Yesterday Performed by Ana Vidovic

Yesterday Performed by Ana Vidovic

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Author PEREZ Claude (1 day)

Author Miguel Jiménez Alfaro (1 month)
La amo! 

Author albertina correia (1 month)

Author Jean-Marc ARGIRAKIS (3 months)
vivant , habité , sensibilité magnifique ! J'adore

Author Tito Navarro (6 months)
Very Good!!!!!

Author Linus Carlsson (7 months)
She is amazing..

Author Arktos500 (8 months)
Ova djevojka je nevjerojatan! Do komentarima drugih glazbenika, možemo
vidjeti kako je ona virtuoz! Jeohvá vas blagoslovio, Lady Vidović.

Author Szymon Soliwoda (8 months)

Author Strings By Mail (8 months)
"Yesterday" on clasical guitar - Ana Vidovic

Yesterday Performed by Ana Vidovic

Author Philippe Saguez (8 months)

Author Hugh Jass (5 months)
pls God, can u make it so i can fuck this beautiful woman?=

Author Kelvin Borrero (2 years)
is a pity that only has a small piece ...

Author qwerty1510100 (2 years)
Hahahaha It isn´t

Author TheApd3 (3 years)
Alas, she doesn't play bridge of the song.

Author Andre Karsenty (2 years)
It ' s simply fantastic I can find the words to say to say my pleasure to
listen you where can I find the tablature thanks

Author tauheke (2 years)
@royalmaster203 Lol... last time I danced to this it rained for two weeks.

Author Henry Johnson (2 years)
now its been 10 months ago....

Author philippe barret (2 years)

Author senoranewstep (2 years)
@royalmaster203 Well, you are so last year.

Author toddinfl (2 years)
what is with the camera up and down and moving around? I'm fucken sea sick.

Author arbanaskocudo (2 years)
@royalmaster203 hahaha

Author tauheke (2 years)
Marry me Ana... !

Author hienpham04 (3 years)
Beautiful Beatles music, just beautiful....composition and guitarist. Who
wouldn't fall in

Author REMEGORAS (2 years)
@royalmaster203 LOL

Author P Ch (2 years)
Great play!

Author Arun Saha (3 years)
just woke up from my dream after she finished playing...

Author Chusak Jira (1 year)
beautiful you and the song

Author Etienne Smit (1 year)
Beautiful woman, beautiful sound, beautiful instrument! Thank You!

Author Chagsis (2 years)
Sheet music or tabs would this would be much appreciated. Great video

Author Collin Gibson (2 years)
great execution and lovely dynamics.

Author Nicolas Jomolca (1 year)
That was amazingly beautiful!!!:) - is there amyway you can send me the
sheet music?

Author Christopher Fish (2 years)
damn that songs awesome

Author Jim McFalls (2 years)
Ana plays the guitar as beautiful as she is.

Author moonmadness1 (2 years)
Come to Holland and play for me ... please !

Author javier mendez (2 years)
la mejor version de yesterday que jamas e oido en guitar. Excelente y ella
toca la cancion con mucho sentimiento.

Author CosmicFlatulence (2 years)

Author Anthony Cinco (1 year)
You are Amazing words do not discribe your love for music. Please do more
modern songs like that one for the younger generation.

Author Matthew Socci (3 years)
could anyone please tell me if the sheet music is available anywhere for
this?? Thanks :)

Author arbonvergel (2 years)
who arrage this piece.. i wanna download the piece!:D

Author Juan J. Gómez (2 years)
@bransonguitar "She lost the tempo" Ever heard of rubato?

Author Kevin Toine (2 years)
@andrekarsenty1 search for '12 songs takamitsu scribd'

Author ipoodaily . (1 year)
that's just creepy

Author DelNegro10 (2 years)

Author israel perez (2 years)
Hermosa cancion , magnifica interpretacion ,prodigiosas manos y una diosa
de artista bella ...gracias mil por este regalo de año nuevo 2012

Author PKATrain (2 years)
Does anyone have the sheet music for this? Jawdropping arrangement...

Author nonh8nsk8r (2 years)
I'm learning this arrangement tonight and pretending I'm Ana. Probably
won't be the same, though. Lol

Author Vladimir Ranisavljevic (1 year)
I think I just read the best comment on YouTube.

Author 07vsmith (2 years)
Drunk cameraman ...

Author lyricaltones (2 years)
Nicely played but I don't like the arrangement.

Author Trumpetz81 (2 years)
@thesmartestofalltime I never said the melody determines the genre. What
I'm saying here is that the piece still isn't classical. It's not even a
piece. It's just a minor arrangement based on a pop melody. I have my
doubts as to whether or not anyone in Bach's time would have heard this and
immediately lauded it. How the hell can you make such a certain assertion?
You know how people would have reacted 300 years ago to a 50 second
rendition of a Beatles tune? Once again, get real.

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