Soul Eater - Maka and Soul First Kiss !


This is a really short video, and I spend all day made this. I am sooo happy, I find the Soul Eater upright , doujinshi StrawberryandMint and some others cute and sexys chapters ^^
SoMa KISS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't know if this good, this was all out colors before. Now I don't know if was better in the original form, or how is now.
Well, I hope you guys enjoy watch how much I enjoy make XD

Song: My first kiss by 3OH3! ft Kesha
Anime and Manga: Soul Eater

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Author Fallen Angel G.M. (11 months)
Thumbs if you think this video next an extended version!!

Author Kaylaa Gonzalez (11 months)
MY FIRST KISS WAS..... in my dreams -_- am i the only one who watches anime
and then feels so forever alone because there is always that ONE PAIR that
looks cute together

Author Tegan Crader (9 months)
XD i like that in the beginning Soul's 1st kiss was with Black*Star

Author isabel marinho (3 years)
I got so mad when I got to the last chapter and they didn't kiss! they're
so cute togheter!

Author TheMeatLover123 (3 years)

Author Vi3009 (3 years)
@MsPeldon my first kiss

Author LovedOddOnes (3 years)
cute love it!!! they are so a perfect couple

Author katie pike (1 year)
i wish it was a real episode

Author thirdtender (3 years)
@thirdtender Op Nvm I found most of them except the one at 0:33

Author BeyKingColes13 (3 years)

Author Koyuki13 (3 years)
@Lampumahal no...unfortunately these are doujinshi not the real manga...

Author DreamWriter99 (4 years)
Smexy Song. 0///0 I have a speacial love for mmvs. <3

Author Maka Eater Evans (3 years)
0:18 *0*??

Author KeksFanxXx (4 years)
Haha, so awesome! <3

Author fofopfofofo (3 years)
Love Saka xD

Author Vi3009 (3 years)
@s0leta34 strawberry and mint doujinshi ^-^

Author teakwondogirlz123 (3 years)
where did you get this doujinshis??

Author Raluka Mihaela (3 years)
0:04 =))))))))

Author bluegirl894 (4 years)
awesome video *_* and aren't doujinshi one of the greatest things ever. xD
i'm so addicted to sasusaku/naruhina doujinshis. x3 and i read yaoi
doujinshi sometimes xD well today i started to read yaoi doujinshis...x)

Author javier adorno (1 year)
DDDDAAAAMMMMIIITTTT u dont just cut off a good vid like that. damit

Author MentalLlama22 (3 years)
@TheMeatLover123 so...they..dont :( *sigh* oh well

Author ArchangelGMichel (3 years)
Where can I find that doujinshi?

Author Mary Smith (4 years)
Do you know what chapters was it i know where to go for reading it but i
just wanna know what chapter thanks if you answer my question

Author RaineForte (3 years)
what chapter in soul eater manga can i see when soul and maka kissed four
times? cuz it didn't show in the anime of soul eater

Author AquamariaLilien (3 years)
ich würde sooooooo gern mit maka tauschen... soul ist sooo hot O_o

Author Xkm1058x (3 years)
WAAAHHHHH MISONATA ISAKU NA why didnt they kiss in the anime MAKA you were
so close BITCH

Author deydghbd (3 years)
FOOLS! Nothing like this ever happened in the anime. This has broken rule
number 283; listen to Excaliber. THis reminds me of another story... (etc)

Author espeonsweetie (3 years)
Oh my, le sexy time.

Author Wolfblaze75 (3 years)
you should totaly think of making a ful verison

Author Zachary Johnson (3 years)
You need to make a full version of this XD

Author damien0210 (3 years)
in the first picture its blackstar and soul

Author OversizedxSunglasses (3 years)

Author xFaffyx (3 years)
looooove this!! <3 <3 even if it doesnt really happen *sighs a big fat sigh*

Author hayaiwa (3 years)
In the original comic by Atsushi Ōkubo, there is no kiss-scene like that.
but niwa-tori's doujinshi (fun comic that was issued on her own account),
there are small love between the two.

Author Vinnyvinable (3 years)
Omg if the make-outs happened for real...My room would be a giant shrine of
Maka x Soul (not that it isn't already haha...)

Author Skylyr Phillips (3 years)
A little amv practice would doo but this is awesome, thanks!!

Author toggie malik (1 year)
My nose started bleeding after the video LOL

Author skylards99 (3 years)
Doujinshi's make up lost romance in the animes or mangas. Love the video by
the way. :D Awesome.

Author HatsuneMiku0137 (1 year)
i love yaoi doujinshis, some of them are super cute and others are more
hardcore cos the manga isn't. they give me what i need

Author Lampumahal (3 years)
wait, maka and soul really kissing? what chapter? and 0:05 , 0:12 , 0:18 ,
0:22 , etc.

Author Vi3009 (4 years)
@KeksFanxXx thanks ^^

Author Natali Vaskenova (3 years)
can you tell me 0:05 (the pink one) from which doujinshi is??

Author PrincessDaisy5208 (3 years)
whats the picture from 0:24? the tongue kiss >_< I need it !!

Author xlittlesreamvampire (3 years)
I like it*_________*

Author MentalLlama22 (3 years) they kiss in the manga??

Author Vi3009 (3 years)
@PrincessDaisy5208 Oh, this is from the 'S' doujinshi :D

Author NekuSoul (4 years)
Wow, really cool! I saw some of those doujins!

Author Jamie Williquette (3 years)
I don't really like this song, but that was really good... And funny. xD

Author TheDoubleSplash (3 years)
beautiful video!!! it's fantastic!! ^_^

Author kyotohru97 (3 years)
This is EPIC XD

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