How to fix apps that crash

Hey guys I'm doing this video because some of u guys r having trouble with apps crashing while playing the app so I'll show u how to fix that by going into cydia and adding this source - next go to search and type in swapmode and install it. Go into the app and turn game mode on and it will restoring your device and your good to go. Please rate,commit,and subscribe!!!

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Author Sigi Hack (3 months)
I cant find swap

Author Orbitz HD (4 months)
Haha the kid doesn't let the packages refresh or load XD !!!!!

Author moeung sereivath (7 months)
It still not work

Author bakr7861 (2 years)
app not on my homescreen

Author OMG BACKSTABBER (2 years)
Can't find it

Author Apple Tech (2 years)
@Eric Tujillo thanks, I really am thankful for ur guys comments and if u
can please subscribe to me thanks:)

Author epicmoronguy (1 year)
did not work

Author vidios2000 (2 years)
its still not working

Author tiyazjah1 (2 years)

Author Ezekiel Samar (2 years)
Oh wait haha sorry

Author melodramaticmango (2 years)
thanks, I've been having some problems with this with my ipod touch which
is, funnily enough, also a 2nd generation (: omigosh, you are really
adorable as well~^^ <3

Author Apple Tech (10 months)

Author Agim Ibraimi (2 years)
Thank you I can finally play again

Author Buzzy Buzz (11 months)
will it work for PVZ 2 |:/

Author Apple Tech (1 year)
sorry :/ do you have winterboard intalled?

Author LaffMeTew (1 year)
Dont download this app. it ruined my ipod.

Author tiyazjah1 (2 years)
awwww man it just crashed

Author Arry Erpapalemlah (2 years)
it worked :)

Author Apple Tech (2 years)
@Helloagain151 Thank u so much that means a lot to me!!! I just need more
Subscribers and If u could subscribe to me ill really appretiaciate it :)

Author MrArthurpride (2 years)
use xcon from cydia it helped mine work

Author 1998beastmode (2 years)

Author Adxctylous (2 years)
Didnt work for me But nice tut none the less.

Author KicpeR98 (1 year)

Author Luzma Sánchez (1 year)
They still crash :(

Author jose lopez (2 years)
Dude I just tried it and it don't work at all!!!!!!!!!:(

Author Apple Tech (1 year)
I will try asap to find a fix to this. For some people it works and others
it doesn't. It may depend on ur firmware. Sorry if this isn't working for u

Author SuperRubyMan (1 year)
Awesome Camera ;-)

Author Hanifzz100 (1 year)
Doesn't work

Author allie owens (1 year)
I have tried everything and it doesnt work i cant open any of my cydia apps
or any apps that i can use cydia on!!!!!>:(

Author iTutorialsJJ (2 years)
@017cutie Thanks a lot man!!!!!!!!

Author iansbros71 (1 year)
Lol i thought u are using android

Author erik ruiz (1 year)
@KicpeR98 you can jailbreak it look up evasion jailbreak

Author erik ruiz (1 year)
@KicpeR98 you can jailbreak it look up evasion jailbreak

Author KicpeR98 (1 year)
i have JAILBROKEN 6.1.2 NOW !! OMG !

Author Christainkawamoorock (1 year)
It does NOT work

Author XXiDontWannaGrowUpXX (1 year)
you should probably incude the jailbroken ipods only in the title >_<

Author sumiran shrestha (1 year)
doesn;t work

Author sporeboy100 (2 years)
i tried to play infinity blade, without this mod, it crashes on start up,
with it, it actually loads but character menu crashes it, arkham city lock
down, crashes eitherway on the two face boss

Author edsonjeffrey (2 years)
Help me my apps still crash

Author CH3C0_SanTana.13 (1 year)
Wtf it don't work nigga

Author bxfeng bao (2 years)
i cant download swanp mod please help

Author TheRoflolmfaomg (2 years)
didnt work with my tilt to live application fake

Author katykiller1 (1 year)
I dont get it why have i paid £700 for a CRAP phone which the battery is
pathetic and the apps are f*ked!

Author harjot08844 (2 years)
Right now I am doing a test to see if me game works. I have a different
game then everyone else its a good game. Anyway the point is if it works
Thank you.

Author shaman brown (10 months)
Fifa14 crashing before match start how to fix

Author The Burning Crusade (1 year)
Thought you were using android

Author Mike John (1 year)
for the first time i say thank you👍

Author harjot08844 (2 years)
Its not on the appstore you need an jailbroken Ipod. Go to my channel you
will find a video on how to do that.

Author ScaryMcBro (1 year)
all my apps are crashing all the time pls help me i cant even go to google
play store

Author iJoshuaHD (2 years)
It worked 75% but it still crashes. Thanks anyways :) Subscribed!

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