How to put music on your phone with micro sd card and Android Phones

This is an update for a old video that i had made a year and a half ago this should clear up some confuzion. comment, rate, sub.

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Author lambo4882 (8 months)
thx man :)

Author drizzy (2 years)
dont work thhis is bs

Author lightning0212 (2 years)
@giggitykid13 yes put your music files in audio

Author Aaqib Ahmed (2 years)

Author Jessica Vanorman (1 year)
where do you get your music from?

Author Caralos Dickerson (1 year)
Its fluently not fluidly

Author Jerome Lee (8 months)

Author Keenan Ryan (2 years)
when i put my micros SD card in my computer the computer doesn't register
it... HELP!

Author lightning0212 (1 year)
I download it from rhapsody.

Author Dean Smith-Breen (2 years)
Does this also work with iTunes

Author lightning0212 (1 year)
Then u my friend is screwed

Author Dean Smith-Breen (2 years)
Thanks lightning 0212

Author ERMAC123 (2 years)
I did it with my android but the same way as a mp3

Author lightning0212 (2 years)
@vUndeadly no you dont need data services all you need to do is put the sd
card into your phone and format your sd card ( WILL DELETE EVERYTHING ON
THE SD CARD ) you might be able to find under settings

Author drizzy (2 years)
@lightning0212 fuck dont get the first part

Author MrWizKidKhalifa (1 year)
what if you dont have an adapter

Author leenelson7 (1 year)
I cant even listen to you because you are an idiot and cannot fluidly speak
english. I'm more annoyed trying to pay attention to you than i am with the
problem i'm having with my phone. stu stu studder much? jeez!

Author vUndeadly (2 years)
for some reason mine doesnt have a music I need data services?

Author TRUMPHEFNER (1 year)
Is it the same for mac?

Author Dean Smith-Breen (2 years)
can you also put the micro SD card into a printer that's connected to the

Author wingsonmyback1 (1 year)
when I put my Micro card in PC it doesnt have anything come up, like the pc
doesnt see it, where do I go on the pc to show its in the PC?

Author lightning0212 (2 years)
@Randomrichmond Dont think so i think that if you did that you would be
able to only print stuff like pics.

Author lightning0212 (1 year)
your Mirco Card adapter could be "locked" There should be a little tab on
the side tht slides up and down move it the other way and try that

Author wingsonmyback1 (1 year)
it was unlocked, my computer didnt show there was one in it. didnt
recognize it

Author jay dani (10 months)
how do you transfer music from your sd card to your phone memory?

Author gamernerd212 (1 year)
This works and is great the other comments are are good . He speaks fluid
english and it works for all android phones. I used metro pcs a d worked
and on brothers sprint so haters just stop. Haters going to hate.

Author PingGSY (11 months)
Thanks :)

Author lightning0212 (2 years)
@runescapian54 Rewatch you could have missed a step.

Author david smith (8 months)
Why the hell do you ... pause ... lmao

Author amadou diakite (1 year)
um why is it that i put the small micro sd card in my metro pcs phone and
it showed the card but when i looked there was no music

Author Trinity (1 year)
2:28 , on my pc, it doens't pop up when i insert the Micro SD

Author Wiggified (1 year)
When you drag and drop music through mounting the phone as a disk drive, do
the files go directly to the sd card?

Author lightning0212 (2 years)
@Randomrichmond Yes it does it has the same concept. You have your micro sd
card or your phone open will itunes is you can highlight all of the songs u
want and drag them in to ur device they should copy if not let me no and
ill post a video explaining all of the music programs.

Author TheSolael Amber (7 months)
Download it

Author The Laughing Gamer (10 months)
what happens if you don'e have a music folder? \

Author giggitykid13 (2 years)
I don't have a music file i have Audio, Games & Applications, LGSYS, Other
Files, Pictures, and Videos. Do I just put the music into audio?

Author lightning0212 (1 year)
yes if you drop them in a folder that is on the sd card

Author Eva Dee (1 year)
how come my dont work. i put the small card in the adapter than put it in
the computer, something pop up but not the music thing u talk about and it
was lock like how u show, lock it up not down yea i did that, but not
workin still

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