Beginning Texas Two Step

Beginning Texas Two Step aka country Two Step

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Author Eagle3396 (9 days)
Certainly a video before the internet age came along. lol 

Author Laura Stockemer (2 months)
This is your texas/country two step. Finally am accurate video two steps
one side and one step on the other. Very good. Thank you!

Author Heidi Buchhorn (2 months)
Best instructor ever!

Author Rohan S (4 months)

Author Christine Seidowsky (4 months)
Does anyone know who this instructor is? I like his method of teaching.

Author Joe Darlington (4 months)
Now, THIS I understand! This instructor is good. Most instructors simply
repeat this stupid mantra: "Slow, slow, quick, quick, slow" mantra that
doesn't describe anything. It sounds like a blind old woman giving you
useless driving directions from the passenger seat by saying: "Turn, turn,
turn fast!, turn". 

Author Coach BJ (4 months)
I hate the quick quick slow slow crap... I'm trying to learn a version of
texas two step the requires two steps with a side step of some sort. My gf
learned it out in NC.. I'm in CA and quick quick slow slow is the only way
its taught here...

Author waterandflight (1 month)
Very well done! Finally, an accurate Texas 2 Step dance lesson.

Author Lovemyspringer 97 (1 month)
Love the clear direction. Are there other videos by this instructor?

Author Bob Dobbs (8 months)
much easier than those 12-step programs

Author Edward Przystas (8 months)
This isn't a tape

Author KingRatt (8 months)
I couldn't stop looking at Trese's legs. Spellcheck on that.

Author vickie nokes (10 months)
Who is the instructor?

Author Quinn McCully (1 year)
Know this stuff before going to the Broken Spoke!

Author 2424gig (1 year)
quick quick slow slow . Distance a slow step is gaining is 1 .distance on
the first quick must be 1/2 each second quick is zero new distance gained.

Author patricia salituro-corrigan (1 year)
loved it simple clear explanation

Author 2424gig (1 year)
change of direction,it is not changing of movement-direction ! it is change
of facing-direction !

Author askmenoquestions1 (1 year)
Best instructors I have seen on video. Thanks for sharing

Author abbyhale94 (1 year)
The reason why everyone keeps saying "this isnt two-steppin" is solely
because it's named the TEXAS two step. Yes, here in Houston, Tx, we Texas
Two Step. This is the most common based two steppin we do in country clubs
around. Plus a lot more added to it now.

Author paul williamson (1 year)
hey dude this is not the texas 2 step, you almost got it, on qq the feet do
not come together, they pass each other and the dance progresses down the
floor at a fast pace, and on the turn she needs to be prepped on the 2nd

Author MissSixtiesPennyLane (1 year)
For instance at a bar my uncle and aunt go to they do a texas two step that
includes putting the lady behind and at the side, and he has been doing the
two step for almost 50 years!

Author LOVERcreation (1 year)
I'm from Texas and it looks just like the Texas Two Step to me. The
comments that are saying it's not the two step are simply thinking that the
basic steps are solely the Texas two step. You can do it that way but
everything on this video is right too, there's even some more moves that he
didn't show.

Author kamskylar22 (1 year)
I'm sorry but this isn't Texas 2 stepping I come from a long line of
country folk and I've never seen anyone do it like this and we do it step
to the right first non of this on your side stuff

Author Ruidoso New Mexico (1 year)
For those who are confused: This is standard country two step as it has
always been danced. The Texas Two Step? Who knows, many will give you
different answers. The point is this is real Two Step as taught in any
dance studio or danced on any country dance floor and has nothing to do
with Texas. I know because I teach it.

Author 2424gig (1 year)
great video

Author Clarrie Cook (1 year)
Im a Linedance now a Two step

Author killerklowns84 (1 year)
Good video. My hubby and i will practice.

Author 2424gig (1 year)
also here is travolta with Deborah
mtripple polka,in contrast of texas 2 step

Author MissSixtiesPennyLane (1 year)
If you have rwally been doing it years then you'd know there are different
versions of the two step! Facing eachother is more for dance shows and
competitions, this is a nightclub/bar relaxed version, I know this cos I
have family who were born and grew up in Arizona.

Author CharlieMacklin1 (1 year)
This looks about right.

Author Lillie Hawes (1 year)
I am sorry but this is not a Texas Two Step. I have been doing the Texas
Two Step for years. Your step are right, but it is not a side to side
dance. When dancing the two step the girl and guy should be facing each
other and it is a very smooth and graceful dance when done right.

Author Leonardo Camargo (1 year)
4:08 this is awesome. best dance instructors ever.

Author paul williamson (1 year)
you don't step together pass your feet you step together your gonna get run

Author Chad Miller (2 years)
Any chance of getting the rest of this uploaded? Out of all the two step
videos I've seen, this was probably the most effective.

Author Nate Benedict (1 year)
Can you recall the dance instructor's name?

Author abitagirl51 (1 year)
What is the song at 10:15

Author a1bergie (2 years)
Sorry this is all I have. This came from a video that had other country
dances on it. Besides I found this video in a bunch of clearance sales item
at Fry's Electronics !

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