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this is some american/swedish/australian trainz whistles on trainz 2009. you can download most of them from DLS. if you don´t find them there , they are from "steammachine". THIS IS MY FIRST VIDEO!!!!!

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Author cikgu tuisyen (2 months)
I Already Find The DLS Named Thomas The Tank Engine And Its Not Working Im
Serious How It Works And Play I Suprised Thomas The Tank Engine Was Here
But ITS NOT Working

Author bramley benton (5 days)
how did you get the 844?

Author Amtrak121 (2 months)
How do you change whistles?

Author MrSnowFoxy (3 months)
Question. I noticed some whistles had a sortof quil, is that part of the
horn or is there a way to do it within say, Trainz 2010?

Author Jessica Williams (2 months)
You have the best trains ever CN 3254 was my favorite train out of all the
trains in the worldwide and thanks for the first time in the morning and
evening of the most part of the most part it was a great time at the time
of year. Make More videos more often. 

Author EverybodylikesMike TylerTOO (2 months)
where did you get the TGR K1 Garratt 09

Author Jackmo Homom (4 months)

Author Владимир Богодевич (7 months)
what's the locomotive at 3:03

Author Carter Resset (4 months)
why did some have chugging with them????

Author EverybodylikesMike TylerTOO (4 months)

Author Carter Resset (4 months)
Why did some of the whistles have chugging with them?!?!?!?!?

Author Zainul Arif Mohd Hasan (2 months)
I Must Download All The HUGE Loco And Routes Its Not A BOMB

Author andreas braias (10 months)

Author Zainul Arif Mohd Hasan (2 months)
They Were No Bombs The Black One Is The PRR S1 Steam

Author Austin Smith (7 months)
whered you get the Daylight express?

Author Shazrinah Azman (3 months)
Some UP Big Boy Sounds Like Diffrent

Author Zainul Arif Mohd Hasan (2 months)
I Tuoght The train Named Southern Like Hiro

Author Zainul Arif Mohd Hasan (3 months)
That Steam Whislets Is The BEST EVER But I Have Many Steam Engines In My
Trainz 2009 Game I Have Big Boy Train That Was Too Big Train Steam

Author Shazrinah Azman (3 months)
UP Big Boy Loco I Have It

Author Myles Davis (8 months)
Thomas in trainz is better

Author mayor77west (8 months)
Can you tell me what type of train/train whistle is at 1:30?

Author Zainul Arif Mohd Hasan (2 months)
Von Millard shut up you may like this whisltes

Author Trainzsp4449 (8 months)
were and whats the name of this whistle: 4:00 to 4:05

Author Roger Kai Hong Lam (9 months)
1:32 Skarloey's whistle

Author Shazrinah Azman (3 months)
But It Isnt Work

Author Von Millard Manalastas (9 months)
What train is that after ATSF 2925?

Author Shazrinah Azman (3 months)
I Know i have thomas the tank engine 2010 in my trainz 2009 game ITS My

Author andreas braias (10 months)
0:47 i gut ehe Rain online Trainer 2009 noch Modus

Author fastboys101 (8 months)
NUMBER 90!!!!

Author legotrainzman (2 years)
Most of this trainz are downloads.

Author Pendennis Castle (2 years)
and my fav looking train and best whistle is 4:25!

Author CentralOhioTrains (1 year)
where do i find trainz 2012 NOT RAILWORKS 2012

Author Fredrikgaard (1 year)
Garret K1 or K2 from Tazmania. K1 are now in Wales at Welsh highland

Author SuperNFSFan99 (2 years)
i liked the moving train at 3:39 lol

Author engineerkenny (1 year)
thats what i tried it showed no downloads found even through that i checked
trainz utc and trainz 2009 and all of the older simulators

Author via6444 (1 year)
dont buy it. It is a huge disappointment. They took out many routes, loads
of content, and they just dropped a bomb on this one.

Author engineerkenny (2 years)
3:23 ive been looking for that loco!

Author nicksiegers28 (1 year)
4 th one polar express

Author legotrainzman (2 years)
What locomotibe do you want?

Author Sean Ellis (2 years)
that is so rong! deep whistle on 90? i like the reading 6 chime beter

Author 4472100 (2 years)
what is the whistle called at 0:35 please

Author Pendennis Castle (2 years)
Which are the ones that aren't downloads?

Author NSFAN04 (1 year)

Author Andy Charpentier (2 years)
i tried getting the frisco and many other steam engines but they all have
missing dependencies :(

Author AbushGamers (2 years)
what dls?

Author premvitthal (1 year)

Author AbushGamers (1 year)
Hey it's me again

Author legotrainzman (1 year)
What do you mean?

Author NSFAN04 (1 year)
Not at 3:41 though.

Author Pendennis Castle (2 years)
which one you only have?

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