Puff Daddy/Faith Evans/112 - I'll Be Missing You

Christopher George Latore Wallace (1972 - 1997)
AKA The Notorious B.I.G.

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Added: 5 years
Runtime: 4:33
Comments: 37518

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Author Shahrzad A (4 months)
Foe everyone that lost some who truly loved..!!
I'll be missing you….;(

Author eliza medrano (1 month)

Author Benni Ngo (8 days)
It must be coincidence to find this great song, which is a tribute to The
Notorious B.I.G, while I have just found out and read about the East
Coast–West Coast hip hop rivalry. Really nice song!

Author Philipp Müller (10 months)
Puff Daddy/Faith Evans/112 - I'll Be Missing You

Author brandon tk (3 months)
i try so hard not to cry when he says words cant express what you mean to

Author Xcodie54 (4 months)
R.I.P B.I.G love from your cousin 

Author 岩尾徹 (3 months)
【4/16 Midnight Music】 No.115
Puff Daddy/Faith Evans/112 - I'll Be Missing You

Author Micic00 (25 days)
Song is great and I'm a fan of both of these guys and their lyrics and
power through it that is evident, but I gotta say one thing - I'm pretty
sure Biggie was an atheist...this heaven talk, and life after death was
below him. He was stronger, he was a soldier with powerful philosophy of
life. God was not a part of it. I do enjoy the song very much besides that,
we're keeping him in our minds and he lives forever through his rap, and
that's what matters; Biggie was as true and as real as they come and I'm
just keepin it real, I feel like I owe him that much.

Author Tecelli Doğrul (3 months)

Author AnderssonArad (2 months)
the ghost of 2pac makes his presence felt 0:11

Author mcfluffers (3 months)
wow this cover of "Police - every breath I take" Is fantastic!

I wonder why they renamed it though? How will they get the attention they
need on youtube?

Author 3DaiYo4Kai56 (3 months)
I'm guessing all the dislikes r from hardcore 2pac fans? Not that I care,
I'm just guessing 

Author rap RD (2 months)
this rap sucks no wonder p diddy wanted to get rid off tupac

Author Rachel Alsina (1 month)
B.I.P Markayle. I Hate That You Had To Leave Me So Soon,But I Hatee The Way
You Left Even More. They Did You Dirty Mane. BUT Its A Game Of Lifee & You
Dont Get To Play It Twice. *"Sunrise 4/26/89-Sunset 2/10/12"*

Author TheDailyDubz (3 months)
Every time I hear this the emotions come flooding back, takes me right back
to 9th of March 1997, that night when we lost one of the greatest. R.I.P
Big Poppa

Author morris (3 months)
I love this song. It really changed the way I feel about black people.

Author Eddie Kaywood (3 months)
P diddy used to write really good songs. Now he barley writes any songs at

Author Gyyzrify (2 months)
R.I.P Mom.
You will always be in my heart.

Author colurfullcats (1 month)
I'm glad the he died because he was a criminal and deserves to be dead.

Author Prince Vegeta (3 months)
How can you not cry to this? You must be some cold-hearted tough bitch to
not even tear up.

Author Daniel Thompson (1 month)
RIP Tourettes Guy :)

Author Gabriele Aiello (4 months)
:( R.I.P. B.I.G. I was moved by this video :( I'll Be Missing You!!!

Author Delsin Rowe The Creator (2 months)
R.I.P Biggie Smalls

Author haloman117100 (1 month)
What the fuck happened to rap with all these shithouses like chris brown,
lil Wayne and nicki minaj

Author Cristina deLeon DDM (3 months)
+seth ogan +Ty Plascencia (2) +Omelette DuFromage +Alfredo Tigolo

*"Every move i make, every single day every time i pray ill be missing you"*

Author Ercilia Hernandez (2 months)
Loss my dad January 31 2014, my Brother Oct, 27 1994 and a good Friend
August of 2012. This song is for u guys miss u all very much

Author METIN LPéčka (26 days)
This is a stupid copy of Every Breath You Take, I think.

Author karnage karnige (1 month)
lol puffys only good song and he rips it off from another artist. overrated

Author Stazi Gram (2 months)
If Eminem dies it'd be cool to see Dr dre, 50, D12 and possibly Kendrick
making a song similar to this.. 

Author Deborah Stark (2 months)
Has to be the biggest funeral song ever! Gives me goosebumps 

Author Alexander Dinesen (21 day)
Ain't nothing like stealing

Author Jackie Lopez (6 months)
Think of you more Daddy when i here this song !! I wish you were here I
need you each day of my life you were always here for me howI missthose
days of fun and laughter !! Most of all I miss talking to you !!! My
shoulder to cry and you were by best friend!! Iwill always miss you no
matter how long you been gone and Love you always!! You will always be my
guardian angel!!

Author Bia Tag (2 months)
I'll be missing uuuuuuuuuuu !! kissessssssss my angels.... bye bye

Author Venom NBK (3 months)
This song proves Sean Combs (Puff Daddy) can make some beautiful music.

R.I.P. Biggy

Author Rocky Robinson (4 months)
RIP Pac, nate dogg, biggie, left eye, proof, ODB, and many more...

Author Al (4 months)
RIP Big, Pac, Pun, BigL, Eazy, Proof, ODB, Nate Dogg, Bugz, Jam Master Jay,
Steez and many more.

Author PszczulkaMaya (3 months)
2 PAC the real legendary rapper !!!

Author Trucause (2 months)
Great song! It's still questionable whether diddy has true emotion... he
has always been quick to part ways with artists... All about that money it

Author aznxCOOLxguy (4 months)
I grew up hearing that the 90's wasn't as great as the 70's or 80's when it
comes to music. I'm 22 now and I've realized how special the 90's have
become. So many great songs and artists from that time period. Makes me
happy to grow up in that time era.

P.S. I know this song is another version of "I'll be watching you" by
Police, but I grew up with Puff Daddy's version. I love both of them.

Author ParkerKligerman177 (6 months)
I'm honestly not a fan of rap / hip hop music by any means. However, I
don't see how you can dislike this song. This song is deep and meaningful
to anyone who has lost someone they loved. Good stuff.

Author 77chonyc (2 months)
Crazy how the budgets for videos have changed. I could make a better video
today with my cell phone camera. Hehe. 

Author emo heidi forever dead n alone (1 month)
Love this song soo much reminds me of a lot of important things especially
my nana who past yesterday morning 

Author elmarcosatm (1 day)

Author bauro temakauro (1 day)
Raps dieing its hard to move on...its like a parent losing a child and cant
move on. These new rappers make it even more harder to move on...RIP
biggie, 2pac, Big L

Author Ercilia Hernandez (2 months)
They should have included clips of Biggie here instead of making all about
them (P Diddy and Faith)

Author Raffaz (6 days)
fuck you puff and fuck BIGGIE 2pac killerss

Author HumanTheBeast (12 days)
When he fell... 😂😂😂😭😭😭

Author xNicoPowa (14 days)
We miss you B.I.G. :(

Author jojo jeppe (16 days)
Miss you my bro!

Author jetlife (15 days)
i was conceived to this song

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