ballistic gelatin test .223 5.56 part 9 of 12

223 566 55gr lake city number 1. exiting the top.

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Author UnknownSquid (5 months)
Same thing seems to happen in every test. Always exits the top. I believe
it's due to the gel block bending on impact and curving the bullets path.
This is an old video, so maybe you had the same idea years ago already, but
I'm fairly sure if you securely strapped the gel down to the base, it would
prevent it bending and distorting the channel path.

It's a shame, because this looked like just the kind of video I was looking
for. (a deep penetration distance test for 5.56)

Author motlencore89 (4 years)
you have got to be fucking kidding be, even the hollowpoint 7.62 made a
better wound channel than that

Author amer1canforl1fe (3 years)
this round is great it ll never be as good as the 7.62x51 mm but it ll
still put a guy down in 2 or 3 shots same as a 7.62x39 mm and yes even with
the supposed knock down power of the ak they still teach soldiers put 2 to
3 rounds in a guy s center of mass same as when the teach the m16 to

Author JustSomeGuy (2 years)
Why isn't all gel clear like that?

Author Froggy (3 years)
I wanna take a bite out of that gel.

Author TheAK47nut (5 years)
I dont know what type it is .this was part of a tac med class so what ever
the school was using. I thought I overheard that the blocks were like $500
or so (dont know how many blocks). also this block had not been cooked
(reformed) yet. That was the first time it had been shot!

Author cokeman2423 (5 years)
haha ak47 nut with a556 lol

Author MegaGevehr (3 years)
Thank you so much for uploading

Author aaron burn (2 years)

Author quiksilverryan (4 years)

Author notallPB (3 years)

Author TheAK47nut (3 years)
@MrAppleseed88 lc 556

Author usmc2076 (3 years)
@Maraud3r43 FUCK!!! i got more respect for that round now....

Author Jonathon Miller (2 years)
Do you think PMC Bronze .223 55 grain fmj would serve for self defense if
need be?

Author falloutforever88 (3 years)
eesh, you take one in the torso you're done for

Author Skatemaniac148 (3 years)
you should do a 545x39, btw love the effects of the 556, nice:)

Author 1bis (1 year)
so thats why our military uses it in fuckin combat, sure its not the most
powerful bullet in the world, but its more than enough to drop ur ass, and
its dead accurate. whats the point of larger round when u dont have the
accuracy to even hit ur target.... @J Curio

Author TheAK47nut (3 years)
@smartguy104 55gr

Author Arelak (2 years)
Well it did just what it was meant to do, create a large wound channel.

Author BallistekGel (3 years)
@notallPB You can buy synthetic ballistics gel from ballistekgel. com

Author BloodthirstyGnome (4 years)
@astar334 some AK variants are actually really accurate, there is a company
in las vegas called "Arsenal" and they make some of the most accurate AKs
ive ever seen.

Author brainplay (4 years)
@TheMechAlchemist 55gr is the XM197 (Vietnam era) not the M855 (current and
soon to be replaced by the XM318).

Author breakurselff (2 years)
55.6 will punch through soft body armor. So clothing...dont worry about it.
It will actually go through front and back. Clothing does hinder
performance...further the distance.

Author BallistekGel (3 years)
@thefran911 Try Ballistekgel. com

Author BLAKE ATKISON (2 years)
@MrVoxC iv shoot 300 yards with my RUSSIAN AK mabe a 5moa

Author sebastian betancourt (5 years)
damn that gel is so clear what are you using

Author TheAK47nut (5 years)
Sorry, no 62gr just going with what I had at the time, after all I am
theAKnut not theARnut:) Thanks for the post!

Author xXGMonsterXx9 (3 years)
make a vid on how to make bullestic gel that clear

Author DailyIdeas (4 years)
@Maraud3r43 I think the issue is the through and through shots, not causing
enough internal damage and just going straight through the aggressor.
However they are known to tumble which can be very destructive. The M4
replaces bullet size for accuracy with the AK47 being just the opposite,
large round and with varying accuracy. Regardless I wouldn't want to be
shot by a 5.56 or any small round for that matter lol

Author MrAppleseed88 (3 years)
So does the 223 tumble and fragment... just because the 5.56 does, do that
mean the 223 does.

Author mattmonster93 (3 years)
556/ 223 bullets may not be very hot round, but when it hit soft tissue the
bullet will tumble and make a nasty channel wound

Author bigfiskee (4 years)
@Maraud3r43 If the 5.56 wasn't effective our troops wouldn't use it, it's
that simple so i agree

Author deej1478 (3 years)
i love how people talk about any bullet not having stopping power life isnt
a video game i would like to see anybody get shoot with a .22 and act like
its nothing no one is bullet proof getting stabbed with a stick can kill
you the military wouldn't use it if it was so weak

Author MrAppleseed88 (3 years)
@Maraud3r43 most people are fucking stupid.

Author NekolasM (4 years)
@astar334 The M4 barrel is only 1 1/2 inches shorter than the barrel in
this test. I'll take an M4 any day!

Author Jay William (3 years)
It's quite the lethal round, as the bullet tumbles it breaks and splits.
Explains the ballistics. Pretty good round if you don't want people to
survive for home defense.

Author Fleece Johnson (1 year)
hmmm so I guess someone who uses something larger than 7.62x39 could say
the same about it.

Author MrRipzor (2 years)
if you really think that be careful. the 5.56 has more pressure then the
.223. if you where to fire a 5.56 in a rifle calibrated for .223 you will
have a bad time

Author godzilla1463 (3 years)
@MaxAC40 i'd say that up close they might cause similar wound channels but
the M16 definetly has a longer reliable distance to were it will tumble and
fragment reliably

Author motlencore89 (4 years)
im not impresed, looks alot like a 7.62 fmj that didnt thaw, but with half
the penetration.

Author Maraud3r43 (4 years)
@robocong7420 ya if i remember right the .223 is the civilian form of the

Author Antoine L (2 years)
.223 remington and 5.56 nato are the same...

Author nope (4 years)
@Maraud3r43 ya i meen you should be able to run another mile and a half
befor you ever feel it. lol

Author rockonmyfriend (4 years)
@Maraud3r43 actually, what does happen, it easily deflects off of bones. if
you shoot them in the stomach, its almost garunteed it will also deflect up
and takeo ut more major organs. you could shoot them in the chest and the
bullet would go out the leg or something. much like the .22lr

Author smartguy104 (3 years)
was this the 62 grain penetrator or standard 55 grain fmj?

Author Stephen Cromwell (2 years)
That gel is awesome! Is it expensive?

Author 7halos1 (3 years)
@TheAK47nut it has some

Author BallisticRedneck (1 year)
What length barrel

Author Maraud3r43 (4 years)
and people say the 5.56/.223 has no stopping power

Author mcaulker (1 year)
so that round that came out could've hit a kid round the block? you guys
need to make sure you do this in an enclosed sand pit so that there is no
chance that an innocent could be injured.

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