The Minecraft Battle-Feast /w NoochM! - Episode 3 Finale

My partner in the hunt:
To all the new people on my channel, welcome, and enjoy the finale as promised by me and Mat!
Want to try these? Look Here:
150 tributes are thrown into a random server, with one goal in mind: Kill everyone and everything. 2 minutes build time w/ invincibility, but after that, PvP is enabled, and last one to survive is crowned the winner. Hope you all enjoy! Give it a view if you liked it!

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Author Sam B. (2 months)
11:45 RACIST

Author James Eubank (7 days)

Author irish PVP (4 months)

Author GamingFilmsHQ (23 days)
How did u get with Noochm when u had like 3,000 subs

Author Andrew games (10 months)

Author Sara Sondergaard (1 year)
NO you forgot diamond helmet!!!!

Author XBlazingLyricsX (2 years)
Ok im sorry guys for asking... Ill buy the game myself but next time.. Dont
bitch at someone for buying the game just for asking one single question.
All of u guys could have NICELY said "hey bro just buy the game for 14
bucks, its pretty cheap" but noo.. Everyone says shit bout me being a lazy
ass and some really hateful things. But just thank you to Marmik for saying
it nicely without any hateful words.

Author nathan smith (1 year)
you should try and get a sponsor from dominoes...

Author XBlazingLyricsX (2 years)
Ok first of all.. Im one of those 14 year olds that can't get money... We
can't get a job coz we're too young and yea so Im basically not a "lazy
ass" coz I would get a job if I rlly could. I want my own money. But I just

Author starluisa791 (1 year)
Este video esta chido

Author VikingDragonsMyth (2 years)
This is why I love the armegetton series. Because you're a tank that simply
cannot be stopped ;) Please keep up the great videos!

Author XBlazingLyricsX (2 years)
THANK YOU for saying it nicely... Not unlike MrBossaDellic..

Author ExtremeGamingx1 (2 years)
@PeteZahHutt can i play with you? On a hunger games server.

Author jaydude1216 (2 years)
please do this again and you will always be pete to me

Author Eddie Carroll (1 year)
came here from the Thanks for a Million video Nice congrats.

Author KrazyKiller231 (1 year)
vote up*

Author Daniel Nguyen (1 year)
pete op sweeping like a boss!!!

Author Amaroqdricaldari (2 years)
12:50 I can hear a Mechanical Keyboard. That's hardcore, dude. Membrane
keyboards suck ass.

Author acampos0114 (2 years)
Woooo yeah pete

Author truest blood (1 year)
He won without soup IMPOSSIBALLS

Author 699Kyle (1 year)
You should totally play more Battle-feasts for your channel/the asf crew.
This is just my opinion but I think people would enjoy it. But anyway I
don't mind if you don't record these or post these on Youtube I don't care,
I mean this is just a suggestion but good luck with your videos! ~Kyle

Author hctarh (2 years)
You kick butt Pete!:)

Author albinoninja0224 (2 years)
I had a job when i was 11 i delivered news papers try it.

Author Sullivan Williams (11 months)

Author Macus Brave (2 years)
i want more feast

Author Schnauzer Dogs (2 years)
lol @ how many times he repeats himself :P

Author mineingdemons456 (1 year)
Its not battle feast it's mcpvp ur playing mcpvp!!!!!!

Author MMORakirs (1 year)
Shutup Matt isn't terrible he just got unlucky with enderpearls so don't be

Author MrNICETACO (2 years)
Only likes

Author Trentonvjed (1 year)
Hey Shut Up He didn't have time!!!!!

Author ezclan1001 (2 years)
Pete has a bunch of championships

Author DDownageXD (2 years)
minecraftpvp c0m /hunger-games

Author ari Ramírez (2 years)
you are

Author PyThOnRrR (2 years)
some people dont know how to play this so even better chance

Author Jebedish Kerman (2 years)
53compass, it tells the story

Author Jian Bryce Machacon (1 year)
the server is hunger games

Author DankDrankSource (2 years)
14 years is the minimum to get a job... im 13 and i work for my grand
parents and parents

Author Scott Campbell (2 years)
Ur a legend pete!

Author Ty Janssen (2 years)
Where da hell do you live brah?

Author TheRealTigerKid (1 year)
This was back when people didn't know how to use soup and how to hotkey.

Author Itay Katabi (1 year)
He used soup

Author NumberDood (1 year)
If you go to multiplayer, you can type in server IPs to join servers. You
can find these IPs on websites like planetminecraft and minecraftforums.

Author Dan McGrenaghan (1 year)
Peat is a bad ass but R.I.P NoochM

Author MasterSnakeEU (1 year)
Da Fucqqqqqqqqqqq

Author iTOUCHthingsBRO (2 years)
Dis Dick

Author VOLTAGE BLADEZ (1 year)
you killed the joker!!!!!!!!! lol

Author Kent A (1 year)
Get a bunch of mushroom stew then you'll be set for life

Author curtage100 (2 years)
kinda funny because he tryed to trick pete and he was dressed as the joker

Author wilaiwan allanach (1 year)
Thumbs up if you watched through all this video

Author Theshadowdemon247 (1 year)
Wow that was epic! Ok just one question, a really stupid one probably, how
do you play in maps with other people and fight them like the hunger games
maps and where do you get them? Are the other players your friends fighting
you I really want to know soooooooooooooo freak'en bad!!!!!!!

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