Christopher Hitchens on Noam Chomsky "He thought [USA] was all Genocides"

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Author plundersomepink (3 months)
once loved the mind of this man,..hitchens was one of the most brilliant
minds you could ever listen to or read...was there something other than
9/11 that turned him to the worship of the state/empire?? and it is in fact
true, that it has been little more than genocide since ww2 by the U.S. and
the "powers that be".

Author permanentkick (3 months)
Hitchens was more than just a chickenhawk with a posh accent and a serious
addiction problem. It is unfair to call him a " talentless old queen" or
compare him to Anne Coulter simply because he had larger breasts and a
smaller adam's apple....More accurate to say "subcriminal sociopath" or
perhaps "Shameless Statest shill" 

Author Jose Fialho (5 months)
christopher hitchens = rotten egg

Author Bill Moose (5 months)
I'm not sure how accurate this is. In the ytube video: the "cold war
explained in 5 minutes" Chomsky says: "America is, in my opinion,
politically speaking.... the freest country in the world" If you watch his
videos about afghanistan you can see the reason he doesn't critisise groups
like the taliban is not because he's sympathetic with them but because
nothing he says about them will have an effect. So instead he focuses on
the crimes (as he sees it) of the United states.

Author Sam Dawkins (5 months)
i lost respect of chomsky when he said "in the first 3 century of
christainty it was a poor peoples pacifist movement" he knows nothing about
NT scholarship and should stick to linguistics 

Author Ancient Mariner (4 months)
Hitchens was a fantastic man. Terribly missed.

Author drjimiboy69 (4 months)
Completely simplifying Chomsky's work and thinking. Hitchens is too smart
to actually argue what he is saying. His bizarre take on the slaughter in
Iraq and the "War on Terror" suggest he has suspended his more
characteristic intellectual soundness and rigor on these subjects. I like
him a lot, even if he's dead wrong here. He always had a nasty streak. Part
of what made him who he was. 

Author MrAcarine (4 months)
It's funny, but I became disenchanted with both Hitchens and Chomsky when,
IMO, they both went wrong, but in opposite directions. Hitchens became a
fan of American aggression(Iraq and Kosovo), while Chomsky insists on
blaming everything on America and Israel, no matter what other people(Al
Qaeda, the Serbs, the regime in the Sudan) are doing.

Author Skizzofonik (3 months)
I really do admire Hitchens' work on religion, theocracy and atheism, but I
must say I strongly disagree with some of what he's implying here. It is
simply a fact that the US has been responsible for the death of an
overwhelming number of innocent people. The fact that anarchists oppose the
United States for this reason completely contradicts the notion that they
would be supportive of "theocratic nihilists" since they essentially follow
the same doctrine as the US. No one wants to "destroy" the US, it simply
has a corrupt government that should be abolished, just like all other
governments should.

Author Eric huckaby (4 months)
hitchens had some of the best arguments for the iraq war its funny how many
people are willing to defend the sovereignty of a psychotic tyrant. 

Author OnlineBackupServices (4 months)
burn in hell hitchens

Author Michael Tackett (4 months)
Hitchens, was a bigot, a right wing tool, and he was not nearly the
intellect of Chomsky, so i looked at him as nothing more than a kook. 

Author Bla Blubber (6 months)
ahhh peace at last. I always knew there was something superficial,
something inconsistent, something utterly mediocre about christopher
hitchens. Finally, proof! Boring, boring, boring -- trying to discredit a
much greater thinker than himself. I'll sleep just fine tonight.

Author z0mgwhut (7 months)
I would rather point you to other videos of Hitchens. More enjoyable for
you and less time consuming for me. Hitchens was a man of nuances.

Author Matthew Singh-Dosanjh (9 months)
1/2 So, you're essentially claiming Hitchens had zero credentials? 1.
During his 40 year journalist career, he reported from upwards of 60
different territories/nation 2. He was in Cuba during the Revolution,
working as an agriculture volunteer 3. He was/is likely the last person
ever in human history to visit Iran, Iraq and North Korea while they were
under their dictator leaderships 4. He was a founder member of Charter 88

Author Ciaran O'Connell (5 months)
America has it's good & it's bad points. Me not listing the good points on
a YouTube comment page where 500 characters is the limit is hardly me
saying America is all bad. You're using that merely as an excuse for you to
misconstrue my point.

Author Greg Vinson (9 months)
Glad you agree and enjoyed my comment. Isn't it bizarre when you read
comments by people who are so clueless as to take Chomsky to be a liberal?
Talking to them about Chomsky is worse than talking to a priest about
female orgasm; uninformed is better than misinformed.

Author John C. Waters (8 months)
Whether or not foreign policy is clandestine has little relevance to its
classification. CIA activity in Central and South America went directly
through the executive channels of government, whether you like to call it
'official' or not is a point of nomenclature. It was still systemic and
state planned, and resulted in widespread repression and anti-democratic
practices. Not to mention the multiplicity of explicit state crimes - the
War on Terror, Iraq Sanctions,invasions of Panama,vietnam etc

Author johnnyontube (9 months)
I have to say you no better than the people that throw a hissy fit. You
acting like the spoilt kid in school that got a question right and no-one
else knew it. Unfortunately this time you aren't necessarily correct. I
can't where you have witnessed a decline in Chomsky's views. Maybe his
decline is due to the fact that he is 83 and his ideas aren't as
revolutionary as they were when first announced. They don't need to be; his
views are becoming more obvious to people

Author orthotox (5 months)
Hitchens: A Christian without Christ. Chomsky: an anarchist without anarchy.

Author BeardedBill86 (6 months)
I wish the Hitch were still alive and we could see it.

Author John C. Waters (8 months)
1/2 I never intended to blame the US population, but I can maybe see why
you would come to that conclusion. I'm talking about the state.
Structurally, the role of state power in the US has not changed
significantly since the 80s, other than by continuously and increasingly
working to facilitate corporate power. There's a lot of work by respected
academics on the subject.

Author John C. Waters (8 months)
oh also I'd just like to qualify that I meant an upwards inclination
towards what's known as 'economic liberalisation' or 'neoliberalism'.
Expansionism has been a consistent feature of US foreign policy for a long

Author philyson (6 months)
as for liberty, i cannot agree there. again, i come back to the points of
free speech, and a secular constitution. european countries force people to
pay taxes to support the state run church, or draw in many cases more
restrictive lines of speech. id hardly call that liberty, and have much
higher tax rates in general, another restriction on personal liberty. so i
think that point is at best arguable, from your side, but for an atheist,
220 years of secularism is a nice tie breaker.

Author John NoNameGibbon (6 months)
Well, sure. Of course. But it is important to realize that in the US most
of the time our own wrong doings are often completely omitted from the
discussion altogether. Surely that is worse place to start, right?

Author chriscontrare (9 months)
@Dravid Rammin'...sure i'll say something you fucking lowlife wanker, try
to defend somebody else who has'nt got a fucking stupid username, now grow
some balls you son of a bitch!

Author dalektaliban (6 months)
I like Hitchens, but he has a habit of misinterpreting and oversimplifying
his opponents positions when it comes to the Iraq war

Author Fabian Caruso (9 months)
Hitchens is a joke, weeks before he died he stated the following nonsense:
The US did the right thing to invade Afghanistan and Iraq because these are
"rightous" wars and after all the wrongdoings of the past (Vietnam,
Corea,...) that's the least they can do now - invade countries based on
lies, kill innocents and bully weaker states and populations (that's what
they did in the last years). RIP Hitchens, but you made a fool out of

Author Frosty Altoid (5 months)
I like hitchens better cuz he actually has a personality

Author manuellopez1956 (6 months)
Did Chomsky really suggest the US was -merely- a "bad idea"? Hitchens lost
his principles after 911. He swallowed the Iraq WMD lie whole, which proves
how far he fell intellectually. There should be a magazine dedicated to his
memory titled Insanity Fare.

Author erickelrojo100 (6 months)
What American left?

Author BeardedBill86 (6 months)
Excuse me? Kindly do not put words in my mouth. I do not think the US is
the "dark empire". In fact, I am all too aware that there are multiple
parties in the world contributing to global harm and many of them do not
sit on US soil. HOWEVER, the US -does- have the most global impact,
therefore it retains the spotlight much of the time. You probably don't
realise how much exploitation and harm the western world (US and Europe)
built itself and sits upon, but it is not alone, ofcourse.

Author satail (7 months)
No sorry i cant take chomsky seriously because he cant admit that he was
wrong with khmer rouge. Also he met with hezbollah. It seems that he has
hard on with totalitarian movements,

Author BeardedBill86 (5 months)
You're going to accuse me of oversimplification in a youtube comments
section? Really? What are you expecting an essay in here? Please.

Author wisher555 (9 months)
You clearly know nothing about Chomsky. He is one of the most respected men
in the field of linguistics. And how is he not relevant? Most of what he
says about the US is true. Hitchens has the right to call out religion, but
Chomsky does not have a right to call the US a terrorist state?

Author Matthew Singh-Dosanjh (8 months)
Yes, because as you say it's just a brief sound bite clips. I suggest you
read their numerous correspondences in the Nation magazine in the wake of
September 1th, 2001.

Author tellul8r (6 months)
It's ok for Hitchens to say that there as no one can really challenge him,
but say it in front of Prof Chomsky and Prof Chomsky would take him to

Author Matthew Singh-Dosanjh (8 months)
1/2 "Whether or not foreign policy is clandestine has little relevance to
its classification. CIA activity in Central and South America went directly
through the executive channels of government, whether you like to call it
'official' or not is a point of nomenclature" This is an attempt, a failed
one, at obfuscation. Like I said, it's simply a matte of fact that the US
people were totally unawares of what elements within their government were
doing secretly. It's absurd to blame the US people

Author The Bismarckian (5 months)
My opening question was rhetorical. You were in fact implying those things.
You deny this by saying that you were actually making a statement rather
than vague implications. You retreat to a position far worse than that
which I ascribed to you. You were being accused of oversimplification. This
has not changed. You have continued to define Hitchens’ position falsely,
although with more colorful language. It would be bizarre if Hitchens had
blindly jerked off to the US, but that was not the case.

Author Matthew Singh-Dosanjh (8 months)
I think it's precisely because he's confused in an always-changing world
that Prof. Chomsky still applies the same standards, and why he's
essentially a status-quo leftist.

Author Siddharth Pathak (9 months)
**facepalm** Just because you can type fairly well in English, it doesn't
mean that you can comment with authority about why Chomsky, or anybody else
for that matter, is wrong. I am not a big fan Hitchens and prefer Chomsky
over the two. But I am not doing so because of Chomsky's reputation or his
fame. Tell me something, how on Earth is Chomsky wrong about USA being a
genocidal state, when you take a look at Iraq, Iran, the entire Central
America and even Africa?

Author neurathsboat (7 months)
I don't need to watch his videos (though I do), because I've actually read
a great deal of his work. I find him fascinating, not because he was
intrinsically intellectually stimulating, but because he was a near-perfect
portrait of the decrepit state of Western intellectual culture.

Author BeardedBill86 (5 months)
I never said the USA, I said USA "as some grand idea" as in concept more
than actuality.

Author Shawn Dempsey (9 months)
...Just shut up. You're talking in absolutes like a dumbass

Author libertarianjury (6 months)
Hitchens is 100% right.

Author Shawn Dempsey (9 months)
what the fuck does that make Hitches???

Author J.M. Martinson (8 months)
Since I have not received an answer to this question yet, I'll just ask the
general Chomsky opposition here: What specific assertion(s) by Chomsky do
you oppose? This is a genuine question, and I am legitimately curious.
Please do not answer with a general "he supports terrorism" or "he's an
extremist leftist." As well, if any of your points center on me personally,
your answer is void. Quote or refer to a specific point of Chomsky.

Author flutterandwow (7 months)
And of course there's nothing wrong with the US government, right? How dare
Chomsky disagree with his government! By the way, Martin Luther King,
Gandhi and Jesus were all rebels too... they too disagreed with state
sponsered oppression and violence. I suppose you think THEY are 'typical
lib tards' too..?

Author Liam Totten (8 months)
The world changed, but Chomsky has continued to apply the same standards
and expectations to people. He is much less morally confused then Hitchens
was. Also, I think Hitchens has his own "serfs" as well...and for a lesser

Author XXXXXXX (6 months)
Am I right in thinking this vastly intelligent man is dead, from smoking
40/50 fags a day and overdosing on whisky. Whilst professor Chomskey is
still alive and giving the world his intelligent views.

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