Muskrat Being Caught in a #110 Conibear

Live footage of a muskrat being caught in a 110 conibear set up in a bank den entrance..

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Author Matt The Trapper (7 months)
I trap coyotes but I have no experience trapping muskrat and I have one in
front of my office in a pond. Is the 110 conibear the best size to get for

Author Colt Sargent (8 months)
sweet! used these for a while. never seen it happen that close up!

Author allamericanTRAPPER (2 years)
@zaxtor that make no dang since at all u bunghole and agenda i got traps to

Author BAD ASS OUTDOORS (2 years)
@fetters18 Maybe its not about the killing. I think of god a lot while I am
out hunting, fishing and trapping. I see many awesome sites out there that
only he could create. and I thank him for putting prey animals here that
over populate every year allowing us to harvest the surplus for food,
clothing and yes entertainment

Author James McGath (1 year)
Agree with kerry. Awesome job

Author mattknapp1 (1 year)
Awesome video I've been trapping for over 20 yrs and will continue til i
die trapping is a great American tradition any who don't like it are
communists and should place a 330 on their ass so they have a reason to
bitch about trapping anyway God bless the American trappers

Author DixieRiverRat (2 years)
Nice kill. Forget the Antis. I'm 40 years old and I'm just getting into
trapping. Been hunting and fishing my whole life, but trapping's a whole
new world for me. Met quite a few other hunters that are just getting into
trapping. I plan on getting my kids into it too.

Author Edwin Sweet (1 year)
I bet he used a camera,lol

Author gunsandammo2039 (2 years)
I have one question for all the anti trappers posting on here. If your so
against it then why the hell are you watching the videos. Trapping is a
small sport anymore because of people like you, so why don't you just shut
up and quit spending your life on a computer. Sincerely,- One pissed off

Author BAD ASS OUTDOORS (2 years)
@zaxtor i love animals.. most of them i love next to my tatters covered in

Author smallblockfuelie (2 years)
@zaxtor God Bless you.

Author zaxtor (2 years)
@TRISTANJAYY LOL talk to yourself hermit. You at least have a friend..
YOURSELF hahaha Seriously hermit this bashing you did to me and STARTED
first even your little nasty death threats will provide soo much ammo. This
page called trappers are hermits will come out any time from now. It is
almost finished. Your name will be on google etc. Yes copycat me you
hermit. To you non-trapping activities is like abnormal no wonder why
trappers are hated. Animal abuse human abuse partner in crimes is true

Author BAD ASS OUTDOORS (2 years)
I would like to thank zaxtor for driving all the extra views to my trapping
video. It seems YouTube noticed all the traffic to so they are offering to
pay to put advertising on my page.. Wooo Whooo more money for traps....

Author Caleb1995trapman (1 year)
Very cool

Author zaxtor (2 years)
@MrDeerWizard Yes he is right. Stop responding to the higher life forms,

Author nick14zup (2 years)
You have the best vids on YouTube.

Author zaxtor (2 years)
@allamericanTRAPPER You must have such a bad life. Repetitive activities,
gain more weight?

Author zaxtor (2 years)
@allamericanTRAPPER P2. I'm the one who beat the living out of you because
I exposed you and you dunno what to respond. You say random crap because I
exposed you. Trappers are evil people. Nuff said.

Author Mountainman180 (2 years)
Depends on what you are trapping... the best tip I can give you as of right
now...Know your regulations for you state. (feel free to message me with
any questions)

Author zaxtor (2 years)
@TRISTANJAYY Is already too late. It was put almost 24 hrs ago. Goto my
anti trapperman site if you know the link goto box. Just before last and is
called "Trappers are uncivil hermit and psychotic wackjobs" All your stuff
are there. If you delete your stuff you will prove to be dishonest and
hiding the truth. Like most trappers do. They cut-edit or delete the blood
paws that unchanged unselective traps does. They cheat polls by voting all
day for a dumb poorly scripted poll that doesnt reflect

Author rasl04 (2 years)
I'm not keen on trapping but to each their own. I do have to ask, though,
how'd you get that footage?

Author gbikes (2 years)
@zaxtor love trapping. your mom trapped my dick in her hole what a whore
your moms a whore

Author BullMoose95 (2 years)
How do I stalk HSUS? What is Mira bashing too? Should everyone be like you?

Author highcountryhal (2 years)
Nicely done. Dead in less than a minute. Most humaine trap around. Good

Author zaxtor (2 years)
@TRISTANJAYY P2. Get an education hermit and stop bashing at someone not
doing flamewars you uncivil sociopath.

Author smallblockfuelie (2 years)
@zaxtor Idiots coming to YouTube to bash on trappers is a cult.

Author zaxtor (2 years)
@allamericanTRAPPER You're soo overexposed to violence that you will kill
people. PETA was right that Animal and human abuse are partner in crimes.
Check out Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer are started by abusing animals and
became the sickiest killers in history. Human taxidermy, Necrophillia and
Human trophy. So you can't talk out of that sociopath hermit. Wizard said
stop talking to me cus I am showing who u r hermit.

Author TheMainetrapper (2 years)
@zaxtor seriously your going to sit and troll on someones channels? why
dont you stick a 330 over your head and take a nap :)

Author Mike Lattimer (2 years)
@zaxtor You certainly do lie. You have to lie just to get on tman. You lie
all the time. You say we don't show dispatch? whats the video about FOOL?

Author Mike Lattimer (2 years)
@zaxtor Ah the fuzzy wuzzy has hurt my feelings. A little sensitive about
those canadian remarks? Maybe you should read your countries history. It
was founded, explored, mapped and developed all on the fur trade. You
should be ashamed of yourself. You not a true canadian patriot till you
club a seal and eat a beaver. For someone that calls everyone Hermits, you
seam to have a lot of time on your hands.

Author zaxtor (2 years)
@TRISTANJAYY Your life sucks please take a .22 and onself and take your own
life you hermit. Trappers are hermits so I respond the right way. You have
no friends that don't trap only people USING you. Dumb deceitful hick. Go
back with your Yahweh bullshit and stop showing your inferiority.

Author survivalist308 (2 years)
awesome and for the numbnuts if you dont like what goes on in the video
then why watch it are yall that unhappy that you have to bitch about
something just to feel good?

Author Outdoorsman1515 (2 years)
i wonder what it was thinking...XD

Author Eric Parr (1 year)
great video

Author logger2384 (2 years)
thats a nice rat

Author zaxtor (2 years)
@allamericanTRAPPER You're the one with no life. You have one agenda,
trapping. You do repetitive activities. You even live on Tman offseasons.
Some even makes millions of threads like Barry Lerroy waiting for next
season. Makes ..........................30 ..........................29
..........................28 Each threads. Stop blaming your problems on
others because your life is less good than mine.

Author BAD ASS OUTDOORS (2 years)
@songwriter760 thanks.

Author Mike Lattimer (2 years)
This Zaxtor is a joke I mean JOKE I see he took the guys shaving off his
page I guess he's still in the closet

Author cherokeeforyou (2 years)

Author BAD ASS OUTDOORS (2 years)
@zaxtor blah blah blah

Nice video did u see the musk rat as u reset the trap or what ?

Author TheGordo2772 (1 year)
That was AWESOME!

Author zaxtor (2 years)
@lotsofmink P2. Are you death threating me.? Come try to club me and your
life will end sooner than I thought, I can self defend against your nasty
little threats. Hermit. No wonder why trappers are demonized and trappers
are uncivil and hated. PS clubbing a seal in USA is illegal even the
products. You must be a poacher.

Author creeksidesurvival (2 years)
great video its not something we get to see a whole lot.

Author zaxtor (2 years)
@bigtimebowfishing P2, U threaten me here, Other guy threaten me by PM.
MrCoonhunter503 pmed me, the psychotic hermit rat,

Author zaxtor (2 years)
@TRISTANJAYY You're a hermit and I call stupid people hick. Don't act like
a hick and I wont call you a hick. Ok dumb deceitful hick. You live on
trapperman cus life sucks and you do 1 thing trapping and probably poaching

Author RockinLax27 (1 year)
How did you film that?

Author allamericanTRAPPER (2 years)
@lotsofmink i now right i put up with him for 2 day tatol idot

Author zaxtor (2 years)
@bigtimebowfishing I talk about some1 else who PM'ed me,. Coon something.
Learn to read before judging. I said U and some guy PM me threatened me.

Author duane2072 (1 year)
Dont wax conibears.

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