Richard Saunders and Australian TV expose the power balance test as a sham. This demo is also used by companies peddling quantum scalar Pendants, Bracelets, Flask. Watch how people are easily fooled to part with their money with this Circus ten Magicians trick.

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Author Annette Hoult (2 months)
My husband was suckered into buying one of these. When he tried the balance
test on me, I proved to him that a regular wrist watch of approximately the
same weight as the bracelet had exactly the same effect. I was right. It's
a psychological mind trick.

Author carzy william (2 months)
i have one of this but it not work

Author Cedrick Jeremias (6 months)

Author solarlolax (8 months)
Australian skeptic society.....? i cant believe a society like that even
exists lol

Author Gredor Covern (4 months)
doppler effect

Author Jerome Lagasca (9 months)
PB does not give you strength. its frequency converted to spectrum image in
the hologram reveals your real strength by neutralizing harmful radio
frequency everywhere. any wireless device, radio, cellphones, wifi, block
your chi energy. 

Author Penswordking (1 year)
It's not a scam. It's a placebo. Never underestimate the power of a
placebo... or pay too much for it either.

Author Simon Lau (10 months)
Its not as easy as it seems to be ,to set up a mind with balance and energy
and stuff thats why people believe. And i dont say its bad to believe... I
say sceptics (not sure how its written) are right, but still not saying
believers are wrong; it works, nothing material going on but mentally
strong enough to get your spirit at its maximum

Author tecnocato (4 years)
The face of a scam artist.

Author TigerVFree (2 years)
what a fake bracelet,you just need to set your mind for more balance and
positive thinking lol

Author Keanudabeast (4 years)

Author craigtube1982 (2 years)
If you believe this crap you deserve to have your money taken from you.
While you're at it why don't you spend some money on a nice set of dowsing
rods, spend some time with a chiropractor and cure your cancer with
homeopathy. Jesus, the human race is doomed if people don't use critical

Author ali allami (2 years)
ugh..... why do you have to be such a dickhead, i mean you think my comment
is incorrect correct me and i'll be glad. But no, you have to act fucking

Author MrLoose26 (4 years)
thoz fraud alert are bullshit... the bottom line is that without the
bracelet udont get the same balance thn when you wear it ...fake experts
always wanna destroy what they havent discovered

Author pendantpusher (4 years)
@Xroom2scapeX Good for you "If it's a trick it's worth the $60 you paid for

Author SuperRaeMe (2 years)
I have an iRenew, regardless if it works or not it's stylish. I also have
this weird sense of feeling superior over people lol Plus I got it in a
stocking during Xmas so yeah :)

Author jd aldridge (2 years)
Look HERE . If you keep administrating the test over and over not everyone
is gonna tired you idiots. It more alert . Not have infinite
energies #retards

Author GroovyGuitar02 (4 years)
man pulling girls hand and looking like a rapist : very convincing .

Author thirstburst123 (4 years)
@DannyBv3 ur dumb because my friend jst showed me his today and i believed
it wudnt work bt it did!! now i really!!!!!! want one!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Nick Hall (2 years)
this is no phiten!!! if you want a real power bracelet buy a phiten!!! the
phiten tornado knecklace is the best!!! look it up!!! do some research!!!

Author j0e2 (4 years)
what happens to people to remove their ability to think logically,
critically, rationally? it doesn't take an expert skeptic to point out that
it's BS.

Author 5huffl3k1ng (4 years)
@Xroom2scapeX Mind over matter

Author jijidinpipera (4 years)
I don't understand for what else is usefull this bracelet ? It's ok.. all
these tricks, but I will think clearly? I will be better at work ? I will
have an extraordinary mind ? Because I won't pay for a power balance, which
does just the things mentioned in the video.. For me it's just for fooling

Author Elhardt (2 years)
There have been Ion bracelets in the past, like the Q-Ray. It was proven to
be a fraud. It made claims that it could cure pain. Guess these Ion scam
artists have moved on to lesser claims like strength, balance, and energy
now. It's ridiculous that in the year 2012 that the public is so ignorant
of science that they could even believe this crap in the first place...
Also ridiculous that even when a video shows its failure in blind tests
that people will still lie for the company.

Author Anonymous99pct (2 years)
for those of you who think this bracelet works... your just showing the
placebo effect at work... you think its going to help with your balance
therefor it does..... it's all in your head

Author uyworldtraveler (2 years)
It's called the placebo effect, asshole. The human brain is capable of
doing amazing things, including tricking itself into thinking that scams
like these work.

Author pizzapenguini (4 years)
@BDesignCRX my grandpa thinks this works he bought a set LOL

Author Xroom2scapeX (4 years)
well, for me it actually works, i was a bit skeptical at first then i
bought a cheap one off eBay and it actually worked, with the flexibility
and the balance (but not strength)...Don't bag it untill you try it!

Author Richard Z (2 years)
under $5, i don't mind, even just wearing it as a fashion factor,
especially when i play tennis, looks cool at least. but for $60, then i'll
be too stupid to buy it!

Author hanumichanuma (2 years)
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they teased me. But afterward I showed them my earnings. Go and Google Tube
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Author Eqvaliser (4 years)
so is it a +1 strength basicly. :p If you belive it works, if you dont it
wont.. nothing new, been going on for 1000's years both with jewelery and
potions.. ;)

Author Nandosgaming (4 years)
i cant tell you about strength but balance yes, my friend brought one from
jim kid and it really improved balance now im buying a $13 of ebay

Author mikefromspace (2 years)
haha wow struck a chord with you did I ? Maybe you should go tell the
people who have been helped by the things that they do no good! haha, I
know 2 of them. An old woman who would otherwise not be able to walk, and
an x-army sniper who lost his balance as well. He wears 4 of them on a
patch in his shirt pocket to maintain equilibrium. I will trust them before
I trust a trolling little worm like yourself.

Author mikefromspace (2 years)
@fittalover Not placebo; the bracelets do work, more for some people than
others. The silver spray acts as a semiconductor to ion charge, the shape
of the channels provide a circuit for the sum of both poles of magnetic
current to channel separating mass from energy off both in oscillation.
Magnetic current is constant until it gets here. The body needs higher
frequencies to remain healthy. Cell damage over time drops body's natural
freq's. I know a lady right here who has balance now with it.

Author IronChrist444 (2 years)
hell...why the hell would anybody want to pay a ridiculous amount of money
for this bullshit when a lot of us would rather design our own pendant
which dont have to claim to have any "power" in it...the only "power" a
pendant or bracelet has is if you are inspired by something..and that alone
is where the "power" is in you. Thats why its better to design
your own and not pay rediculious amounts of money for scams and think some
braceley will substitute sweat equity

Author raiderjim (4 years)
@j0e2 Unfortunately Joe, it does...

Author fittalover (4 years)
Haha bullshit placebo

Author Theo2kitty (2 years)
So basically it's a placebo?

Author uyworldtraveler (2 years)
Fuck you, you condescending asshole. My brain is fully capable of detecting
when people are full of shit. Hell, anyone who knows anything about science
knows you're full of shit.

Author Rob Massier (4 years)
The tests that they do in the small study is a 'bastardize balance/muscle
test and has no reliablity. I am a chiropractor who uses muscle testing in
my office and I spent years learning to isolate the muscle and interpret
the response. I also understand that muscle response can be influenced by
many things, from aspertame in gum, cell phones and even the power of
suggestion. In a controlled enviroment, however, it can be an effective
diagnostic tool

Author Aurelio Moraes (4 years)
only stupid and retarded people buys it

Author Mark O'Leary (4 years)
"...a frequency that's been embedded in that mylar technology--in the
hologram." Assuming the manufacturer even understand what he's talking
about, this is a lie. You cannot "embed" a frequency in mylar. This is
gibberish. "What it does, it reacts with the electric field of your body."
Ah yes, a field that cannot even be demonstrated to exist. My favorite line
is the chiropractor who's "staking his reputation on it." Not really much
at stake there.

Author WhatsNewOnApple (3 years)
If you believe it works it'll work

Author ali allami (2 years)
plus what fucking crap i fell into and what justification, i never bought a
PB nor have i ever cared, i was trying to help people.

Author Gregory Franz (2 years)
leave it up to humans to just fuck everything up

Author Kilroytheknifesnob (4 years)
@j0e2 I know, I sometimes mourn the death of logic and critical thinking in
our society. Embedding frequency in Mylar?!? It's a damn sticker on a
plastic band. THAT'S IT. No magical properties, nothing. It's a straight

Author Patrick D (4 years)
we buy it for 20 in america

Author jessica romero (1 year)
try it for yourself before you start talking crap. i was extremely
skeptical & so was my boyfriend when we first got them. we honestly thought
we just got 'played' by the salesman. but seriously try it for yourself, my
bf & i were so shocked because we did not expect for it to work at all
until we arm wrestled each other.

Author dmitinthetree (1 year)
Gaaaay, it looks nice though.

Author Rui Lozano (1 year)
Stupid shitheads. Its ionized it must be charged with the sun and it will
make you feel good and make your mood better. Not stronger.

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