How to uninstall (remove) Babylon Toolbar (search, homepage)

Paid solutions that are able to remove infections:
SpyHunter (finds files and registry keys that can cause this infection):

Alternative cheaper solution - Stronghold AntiMalware:

Free Uninstall It recommends ad blocker working with all browsers, filter adware scripts from websites:

Article about removing Babylon Toolbar:

Complete and actual tutorial that will show how to remove Babylon toolbar and all leftover items ( search and home page) in 3 popular browsers (Internet Explorer 8, Firefox, Google Chrome).

Vollständige und aktuelle Tutorial, das zeigt, wie Babylon Toolbar und alle übrig gebliebenen Gegenstände (Suche, Homepage) in 3 gängigen Browsern (Internet Explorer 8, 9, Firefox, Google Chrome) entfernt werden.

Tutorial completo y real que se mostrará cómo quitar Babylon barra de herramientas y todos los elementos sobrantes (búsqueda, la página de inicio) en 3 navegadores más populares (Internet Explorer 8, Firefox, Google Chrome).

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Author SuperMonkeypickle (1 year)
wow 2 top comments that doesn't seem fair

Author WordsAreMagic1 (2 years)
thx, I did it

Author lygophile (2 years)
i've already done all of this. there's nothing left anywhere for Babylon.
in no settings i found, i used the search tool in settings for anything
Babylon. nothing. and still, even though i get a blank page if i open IE,
if i open a new tab, it's still Babylon. how the hell is that even possible?

Author CatAtomic99 (2 years)
These motherfuckers need to be sued into oblivion.

Author ami ali (2 years)
please tell me what 2 do i can't find this s#!t babylon any where ,i
removed the toolbar earlier but then i couldn't find a trace of babylon
anywhere , please help it's driving me nuts ,thx.

Author Suresh Sohan (2 years)
babylon is the mother fucker dick head

Author MrAssassinred (2 years)
Great work..You rock ....Fuck you BABYLON!!!!!!

Author toretruls (2 years)
Thank you soooo much! finaly that stupid piece of shit is gone:D

Author GameTechBlue (2 years)

Author xXGreenXx90 (2 years)
Guys I need help D= yahoo keeps flipping my search engine from Google to
yahoo I have tried everything I know. I can't get yahoo to fucking piss off
help me.

Author WordsAreMagic1 (2 years)
yeah, that all great and all best for the work, but my google chrome
doesn't wnat to remove babylon from HOMEPAGE! HELP!

Author JeSTeRsKAnDy (2 years)
I have the same problem as malueg79. Someone help!

Author José Pedro Almeida (2 years)
Babylon is DEAD!!! Thank you!

Author yungwinnfield (2 years)
babylon is a nightmare and a huge pain in the ass thank you i will love you

Author bey jwingis (2 years)

Author Theo Sakoutis (2 years)
Hi, I followed all your instructions to remove Babylon from Firefox, but
every time I restart my browser the homepage still goes to Any
other suggestions? thanks

Author VexusRules (2 years)
OMG you...are...a...GODLY BEING *owes you my nerdy computer life*

Author ruggierojerolli (2 years)
I went to another you tube solver to get rid of the Babylon Object
Installer: After click on Unistall just click on "Yes/ Accept" to update it
and will dissapear forever !!!

Author Brogo Ram (2 years)
how i can do this? i'm not a very good computer guy?

Author tzakos1982 (2 years)
Hi everyone,if you tried everything like, going to adds on and remove
anything that says "babylon",using "about:config" and then search babylon
and reset by using right click all the choices with the word babylon,going
to help-troubleshooting and reset firefox,uninstall firefoX and then
install,opening start menu and type "regedit" to find anything that has the
word babylon and then delete it BUT AFTER ALL THAT BABYLON REMAINS SEARCH

Author Flanagan97 (2 years)
yes ur a life saver it took me about 5 minutes to get internet up and
rinning <3

Author Fangir120 (2 years)
It works, thanks

Author dvwxxx (2 years)
Never download anything from Free CNET site this is where I got infected
with the search.babylon virus that hijacked my browser and search engine.
What a bunch of scum bags.... I had to completely remove Mozilla and
re-install it. Then go to browser, type in: twice.
Type Babylon into empty field, then right click on highlighted line, type
in RESET. Go to C:\ remove all references to babylon or Mozilla (before you
reinstall Mozilla) Babylon sucks, I hate them & wasted 3 days

Author widerling (2 years)
I don't have the search.browser.HPOnNewTab option. What can I do? Any help
would be appreciated. :(

Author ruggierojerolli (2 years)
I exactly have the same issue. Is it pernicious ?. Who knows this ?.

Author Irox045 (2 years)
Thank u so much

Author EarlGreyBeatz (2 years)
babylon : by idiots for idiots.

Author Mike Weber (2 years)
TY. It works :)

Author fffeeenixxx (2 years)
This SHIT toolbar is downloaded when you download the Privitize VPN from
Pirate Bay. It shows how shit something is when they have to conceal the
fucking thing without an option not to. Who the hell would want, need or
keep this SHIT thing on your browser when it doesn't even work well!
Babylon toolbar bastards and yes you are bastards take note....WE HATE
YOU!!!!the only way I could get rid of it was by reinstalling my

Author Lindwei Kwochin (2 years)

Author Pelle Svanslös (2 years)
Is there no software that does this automatically?

Author BeastBugGamerz (2 years)
Its saying babylon is active and i dont know how to deactivate it So if i
dont deactivate it i cant uninstall it its lik an anti delete Virus or

Author Chuy Reynoso (2 years)
It worked perfectly, thank you so much for this

Author Blind240390 (2 years)
Thx for this video bro, i had problems with shitty babylon but know i

Author Vuk Strasni (2 years)
Babylon installs by itself, it is attached on some programs... And can not
be deleted so easy. Its a type of malware... And I fucking hate it too!

Author Ivan L-P (2 years)
NOPE. aint working for me... its like the shit fucker babylon evolved, what
the fuck??

Author Kaito .Link (2 years)
thanx so much everytime i new tabbed i got these bastards key logging me
now they are dead thanx to you :D

Author legokingiscool (2 years)
I HAVE LOOKED OVER 1000 VIDEOS ABOUT THIS, but this is the best video ont
this but i tried every detailed step but still didnt work and i am still on
WINDOWS XP like u but its not fucking working! welll FUCK BABYLON

Author Jc Alfon (2 years)
Fucking annoying cunt.

Author pronidalee (2 years)
thx sooo much for the vid bro lol, but 2 questions, i kinda managed to
partially remove it for now , but in firefox when i go to about:config and
reset everything related to babylon, parts of it seem to come back after i
restart firefox.:( and in IE, when i go to add ons it wont let me delete
the babylon extension :[ help plz!

Author spiffyjohn53 (2 years)
Your amazing

Author Mike Allen (2 years)
What I did is launch chrome, click on the wrench in the upper right part of
the screen, click 'tools,' then click 'task manger,' then click 'end
process,' and that killed babylon on my computer.

Author Yahatacooky (2 years)
Wow this is a fantastic tutorial, I've finally got rid of Babylon from my
Firefox!! Thank you sooo much!!

Author gogostar22 (2 years)
I just uninstall google chrome. Thumbs up if that helped.

Author Nyytmies (2 years)
I want kill Babylon´s admin >:(

Author GameTechBlue (2 years)

Author Crizzle Films (2 years)

Author legokingiscool (2 years)

Author Scottyj02 (2 years)
i want to sue babylon

Author greeneyelady77 (2 years)
Looks all great but babylon isn't even listed in "Add and Remove Programs".
sneaky towelheads!!!

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