ArmA 2 Day Z Mod: Spoiler - I die at the end (DayZ Gameplay)

For anyone that missed the shitstorm that was my last Day Z video where I was killed by a hacker, here it is:

This is a video of my new character created directly after that death. I was unable to get my gear restored, so I had to start over... again. This is just a short video of a couple of pvp encounters and some general gameplay.

I'm starting to get discouraged. I didn't get that upset on my first death, because I made the decision to stay in Elektro and be greedy. Even though I got sidestep bugged, I probably would have died anyways. But my deaths since have all been the result of either bugs/glitches or hacks. I'm thinking about just making videos where I run around with a shotgun and kill other players. Only time will tell...

This video is created using games from Bohemia Interactive.
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Author PsykoOps (2 years)
Strange bug. Are you sure you didn't double tab W key that made you stand

Author Jester814 (1 year)
Absolutely moronic posts like this fuel my desire to keep doing exactly
what I'm doing. Thank you for the inspiration friend.

Author chaosgaming (1 year)
You got some good content on your channel. I have been watching your dayz
footage and I noticed two things. 1) The actual deaths where you get shot
rather than hacked or glitched are preventable. +You are patient +Scan the
area before moving in. - You are slow - You aren't very discrete 2) The
white annotation you edit in the video sometimes blend with the
environment. Making it hard to read. You have your own play style and stick
with it if it works for you. Keep up the good work.

Author brandenopolis (2 years)
@5:29 Are you using power tools while playing?

Author PsiPush (2 years)
"Where'd he go?" "BARK" I lost about 10 years right there. Scared me

Author UnknownSuspect1 (2 years)
damn, ur dog made me jump 3 times lol, that bark is so loud

Author Jester814 (1 year)
Probably Dog.

Author Jester814 (2 years)
Yeah someone is working on the house, that's why the dog keeps barking...

Author Jester814 (2 years)
I only had 11 rounds left in the AK and wanted to save them in case I
needed to take a long shot or two(or 11).

Author Jester814 (2 years)
The game is ArmA 2: Combined Operations. It's 30 bucks. The mod is DayZ.

Author aymans ushers (2 years)
how much did this game cost and whts its full name?

Author Jester814 (1 year)
Oh no. I mean. It was probably Dog. As in: the dog, as in: I call my dog
"Dog". :p That's why the D was capitalized :)

Author KingTamino (1 year)
I mostly only die cus of Hackers and glitches and that my graphiccard
crashes while I was flying a fking helicopter on a 50ppl Server FUCK

Author Jester814 (2 years)
Yeah it startled me while I was editing the video. That was why I left it
in :p

Author bear797979 (2 years)
i enjoy your vids keep up the good work .. the problems your having are
part of the reason i dont have this yet , it looks soo good but far too
much the makers need to fix/stop

Author Jester814 (1 year)
Cool dawg.

Author GradashNightHunter (2 years)
I hope something inspires you soon because I like your videos and hope you
keep makeing them. :D

Author vivalaphil (1 year)
What the hell was the banging in the background towards the end?

Author foee (2 years)
what does that mask thingy mean above temperature vial?

Author Jester814 (2 years)
Ahh I see. You are correct. But that's not what killed me. I would have
survived 4 zeds. The 5.56 to my head is what killed me, and that was a
result of the crawling glitch. Plus the smoke would have instantly
distracted them. What I probably did was hit the ACE "quick swap" button
which doesn't exist in Vanilla and I thought I was back on the gun.

Author mrhnm (1 year)
What is TeamSpeak? Is it like Vent?

Author vivalaphil (1 year)
Haha, we could get into a serious conversation about this, but I got what
you meant lol.

Author 420sumthing (2 years)
Aww man thats such a bummer :/ well dont get discouraged, your day z videos
have got to be my fav! And its really fun watching you and your team (or
solo) use good tactics to survive! And also the side quotes are awesome
ahah. Hope to see more dayz videos up soon and hopefully those glitches
will piss off! Keep up the excellent vids man!

Author mrhnm (1 year)
Is that a Haplo reference?

Author MrPuccitime (2 years)
You should make a series were you have too try and build a car.

Author Lui Calibre (1 year)
i found a Winchester and a Revovler and me and my freind was running to a
crashed heli and then we get shot to the head lucky i had no ammo/food on
me so i was probably gonna die anyway

Author MadCowpat (2 years)
The throwing animation didn't just "trigger". When you decided to turn and
shoot, the smokes were still selected.

Author Fatih Kiraci (2 years)
more vids plz

Author DayZFox (2 years)
sad death again :( Take wide birth on crawling around objects. annoying
glitch though hope more videos to come, happy hunting out there

Author A Zerg (1 year)
you sir, ARE JEALOUS! :P

Author DesertDrifter1861 (2 years)
Jester - Glitches aside, this imo is the best of the series, and I've
seen'm all, plus hours upon hours of DayZ vids. The tension was F'n great,
and your dog at 7:06 got a startle from me. Great stuff. The text as you
went along I think actually drew me in even more cause of the quiet while
the tension built. I can't play the game myself so I check a few channels
along with yours daily for new episodes. The list is short, keep'm come'n.

Author CanadianWolverine (2 years)
I wonder why you try to switch weapons, seems like a free hit for the zeds,
just curious.

Author Bj_o_rn (2 years)
Really like your videos and especially your coop gameplay! Even watched a
lot of your ARMA2 vids as well.

Author vivalaphil (1 year)
What did you call me?! Lmfao. Just messin, dog.

Author vivalaphil (1 year)
Yeah, dawg. I assume you rap as your career?

Author rofllawlable (1 year)
You're videos keep popping in my recommended so i decided to give one more
video of yours a try... BIG MISTAKE..... Your videos are super boring and
your tactics are terrible any dim wit who plays this game can tell you
blow. The amount of time you put int dumb pointless shit.... PS: I HOPE YOU

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