The Best UFO Sighting In The United States

The Best And The Latest UFO Sighting In The United States, In The Video We See UFOs Flying In Sync And Very Strange, Visit Our YouTube Channel And Finds New UFO News And Sightings In The World

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Author Moontanman (2 months)
Fucking birds... 

Author Jagdtoq (16 days)
Well I thought bird at first but none of them flap their wings for the
entire length of the video, so put that one in the possible tray.

Author PAINFOOL13 (1 month)
Yep ,I can tell its America ,their speaking spanish..sheesh

Author 41levergun (10 days)
pelicans I'll try to film some for you all sometime. No I'm not a non
believe, i just know my birds. Last month I could have filmed a group just
like this while out fishing. 

Author Paul Jackson (3 months)
Can bird's reflect sunlight and fly upside down? Errrrrr people who
think they are birds or kites,lol. WAKE UP?

Author Christine Walsh (4 days)

Author David Kobza (14 days)
The people who have experienced true strangeness in the form of an actual
interaction with occupants aboard a craft or craft can be quite good at
microscopic discernment, but those who have not, will have a devil of a
time saying it isn't birds. And they could be, but realize that some can
take whatever form they wish and to rule THAT possibility out isn't
qualified to make an accurate assessment of what is presented here...

Author Garret Krampe (28 days)
You can see ETs collecting Hydrogen Isotopes for fusion to Uup. There are
some regions of atmospheric concentration of Deuterium and Tritium, above
thunderstorms and lower orbits.

Stupid US Government agencies think that Uup is the fuel, it's the waste !
You see gliders "thermaling" like this all the time. They are collecting
not much else.

Anyway ET's are among us and reasonably indistinguishable from humans
thanks to the tech swap DNA for technology done in the 40's and 50's by the
US (apparently)
Dumb ass Americans got the tech but they still could not figure it out,
they were never meant too. They are still jockying for Kudos among the
mediocre department heads that should have stayed in their text books and
not ventured out into the real world.

Author Robert Hencher (4 months)
they are birds why can peaple not see that

Author BryanG (1 month)
If you pause the video at 2:47 you get a real good close up. They sre not

Author hungfao (2 months)
Odd. Their behavior reminds me of the very same thing I see almost daily as
certain larger birds in my area, mostly falcons, ride the thermal waves in
the atmosphere. They are able to seemingly soar and float without the beat
of a wing for very extended periods of time as the circle lazily playing a
sort of slow motion follow the leader. The extreme zoom distortion provided
by this video assists in blurring any real details. Once again, the sad
thing in the UFO world, a witness of one is no witness at all. You'd think
that a spectacular and lengthy performance such as this would have culled
corroborating video from other sources placed at different locations in the

Author Andy Rowlands (5 days)
yep, looks like a flock of gulls or something..

Author derekvolt (2 days)
And next on nature tv we have birds on the lake 

Author DeathSpikeSteve (7 days)
It's most likely some sort of military drone testing, or something close to

Author palmiro ulanowski (5 hours)
Storks !

Author Ayhan Trap (5 days)
Das sind fliegende Möven Du Mexicanischer Horn-Ochse! ;)

Author Christopher Peel (11 days)
Birds changing direction like that? You idiot

Author Beth Zielicke (5 days)
ummm jets

Author Julie Turcios-Avila (2 months)
Con tail lights

Author tatunine (17 days)
Get your eyes checked. Those are birds.

Author kurtmorr (18 days)
How can you tell they aren't flapping their wings? the guy can't hold his
camera straight worth a damn plus the quality is to poor to see, it gets
blurry quite often and it looks like some of them flap every once in a
while but its to hard to tell because of the poor quality. I still say it
looks like a group of kids got a bunch of bird shaped kites at the store
and are flying them together.

Author Michael Van (16 days)
SNOW GEESE.........I've seen them many times....and YES...birds CAN fly
DO SO. Don't post ufo videos until you know how to focus your camera. I'm

Author Greg Millard (12 days)
They are pelicans.

Author MyRedcliffe (3 months)
and birds dont have lights on their heads either

Author propertyofwong (3 months)
military, I'm sure the have tons of crap we don't even know about. they get
so much money, hire the brainiacs and exploit technology

Author Diane Beckett (14 days)
Saw seagulls do the same thing once looked like they had lights on them
,just the sun

Author Tobias Meux (15 days)
What kind of bird emits light?

Author pete999tv (21 day)
Never known a bird to not flap wings even once! They look like orbs from
distance eh? Weird, def look like birds but they just ain't. Birds don't do
360degree circles that quick round his/her buddies. . . Great footage.
Shame they weren't bit closer eh.

Author Chad Hale (1 month)
these are birds.

Author troller (22 days)
Really? moving on...............

Author coreysue (26 days)
Doesn't this look like a squadron that popped into our dimension to
practice maneuvers? Or maybe they are spelling out an important message
like 'birdbrain'.

Author I am Believer (23 days)
Another idiot who mocks us, fun is good, silly ???

Author str8right (22 days)
What is the language in America?

Author David tokei g (24 days)
These Allen's weren't here ten years ago...thanks Obama!!!

Author James Allen (1 month)
They call them birds where I come from...

Author Nun Neteru (28 days)
You people need to get your eyes checked have you ever in your life seen
birds fly like that? And birds with lights? WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH

Author Julie Turcios-Avila (2 months)
Son pelícanos

Author Chemung, New York. (1 month)
Double fucking birds.

Author Danny Dannypigy (1 month)
Yha FUCKIN birds

at first I thought maybe yhey looked like Turns or Maribou Storkes, but
they never flap there wings. I know that many species of birds ride
thermals but they could not barrel-roll and recover without increasing
there lift comming out of it. Again, common sense prevails.

Author David Charles (1 month)

Author Zach Lumsdon (1 month)
Birds Or Planes, But Not A UFO

Author Lex Heath (1 month)
pelicans, nothing more

Author Robert Chhangte (1 month)
those aliens came all the way from a million light years to give an please stop insulting them and just applause!

Author Joop Venter (1 month)

Author Michael Carrigan-Briggs (1 month)
Very stiff and bright birds at that.

Author bub yacobozzi (1 month)
The best thing about this video is the fact the title is "The Best UFO
Sightings in the United States"...and the dude is speaking Spanish..... I
bet he's an alien

Author mohamed ali (1 month)
Look like birds but non songs ha ha

Author denis forman (2 months)
birds lol

Author Justin Roberts (4 months)

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