*My top 12 Anime Romance/Comedy [2012-2013] Part III

DA :
Look at my channel to see the Part 1 and Part 2 List :)

List :
Arcana Famiglia
Skip Beat
Kamisama Hajimemashita
Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan
Hiiro no Kakera
Say I love you
Uta no Prince Sama
Sword Art Online
Tonari no Kaibutsu kun

* I don't own anything, musics, pictures, videos- only the editing XD
Sorry for the very late upload :D [I've upload it like 3 times, actually]
I fix the songs because of it's copyrights
Sorry for that, but I hope you'll like it ! ^^ [ My bad also, only "Top 12" this season winter :)

Sharing this and Subscribing will be a big help ! If you'd just feel like it, I'll appreciate it!

*You can also suggest anime but please, no bad comments about this list or this anime and thank you for that in advance !

Have a nice day :)

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Hi guys .. Have a nice seen.. I do not own music and pictures Hope u like it ))


Author Mooshi Anime (4 months)
Hi guys, its been awhile.
So about the new list, I'm sort of searching until now because most of the
romance Anime nowadays are from OTOME GAMES and such and well yeah, too
much harem ;----; So far, +angelica diente 's list which is :
*Kamigami no Asobi
*Kiniro no Corda: Primo Passo
*La Corda d'oro Blue sky
*Golden Time
*Nagi no Asukara
*Inari, konkon, koi Iroha
*RDG: Red Data Girl
* Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii
*Diabolik Lovers[ 0V0 ~!]
*Hanasakeru Seishounen
*Saiunkoku Monogatari
* Hanayaka Nari, Waga Ichizoku: Kinetograph
are good to watch and for some people out there who would wish to watch
another new romance list, then here it is! :D
--Segway, Check out my new DA!
I'll be uploading my arts soon and you can request me for an Anime fanart.
Just comment below and I'll do my best to work it out for you.
Have a nice day Otakus! <3


Author Mooshi Anime (6 months)
Sorry guys, I'm still at the middle of my searching, so far I've only seen
3 good anime to watch. Most of the new anime is now more a bit of fantasia
and stuffs, yandere, action, well I like some of them but not that much. So
my new list will be delayed. Thank you very much and have a nice day!

Author Mooshi Anime (10 months)
You're welcome everyone! So glad all of you liked it :)

Author Mooshi Anime (7 months)
For some of you, Once again this is the part III of my anime list. Over
all, I listed 50. Some of the suggestions are on the other list. You can
check it out on my channel, Thanks!

Author Meliza Alvarado (2 months)
Uta no Prince-Sama was one of the best anime I have watched!! And I still
await season 3

Author Angie Huesca (4 months)
Is there going to be a second season of Kamisama Hajimemashita?

Author Mooshi Anime (9 months)
Merry Christmas everyone! :D
Hope you had a nice 2013 life experience LOL :))

I'll be making a new list on 2014, Let's rock \m/, Advance Happy New Year
Minna ^o^

Author Hello Kitty (10 days)
4:50 what anime? I cant find it anywhere

Author Ekaterina Petrova (4 months)
Ne kami-sama,
warui ko naritai yo.
Ii ko ni shiteru kara.
Onegai da yo.
Zurui koto sase toite
Ii koto shitai nara
Sukato hirugaeshite
Sugu kaero yo
Doyoubi wa haresou da
Kami-sama ha-ji-me-ma-shi-ta
Still remember and I still miss it...
I want Kamisama Hajimemashita.
I miss Tomoe's hot glare and the sweet Nanami....uwa, uwa...
Oh well changing subject I love your videos, you've got a fantastic taste
when it comes to animes. Very good, I agree with all your choices.

Author Rin~Anime (24 days)
1st one i love the one where she's dating the green haired guy .-. lel

Author cutegirl23 (29 days)
what is your favorite op. song :D (for everyvone)

Author JenJedi (4 months)
Have you seen Inu x Boku SS? It's a very cute anime :3

Author Jackelyn Saquique (1 month)
OMG SAY I LOVE YOU WAS SO CUTEE i loved that anime so much

Author Ashley Justice (1 month)
Listening to the hiiro no kakera opening brings back the feels. 

Author Sam Gable (1 month)
I've seen "say I love you, chihaya furu, and sword art online"

Author bap luvsecret (2 months)
What is the name of the first song, please?

Author Aadiba Hossain (2 months)

what's the name of the 1st song?

Author OH MY OUTAKU (2 months)
Lol when I was watching the part at uto no prince sama my bro was
like....HAA GAAAY... And I was like...SHUT UP u idiot!!!!! Just cause you
don't look that fucking gorgeous doesn't mean u gotta be all jelly and call
them gay!!!!! Then he was like.. I'm sorry but there is no man that has
hairstyles like that and dance like that that are considered straight....
Then I was like...ThERE ARE IN JAPAN....then he said.... Do these guys look
japanese to you??? ......sob sob OH STOP RUINING MY FANTASIES WhAAAAAA!!!!

Author monsee vergara (2 months)
hiiro no kakera <3

Author TsumikiGamer (2 months)

Author saajida sabbir (4 days)
Always will love the opening of anmesia

Author Becky Luo (1 day)
Hakuouki! Hijikata!!

Author dan zhang (2 days)
Yeasssss skip beat! !!

Author Giulia Ballarin (22 hours)
The name of the song of Amnesia is ''zoetrope''

Author Maria Blanco (4 days)
I liked amnesia

Author Caroline Kwak (6 months)
Is there gonna be a season 2 of Arcana Famiglia

Author kath erine (3 months)
skip beat esta buenisimo digo el manga oh dios /(ºAº)\

Author Little_D (3 months)
Whats the song called on 9:40?

Author Liyana Syazwani (21 day)
Where did you watch uta no prince sama?

Author Angel Moshingi (17 days)
After watching this video,i checked out Uta No Prince Sama! i literally
finished two seasons in a day, the anime was so good and the art. OH MY
GOD. the art is beautiful. Hiiro no Kakera is an awesome anime too. the
opening is lovely. so far, great list! :)

Author Natassja Rayne Lao (25 days)
I like your taste! :)

Author TsumikiGamer (2 months)
talk about coinsendences i have watched em all before i watched this XD

Author Gamerwolf3 (8 months)
what is the maid one?

Author Bruna Oliveira (21 day)

Author Simona Kikiz (28 days)
OMG Sword Art Online is the best! I've watched it not to long ago!

Author Andrea Rodas (1 month)
Me gustaron todos!!!! 💜💜 *My top 12 Anime Romance/Comedy [2012-2013] Part

Author Danielle Zoja (1 month)
I wonder is there like any other similar animes to kasmisama kiss and inu x
boku SS? :'I

Author Irene Chua (3 months)
The song of kobato is so cute. I love it <3

Author Its_the_1&only_marsbars (3 months)
Hakuouki Shinsengumi has 4-5 seasons all ranging from 12-13 episodes. I
will warn you now. be prepared for tears. That anime is heartbreaking.
good but incredibly sad.

Author Aiyme Pe4enka :3 (1 month)
Ну короче не всем дано знать английский

Author Vị Ngọt Kẹo (1 month)
oh tomoe( kamisama hajimemashita))) i love you.... Nanami beautiful

Author Mocha Latte (1 month)
Hi guys um I'm sorry if they said this already but... would you mind
telling me the song for the first one please!!!!!

Author Caroline Gauthier (1 month)

Author Ciel Phantomhive (1 month)
"Say I love you" Is a really good anime, Any one who can't find it anywhere
I could hook you up and show you a Anime Website. Its a really reliable
website and you don't download or sign up, All you do is search a anime and
It pops up! @ or

Author John Siater (1 month)
Iike anime

Author Mariel Beato (1 month)
what song did u use, i think ive heard this one before, pls answer,

Author shaira dimapilis (1 month)
Kamisama kiss is the best!!!! Watch it you fools . Only a baka would say
its not a good anime!!!!

Author dah paw (1 month)

Author nora saidi (1 month)
how about boys over flowers

Author Screaming XdGinrai (1 month)
Glad someone likes Amnesia! But not as much as me... P.S The song that
goe's with Amnesia is called Zoetrope

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