Lion King 1/2 Hyena Chase Scene

*edit* gawd, can ya believe it? almost 100,000 views. More than any other video. Shitloads of comments and happy youtubers. No regards to my other work though. :/ (not the ytps)

Yep, i'm pleasing the furries tonight.
this is one of the scenes i liked, but i have a few faverites.
i may make a collection of them in a video, but filming this straight off the dvd calls for lots of rendering power, and space and patience; this scene alone took about 15 minutes.
editied in sony vegas so you dont suffer through a "PURCHASE ME!" watermark,
I think this could just be some redemption for what disney animators and writers did to the hyenas in the wretched timone and pumbaa show which was extremely popular when i was young.
but every time i watch those episodes i shudder.

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Author Brookelyn Rhodes (10 days)
The meerkats are tiny compared to the three hyenas. They really are tiny in
reality while the hyenas are large.

Author Veston Bruno (4 months)
Ed's laugh

Author GeeksEatPi (1 month)
The most fucked up sequel ever, but even still, LOVED this movie and this

Author Ashlyn nelson (5 months)
My favorite part is when Shenzie says to Timon Well " Hi to you to" that is
the funniest part!! 

Author Veston Bruno (4 months)
Ed's laugh is starting to improve, making sound more like his actor, Jim

Author Xavier Taylor (1 year)

Author tanderson1677 (1 year)
I saw dat on channel 2

Author ShenziBanzai&Ed4Ever (11 months)
1:46-1:53 is not only the best part of this horrible movie---but the best
part of the franchise entirely!

Author HyperGem1 (1 year)
Stupid commercial

Author 2bajatone (11 months)
my fav movie when I was a little

Author Johnathan Nguyen (1 year)
Wonderful leap everyone, (Gasping) "Where the Max?"

Author ShellShokdDan (9 months)
Timon's mum is played by Julie Kavner, AKA Marge Simpson! :D

Author BrainyxBat (1 year)
I feel that way too. Hyenas are so misunderstood and underrated. :(

Author keana crathers (1 year)
Alone:Pumba ur sitting on the remote Pumba sorry

Author RMDubay (1 year)
1:21 for troll moment.

Author Hamster98100 (1 year)

Author PremierMilenkov (1 year)
Trouble is, I don't think I've ever seen the origin story episodes. With
that said I imagine at least in the series they wouldn't interfere with the
main storyline in ridiculous ways such as Pumbaa's atomic fart at Pride
Rock, which just had me cringing. Also, what's with them showing up while
Scar is busy singing Be Prepared? It's a good job Disney didn't pull a
George Lucas and released a special edition of TLK with them crammed into
that scene.At least the series wouldn't ruin any TLK moments

Author 05072016 (1 year)
banzai must've watched chowder XD

Author PremierMilenkov (1 year)
But nah, too bad, you only get a grand total of 2 scenes with them >:(
Sorry, Disney, but no. If anything, give the hyenas their own bloody movie!
I don't particularly care about how exactly stupid Timon and Pumbaa became
totally-not-gay life partners. Still, learning Shenzi's full name and
seeing her sensually lick someone was a true pleasure, and sorta made this
movie worthwhile. (For the record, I'm not a regular furry, really, but I
just find her specifically to be irresistible somehow).

Author AwsumessPrime14 (1 year)
I seriously bought that commercial bit in this scene. I thought someone had
seriously changed the movie. lol XD

Author PremierMilenkov (6 months)
I'm only half animal ;)

Author jjfun26 (7 months)
can´t stop laughing at the commercial scene timon: hey whats going on,
pumbaa you´re sitting on the remote pumbaa: what..oh sorry i thought it was
a brownie cracks me up everytime when i see this part and i better like the
danish version of it but the english is good too, thanks for posting this.

Author origamipein18 (1 year)
Same thing happened to me, too!

Author ShenziBanzai&Ed4Ever (1 year)
Which is really what makes them so awesome. I'm so glad I've met someone
who finds a type of animal attractive---and someone who loves the hyena
trio as well! I think we're going to be great friends. :)

Author David C (1 year)
two comic sidekicks of the hero and villain fight each other....

Author kylgrv (6 months)
Timon: Hy...hy...hy... Shenzi: Well "HI" to you too! I love that part.

Author titeintello (1 year)
Wait... did Shenzi call Banzai "honey" ??

Author mileycyrusfan197 (1 year)
"Hy...hy...hy..." "Well, 'hi" to you to!" LOL

Author AwsumessPrime14 (1 year)
1 1/2 is the best!!! Especially if its a straight to video sequel to the
Lion King.

Author tanderson1677 (1 year)
shenzi my fav hyena in

Author BossBunny.Com (10 months)
You do realize that's a female right? She *sounds* like Queen Latifah.
Regardless, it's obviously a woman.

Author smokeyhyena . (1 year)
wait a minute, there was a commercial on this?

Author smokeyhyena . (1 year)
Yes, but who puts actual meaning into that..

Author smokeyhyena . (1 year)
Oh sorry, I thought you meant youtube put an ad up. :')

Author Joel Martinez (1 year)
1:03 Ed's Laugh though xD

Author PremierMilenkov (1 year)
0:39 I wouldn't mind if she did that to me...OH yes it turns me on XD
(Sorry. I've had the hots for her ever since re-watching the first film
months ago :P)

Author smokeyhyena . (6 months)
So the origin created by TV writers gets passed off as canon, where the
origin in an official movie is discounted. Funny how that works. (Though I
didn't know that, that's quite fascinating.)

Author PremierMilenkov (1 year)
Unfortunately so, I've gone into watching this having heard it was
basically a crappy Disney musical, and yeah...that wasn't too much of a
stretch. I only watched it for the hyenas myself, but I still think they
weren't in it enough. Also, some of the Timon/Pumbaa ho yay moments really
weirded me out. 0:39 was pretty much the only genuinely great moment in the
whole thing. For me anyway ;)

Author smokeyhyena . (6 months)
I think a lot of people feel this way about the hyenas, and in many ways
(Iv'e done some research, and read a few articles by surprise along the
way) the hyenas are a subliminal representation of the general public,
mainly the poor falling to manipulation. Not just for one particular time,
though the nazi imagery is heavy, but throughout history. The revolution,
the prophetic end times, 99% marches, n' SUCH. Who knows why, I can't see
children picking up on this, and why that would be a theme.

Author dec25stephanie (1 year)
love the hyenas! X3

Author Lord Garmadon (6 months)
I thought the hyenas died

Author PremierMilenkov (1 year)
Interesting. Lions don't really do much for me, lionesses are cute, but
that's all. But for some reason, there is something about hyenas, both in
the movie and real life that I find very erotic and attractive. They are
such an exciting mix of the wild and dangerous, and the playful, gentle and
loyal. An interesting fact though is that as much as they can resemble
canines, they actually have nothing to do with them. In fact, they are
their own separate family altogether.

Author titeintello (9 months)
Really ? Well, I'm not an English native speaker, so I didn't know this
word was used quite often... I leaarned a new thing today,yay ! xD

Author TheCrippledCrow (1 year)
I wonder who the dominant female is in Timon's family

Author MrMatto91 (1 year)
1:01 Jim Cummings made Ed's laugh sound more like his Tigger laugh. First
time I saw this I actually thought my brother sat on the remote and turned
the channel.

Author Natalie S. (1 year)
Go hyenas!!! Woohoo!!!

Author smokeyhyena . (6 months)
I didn't mark it as a spam. Youtube...

Author Victoria Glowicki (10 months)
LOL! Timon: Pumbaa Your Sitting on The Remote Pumbaa: Huh? oh Sorry I
Thought it Was A Brownie XD!

Author smokeyhyena . (8 months)
Repetitive comments. Everywhere.....

Author Raver9696 (1 year)
Shenzi: >.> Banzai: >_< Ed: XD

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