The Best UFO Sighting In The United States 2015

The Best And The Latest UFO Sighting In The United States, In The Video We See UFOs Flying In Sync And Very Strange, Visit Our YouTube Channel And Finds New UFO News And Sightings In The World

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Author itakeyourphoto (1 month)
ufo's don't need to bank when turning in flight, on the other hand birds
do. To me this looks like large over exposed birds enjoying some thermals.
Birds can glide around for a long time without flapping wings during
thermal conditions. Birds with white bodies and grey wings. The white
parts reflecting the sunlight causing the light effect

Author David Crockett (2 days)
I'm a photographer and I see these all the time in Montana. These are
White Pelicans. They do fly in formation and are very bright especially
against a blue sky. They spend a lot of time just gliding, surveying the
land (rivers and lakes) for a likely spot to settle down. These are just
out of focus. I have quite a few shots of them that show exactly what they

Author John Dennett (21 day)
those are freaking birds whats next an alien whale sub?
Damn retards.

Author MORRISON7585 (1 month)
Anyone with curiosity can watch with binoculars formations of birds
cruising on updrafts anywhere in the sky. This video is not
of a formation of birds unless it has been tampered with. If it has been
tampered with then everything I say is moot. This video
instantly reminded me of air force training exercises. Whatever those
craft are, if that is what they are, are beautiful in design
and capability. I like the colouring and lighting placement. They look like
the sporty models of U.F.O`s and I`ll buy one when
we back engineer them and put them on the market. Anyway…….this is

Author Jagdtoq (3 months)
Well I thought bird at first but none of them flap their wings for the
entire length of the video, so put that one in the possible tray.

Author DaddyDog42 (26 days)
Those things are freaky, pause the vid.

Author OVNIS ACTUALES (2 months)
NOT have permission to use this video, please remove the video or you will
be penalized for violating copyright

Author David Kobza (3 months)
The people who have experienced true strangeness in the form of an actual
interaction with occupants aboard a craft or craft can be quite good at
microscopic discernment, but those who have not, will have a devil of a
time saying it isn't birds. And they could be, but realize that some can
take whatever form they wish and to rule THAT possibility out isn't
qualified to make an accurate assessment of what is presented here...

Author HighArchDruidMorph (20 days)
flock of pelicans... We have them soaring down here in Louisiana all the
time.... Geesh people get a grip

Author boogiecakes (1 month)
bwaahah! People using old cameras ala 2013. It's very easy to make
anything video grainy today and add text date watermarks. It's interesting
how with the advent of HD in cameras long ago we don't see this culture as
much. Now with 4K lol forget it!

Author Garret Krampe (3 months)
You can see ETs collecting Hydrogen Isotopes for fusion to Uup. There are
some regions of atmospheric concentration of Deuterium and Tritium, above
thunderstorms and lower orbits.

Stupid US Government agencies think that Uup is the fuel, it's the waste !
You see gliders "thermaling" like this all the time. They are collecting
not much else.

Anyway ET's are among us and reasonably indistinguishable from humans
thanks to the tech swap DNA for technology done in the 40's and 50's by the
US (apparently)
Dumb ass Americans got the tech but they still could not figure it out,
they were never meant too. They are still jockying for Kudos among the
mediocre department heads that should have stayed in their text books and
not ventured out into the real world.

Author OLDSCHOOLPATRIOT (4 months)
at first I thought maybe yhey looked like Turns or Maribou Storkes, but
they never flap there wings. I know that many species of birds ride
thermals but they could not barrel-roll and recover without increasing
there lift comming out of it. Again, common sense prevails.

Author Anthony Wright (27 days)
I'll have to admit this is one of the better TR3-B cillvillion videos I've

Author 41levergun (3 months)
pelicans I'll try to film some for you all sometime. No I'm not a non
believe, i just know my birds. Last month I could have filmed a group just
like this while out fishing. 

Author Marco Zucconi (1 month)
Ufo Birds????? hahahah

Author suryanarayana begur (2 months)
these look like birds but then they show exhausts and do not flap
wings...... what are they.? are our photographic technology so lacking as
to not being able to take a magnified still with at least whatever detail
is available....? can you people not focus your mount polomor observatory
or any other amateur telescopes to actually see their shapes...? or least
you could have had the common sense to refer the matter to whoever it is to
investigate the matter over...? could have despatched supersonic planes to
investigate the matter..? all this seem to me to be the pulling of a fast
one on gullibles or it is a big hoax played upon the stupidities of
mis-directed enthusiasts....? please desist from doing this non-sense or
else come up with authentication or least a logical explanation as what it
could be,i very well know neither you nor any of us can satifactorily
answer the question within the gamut of possibility or at least conclded
that it was beyond the ken of human understanding...whatever instead we
hear some inaudible mutterings and some language we cannot understand in
the background...which clearly says that it is nothing short of
cheating........ i am not sitting in judgement but am throughly

Author bub yacobozzi (4 months)
The best thing about this video is the fact the title is "The Best UFO
Sightings in the United States"...and the dude is speaking Spanish..... I
bet he's an alien

Author Alamega Chris (1 month)
birds using termic winds to rise in altitude 

Author Zach Lumsdon (4 months)
Birds Or Planes, But Not A UFO

Author carlos eugenio ribeiro de souza (4 days)

Author richard schieman (19 days)
aren,t that birds??????

Author Nun Neteru (3 months)
The people that say these are birds are in complete denial and have zero
depth perception. I have never seen birds that large number one, number two
last time I checked birds do not have lights on them and number three they
flap their fucking wings every once in a while, dumb ass stupid fucking
idiots with the I.Q. of 1 in denial.
I am not saying they are aliens but certainly these are no birds!!!!!

Author Joseph Elliott (2 months)
It's pelicans. See them all the time, and yes they look weird when they
fly, but no they are not UFO's. If you don't believe they are pelicans,
come to Florida. They don't flap their wings, they do reflect sunlight,
and they fly in perfectly synchronized formations. 

Author Steve Holland (1 month)
Palanquins & the worst camera ever .

Author Arthur Bussure (1 month)
Fucking Pelicans...

Look at the T-Craft

Author Shadow (1 month)
why are so many UFO videos and photographs always blurry

Author Robert Burns (1 month)
UFOs? Do you really think we are that stupid? Ever see large birds
gliding before?

Author silversurfers7 (2 months)
...To all saying these are birds, ask yourself this and check the video
carefully too, if they're a flock of birds, then how come ALL the way
through the video, they don't ever flap their wings?! And flocks of birds
don't act like the movements you see here in this video, like zooming in
and out from each other, and moving SIDEWAYS without effort! Birds in
flocks usually fly in "V" formation anyway! Could be alien craft pretending
to act and look like a flock of birds.

Author Alamo DJ (2 months)
XD never seen birds like that... birds don't fly without flapping wings
even a buzzard flaps and birds don't make wheel barrows in the air 

Author Michael Van (3 months)
SNOW GEESE.........I've seen them many times....and YES...birds CAN fly
DO SO. Don't post ufo videos until you know how to focus your camera. I'm

Author vintertagg (1 month)
yeah, alien craft the size and colour of pelicans. seems legit.

Author BryanG (3 months)
If you pause the video at 2:47 you get a real good close up. They sre not

Author Jim West (1 month)
Looks like pelicans to me

Author kurtmorr (3 months)
How can you tell they aren't flapping their wings? the guy can't hold his
camera straight worth a damn plus the quality is to poor to see, it gets
blurry quite often and it looks like some of them flap every once in a
while but its to hard to tell because of the poor quality. I still say it
looks like a group of kids got a bunch of bird shaped kites at the store
and are flying them together.

Author PAINFOOL13 (4 months)
Yep ,I can tell its America ,their speaking spanish..sheesh

Author Ray N (2 months)
Stupid people... those are not UFO dumb tard.

Author rebelnightrider (2 months)
here what i think so many people do not belive in the bible but what this
is i think is satan and his demons getting ready to make war with jesus on
his return soon!!!

Author Pete Conway (2 months)
The Best UFO Sighting In The United States:

We are not alone

Author ryan gutierrez (4 months)
I cannot believe some people think these are birds. They're flying upside
down, plus not once do they flap wings. 

Author pete999tv (3 months)
Never known a bird to not flap wings even once! They look like orbs from
distance eh? Weird, def look like birds but they just ain't. Birds don't do
360degree circles that quick round his/her buddies. . . Great footage.
Shame they weren't bit closer eh.

Author elcheepo gonsalas (4 months)
With nothing to scale the size of them its pointless to film them. To the
future UFO filmmaker show the rail of the balcony of the hotel your in .Try
to show the horizon UFOs against cloudy skies gives no point of reference
to size them once again . Show other people seeing it too, for line of
sight reference. Call the local news see if any one has a different angles
on what you saw. Law officers or some other uniformed person validating the
sighting. If its an alien and not a UFO catch it blinking , to make a mask
that blinks properly and is mobile is Hollywood difficult.

Author Ayhan Trap (3 months)
Das sind fliegende Möven Du Mexicanischer Horn-Ochse! ;)

Author Jan Marklar (1 month)
Isn't Birds.

Author toreibjo (2 months)
Birds for UFO's? Get a grip.

Author Moontanman (4 months)
Fucking birds... 

Author denis forman (4 months)
birds lol

Author juan carlos caballero (2 months)
son gaviotas de alturas hermano

Author Mustafa Minkara (2 months)
Idiots! these birds

Author Christopher Peel (3 months)
Birds changing direction like that? You idiot

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