Christopher Hitchens on Noam Chomsky "He thought [USA] was all Genocides"

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Author werking man (4 months)
all i know is ,,that united states did kill the indigenous population of
american indians, ask any indian,,,, they killed more indians than hitler
killed jews,,,,,,,AND , they were christians,,,,,,,,don't give me the
bullshit about the islam state during the golden years,,,,,,,cause the
united states had their golden years and killed just as many humans

Author drstrangelove09 (26 days)
Not a fan of Chomsky. He is an acceptor of all manner of conspiracy
theory. Hats off to Hitchens for reversing his opinion of Chomsky!!!
Hitchens was dedicated to intellectual honesty and went where reason took
him even if it meant reversing his opinion in dramatic ways. That is

Author Tonyo1221 (6 months)
If you took away the condescending accent and use of some flowery, though
rarely used words in the English language you would realise Hitchens was
far from a great thinker.
In this clip, in lay mans terms, he basically says . . . . . . . . that guy
Noam Chomsky doesn't like all things American so if you agree with him your
in grave danger of sympathising with or even supporting Jihadists in their
beliefs. Really Hitchens??

Author hellsunicorn (8 days)
I have a slightly higher opinion of Chomsky than of Hitchens, but generally
speaking, I find/found both of them to be wrong on just about everything
and questionable intellectuals. Perhaps one of the most amusing things
about spats between radicals is that they tend to tell the truth when
attacking each other while lying when complimenting themselves. Hitchens
was an unrepentant apologist for mass murder both in the Mid-East and the
former Soviet block, whereas Chomsky is an off-putting fanatic with just a
tad too much hostility towards Western Civilization for my taste. Granted,
I have my own list of criticisms about America's actions and government,
particularly in the past 160 years or so, but Chomsky is just a bit too
much of an antinomian for me to stomach.

Author Hartill King (8 months)
Why is everyone up in arms? He only seemed to state that he disagrees with
Chomsky about 'whether or not America was a good idea.' and talks a bit on
his perspective of this that position....

Author Andy Rosebrook (5 days)
Christopher has a chapter in Hitch 22 more or less devoted to his long
relationship, admiration, and finally his disagreements with Noam. Highly
recommended, and gives a lot more background and nuance to his point here.

Author Hektor Annatar (6 months)
Both Hitch and Chomsky are (were) brilliant men, but the magnitude of their
brilliance reflects the magnitude of their mistakes. Hitchens' support of
Iraq sounded no different to me than old imperialist rhetoric, and
Chomsky's conspiracy theories and blatant misuse of language (e.g. calling
the hiring of old Nazi intelligence officers by the US after WWII a
"U.S.-Nazi alliance", or comparing the Israeli campaign against the
avowedly genocidal terrorist organization Hamas to the Holocaust) are so
stupid that only brilliant intellectuals could come up with them.

Author JKwoftw (6 months)
Watching the arguments on here between the Hitchens and Chomsky sycophants
is just about a perfect microcosm of this "region" of youtube. The funny
thing is most fans of both these men are self proclaimed anti-religion,
anti-institution, anti-heirarchy, not to mention style themselves "free
thinkers". Let me attempt to get this through your impenetrable melons:

******If you are an adult and you worship someone, follow them like a
puppy, agree with literally every sentence they ever utter, would have
butterflies in your stomach if you met them in person, and are emotionally
crushed or at least sorely disappointed when they switch to a view that's
too far outside your bubble, you are not a free thinker.******

Be an adult. Have some damn self-respect. If you're 15, then okay, you're
the same as a little girl peeing her pants at a Bieber concert or a kid
wearing a Lebron jersey. If you're a grown-ass man or woman, contain
yourself. Think for yourself. Come to your own independent conclusions. ***Realize
that your favorite thinkers are fallible humans who make mistakes all the
time, and realize that there are brilliant people who disagree with you,
both on the left and right, theist and atheist and agnostic. This does not
mean that everyone is equally right, but there is literally no downside
to respectful discourse over shouting matches or name calling.*** Realize
that you are not perfectly objective, but don't let that stop you from
seeking the truth.

Author norman no (15 days)
its a great shame that hitchens didnt die in 2000 - we would have then been
spared his damascene conversion to invasionary foreign policy and sundry
other right wing causes . We'd have also been spared this rather despicable
and tawdry selling out of an old family friend, and maybe his legacy would
not now be indelibly tarnished.

Author Virginian 007 (8 months)
Hitchens was brilliant. Especially before he flipped. But he was never in
Chomsky's "universe" as far as being a superior intellect who always spoke
the truth ! Not many men like Noam ! 

Author mtime6 (1 month)
When you insult people's God(Chomsky in this case) you piss people off.

Author Nathan Hawks (1 month)
Can you name a span of years during American history when we were *not*
committing genocide? Yes, it has been all genocides. All the *other things
happening during the genocides* are just *economic fuel for the genocides.*
That said, superb points for the rest of the runtime.

Author Nathan F. Hayek (1 month)
Chomsky IS oversimplification. He is stuck in the 60's when the simple
dychotomy reigned. He is a contraryan for the sake of being one. He'll
never admit being incorrect or morally wrong on some of his stances..

Author Anthony McCarthy (1 month)
Hitchens was a total fraud who was never of the left, he was never an
American style liberal, he was a conservative who found being a Trotskyite
got him more attention, there being a jillion phonies on the admitted right
with posh Brit accents. 

Author Alex Delarge (7 months)
Chomsky is an edgy conspiracy theorist and he doesn't know much about how
anything in the world works except linguistics.

Author Gavin Richardson (14 days)
An execrable strawman fallacy being espoused here. Vehement denouncement of
the genocides facilitated by the US over the previous decades suggests
empathy with jihadists ?. I have a lot of respect for Hitchens, but I feel
like this is transparently intellectually dishonest. 

Author WRQ Nine (1 month)
Is life a good idea? The only good idea in the end is getting a hard copy
of everything! And that is the worst possible thing you can do! Death and
taxes that's all, Noam Chomsky owes his life to America... it may be a bad
idea at that. All this reminds me of Stephen Wright's actual sized map of
the US, (sometimes I wish I were in it.)

Author MrCool Mug (1 month)
Hitchens is very convincing, but that doesnt mean he is right. This is why
he is beloved by atheists and others including me, he was charismatic, and
he knew how to convince you he was right, because he was likeable and he
said things that sounded good, ultimately, but he isnt Chomsky, who doesnt
immediately pick sides, and looks at all the arguments without trying to
convince others of his personal position.

Author Alexander Garver (2 months)
Hitchens WAS NOT a Neo-Con in any sense of the word. He had a
"contradictory" stance on ONE BURNING ISSUE- the USA intervention in Iraq.
The man talked and thought like a Marxist his entire life. His stance on
the intervention was not based on an American white man's burden. It was
based on an internationalist perspective. 

Author Matthew Singh-Dosanjh (7 months)
Just glancing briefly at the comments section, (1) Chomsky fanboys hunt in
pacts and (2) they're clearly incapable of resisting ad-hominem attack,
having the emotional intelligence of a juvenile. Ironically, Prof. Chomsky
himself would likely loathe these sorts people. 

Author theunpossiblefile (5 months)
Hitchens, the salesman, could sell himself to the right & left. He could
almost set himself up as deity. I admired him, read him, but never spent a
dime on him. He never needed my dime, thank goshness. Chomsky? Agree about
1/2 the time. He comes in handy when I start to think that gawd has chosen
the US. The US has to get in line with all the other bloody "chosen". We
are the worst until you consider all the rest. That is considered to
equivocal a view for right wingers.

Author John Maloney (6 months)
Chomsky is Alex Jones with tenure.

Author MrAcarine (2 months)
This supports Berry's assertion that the war is making the food situation
worse. In the winter of 2002, some newspapers reported that the food
situation was not getting worse--how reliable the reporting was, I can't

Author werking man (3 months)

Author Max Schlepzig (3 months)
Wow. I guess his degree of intellect can make him to form such an
erroneous, convoluted opinion of the position of Chomsky, who, speaking of
''sneakily suspicious'', Hitchens forgets to mention had not just an impact
on the American Left, but also a direct impact on *him* for the majority of
his professional career. But I don't think its his degree of intellect but
more so his submission to power and the personal benefits thereof. 

Author edo tje (3 months)
What incredibly false reasoning is this. Just because he didn't like the
genocide of indians, doesn't mean Chomsky is not for the wellbeing of
Americans. A part of his work is in fact about improving the situation for
the average American.
He just criticizes power in America and he does it with facts. Iraq was
bombed with false reasoning it had horrible consequences, the moderate
population who was against Saddam didn't want bombs thrown at their
country, this happened while the US first supported Saddam when he was
gassing Kurds. It was done for oil and nothing more.

Author Andy Parker (4 months)
Hitchens and Chomsky were very intelligent men who searched for meaning in
the world and reported truth as they saw it. But they could never look at
the world through the same pair of eyes so their perceptions were always
subject to differentiation.

I agree with most things anti-authoritarian uttered by both men: Hitchens
who bashed the Church and Chomsky who bashes the State and Corporations. It
does take a lot of effort to remain passive and convey only empirical data
when we are by nature emotional creatures, so it is understandable when we
exaggerate a point if it stretches towards our view of the world. Although
Hitchens simplifies this point, "Chomsky believes the US has been all
genocides since Columbus", because Chomsky believes this to be the case
more so than Hitchens, it is an unfair statement and Chomsky would never
say this explicitly, even if this is close to how Chomsky perceives the US.
To then say, "Chomsky will sympathise with those who believe the US is run
by Jews" is again an unfair simplification and one that suggests Chomsky
will lean towards racism and anti-semitism, which is again an exaggerated
over-simplification to stretch a point to Hitchens' own view of the left as
being more radical then they actually are.

Hitchens then is more right-leaning and naturally distrustful of anyone
more left, or even, more right than he.

Hitchens, like Chomsky, has sometimes used provocative language to
exaggerate his point to stretch to his own worldview and this is something
I dislike very much. Provocative language certainly can build your
audience, but when you have an audience you have a social responsibility to
speak the truth, not just how you see it, but backed by empirical evidence.

Finally, I feel that it is right and fair to be distrustful of power
structures. It is folly to have blind faith in the individuals in the
capstone of power structures in a world of vested interests, deals made
behind closed doors and the existence of pathological/sociopathic control

All decisions made that effect the public should include public discourse
and total transparency to prove themselves legitimate. Otherwise they must
be deemed as suspicious and illegitimate and opposed by an organised united
people. This is why I am an unashamed Anarchist and so should you be.

Author MethenySco (4 months)
These remarks are so blantantly ridiculous and false that they don't
dignify a response. Hitchens could only be popular in our spectacular world
of media-born fakes and charlatans. He could turn a phrase and wield charm
but his ideas were incoherent compared to the true intellectuals of our
time, Chomsky being one of them.

Author werking man (3 months)
norm chomsky is starting to worry me,,,,,,,,he actually thinks 911 was done
by hijackers and building 7 came down from fire
he has lost my vote of confidence,,,,,,,,sorry norm, but you crossed the

Author plundersomepink (1 year)
once loved the mind of this man,..hitchens was one of the most brilliant
minds you could ever listen to or read...was there something other than
9/11 that turned him to the worship of the state/empire?? and it is in fact
true, that it has been little more than genocide since ww2 by the U.S. and
the "powers that be".

Author BrainiacFingers (3 months)
I've always thought that Hitchens was a verbose buffoon. This snippett has
reminded just what a verbose bufffoon he really was. One-and-a-half
minutes of utter claptrap.

Author Bod Notbod (6 months)
Great backdrop for Hitchens: soft drinks on the left and badly written
magazines on the right. I'm surprised he didn't run out screaming.

Author CraigSips (4 months)
I think the US was a good idea gone to shit.

Author Mohammed Hanif (7 months)
The turncoat makes a cheap insinuation at a man who is his moral superior.

Author Wrestlers Not Divas (5 months)

Author werking man (3 months)

Author BradlehAaron (4 months)
Hitchens summed up that pseudo intellectual fuckwit quite well.

Author werking man (3 months)

Author Hektor Annatar (5 months)
+wrestlers not divas

Oh brother...

They say one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter. That may be
true to an extent, but I don't view suicide bombing, use of human shields,
and the explicitly declared desire to kill all Jews (all of which Hamas is
guilty) to be legitimate forms of political expression. If you do, then we
have nothing to talk about.

Author h (7 months)
God, you can see how drunk he is here. So Chomsky is not an anarchist,
why? Because he believes the US (government, not people) has been all
about genocide? Sounds pretty anarchistic to me... Also if you take that
position, then its a short skip and a hop to being some anti-jew neo
fascist (Chomky is racially Jewish by the way)... Huh, glad hes dead and
Chomsky is still kicking around with relevant and thought out arguments.
God, anyone who ever has anything to say against Chomsky, whether it's
Skinner, to Zizek, or this clown, can not for the life of them actually
make a real argument.

Author permanentkick (1 year)
Hitchens was more than just a chickenhawk with a posh accent and a serious
addiction problem. It is unfair to call him a " talentless old queen" or
compare him to Anne Coulter simply because he had larger breasts and a
smaller adam's apple....More accurate to say "subcriminal sociopath" or
perhaps "Shameless Statest shill" 

Author Joe Joee (6 months)
and the white european man didnt come to the new world to destroy, capture,
rape, loot and convert everyone who wasnt him? 

Author DJcrazyguy (6 months)
laconic'n'cutting, as usual for hitch.
i've had such an inkling about chomsky's views for some time now;
interesting to hear hitch hone in on it.

Author Franz1987 (6 months)
Chomsky is a real intellectual, Hitchens is a joke. Watch him debate Tariq
Ali about Iraq, Tariq makes a joke out of him

Author Resident Right-Winger (6 months)
Both the United States and Australia have been called genocidal

Author Ancient Mariner (1 year)
Hitchens was a fantastic man. Terribly missed.

Author josh darko (7 months)
A History of the United States by Howard Zinn 

Author Hektor Annatar (6 months)
+ Robert Downes
Thanks (?) for the backhanded compliment, but criticizing Chomsky's misuse
of language doesn't make me racist.

Author Kalleponken (6 months)

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