of the Germans are not even
conservative enough for something like the Republic party in the US!
When Obama got president, all the Germans celebrated him.

Author o0aurel0o67 (10 months)
beautiful voice ^_^

Author James West (10 months)
I'm here cos of homework. I'm singing it in church. 

Author Eva Adamcova (10 months)

Author kuba nic (10 months)
zacna ta kolenda

Author Jerry Galnares (10 months)

Author Riley Gifford (10 months)
The person who did this can't spell very well

Author krzysztof lupina (10 months)
zacna ta kolęda ,,cicha noc"

Author oanadinshambala (10 months)
este cântecul meu preferat de Crăciun.(rumänisch)
Es ist mein Weihnachtlieblingslied. Wunderbar!

Author katesnake (10 months)
Frohe Weihnachten nach deutschland aus England von einem Engländer!

Author Maria Jones (10 months)
Father was in the Air Force and it was during the mid 60's that we were
shipped to Germany. So, as good students, we had German teachers that
taught us the language and songs. It just happened that my mother enjoyed
this one and would request me to sing it in the car every year during the
holidays. I suppose she liked the way each of us kids (3) sang certain
songs. Fond memories!

Author outdoorsmanchris212 (10 months)
my great grandfather was from germany,unfortunately i never got to meet him
to learn it from him. the person singing has a beautiful voice 

Author Nagy Sandor (10 months)
wonderful, thank you!

Author Dennis Toth (10 months)
We are singing this in church on Christmas Sunday. Glad its online for me
to practice with so in private.

Author Marzena Mandalka (10 months)

Author Megan Gorham (10 months)
This is perfect! I'm in a German 3/4 class and I really think singing this
in the holiday season for my teacher would make her very happy! She loves
it when students do things for her and I think this is the perfect gift
since it is originally a German song. Thank you to whoever made and posted

Author ballmann3.Wold of tanks player (1 year)
heil is german for holy and hail idiot

Author Emmi Pisciottano (1 year)
Es una canción tan dulce y sencilla.. debe unirnos a los cristianos y a los
mantes de la m´sica, además de la Paz y el amor.

Author Islamisbad1 (1 year)
BTW I have nothing against the Germans and love this song, just wanted to

Author Rabble Rouser (1 year)
You: Hang yourself. Nobody care about you anyway. Everyone else: Obvious
troll is obvious.

Author CookieMonsterMC11 (1 year)
NICE!!! Frohe Weihnachten!!!! :)

Author firstgovs (1 year)
fuck your an ignorant piece of shit if you knew anything about history you
would know Germany did not start ww1 and ww2 was caused by alot of
different factors.

Author Günter Gewehr (1 year)
scary and nasty

Author roseanne74 (1 year)
Plus ... the three verses that are sung in English are in this order in the
German version - verse 1 English is verse 1 German, verse 2 English is
verse 6 German and verse 3 English is verse 2 German.

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