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Weeee. I was so happy when finally managing to kill Yogg. If it wasn't 5 am I would have nerdscreamed like I never did. The stress on that fight is simply unbearable. Especially with Yogg-Saron's "AHAHAHAHAH" at every lunatic gaze in p3. I didn't go insane ingame, but definitely did IRL after 7+ hours straight of Yogg attempts. Used something like 50 Runescroll of Fortitude II .... . . . .. my poor money. boohoo.

That being said, the encounter is just as amazing as when I discovered it for the first time in WotLK. The margin for error is close to null. A few RNG combos can happen and end an attempt pretty abruptly, these RNG combos are:
- GOD AWFUL tentacle positioning sometimes, spawning literally at the opposite side of the room
- lack of RE procs in brain phase (literally 0)
- RNG stun like Telonicus in Tempest Keep. Sometimes it's really horrid, usually it's OK though.

I'm doing somewhat "badly" as long as Sanity is involved in p3 but I have *no* choice but to take tons of risks since I desperately *need* Heart Strike to hit Yogg-Saron with its cleave, and I can't just stand around doing nothing while waiting for him to cast Lunatic Gaze as well. The 15-min enrage timer, while not super-extra tight, is there for a reason, and I hit it multiple times beforehand (6% and 3% wipes)

If you follow my other YouTube vids, you will have probably noticed I usually don't play too much attention to musics and put up random stuff I'm listening to. In that case, you will indeniably notice the effort I put in that vid. \o/

Musics: Machinae Supremacy - Ghost
IIDX18 Resort Anthem - The Black Knight
Infected Mushroom - Saeed

Enjoy watching!! My next target is some .. random former Paladin. Let's put it that way. ;)

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Author Star Sloth (17 days)
ruined by musici, gay

Author Flamel RollinStein (4 months)

Author Władca Wymiaru (7 months)
No sanity gauge???

Author xXxEqSxXx (1 year)
That was the best video ever Mione, Love you!

Author pivotpandemic (3 years)
@demonxthedk Trolo, umadbro? With her gear she can crit for 82k, its mostly
because of the Helpers from Ulduar, but as a Paladin. I can crit 94k On
raids. So Gtfo. :>

Author Aldmeri Dominion (2 years)
@closedcask3t no actually you did not solo icc.

Author Ozzy Wa (1 year)
sometimes if u have no clue of what is going on u better shut the fuck up

Author morphagohma (11 months)
You should have used Becoming Insane instead of Saeed :P Awesome fight,
well done :) I did it today, for the first time. I've not wiped that much
in ages on something, but mostly because the fight is fairly complicated if
you do not know what you have to do. Slacking for only a moment in the
portal-room is as good as a wipe :3

Author lleksikon (2 years)
Oki, I did this fairly easily, although I can't even get close to beating
mimiron's HM enrage timer. Any help to offer? :)

Author Vakarjmeg (1 year)
There was no Purgatory in cata.

Author Grevener (2 years)
If i remember correctly Hodir - Buffs the raid with Fortitude of Frost,
which increases damage done by 10% and reduces damage taken by 20%. He can
also use Hodir's Protective Gaze to save a player from what would otherwise
be a killing blow. This spell has ~25 seconds cooldown. Whenever he uses
that ability, it stops you from dieing but puts you at 1 HP.

Author scarymissmary1991 (2 years)
Badass! <3

Author TViPx (3 years)
@Barochus1 Well, there is a hunter on YouTube soloing stuff like this as
well and a warlock solo'ed sartharion 3D.

Author Tylosaurio (2 years)
Do the achievement: "Alone in the Darkness" And you will be the new Lich

Author whushup (2 years)
Cheers, well done

Author Shaadoom (2 years)
its bcause of having the guardian Hodir in the fight, he makes so when you
die you get into a block for a short time instead of dying

Author horseman217 (2 years)
Less tanking gear, more DPS gear. :)

Author anni (1 year)

Author rhaepso (2 years)
quite an amazing encounter to solo. I just tried it with different gear
setups until I got the kill - took me 5 pulls. :) [with all four helpers
alive] Thanks for sharing your vids / strats!

Author tipaios (1 year)
Except no private server has working Yogg Saron, you failed there, sorry.

Author Antharios1 (2 years)
deadly boss mods

Author ColetZee (1 year)

Author BlockStream Gaming (1 year)
im another guy and i dont im gonna make a dk but i dont know how a dk works
could u help me since it looks like u know a bit or more of it :)?

Author iwatchtomanyvids (2 years)
h ttp : / / eu . battle . net / wow / en / character / auchindoun / Mionee
/ simple Is there character remove the spaces.

Author chukky1124 (2 years)
sorry to say this ... you are good .. but if blizzard is that blind to see
some classes are OP then there just retarded..they should be making a game
for the fans imo not the money

Author Felix F. (1 year)
never go full retard !

Author WeHateSand (2 years)
dude, ....... just ....... gratz

Author demonxthedk (3 years)
82000 CRITS!?!?!?WTF!?!?!?!?

Author KewKewKashi (3 years)
Does this mean Mione could solo 10 level 80 raiders? YES.

Author kimflodin (3 years)
@Killwhitey222 you could solo old content back in wotlk and tbc too,so i
think wotlk was the worst,just sayin.

Author 123RAZZER123 (1 year)
I believe that ability is called "Purgatory" dumbfuck.

Author kamoondoo (2 years)
I'm glad I came upon your video, not only was your fight impressive, but
thanks to your good taste in music, I now have an awesome dungeon
grinding/farming song to make them easily breeze by while feeling pumped
(Infected Mushroom - Saeed). Cheers!

Author JSpar93664 (2 years)
For all of you who think "this video is a joke and isn't hard" Until you've
tried this. You really have no room to speak about the difficulty. Mind you
it was also in t11 gear, so put yourself in 359-372 ilvl gear and do it,
send me the video, then we'll talk.

Author Zephy Fairman (2 years)
is yogg saron a fish?

Author Admiranaal (2 years)
very noice

Author Kendall Babbitt (1 year)
The keepers keep you alive when you should die. Duh.

Author Robert Paulson (3 years)
All I have to say is HERO CLASS LOL!

Author Ozzy Wa (1 year)
u dont have suvivability problems becuz ur lvl 90 hes lv 85 which means
half of u hp half of ur dmg half of ur heal

Author Varian Tedja (1 year)
. . . . . Um, maybe it was thanks to the Keepers?

Author itotalyhateallthings (2 years)
You are simply the best.

Author xKeeviiinx (1 year)

Author xCART00NNETW0RKx (3 years)
well timed parachute bro

Author tmpka (1 year)
Purgatory didn't exist in Cata. Derp.

Author Naru (1 year)
Probably the addon what she using don't show the numbers in the right
milisecond. I have mik's scrolling battle text and it sometimes show the
damage of my dots in a second after the mob died.

Author viagraguttene (2 years)
1:26 Swag....

Author Killwhitey222 (3 years)
@GhettoManatee Yeah, the reason Cata is messed up is you can solo old

Author Crysislobster (2 years)
Think that's a boss debuff, not sure though

Author lovezpoptartz (1 year)
You get a buff that when you should've died, you survive for a few more
seconds and become invulnerable. You are a tard.

Author Daortir (2 years)
It's normal, when you get low in health, there is one watcher who "locks"
your HP at 1 ; ) If you look closely it happens many times en the fight.

Author Skellborn (2 years)
oh... i remember... :D

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