Mademoiselle de Paris - Valse Musette

bekannter französischer Walzer -
A very famous france valse musette
A short story about this song:
Long time ago my music-teacher gave me this notes to play it.
I made some mistakes everytime, so he said, if i play it with some more
mistakes, he would take this notes away forever.
I made more mistakes and so he took this notes away,
and he didn´t exercise it any longer with me.
I was a bit sad about this, because i really liked this song.
And now this song is one of my best with the most views ;-)
It´s so funny......

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Added: 6 years
Runtime: 1:32
Comments: 104

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Author jean-luc théret (2 months)
magnifique interprétation ,
bonne continuation musicale,
Amitié de France,jean-luc

Author Alain Proviste (9 months)
Wow this is a nice played song...
I am excited about your story about this teacher...every musician makes
faulths...this is the nature...:=))
This was a bad teacher...i have experience about teachers...cause i
was one...:=))
But in Physical education!
I am also excited about the number of views...
But this video is made in the beginning time of YT...i know the start from
But i deleated my old channel... we received too much YT emails...a hundred
in a day:=))

Author simoom K (4 months)
beautiful melody. lovely! 

Author Rose-Marie Häberli (8 months)
Wunderschöne Interpretation! Bin begeistert vor Deiner grossartigen
Leistung. Es lohnt hat sich gelohnt dahinter zu bleiben Mattis. Hut ab und
Daumen nach oben.
LG. Rose-Marie

Author Eddie Sanders (6 years)
Nice Job on the song, wow you play well, tell me more about your Hohner, I
have a bravo 111 72 bass how far below is mine from yours?

Author lichiarenz (6 years)
Very nice! 5 stars! Fabrizio

Author mattis09 (6 years)
ah, that´s good! Will you post it in youtube too?

Author Odette Rodriguez (6 years)
This waltz is played by Mattis with a lot of softness and emotion! I like
it very very much! Bravo and Thank you !

Author harmonista (5 years)
I like all musette. Good work! Thanks for sharing.

Author jpstenino (2 years)
Wonderful performance

Author mattis09 (5 years)
thank you chris!

Author Виталий Перепелкин (1 year)
классно!!!! Super

Author Whitney Garrison (2 years)
So beautiful! <3 Greetings from Alabama. :D

Author chismosa garcia guzman (3 years)
j' adore cette chanson, me encanta esta cancion, i like this song

Author mikirus (6 years)
I really like the sound of your accordion. And a very good playing too.

Author mattis09 (6 years)
thank u Lillo ;-)

Author André Constantino (4 years)
Trés belle valse ,bien interprétée Félicitations 5***** Salutations de
France André

Author RandyFrancenj926 (3 years)

Author mattis09 (6 years)
Thank you Diego! I´am glad you like it ;-) mattis

Author John Power (2 years)
I am not that good yet just tootling around so far with little bits of
stuff. But when I am good at it I will make a video. The first shock I had
was the weight and carrying the thing Home on my back on a Bicycle. But I
am used to it now and plonking away happily, Thanks.

Author gostodejasmim (3 years)
Lindíssimo!!! You decide to play this song and you did it very well !!
Thank you for sharing your story and talent. Kisses from Brasil

Author Istvan AccordionCReasy (4 years)
Schöne Akkordeon-stimme und gutes Spiel, Du kannst mein Version an meinen
Kanal finden. ***** Istvan

Author cdurartist (5 years)
klingt richtig schön, musette gefällt mir auch so gut und würde ich auch
gerne spielen können, ohne Knoten in die Finger zu bekommen;-) 5* Gruß

Author mattis09 (6 years)
thank u very much for comment

Author mattis09 (6 years)
thank you for your nice comment! ;-)

Author John Power (2 years)
Very nice playing you play excellently,I used to hear these Valse Musettes
way back in the pre 1960ties but then they petered out a lot and so now I
am rediscovering them again. I am trying to learn the Accordion and have a
72 Bass Piano accordion for a few weeks and having great fun.

Author anexsteen (6 years)
Very nice! You play a song that I know very well and it is really great to
see how you make it sound so much richer by hitting more than one key at
the same time, or play little, quick notes in between. I am learning from

Author hideshi kibi (6 years)
for accordion, it is more more better ,i think. before it, you tryed too
much difficult to play only you ,i think. we accordionists must think the
possibility of playig only one person,i think. from watching this video ,i
feeled that you are understanding it . i want to watch you play that you
like. it is very goog. because you played just akkordeon solo. thank you.

Author Silvia Plegniere (6 years)
Hallo, Super gespielt. Mein Favorit von all deinen Videos. LG Silvia

Author mattis09 (6 years)
danke picador!

Author mattis09 (5 years)
danke Jana. Schön, daß es dir gefällt.

Author nineto10 (2 years)
Sehr gut... :)

Author ColonelAurelio (3 years)
Thanks, well done!!! Cheers from Armenia

Author mattis09 (2 years)
thank you for good comment. and hey, with 72-Bass accordion i started to
play^^ When u post your first video here?

Author mattis09 (3 years)
@gostodejasmim thank you for this nice coment! Much greetings to brasil

Author mattis09 (3 years)
@LongTrigger Ja danke auch für das Einbinden in Euren Song! Hat mich echt
gefreut. Grüße von Mattis

Author mattis09 (2 years)
@KeyBTyros thank you very much! it was one of my first posted songs here ^^

Author Cathie Travers (6 years)
hi Mattis, I think this is the nicest of your videos I've listened to so
far...a very sweet tune, you do some nice chord voicings and lovely
expressive rallentando going into the major section. As we would say in
Oz...bonza playing mate! CT

Author mattis09 (6 years)
thank u Fabrizio ;-)

Author TheDiakArthur (4 years)
eh ben =) !!!

Author KeyBTyros (2 years)
Hi M8 Very verry Beautiful Regards Rico

Author Jana Rot (5 years)

Author deaforganist001 (6 years)
You make this wonderfully liquid song flow beautifully. Thanks!

Author kyrah23 (5 years)
zeh gut gespield 5* Kyrah :-)

Author Phil Braido (1 year)
Very Pretty Mattis I enjoyed this

Author viobibi (5 years)
Bravo, très bien joué !

Author starahenia (3 years)
PIĘKNE WYKONANIE ! Dziękuję. Pozdrawiam serdecznie.

Author Filipe Lopes (2 years)
Beautiful!! Hugs from Brasil!

Author albertaviking (6 years)
This is EXCELLENT Mattis....5 stars from me several times over...ERIK

Author mattis09 (6 years)
thank you! ;-)

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