Grandmaster Flash & Jam Master Jay battle

Hip Hop Week on MTV

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Author BrownBearCity (2 months)
3.24 guy in the red tie turns super white

Author Amelia Pedraza (2 months)
Grandmaster Flash & Jam Master Jay battle:

Author Soonjata (1 month)
This is a staged battle....

Author Albert das Geist (5 months)
Why is there not any DJ like this in a Disco? I've seen many DJ's playing,
but not like this.. like this never 

Author JUSTREADMYBOOK1 (8 days)
ANANDA ? Whatever happened to her ?

Author JUSTREADMYBOOK1 (8 days)
This just took me back to " The Boogie Down " , '79 !

Author WelcoMEarthling (6 months)
song at 1:22 

Author Marvin Zuniga (1 month)
Grew up listening to the bad ass music of these 2 Pioneers, your music
brings back so many good times in my life RIP to Mr. Jam Master Jay.

Author Mob Petruša (7 months)
3:43 look at a guy in white dress upper in right corner loool !

Author muharem marem (2 months)
Grandmaster is the best.JMJ is suck up

Author Shakil Mirza (2 months)

Author Kevin Pean (2 months)

Author Regis0775 (3 months)
what year is this?

Author Shuckle (6 months)

Author Travis Lott (3 months)
lol. damn, jay ate his arse up.

Author kirk mcrae (8 months)
Who remember this

Author wrekadizzle (5 months)
Both legends in there own right, but I gotta go for JMJ solely on his
influence on hip hop especially in England my country, run dmc the first
hip hop group to show England what hip hop is, rip jay

Author Bakezonline (6 months)
God thank you for hip hop music.. the coolest music.. ever!!

Author Welly Wonka (7 months)
What's the song @1:34?

Author MARK CAMPBELL (8 months)
Who remember this

Author Jesus Beltran (4 months)
This is only a dj demostration nornally djs only created good mixes no one
on the other side giving you the next record to scratch or mix... you are
by yourself on the boot.

Author paul session (9 months)
one love from pittsburgh

Author Fulvio Sica (10 months)
jam master jayyyyy win

Author Nicholas Delgado (1 year)
A battle of the DJ'S

Author nycitystreets (10 months)
C'm on Son!!!! 

Author SmokeringVideos (10 months)
That wasn't a battle, that was a demonstration. If it was a battle, Jay won

Author hugh corrigan (10 months)
Two Hip Hop Legends! One love from Cleveland

Author Robson Camargo (10 months)
Grandmaster Flash, the number one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author DJLORDYASIN42 (10 months)

Author Byron Franklin (10 months)

Author Kelvin Roberts (11 months)
Grandmaster Flash & Jam Master Jay battlle

Author JUSTREADMYBOOK1 (10 months)

Author illuminatioracle (1 year)
lol. they put the pencil necked white geek in the cold to scratch like he's
dipping his fingers in steaming dog shit in front of 10 people 

Author Jimmy Kim (1 year)
white boy at @3:44
you know exactly what im talking about...

Author Rick Gee (1 year)
#grandmaster jay is the winner.

Author djpriority (1 year)

Author Rick Gee (1 year)
#grandmasterjay looks different with his new glasses.

Para os novos a palavra...O MESTRE!

Author beezuptown (9 months)
What a treat ...don't know how I missed this.

Author foxxmandingo (2 years)
an interesting question, i swear there are more whites than blacks :D

Author Max Mueller (2 years)
white guys in the front row "who the fuck are these people ?"

Author MrThugStylz (1 year)
2:10 what is that sample from? both are so skilled

Author Mekii Kauapirura (1 year)
R.I.P. Jam Master Jay, eleven years later. You still live in our hearts.

Author dreddimamma (2 years)
lame audio considering

Author GCrAcKa808 (2 years)
ha was gonna comment the same thing...

Author Mauricio Matos (2 years)
what's with all the crackers in the audience LOL

Author Francisco Parra (2 years)
you fuckin right..

Author Brent A. Wells (2 years)
JMJ won that..sorry

Author thetrismegistusone (1 year)
But Flash can show boat and depending on your age matters if it's good
enough. Flash is a innovator and these young DJ's follow him he do not need
to follow behind them...He's Grand Master Flash. What Jay did Flash have
performed like that, you may find some on youtube.

Author mecksi (1 year)
Hi thank you for the reply, but the Bongo Band is the second. I was
refering to the vocal one that GMF scratches at the very beginning and
later on let it play and has this old school funk vibe ;-)

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