The Best UFO Sighting In The United States

The Best And The Latest UFO Sighting In The United States, In The Video We See UFOs Flying In Sync And Very Strange, Visit Our YouTube Channel And Finds New UFO News And Sightings In The World

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Author Moontanman (1 month)
Fucking birds... 

Author PAINFOOL13 (15 days)
Yep ,I can tell its America ,their speaking spanish..sheesh

Author propertyofwong (2 months)
military, I'm sure the have tons of crap we don't even know about. they get
so much money, hire the brainiacs and exploit technology

Author hungfao (1 month)
Odd. Their behavior reminds me of the very same thing I see almost daily as
certain larger birds in my area, mostly falcons, ride the thermal waves in
the atmosphere. They are able to seemingly soar and float without the beat
of a wing for very extended periods of time as the circle lazily playing a
sort of slow motion follow the leader. The extreme zoom distortion provided
by this video assists in blurring any real details. Once again, the sad
thing in the UFO world, a witness of one is no witness at all. You'd think
that a spectacular and lengthy performance such as this would have culled
corroborating video from other sources placed at different locations in the

Author Paul Jackson (2 months)
Can bird's reflect sunlight and fly upside down? Errrrrr people who
think they are birds or kites,lol. WAKE UP?

Author MyRedcliffe (3 months)
and birds dont have lights on their heads either

Author James Allen (2 days)
They call them birds where I come from...

Author Chad Hale (3 days)
these are birds.

Author BryanG (3 days)
If you pause the video at 2:47 you get a real good close up. They sre not

Author David Charles (7 days)

at first I thought maybe yhey looked like Turns or Maribou Storkes, but
they never flap there wings. I know that many species of birds ride
thermals but they could not barrel-roll and recover without increasing
there lift comming out of it. Again, common sense prevails.

Author Chemung, New York. (10 days)
Double fucking birds.

Author Danny Dannypigy (11 days)
Yha FUCKIN birds

Author Robert Chhangte (11 days)
those aliens came all the way from a million light years to give an please stop insulting them and just applause!

Author Joop Venter (12 days)

Author Robert Hencher (3 months)
they are birds why can peaple not see that

Author Marlon Andrade (17 days)

Author bub yacobozzi (18 days)
The best thing about this video is the fact the title is "The Best UFO
Sightings in the United States"...and the dude is speaking Spanish..... I
bet he's an alien

Author Lex Heath (18 days)
pelicans, nothing more

Author mohamed ali (18 days)
Look like birds but non songs ha ha

Author Michael Carrigan-Briggs (19 days)
Very stiff and bright birds at that.

Author Darren Swan (20 days)
Bloody migrating geese

Author James Allen (2 days)
They call them birds where I come from...

Author elcheepo gonsalas (1 month)
With nothing to scale the size of them its pointless to film them. To the
future UFO filmmaker show the rail of the balcony of the hotel your in .Try
to show the horizon UFOs against cloudy skies gives no point of reference
to size them once again . Show other people seeing it too, for line of
sight reference. Call the local news see if any one has a different angles
on what you saw. Law officers or some other uniformed person validating the
sighting. If its an alien and not a UFO catch it blinking , to make a mask
that blinks properly and is mobile is Hollywood difficult.

Author millioncatz (1 month)
there would be nothing earth could do against them if they were here to
attack so i wouldn't worry about what it is or what they are doing or here

Author jcsimpleasthat (1 month)
saw this shit yesterday

Author denis forman (1 month)
birds lol

Author ryan gutierrez (1 month)
I cannot believe some people think these are birds. They're flying upside
down, plus not once do they flap wings. 

Author Keith Maddox (1 month)
Yep, them there are Nimrod Cruisers! Call General Pelican and tell him that
the birds of a feather are actually together. 

Author Greg Ser (1 month)
Birds are known to fly over hot spots where they don't have to flap their
wings you uneducated baboons. Watch The Discovery channel every once in a

Author Alex La (1 month)
Look like birds for a sec

Author Ian Dropsyface (1 month)
There called birds flying you dozey tosser

Look at the T-Craft

Author marsman williams (1 month)
Stargate spaceships

Author SCROTUM LORD (1 month)

Author Underr Siegee (1 month)
looks like fucking birds to me

Author Dick Hamilton (1 month)
birds. get yourself a better lens and a fucking tripod

Author Geoff D (1 month)
Low altitude display by the Muriel 1/8 intergalactic display team from the
unknown planet ( to humans ) of Girst in the constellation of Leo.
The thin layer of atmosphere that surrounds Earth is a testing environment
in which to train star pilots for Muriel 1/8, this is the reason they are
carrying out this display.
The rationale being that if they train hard in Earths atmosphere, they can
display anywhere.
It was reported that the prime pilot forgot to switch the display team
cloaking system on and this in turn allowed images to be displayed.
Basic error, this is all this is.

Author Kate Blackmon (4 months)
They are NOT pelicans, I saw this in January of this year of Seabrook
Island, we have pelicans fly past every day, they were NOT birds. I am a
lucid, intelligent person and this has intrigued me since I saw it. Birds
do not disappear out of the atmosphere and then reappear in
formation......very very odd!

Author steel moon (1 month)
1:46 Two huge head / front lights on a sunny clear blue sky day? 

Author Jack Espinoza (1 month)
I saw that with dad

Author Joseph Sadler (1 month)
Those are Lockheed F-117 Nighthawks. Did you not see the shape he zoomed in
and they flew vertical. Yes it is vast ever expanding universe, but if
there was other "intelligent life" God would have told us something. You
guys need to tame your imagination! 

Author Anreeta Benedict (1 month)
Hmmm...blury with weak resolution...done on purpose...obviously...birds

Author elcheepo gonsalas (1 month)
I live by the beach east coast and I have seen sea gulls do the exact same
thing. Sorry no sale

Author Julie Turcios-Avila (1 month)
Con tail lights

Author Greg Ser (1 month)
Birds. Clearly seagulls, you twat.

Author Alter Schwede (2 months)
fuckin birds,haha

Author marsman williams (1 month)

Author kurtmorr (2 months)
someone went and bought a bunch of sea-gall shaped kites and probably are
flying them with a group of kids. I don't know what that slo mo at the end
is intended for.

Author audience4u2 (5 months)
curious formations, not natural propulsion that's for sure

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