Christopher Hitchens on Noam Chomsky "He thought [USA] was all Genocides"

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Author Tonyo1221 (1 month)
If you took away the condescending accent and use of some flowery, though
rarely used words in the English language you would realise Hitchens was
far from a great thinker.
In this clip, in lay mans terms, he basically says . . . . . . . . that guy
Noam Chomsky doesn't like all things American so if you agree with him your
in grave danger of sympathising with or even supporting Jihadists in their
beliefs. Really Hitchens??

Author Hektor Annatar (1 month)
Both Hitch and Chomsky are (were) brilliant men, but the magnitude of their
brilliance reflects the magnitude of their mistakes. Hitchens' support of
Iraq sounded no different to me than old imperialist rhetoric, and
Chomsky's conspiracy theories and blatant misuse of language (e.g. calling
the hiring of old Nazi intelligence officers by the US after WWII a
"U.S.-Nazi alliance", or comparing the Israeli campaign against the
avowedly genocidal terrorist organization Hamas to the Holocaust) are so
stupid that only brilliant intellectuals could come up with them.

Author chog the ironboot (3 months)
Why is everyone up in arms? He only seemed to state that he disagrees with
Chomsky about 'whether or not America was a good idea.' and talks a bit on
his perspective of this that position....

Author Virginian 007 (3 months)
Hitchens was brilliant. Especially before he flipped. But he was never in
Chomsky's "universe" as far as being a superior intellect who always spoke
the truth ! Not many men like Noam ! 

Author Wrestlers Not Divas (13 days)

Author JKwoftw (1 month)
Watching the arguments on here between the Hitchens and Chomsky sycophants
is just about a perfect microcosm of this "region" of youtube. The funny
thing is most fans of both these men are self proclaimed anti-religion,
anti-institution, anti-heirarchy, not to mention style themselves "free
thinkers". Let me attempt to get this through your impenetrable melons:

******If you are an adult and you worship someone, follow them like a
puppy, agree with literally every sentence they ever utter, would have
butterflies in your stomach if you met them in person, and are emotionally
crushed or at least sorely disappointed when they switch to a view that's
too far outside your bubble, you are not a free thinker.******

Be an adult. Have some damn self-respect. If you're 15, then okay, you're
the same as a little girl peeing her pants at a Bieber concert or a kid
wearing a Lebron jersey. If you're a grown-ass man or woman, contain
yourself. Think for yourself. Come to your own independent conclusions. ***Realize
that your favorite thinkers are fallible humans who make mistakes all the
time, and realize that there are brilliant people who disagree with you,
both on the left and right, theist and atheist and agnostic. This does not
mean that everyone is equally right, but there is literally no downside
to respectful discourse over shouting matches or name calling.*** Realize
that you are not perfectly objective, but don't let that stop you from
seeking the truth.

Author theunpossiblefile (22 days)
Hitchens, the salesman, could sell himself to the right & left. He could
almost set himself up as deity. I admired him, read him, but never spent a
dime on him. He never needed my dime, thank goshness. Chomsky? Agree about
1/2 the time. He comes in handy when I start to think that gawd has chosen
the US. The US has to get in line with all the other bloody "chosen". We
are the worst until you consider all the rest. That is considered to
equivocal a view for right wingers.

Author Bod Notbod (1 month)
Great backdrop for Hitchens: soft drinks on the left and badly written
magazines on the right. I'm surprised he didn't run out screaming.

Author plundersomepink (7 months)
once loved the mind of this man,..hitchens was one of the most brilliant
minds you could ever listen to or read...was there something other than
9/11 that turned him to the worship of the state/empire?? and it is in fact
true, that it has been little more than genocide since ww2 by the U.S. and
the "powers that be".

Author Alex Delarge (2 months)
Chomsky is an edgy conspiracy theorist and he doesn't know much about how
anything in the world works except linguistics.

Author Hektor Annatar (13 days)
+wrestlers not divas

Oh brother...

They say one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter. That may be
true to an extent, but I don't view suicide bombing, use of human shields,
and the explicitly declared desire to kill all Jews (all of which Hamas is
guilty) to be legitimate forms of political expression. If you do, then we
have nothing to talk about.

Author Kalleponken (1 month)

Author John Maloney (1 month)
Chomsky is Alex Jones with tenure.

Author DJcrazyguy (1 month)
laconic'n'cutting, as usual for hitch.
i've had such an inkling about chomsky's views for some time now;
interesting to hear hitch hone in on it.

Author Wesley Cragun (1 month)
Both the United States and Australia have been called genocidal

Author Mohammed Hanif (2 months)
The turncoat makes a cheap insinuation at a man who is his moral superior.

Author Joe Joee (1 month)
and the white european man didnt come to the new world to destroy, capture,
rape, loot and convert everyone who wasnt him? 

Author Franz1987 (1 month)
Chomsky is a real intellectual, Hitchens is a joke. Watch him debate Tariq
Ali about Iraq, Tariq makes a joke out of him

Author h (2 months)
God, you can see how drunk he is here. So Chomsky is not an anarchist,
why? Because he believes the US (government, not people) has been all
about genocide? Sounds pretty anarchistic to me... Also if you take that
position, then its a short skip and a hop to being some anti-jew neo
fascist (Chomky is racially Jewish by the way)... Huh, glad hes dead and
Chomsky is still kicking around with relevant and thought out arguments.
God, anyone who ever has anything to say against Chomsky, whether it's
Skinner, to Zizek, or this clown, can not for the life of them actually
make a real argument.

Author Matthew Singh-Dosanjh (2 months)
Just glancing briefly at the comments section, (1) Chomsky fanboys hunt in
pacts and (2) they're clearly incapable of resisting ad-hominem attack,
having the emotional intelligence of a juvenile. Ironically, Prof. Chomsky
himself would likely loathe these sorts people. 

Author Josh Habash (2 months)
A History of the United States by Howard Zinn 

Author Hektor Annatar (1 month)
+ Robert Downes
Thanks (?) for the backhanded compliment, but criticizing Chomsky's misuse
of language doesn't make me racist.

Author Jose Fialho (9 months)
christopher hitchens = rotten egg

Author Chrisocrat (2 months)
"Hello. I'm Christopher Hitchens for Snapple."

He is sorely missed.

Author Bill Moose (9 months)
I'm not sure how accurate this is. In the ytube video: the "cold war
explained in 5 minutes" Chomsky says: "America is, in my opinion,
politically speaking.... the freest country in the world" If you watch his
videos about afghanistan you can see the reason he doesn't critisise groups
like the taliban is not because he's sympathetic with them but because
nothing he says about them will have an effect. So instead he focuses on
the crimes (as he sees it) of the United states.

Author drjimiboy69 (9 months)
Completely simplifying Chomsky's work and thinking. Hitchens is too smart
to actually argue what he is saying. His bizarre take on the slaughter in
Iraq and the "War on Terror" suggest he has suspended his more
characteristic intellectual soundness and rigor on these subjects. I like
him a lot, even if he's dead wrong here. He always had a nasty streak. Part
of what made him who he was. 

Author permanentkick (8 months)
Hitchens was more than just a chickenhawk with a posh accent and a serious
addiction problem. It is unfair to call him a " talentless old queen" or
compare him to Anne Coulter simply because he had larger breasts and a
smaller adam's apple....More accurate to say "subcriminal sociopath" or
perhaps "Shameless Statest shill" 

Author misOBGYNist (4 months)
Hitchens sold out when it came to Iraq and the US foreign policy. Note that
his stance changed most dramatically after he expatriated to America to
further his career and have a cushy retirement. $$$ does funny things to
people--mainly bring out who they really are. In this case, a sell-out. He
vastly oversimplifies Chomsky's position. I'm not saying Chomsky is perfect
or always right, but Chomsky would have run circles around Hitchens's
rhetoric on this topic. No wonder Hitchens never went anywhere near the
general vicinity of Chomsky for a debate. Better to throw stones from a
distance and run.

And this is coming from someone who has greatly respected and admired
Hitchens overall. Objectivity is not for the weak of mind, least of all the
personality worshiper...

Author MrAcarine (8 months)
It's funny, but I became disenchanted with both Hitchens and Chomsky when,
IMO, they both went wrong, but in opposite directions. Hitchens became a
fan of American aggression(Iraq and Kosovo), while Chomsky insists on
blaming everything on America and Israel, no matter what other people(Al
Qaeda, the Serbs, the regime in the Sudan) are doing.

Author fiveredpears (4 months)
He sucked Satan's cock.

Author Ancient Mariner (9 months)
Hitchens was a fantastic man. Terribly missed.

Author Sam Dawkins (9 months)
i lost respect of chomsky when he said "in the first 3 century of
christainty it was a poor peoples pacifist movement" he knows nothing about
NT scholarship and should stick to linguistics 

Author OnlineBackupServices (9 months)
burn in hell hitchens

Author Skizzofonik (7 months)
I really do admire Hitchens' work on religion, theocracy and atheism, but I
must say I strongly disagree with some of what he's implying here. It is
simply a fact that the US has been responsible for the death of an
overwhelming number of innocent people. The fact that anarchists oppose the
United States for this reason completely contradicts the notion that they
would be supportive of "theocratic nihilists" since they essentially follow
the same doctrine as the US. No one wants to "destroy" the US, it simply
has a corrupt government that should be abolished, just like all other
governments should.

Author Michael Tackett (9 months)
Hitchens, was a bigot, a right wing tool, and he was not nearly the
intellect of Chomsky, so i looked at him as nothing more than a kook. 

Author Bla Blubber (11 months)
ahhh peace at last. I always knew there was something superficial,
something inconsistent, something utterly mediocre about christopher
hitchens. Finally, proof! Boring, boring, boring -- trying to discredit a
much greater thinker than himself. I'll sleep just fine tonight.

Author z0mgwhut (11 months)
I would rather point you to other videos of Hitchens. More enjoyable for
you and less time consuming for me. Hitchens was a man of nuances.

Author Matthew Singh-Dosanjh (1 year)
1/2 So, you're essentially claiming Hitchens had zero credentials? 1.
During his 40 year journalist career, he reported from upwards of 60
different territories/nation 2. He was in Cuba during the Revolution,
working as an agriculture volunteer 3. He was/is likely the last person
ever in human history to visit Iran, Iraq and North Korea while they were
under their dictator leaderships 4. He was a founder member of Charter 88

Author Ciaran O'Connell (10 months)
America has it's good & it's bad points. Me not listing the good points on
a YouTube comment page where 500 characters is the limit is hardly me
saying America is all bad. You're using that merely as an excuse for you to
misconstrue my point.

Author Greg Vinson (1 year)
Glad you agree and enjoyed my comment. Isn't it bizarre when you read
comments by people who are so clueless as to take Chomsky to be a liberal?
Talking to them about Chomsky is worse than talking to a priest about
female orgasm; uninformed is better than misinformed.

Author John C. Waters (1 year)
Whether or not foreign policy is clandestine has little relevance to its
classification. CIA activity in Central and South America went directly
through the executive channels of government, whether you like to call it
'official' or not is a point of nomenclature. It was still systemic and
state planned, and resulted in widespread repression and anti-democratic
practices. Not to mention the multiplicity of explicit state crimes - the
War on Terror, Iraq Sanctions,invasions of Panama,vietnam etc

Author johnnyontube (1 year)
I have to say you no better than the people that throw a hissy fit. You
acting like the spoilt kid in school that got a question right and no-one
else knew it. Unfortunately this time you aren't necessarily correct. I
can't where you have witnessed a decline in Chomsky's views. Maybe his
decline is due to the fact that he is 83 and his ideas aren't as
revolutionary as they were when first announced. They don't need to be; his
views are becoming more obvious to people

Author orthotox (10 months)
Hitchens: A Christian without Christ. Chomsky: an anarchist without anarchy.

Author BeardedBill86 (10 months)
I wish the Hitch were still alive and we could see it.

Author John C. Waters (1 year)
1/2 I never intended to blame the US population, but I can maybe see why
you would come to that conclusion. I'm talking about the state.
Structurally, the role of state power in the US has not changed
significantly since the 80s, other than by continuously and increasingly
working to facilitate corporate power. There's a lot of work by respected
academics on the subject.

Author John C. Waters (1 year)
oh also I'd just like to qualify that I meant an upwards inclination
towards what's known as 'economic liberalisation' or 'neoliberalism'.
Expansionism has been a consistent feature of US foreign policy for a long

Author philyson (10 months)
as for liberty, i cannot agree there. again, i come back to the points of
free speech, and a secular constitution. european countries force people to
pay taxes to support the state run church, or draw in many cases more
restrictive lines of speech. id hardly call that liberty, and have much
higher tax rates in general, another restriction on personal liberty. so i
think that point is at best arguable, from your side, but for an atheist,
220 years of secularism is a nice tie breaker.

Author John NoNameGibbon (11 months)
Well, sure. Of course. But it is important to realize that in the US most
of the time our own wrong doings are often completely omitted from the
discussion altogether. Surely that is worse place to start, right?

Author chriscontrare (1 year)
@Dravid Rammin'...sure i'll say something you fucking lowlife wanker, try
to defend somebody else who has'nt got a fucking stupid username, now grow
some balls you son of a bitch!

Author dalektaliban (10 months)
I like Hitchens, but he has a habit of misinterpreting and oversimplifying
his opponents positions when it comes to the Iraq war

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