TheFinalProject | Overdose Round 5 | -StiffNinja- |

My 5th montage in overdose. This video is for the most part killing video, I don't know when but maybe in other videos I'll make in the future, I'll include more running. I used Adobe After Effects for some parts and hopefully I'll become better at editing as I make more videos. Thank you guys for all the support you guys have been showing after we got hacked, I guess you can call this a treat for you guys. Enjoy!
Songs:1) Hot Date! & Chrisson - Overcome (This Time)
2)Atlas - Feint
Programs: Sony vegas 7, Adobe After Effects, Fraps, and ingame recorder.

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Author Viktor Nagy (5 months)
while u waste your life playing this game i be with my girlfriend. so sad

Author Alvin Chand (1 month)
around 1:51 he was using aimbot

Author Night Furry (1 month)
This game make me sleep now lol

Author Josh Alex (5 days)

Author Some Thing (7 months)
Almost 2 years later still the best montage.

Author walter aprile (8 months)

Author עמראן מואסי (9 months)
I love your running its clear without any bolet <3 i hope that i have game
without any lag like you :))

Author Local Jay (11 months)
0:00 legend starts a nice montage

Author matheus santos (9 months)
nubbbbbb free killl 

Author taro yang (1 year)
That's nice I wish I cand do that.

Author Colt Stratt (1 year)
The people he owned disliked this video

Author Wikipedia™ (1 year)
why are you calling a COUNTRY what you are? cant use at least 0,1% of ur
useless brain?

Author Cristian veras silva (1 year)
ei vc e do brasil ?

Author Ching Chang Chong (1 year)
hahah i think i love you haha xD

Author Andy C (1 year)

Author Dennis Lee (1 year)
That moment when -StiffNinja- reuses two clips three different times and
just edits them at different frames.

Author DuplaDeTresHD (1 year)
A R G E N T I N A Mariconeeeeee u.u

Author iMissFortune CA (1 year)
Awesome !!!

Author Extremeth CA (1 year)
Near to 100k views congrats guys! This montage let me to play again on
quarantine :)

Author Raul Silva (1 year)
Ele tacou a bomba Burru

Author Mike Taylor (1 year)

Author guilherme85708 (1 year)
nem eo nome dele e bryan ... so procura no youtube STIFFTHENINJA la e fala
poco vida dele e uns tutoriais

Author Ano nimo (1 year)
Popular Players: xXTurner - CA Europe -StiffNinja- - CA North American :]

Author xupameudedo (1 year)
FQKOuNinja ele mato cm a nade troxa ve la no cantinho

Author jose FLAVIO (1 year)

Author sasuke5494 (1 year)
Yikes... an unbelievable in Quar. You've officially awed me. The highest
I've ever gotten was an ultra. I hate you. -.-
Author K-Dog01™ (1 year)
your a legend, I really want to play with you more :( my IGN is K-Dog01 we
have met once only :)

Author UnRe4LCaEu (1 year)
iWanna come clan!! I play Qr

Author xXBurnFireblazeXx (1 year)
he's trying but everyone is on his dick/giving him free kills he has a
youtube, user/stifftheninja

Author John Smith (1 year)
Lol at Stiff's twitter: @StiffTheNinja

Author BitProducts (1 year)
thumbs up if u want stiff to rest instead of begging him for making more

Author Zidn Mhmd (1 year)
Wowowowwoow you are awesome I hope you do quarantine montage round 7 that
will be great for all we are waiting

Author Fábio Eduardo (1 year)
Ele é do Brasil ?

Author -iGoInsane_ (1 year)
Nice Montage Bro!!! StiffNinja.

Author TwD-Cash (1 year)

Author Mon Aung (1 year)
i have

Author BANG BOYZ (1 year)
i love make it montage sorry

Author Johnathan Wembley (1 year)
muita amizade nessa montage da pra reparar os infectados não querem pegar
ele so correm atras dele!! ¬¬

Author MrFokaCA (1 year)
n1 already. visit my channel if want for some video :)

Author Deadfox910 (1 year)
Send sanitanielu (no capitals) a perm tracker, fairy nade for nx and
crusher for ninety days and he shall make one better than this

Author Felipe Silva (1 year)
entao joga contra ele ''/

Author yago felipe (11 months)
esse manja

Author PainRunner CA (1 year)
Gzz 100k views!!

Author Ephaxe EU (1 year)
He havent Skype .. LOL?? YES HE HAVE :S

Author PvP Mito (1 year)
deu frag oque?? ta com inveja pq ele é o melhor jogador de combat arms?

Author StiffTheNinja (1 year)
dang 100k views thanks guys

Author AFKOhad (1 year)
Wow! I can't believe that Combat Arms Montage hit over 100k views GOOD JOB

Author TrentmanGaming - Minecraft (1 year)
Do you even Ninja?

Author hans peter (1 year)
N O O B S !!!

Author C Ng (1 year)
I thankfully have not had the chance to play a QR game with you as infected

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