I love playing this song, based on an arrangement by the great Charles Magnante.

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Author Thune (3 months)
I learned this song back in my teens. Of course, even though it was
arranged by the same person, my accordion is no match for the quality of
the Roland, and my skills after four years of classical piano, and five
years of accordion, ending with progressive improve jazz, certainly were
well below your talented feeling for the music you play. I am now 72YO and
have had 13 surgeries on my hands. Obviously I no longer play, but I
thouroly enjoy the musicality of others, and of most styles of music, from
popular to major classical. Keep up the great playing, I am sure that many
enjoy your incredible talent and obvious love of music! 

Author Frank Bryant (5 months)

Author Lorna Pollock (4 years)
Excellent music! I truly enjoyed this! Superb sound! Lorna

Author Andy Habzansky (1 year)
wow great, same arrangement I learned as a kid, I could never do that one
again lol. wonderful job on it.

Author Richard Noel (4 years)
@omgpix You are quite right about it being used too often as a gag, but
fortunately the acceptance of the accordion seems to be improving
dramatically. Thanks for the comments. Richard

Author Silvia Richter (4 years)
awesome, 50 stars!!! :-) Silvia

Author reinaldo menezes (1 year)

Author Diego Alonso Cánovas (4 years)
Magnífica interpretación!! ***** Felicitaciones. Diego

Author RashRonda (3 years)
Increible¡¡¡ mis más sinceras felicitaciones, es usted un genio del
acordeón. Me encantó... gracias.

Author musicfamily (4 years)
Good job Richard. Leon recommended me to watch this when I asked him about
the bellow movement of the Roland FR-7.

Author josé Ramão Rodrigues Fernandes Moncho de Fidalgo. (4 years)
Parabéns, meu carp. muito bom...

Author Richard Noel (4 years)
@musicfamily Thanks--the bellows can be set to move much more than this, or
even less, depending on your preference. I prefer the "heavier" setting,
which allows ample dynamic expression but doesn't require as many bellows
direction changes.

Author Joaquim Ananias (3 years)
Amazing this performance, Richard.No daughts no questions ,5*****

Author John Gill (4 years)
I have never seen a anyone to work the bass so well in my life ! Bravo :)

Author Richard Noel (4 years)
Gracias. I greatly appreciate your support. Richard

Author cryptrider1 (1 year)
For THIS song, you are to the accordion as Roy Clark is to the guitar. Both
of you play this song with total abandon and skill! Terry in Alexis, NC, USA

Author Barney Panfil (1 year)
I love this classic performance. Very skillfully played. Great dynamics. I
can't say enough. Bravo!!

Author Jollyaccordionist (4 years)
Well done played this Digitalaccordeon solo Malaguena. Awesome sound Roland
fr7:-) Masterclass solo. Thanks! Greetings from Justin.

Author combofixful (3 years)
hey men you klase prima,i'm you fan,seeyou

Author duksoe (3 years)
Thank you for the wonderful accordion play!

Author adventurous63 (4 years)
Bravo!! This beats modern crap music six ways from Sunday.

Author Alison Hasselquist (1 year)
I can play the keys, but not the chords, I"m wondering if there is a chord
chart to go with this.

Author Alison Hasselquist (1 year)
well, I mean a guide to the bass notes.

Author NancyMbWpg (3 years)
Wow--thanks for taking on this big song---you did a great job on it.!
W;onderful to hear it again !

Author Tom Ropeleski (2 years)
One of my are outstanding. Tom

Author Chris Joss (4 years)
excellent Richard! Bravo...5 Stars!

Author Richard Noel (4 years)
I wish that were true, but my left hand requires a lot of "supervision" in
a song such as this. Thanks.

Author sirosirmakka (4 years)

Author AccordionLadyMi (4 years)
Richard, Sounds great to me...Very nice performance. Fran

Author Gennaro Ruffolo (4 years)
Wonderful performance 5* gennaro.

Author Manuela Reis (6 months)
muito belo!!

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