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This video is recorded in Northern Greece or Aegean macedonia, it talks about the Macedonians there. According to them its estimated that there are 250 000 Macedonian Speaking people and lots more who do not know the language. There are greeks who accept this fact and support them but there are greeks who do not.
This video has been uploaded to inspire the Aegean macedonians to teach their kids Macedonian, for the Macedonians in Vardar Macedonia that had doubts about the existence of Aegean Macedonians, and for the Greeks, not to offend them but to make them accept it and realise. We are all human after all. We share the same religion-Christianity!
This video is recorded mostly in Kostur, Lerin, Voden. Support for all Macedonians.
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vo centar


First Macedonian king Caranos and founder of Macedonia was a Greek prince
of Argos Peloponissus...Macedonians believed that they were children of the
greatest Greek mythic hero Hercules and that's why lion was their symbol
and Philippos build a city with the name Heraclea...Macedonians believed to
the acient Greek Olympic religion and participated to acient Olympic Games
where only Greek tribes participated...Alexander spread Greek culture to
the far east and begun the Hellenistic ages...We real native Macedonians
are Greeks!!...Only Greeks!...And not Yugoslavs or Bulgarians like you!!

Author Crank Balkanhellas (1 month)
macedonia = greek, not slavic

Author demjan lacky (6 months)
United Macedonia 

Author Paun Makedonski (7 months)
All the nations that devided Macedonia are cursed and they will get their

Author TheTaxim77 (7 months)

Author S.S. M. (2 years)
the Greek was give Agean Macedonia as a gift. The Greek ruler was less
vishess than the Turkish...Thousands of Macedonians lived here but where
driven away. Agean country was wiped from world map. Pure Macedonian people
lived here. One town had 3.5 thousand people. 600 hundred kids went to this
school...the Agean Macedonian tried to fight back the Greeks, in the
Mountains but could not help..10 township just in this area
since been left without people..not civil war but geniside

Author SkajN123 (1 year)
Славените не са дошли от Русия него са от Македония това е мн. простокога
римляните дойдоха при нас, когато не распарчаа 168 год.п.н.е. те ни
нарекоха Смесители което означава стара римска (тогавашен Рим) и на
македонски това се превежда от самите македонци като славяни и ето това
понятието славяни! предците на славяните са Пелазгите (македонци),
прародителите на Пелазгите се Древните българи! Потвърждение за това е от
един от едните Съветски (руски) учени Петър Гриневич. който изрично

Author macedonianred . (2 years)

Author Riste Doncevski (2 years)
Just stop with that stupid things, we are tired of all of our neighbors, We
are not Bulgarians, we know that, i dont know why you dont know that, and
we dont care about you, this land is Macedonian and we are Macedonians.

Author macedonianred . (2 years)
me rasplaka 23:10 koga rece "Ne e toa tesko sto policijata ke te maci, ke
te tepa ..." :(((

Author George TP (1 year)
These people r living proof of what hapend 70years ago give it up greeks
while u can before us alll suffer and your children more which will hurt u
like no tomorrow

Author bob trajkoski (1 year)
theirs no way the Greeks will extinguish the soul of Macedonia ,the
disintegration of the fascism will happen thee evil can not win

Author George TP (1 year)
Majkami i tatkomi begaa od egejska 1945 1947 sega se vo australia bea
tepeno macheni i zorlem gi ucea grchki vistinata e taa istoriata nempze
nikoj da ja smeni i zaboravi grcite treba da gi machat. I tepet dodeka ne
priznaat deka ja ukradoja macedonia egejska

Author Tommy Trpkovski (2 years)
That is beautiful to see that they did not forget their heritage. We are
with you at all times. Greetings from Detroit-Lesok.

Author BjonkoChalgija (2 years)
Vo pravo si! Da si ziv i zdrav :-)

Author SkajN123 (1 year)
Македония на гърците. Скопие за България.

Author Belasica11 (1 year)
Bugarija njama chist Blgarin,vsjaki Vtor Chovek e Cigan ili Turchin..Kade
sa Blgarite??

Author FREAKanimeWATCHER101 (2 years)
zalno da se gleda

Author Belasica11 (1 year)
Da mi jades kuro Makedonski

Author Кристијан Крстевски (2 years)
Словените не се дојдени од русија него се од македонија тоа е мн. просто
кога римјаните дојдоа кај нас кога не распарчаа 168 год.п.н.е. тие нас не
нарекоа Славини што значи на старо римски (Тогашен Римски) а на македонски
тоа се преведе од самите македонци како Славјани и ете ти тоа поимот
словени ! предците на словените се Пелазгите ( Македонци) , претците на
Пелазгите се Античките Македонци ! Потврда за тоа има од еден од едните
Советски(руски) научници Петар Гриневич. кој децидно тврди !!!!

Author mitre000 (2 years)
Makedonia na makedoncite I grecia na turcite

Author salfetka (2 years)
Riste i understand you. everyone can call themselves what they want and
they should have the right to do so. im just presenting you with facts like
the pictures below where the Bulgarian king in the second world war was
greeted by the population in macedonia which means we were freeing the
lands not occupying them. looking at the ethnic maps of 1880-1945 they show
who lived in these lands and serbia was the occupator. the international
history show Bulgarians lived there and after tito...changed

Author MrBg681 (10 months)
Ами то затова во войните и първата и втората световна България се биеше със
Гърция да не се случи това шо стана во Егейска Македония. И во целиот този
20 век Сърбия беше вечно союзник на Гърция и заедно я правеха своята
политика во Македония. И стотиците иляди български войници во тези войни за
това умреха, со стотици иляди вдовици и сираци оставене на глад и мизерия.
Со загубените земи и во Тракия и во Добруджа. И накрая сърбоманските изроди
велат окупатори, а сърбите освободители. И целиот народ во Р.Македония
верва... е навистина е гнусна сърбомания ова во Р.Македония.

Author Ertan Shkupi (7 months)
vasko da ti svrsam na naucarite

Author Yianni Periptero (10 months)
Face the facts your language is Slavic,why would you loose your language

Author Maced oniA (10 months)
smrt za site grci

Author Macedonia Macedonian (1 year)

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