Prayer to get RID of Ghosts, Demons, Evil Spirits

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Author Lorene De Amor (22 days)
Thank you brother :) I have been oppressed by a demon and it is disrupting
my peace and rest especially at night! My roommate was taken away cause he
tried to kill himself! I have an urgent need to flee from here! Should I
leave my belongings and start over? I need guidance and direction! Thank
you for this and know I felt something shift immediately :) I am tired and
will rest now! Thank you

Author Jonathan H (1 month)
Thank you for making this. I saw a human-shaped figure in all black right
when I opened my eyes this morning, I think this helped a lot, Thanks
again, my God bless you

Author Friendshipismagic (19 days)
I once saw a demon - cloven hooves, long spindly neck, horns on its ugly
head & distended mouth out of which came a long black prehensile tongue. It
was covered with tufts of brown & yellow hair. Fortunately it was not in my
house but behind a fence at London Zoo.
My unbelieving son, corrupted by "evilutionism," assured me that it is
called a "gir-affe".
But I knew, oh yes I knew - for the Lord had placed the knowledge in my
heart, so every time I leave my house I shout "Fuck off away you
reticulated bastards. In the Name of Sweet Baby Jesus!" And I have never
been bothered by them since.

You cannot argue with the facts.

(Sadly I have had to stone my son for disobedience. Hallelujah! 

Author Lunarsnow (1 month)
Thank you so much for this. I felt a feeling yet pleasant while watching
this. A week ago I had a very terrifying dream where a humanoid shape of
all black was standing beside my bed, and it was extremely terrifying. I
could barely move, but I was trying to turn on the light on my bedside
table. I was finally able to turn it on, and when I did the presence was
gone. But ever since then I've been having extremely negative thoughts that
are totally not normal for me. I thought about this dream yesterday and
thought I should come here. Thank you in advanced, and may God bless you. 

Author xXJacobRushXx (1 month)
I played this 3 times in every room of my house and and my house has no
more demons in it t all thank you

Author Zachary Zikeli (3 months)
im atheist but i believe in evil demons they have been haunting me for
years and now there gone 

Author Fidel Morales (1 day)
I feel at peace every time. I hear or prayers. Thank you. Amen.

Author YazieThe CrazieOne (9 days)
I love U Pastor 77

Author Melissa M (14 days)
Thank you and God bless you for posting this it was so helpful and
enlightening. I have been provided a gift of being able to call them out
of people, however, due to domestication I have forgotten how to get them
away from me. Especially, since they are so angry at me for leading the
ones I touch back to Jesus Christ. Thank you for guiding me with this post
on how to rid them, so that I may continue my journey to awaken the
sleeping Indigo adults so that we can unite and battle satan and his
minions as one God Force! You have helped so much in returning this world
back to light and balance, keep up the good work! Thank you to all others
who do as well. This world can be healed with love we all just need to
return to our original childlike state and truly awaken. Love, light & God

Author David Zick (16 days)
May I ask some thing for MrPastor77? "May i get the Prayer written out for
me on the prayers you do on the topics like casing out Demons and such?" It
is hard to write them down exactly the way you say it by the way.

Author Phil Tess (6 months)
Take the commercials off of your video. A lot of the commercials on on
this site promote sin and you're not making any money off of them anyway.

Author Fidel Morales (4 days)
I feel like that at night. When I'm up watching t.v. I see dark Shadow's
passing buy in the room. And the baby toy. Will go on all buy itself. And u
have to press it too.go on.

Author Mintleafs890 (4 months)
Someone help me i try reach to god and help a little I have a thing where
if I allow it to reach my eye become red and a huge desire for murder/
killing come when I stop it it goes away but at random times it comes back
with a creepy smile please serious reply

Author Adeliada Romero (7 months)
You have no authority, Inagu will ahve you pay for this.

Author Joe Pugliano (2 months)

Author tyrai stewart (2 months)
I watched an invocation video. Then I watching he'd this Because I was
scared. I'm even more frightened please help me

Author xoxosmilexoxo (3 months)
You saved my life tonight with that prayer I needed it

Author christopher mogollon (4 months)
Thank you lord I love you

Author Mike Klein (3 months)
This guy is nuts 

Author Miranda Smith (4 months)
Thank you Lord...

Author koga924 (7 months)
I heard a very satanic music and chants, got a very unsettling feeling. So
I came here

Author Aida Alaniz (4 months)
Pastor, Can somebody have placed something in or underneath the house? My
dogs bark in the middle of the night for no reason. I feel something
attacks me & I feel paralyzed & my hearts wants to stop around 3:00 a.m..

Author scarletohara2008 (4 months)
Is there is written down any where?

Author Constantine Feijen (1 month)
I like a prayer against smoking.

Author miller ryan (5 months)
thank you brother 

Author CaptainJoshGaming (8 months)
can the demon hurt and stop you in the middle of the prayer?

Author nedis pocius (5 months)
the fact is that the demons never ever until your death will leave you
alone, even if you got the holy spirit and the spirit of christ, they will
allways will persecute you

Author Constantine Feijen (1 month)
Thank you.

Author Bleh Mer (9 months)
father God I ask that this prayer be made tangible on earth in the here and
now worldwide. In Jesus name, pour out the blood of Jesus and send the holy
spirit to destroy all that is evil upon this earth.Amen and amen

Author Godisonmyside Richardson (6 months)

Author howard Kim (10 months)
the devil is huring my ribs again

Author Brandie Webb (8 months)

Author cashflow278 (8 months)

Author janeth olvera (8 months)

Author P Sears (8 months)

Author nate Anderson (9 months)

Author Jacqueline Is Awesome (11 months)
Thank you! :')

Author Ketia Delice (11 months)

Author howard Kim (10 months)
he took out all demons from me and our family!

Author TheAlize69 (8 months)
Amen,amen Lord knows I need this prayer

Author Ashley Witherbee (10 months)

Author Hunter Vaughn (10 months)
Thankyou jesus thankyou lord and thankyou mr pastor and i immediately feel
as if the demons tricks and tormentation has stoped

Author Hunter Vaughn (10 months)

Author FeliciaTube42 (11 months)
Amen amen. Thank you.

Author Hunter Vaughn (10 months)
Thankyou so much i immediately feel the blessing and feel as if the demons
torment has stoped thankyou jesus thankyou lord and thankyou mr pastor 

Author WhoDatNatn (7 months)

Author Kelvin Crenshaw (1 year)
Any Prayer that is done in his name is a positive thing. The truth of the
matter is that demons cannot possibly like this video, as THEY are demonic.
I played this prayer in every room of my house and felt the Blessing

Author Oni EL'AMIN (1 year)
I live with Satan everyday of my life...... He wants me bad!!!

Author MadeManBeatz (9 months)

Author CelticVictory (10 months)
I didn't expect this video to be serious.

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