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Author Mooshi Anime (4 months)
You're welcome everyone! So glad all of you liked it :)

Author Mooshi Anime (3 months)
Merry Christmas everyone! :D
Hope you had a nice 2013 life experience LOL :))

I'll be making a new list on 2014, Let's rock \m/, Advance Happy New Year
Minna ^o^

Author Mooshi Anime (15 days)
Sorry guys, I'm still at the middle of my searching, so far I've only seen
3 good anime to watch. Most of the new anime is now more a bit of fantasia
and stuffs, yandere, action, well I like some of them but not that much. So
my new list will be delayed. Thank you very much and have a nice day!

Author Mooshi Anime (1 month)
For some of you, Once again this is the part III of my anime list. Over
all, I listed 50. Some of the suggestions are on the other list. You can
check it out on my channel, Thanks!

Author Mooshi Anime (2 months)
Hey guys, I might upload the another list this March, needed to complete my
clearance though, I'm gonna be graduating soon! Yay! So I am pretty busy
these days and no anime ;w; .

Also, not yet, gonna share something, I was an abandoned person anymore,
;w; ... I've got friends, but not that close ones, just friends, like
acquaintances . T^T, So it's hard to deal with this life of mine, much
depression, lost of mother's love, no bestfriends at all. So please pardon
Anyways, thank you for the almost 5k subcribers, makes me so happy T___T.
Love you all!


Author Keke leeleshia (10 days)
Kaisama haj I forgot the rest but can you upload the episodes. I love that
show but it won't let watch the rest of it only one and two

Author Caroline Kwak (21 day)
Is there gonna be a season 2 of Arcana Famiglia

Author wolfninja3 (2 months)
what is the maid one?

Author elsa huguier (1 month)
What is it at 00:07 ? (In reallity I speak french)

Author yuuki takashima (2 months)
I pretty much watched all these animes because of this video
thanx for uploading

Author Janine Meier (1 day)
i love amnesia, Chihayafuru, uta pri and sword art online

Author Jessica Ren (1 day)
Hiiro no kakera made me cry so much

Author BlackDeavil (13 hours)

Author Lucia Aguilera (13 hours)
Qu Q Ah~ such hot anime guys in all of them (except sword art online guy)!
Time to enjoy being single and having a crap load of time on my hands again

Author Chelsea Scholten (3 days)
Awesome, thanks!
These are my favourites too :)

Author daniela mundaca (8 days)

Author Bleach comma (9 days)
watch shinsengumi

Author Hal920Minecraft (8 days)
Could you please change the genre a bit? Cause almost all of them are
reverse harem... I want harem or regular romance or even super natural
powers romance...stuff like that :/

Author Jackie Barlo (17 days)
I really hate Amnesia. That bitch reminds me of Bella from Twilight. She's
so boring and negative, sad and serious. And there's tons of stupid Edwards
and Jacobs with the obsession of this stupid bitch. "MINE!" Ew.

Author sahara coblentz (18 days)
the last two are the best s.a.o made me cry but you shud wash

Author Dancy Mugica (12 days)
these are really good ones an ive read 614 animes already took me sometime
but their all good an so are the ones in this video(:

Author jessica calumpiano (18 days)
"say i love you" i cried over was so good,,in my opinion best
romance based on school and teen life!

Author Farrah Phelps (1 month)
Thanks you so much for the video I just finished watching kimisama it was
so awesome aregotto!!

Author KKKookie (15 days)
Ok, for people who watched Kobato has to agree that the story was awesome
and that anime is CUTE.( i watched it three times already and it never gets
old) 😊

Author Lauren Hang (2 months)
Dude I finished SAO in one day

Author Isabella Rich (2 months)

Author RainbowCookiesWithSprinkles (1 month)
love chihayafuru and uta no prince sama :3 but my all time favourtie romcom
has to be kimi ni todoke, its amazing<3

it is called the song that goes to the top of the video ????

Author Reiko (1 month)
Did I just see the word 'Otome'?

Author Jaimie Myong (23 days)
I did watch most of them and I agree with ur decision 

Author Kirushiki (1 month)
music c: ?

Author Ava Spades (26 days)
Great video good taste 

Author Nevil Tauro (1 month)
Oh I did not notice I wrote that twice

Author Ma. angel rivas (1 month)
Yea Tonari no kaibutsu-kun <3 <3 <3 that :D i've finished reading the manga
, but still waiting for the epsisode 14 ? To watch :(

Author Bella Snoe (2 months)
kamisama kiss is my fav too <3 tomoe is so hot

Author Chanchan Pearl (2 months)
Ended up liking the OST ^^" the animes in your list are great! Now i dont
know what to watch first... 

Author alexandra namikaze-uzumaki (2 months)
Ummm i dont understand what named the animel has

Author KahhReen (1 month)
Hakuoki was my first anime 😊 Loved that u included it 💕

Author Alice Truong (15 days)
These are seriously my favorite anime of all times love this

Author Amalie Blucher (3 months)
i have seen season two of uta no prince sama its awesome

Author saajida sabbir (29 days)
My fav from this list was uta no prince sama

Author Noelle Ho (20 days)
I saw all of them before I saw this video. ^-^ Very nice anime.

Author Fadhila Santosa (18 days)
Agree with Kamisama Hajimemashita ><

Author David Kjösnes (2 months)
U can just tell us instead youre awesome i got a lot of tips on anime
thanks to you ^^

Author Mary Anne (2 months)




Author Federica Mariani (1 month)
Thank you!!
I found new anime to see!! : )

Author Amu Chan (1 month)
your video is awesome.i watched all your recommendations. uta no prince
sama is the best. 

Author nimmy ferty (2 months)
like ^^

Author Mooshi Anime (5 months)
I uploaded March 7 2013,If I wasn't mistaken, it has not been released yet
:) Thank you.

Author XxMovieCatssxX (6 months)
It just really felt like tonari no kaibutsu kun wasn't finished yet, but it
was good though...

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