How to Fix a KitchenAid Pro 600 Mixer

In this video, Mark shows you how to put the spin back into your KitchenAid mixer by replacing its gears. Helpful items for this repair include grease (part # 4176597), a shop rag, a screwdriver, a mallet, a retaining ring pliers, a punch, and a pick.

Get your replacement parts for your KitchenAid Pro 600 Mixer here:

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Author TheIkaika777 (5 months)
I’m glad my Kitchen-Aid pro 600 came with a metal gear housing years ago
since people were complaining of it breaking. Great video!

Author AversaS (5 months)
Followed this step by step. I bought the parts I needed outlined in the
summary. Once they came, went step by step with this video. By far the
best guide out there. Works perfectly.

Thank you so much!

Author J Singh (4 months)
You just saved me lots of money. Now I am going to repair my machine myself
the only issue now is where do I get all the gears. Thanks.

Author Stephen Lord (7 months)
I have a problem I didn't see covered in this video.... but it's a great
video that I'll certainly use. The problem I'm having is that everything
works fine, but there is an occasional drip of grease through the planetary
that winds up in the mixing bowl. After watching this video I didn't see
what I would replace to correct this. Did I miss that part or can you
suggest what needs to be replaced?.... THANKS for the video!

Author Peggy Barthel (5 months)
Mark, thank you for your videos. I am still looking for my exact problem
in your videos. Can you perhaps tell me what to do if the planetary has
come loose from the central (moron) shaft? Ours is the Pro600. I think
someone who was helping us in the kitchen pulled on the blade incorrectly
and pulled the planetary loose from the shaft. Now it won't stay on al
all. I'm lost without my KitchenAid! 

Author Patrick Henry (1 month)
very impressed by your video, However opened the housing bout the retainer
pliers and found the ring to very difficult to remove. I tried various
tips none would stay connected to the ring. when I finally got it removed
(damaged) the gear would not come apart form the shaft. I'm one step away
from throwing the whole thing in the trash. 

Author Andrey Cherneha (21 day)
Very nice video. Straight to business and no noise or waste of time. Thumbs
up. Also it looks like all his shafts are properly greased.

Author Donna Nelson (3 months)
I just purchased a used KA Pro 6 on ebay. The day after I got it I made a
batch of cookies without any apparent problems. I then made a batch of
pizza dough, but about 3 minutes into kneading it seized and now makes a
horrible grinding noise. The shaft will not move at all. What could it be?

Author Stephen Sywak (2 months)
Hopefully it doesn't need to be said, but " UNPLUG YOUR MIXER, FIRST!

Author Kamel Bounakhla (7 months)
good job and thanks for your video

Author cabanaeclipse (6 months)
Super Helpful! Thanks!

Author Tery Thompson (4 months)
Some of the most excellent video and instructions I have seen on Youtube

Author Terence ONeill (28 days)
How do you fix your Kitchen Aid mixer if it doesn't do anything when you
plug it in?

Author Tom Howard (1 month)
One of the best how to videos I have seen. Well paced, well videoed and
clearly explained. 

Author 이학철 (3 months)
Getting what can change
110volt => 220volt

Author Craig M (6 months)
Great video. I'm getting fine metal shavings dropping out of the planetary
into the bowl as I mix, any ideas what might cause this?

Author Jose Rafael Hidalgo (2 months)
Great video !!! Thanks a lot for share it !!!

Author Diana Koegler (8 months)
Thank you ... now to order parts. :)

Author Jeff Hawn (7 months)
Great video! Solved all my problems with our mixer. Cheers!

Author Amir Nuruddin (3 months)
Listened to it found helpful, now going to move on to the actual task of
working on my machine, which is missing the beat. Thanks

Author Tim Stevenson (7 months)
Really great video... We'll done!

Author Walter Gomez (5 months)
Thanks, clarified some steps for me.
Very good job.

Author Aaron Miley (6 months)
Great video! Thanks!

Author Karim Hanna (6 months)
Great video on how to take apart and repair the Kitchenaid Pro mixer.

Author rehas406 (4 months)
How did you get the housing back on so easily? I have put everything
together step by step but when I put the metal silver housing back on it
doesn't go back on all the way. Have I missed a step? 

Author jerry leyva (5 months)

Author theprincessof3 (5 months)
You are a very good instructor! My question is, what type of grease did
you use and did it come with your replacement parts? Thank you

Author Iain Barksdale (3 months)
I found 10 oz black benelene grease for the gear box, but I noticed the
gear you used on the planetary is clear. Are this different products?

Author Jorge Lima (6 months)
I replaced the gears like in the video but my machine knocks a bit. should
i be worried about it?

Author Dottie Konderla (15 days)
Hi, your video is really helpful. I have a question though. The front part
of my worm gear lifts up and bumps back down. I can't seem to figure out
which part needs to be replaced. It lift once at each rotation. My mixer
still works but I don't want to damage the gears by using it. Do you have a

Author Ben Thibault (26 days)
I don't understand how some one who is obviously mechanically competent as
yourself could replace THE ENTIRE gear train of this mixer, and then cheap
out on 2 small bearings. Which, aside from the motor bearings, are the
fastest turning bearings in the whole assembly.

Don't get me wrong, the video does a very good job at explaining for non
mechanically inclined people (I happen to not be one of those). Excellent

Author Nice Girl Films (1 month)
Great video and tutorial! I order the parts and replaced all of the
internal gears on my KitchenAid. When I reassembled everything the worm
follower gear seemed very tight on the planetary rid. I was able to get it
on and insert the pin and put all the other gears in place. Everything
seemed normal, but when I try to run it there is a fairly loud clicking
noise. Any thoughts?

Author Kim Kerler Schult (6 months)
Great Tutorial, fixed my mixer, thank you!

Author David Taylor (4 months)
the best video thank you

Author Dee Greenwood (8 months)
So without fear I have opened and dismantled the gear assembly. I canon
find anything obviously worn...should I just replace all the gears? Or
degrease and reassemble and see if that works? Hate to spend the money if I
don't have to. When it started to fail it was hanging up in one spot during
planetary action leading me to believe some gear is wonky...thoughts?

Author Zane Telischak (4 months)
I mentioned in a previous e-mail that I'm hearing grinding noises with each
revolution. My mixer is a Pro 600 type. When I open it up, I do expect to
find some wear, so some of the gears will probably need to be replaced. Am
I correct in my evaluation of my problem?
What kind of grease is used in the mixer.
Thanks for your help.

Author Elizabeth okeyo (5 months)
This was very helpful, my father in law and I spent Sunday afternoon
replacing the worn out parts. We saved a lot of money. Thank you very much

Author Lorenzo Morra (4 months)
Clear. Simple. Very useful!

Author Hossain Esmaili (3 months)
It was very usefull presentation.What kind of grease do you use for
KitchenAid mixer
550 HD

Author snev0902 (1 month)
Thanks for a great video. This was an easy fix and only for the cost of
the parts. Previously I had to take it to a shop couple hours away and pay
substantial amount of money for the parts and labor. Thanks again! A++++++

Author jaymelee23 (3 months)
Thank you! I was unsure of buying this mixer because of fear of it breaking
and then being out a lot of $$$. I feel confident that I could fix it by
following your video. Thanks again.

Author L White (5 months)
I took my Pro600 apart, determined the problem,ordered new parts, cleaned
and replaced as you instruct. When I put the worm follower gear back in
both my husband and I noticed that it had more give than seemed necessary.
The dog eared flanges were vertical though and we carried on, greased, etc.
When we turned it on, things were fine at low speed but once we got to
about 4 or 5 it started rattling badly and we turned it off. Clearly
something is not right. Any suggestions? 

Author MsFarmay (1 month)
How many ounces of grease is needed to repair the worm gear?

Author Carlo Quagliaroli (3 months)
Great Video. Thank you very much.

Author kpalexan (5 months)
Video helped clarify the orientation of the shaft bearings. Flats need to
be 'vertical', unlike shown in the parts manual on the KitchenAid website.
Be careful not to put too much grease in the housing as it made reassembly
difficult for me. All in all, a great help in
disassembly/repair/reassembly. Thanks!

Author ur pitiful (7 months)
very nice and clean

Author Kaffirs Rule (4 months)
Kitchaid? Pffft! My 1974 Bosch is still working like new. Never had a
problem. Bosch kicks ass eternal, so I bought another one last week. This
Kitchenjunk must be made out of white metal in China.

Author ameen alhamawi (1 year)

Author Race Vanderdecken (4 months)
While making "bread" my KitchenAid noise maker stripped a gear. The good
news is they are easy to fix with the most expensive part being the grease.

Author Stuart Humphreys (1 year)
Mark's Kitchenaid repair videos are the best!!!

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