PBA : Tyrannosaurus VS Spinosaurus Version1 (tribute to BlackRex300/ tributo a BlackRex300 )

:D great friend

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Author Roko Marinković (14 days)
spino is bigger and stronger

Author Nathanael Carlén (8 months)
spino would not just die becuse of that!

Author jax hellones (3 months)
spinosaurus is the king of the dinosaurs not t-rex t-rex sucks

Author Joshua Cavanagh (18 days)
How does spino die from that?

Author Monika Mathers (4 months)

Author karen jones (3 months)
i love spino i hate t-rex and o crap spinosaurus hater

Author jax hellones (3 months)
i am dislicin spino wod win but good animasion

Author Tamika Morris (2 months)
J Henry vc X xn

Author Dino Kel (6 months)
thats not posibal spino can own t-rex!

Author JULIUS JIMMY RAGASA (7 months)
Jurassic Park proves that Spinosaurus has a 31% chance of winning.

Author Vinicius Ferreira (5 months)
Made another version!

Author JULIUS JIMMY RAGASA (7 months)
Did you remove comments because this was a terrible film?

Author Vinicius Ferreira (5 months)
* make version 2!

Author kill thekiller (1 year)
first of all the JP movie is fake they made a fiction fight they didnt
depend on evidence they just made a fake fight so in real life t rex would
win dont believe a movie because its fake ....secondly t rex is intelligent
enough to jump while he is fighting and thank you

Author Giganotosaurus Carolinii (1 year)
How do you know that? You haven't got any proof spino only ate fish, and I
know him personally, he ate anything he could get. And, he was not weak, he
could swing his clawed forearms very fast. It hurts, trust me, I got
smacked in the face by him...

Author Brecht Declercq (1 year)
k guys now rly Spinosaurus livs in africa and tyranno livs in North america
k nobody know who wins in a battle

Author mudi bani (2 years)

Author missygwyn (1 year)
Jack luis@ get ur facts right. T-rex rules :-D

Author Carcharodontosaurus Saharicus (1 year)
XD XD that's funny, there is no way Spino could do that, I am not much
smaller than him.

Author MatromX (2 years)
@BlackRex300 ah y ademas puse un espinosaurus por que no se me ocurria otro

Author MatromX (2 years)
@sam02monsterlover I do not much, this video is a tribute to a great
friend, I do not say trex rules! I would say Spinosaurus, Giganotosaurus
and trex rules! : D

Author Liem Nguyen (1 year)
Trex have a strongest bite and is the king of the dinosaurs

Author Orange10 (1 year)

Author Lolkick1000 (11 months)
People have serious problems.

Author Alex Johnsson (1 year)
When i was 7 i played some kind of Jurassic Park on my xbox original. I had
T-rexes and spinosauruses. My fav was Spinosaurus.

Author Brecht Declercq (1 year)
(i think spino ;) )

Author Duke Zaragoza (1 year)
Ankylosaurus would of killed T-Rex with a swing of its club.

Author Aaron (2 years)
awesome fuckin fight, you make some of the best fights man. you make the
RIGHT fight

Author hasanzorukos (1 year)

Author Orange10 (1 year)
T.rex will to

Author Giganotosaurus Carolinii (1 year)
Yeah I think something was wrong with my head when I said that... Lolz. I
was hit with his claw, but not that hard. I think I went mental and typed
that, lol.

Author Bearz33 (2 years)

Author kill thekiller (1 year)
not all the time there is a time that t rex could thrash him letting his
blood authorizing in the ground or living him bleed to death killing him
slowly slowly and slowly hahahahahahahaaaaa THIS TIME IS THE ANKYLOSAURUS

Author Tyrannosaurus Rex (1 year)
Please speak clearly, what I mean is that you left out a few words in the

Author Giganotosaurus Carolinii (1 year)
>:O Spino would get his ass kicked by me! lol Any carnivore could beat him,
he's not a fighter. But yeah I still don't like it when people downgrade
him further, he is one of mah pals lol.

Author Joe Hillman (1 year)
@below not true spino was bigger than gigantosaurus by 8 feet and trex
could be killed by anything even allosaurus could beat it trex is not a
king he is a peasant!!!! ;)

Author jose manuel saez montoya (10 months)

Author Frank Jensen (1 year)
this is how Jurassic Park 3's fight between t-rex and spino should have
ended, t-rex had the strongest bite of all the dinosaurs, and spino...
spino just ate fish -.- so... go t-rex! Good work there MatromX, cause this
is precisely what should have happened in JP3 or in real life (but still
think that t-rex would have goed for spinos neck instead of mouth) ;)

Author xxMASTERxx xD (1 year)

Author mudi bani (2 years)
@MatromX if you intend to tie t-rex and spino agree

Author MatromX (2 years)
@MUAIYAD but ... I said this is nothing but a tribute, not what I think (I
think a tie)

Author Tyrannosaurus Rex (1 year)
I downgrade Spinosaurus because many people think that it could destroy
other meat-eating Dinosaurs, and I'm talking about you too,

Author marc francois (11 months)
i like spinosaurus too but tyrannosaurus rex was just the better fighter.

Author Jonathan Andrew (1 year)
We will never know the real answer because they're extinct. So everyone
stop fighting about it and JP3 is only a MOVIE!

Author Giganotosaurus Carolinii (1 year)
Please don't be a dick about it, rex. Your trying to downgrade spino. I
know your consumed in stardom and you think you could destroy anything but
please don't be hatin' on spino.

Author marlen diaz (11 months)

Author jack luis (1 year)
spino should have won cuz it could just have used the very sharp claws...

Author devonster10 (1 year)
nice job we know you don't hate spino

Author MatromX (2 years)
@BlackRex300 felizidades :DDDD

Author El Mundo De Fatiga Yay (1 year)
simpre el estupido hijo de su fea madre tiene que ganar >:8

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