The Best UFO Sighting In The United States

The Best And The Latest UFO Sighting In The United States, In The Video We See UFOs Flying In Sync And Very Strange, Visit Our YouTube Channel And Finds New UFO News And Sightings In The World

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Author Aaron Allen (8 months)
What do you think? 

Author propertyofwong (1 month)
military, I'm sure the have tons of crap we don't even know about. they get
so much money, hire the brainiacs and exploit technology

Author snakebitmgee (8 months)
What are you? A bunch of drunk hobos? They're clearly not birds.

Author Orbital1 (6 months)
If they were pelicans, at some point, they would flap their wings. Unusual
for sure.

Author Paul Jackson (1 month)
Can bird's reflect sunlight and fly upside down? Errrrrr people who
think they are birds or kites,lol. WAKE UP?

Author lorem ipsum (6 months)
they have aerodynamic delta wings, so they are build for crusing through
the air

Author Stephen Dickens (5 months)
Its birds,eesh..

Author inquizative44 (5 months)
I am just about done with UFO pics, either these "aliens" come and talk to
Dan Rather or at least Diane Sawyer or am not interested, I gotta go to
work and pay my bills (maybe the aliens can help me with that?).

Author Robert Hencher (2 months)
they are birds why can peaple not see that

Author chris oleary (8 months)
Birds have to flap their wings i didnt see any wing flapping i think its
top secret government aircraft

Author Julie Turcios-Avila (23 days)
Con tail lights

Author Timothy W (8 months)
Those are birds you retards.

Author Alex Johnson (8 months)
They're kites. They resemble kites that are all being flown at the same

Author Peter Watson (5 months)
Pelicans you Pelican!

Author Thiago Cursino (8 months)
2013 analogic camera o.O

Author downtourth (7 months)
It must have been an Alien airshow, with wide turns, circling around,
bumping into each other..where can i get tickets?

Author syntaur (6 months)
key word here is FOCUS:)

Author Justin Roberts (2 months)

Author RJSoftware2000 (6 months)
I wish I had a helicopter. I would hover up higher than these aliens and
when they look up I could splat their windshields with some of my special
dookie doo.

That is the official way to welcome this type of aliens to planet Earth.
They would turn their windshield wipers on and smear my "Hello" chocolate
sauce back and forth and they would be happy.

Then I would fly by them and wave my middle finger. This is the special
sign of pointing up to God in heaven. They would wave back and hold the end
of their wing hands like "Spoc" does on Star Trek. They watch our movies
out there.

They would be happy if I did that. Then the world would be at peace.

Some food for thought.

Any digital video can be enhanced, frame by frame by someone with time on
their hands.

Plenty of examples where people do video editing and they even have

They could easily put rocket flames on a school of birds. Plenty of youtube

It does make me wonder about the validity of digital video for legal

Author nicole smith (8 months)
flapping wastes so much energy ..these 'birds' are cruising on the energy
they've tapped into.found.naturally in the universe..and there a whole
fleet of them.. they should visit our skies some time so i get a chance to
see for myself these glowing birds..they are amazing to look at.

Author Tim Hark (3 months)
I saw this exact same thing on a sci fi movie and why are they speaking
Japaneese if it was taken in America. Fake post you dim witted fucktard.

Author Spartan League (6 months)
STORKS!! You stupid Jackass!!

Author Robert Barron (8 months)

Author Julie Turcios-Avila (23 days)
Son pelícanos

Author Karen Grainger-Allen (1 year)
Take a look at this video on YouTube:

Author snakebitmgee (8 months)
Little Bastards! SHOW YOURSELVES!

Author snakebitmgee (8 months)
Hahaha. I'll be damned. They are pelicans. I just found a video of the dang
things. Now I get to laugh myself to sleep tonight.

Author B. Bozo (7 months)
Those are just flying dogs.... or radioactive flying underwear... no big
deal... see them all over.

Author hungfao (20 days)
Odd. Their behavior reminds me of the very same thing I see almost daily as
certain larger birds in my area, mostly falcons, ride the thermal waves in
the atmosphere. They are able to seemingly soar and float without the beat
of a wing for very extended periods of time as the circle lazily playing a
sort of slow motion follow the leader. The extreme zoom distortion provided
by this video assists in blurring any real details. Once again, the sad
thing in the UFO world, a witness of one is no witness at all. You'd think
that a spectacular and lengthy performance such as this would have culled
corroborating video from other sources placed at different locations in the

Author audience4u2 (4 months)
curious formations, not natural propulsion that's for sure

Author MyRedcliffe (1 month)
and birds dont have lights on their heads either

Author Andrew Botha (8 months)

Author christian pegoraro (8 months)
Seems those things have engines....but if this are Military Aircraft or
not, I cannot tell....

Author Sonnyv102687 (8 months)
The reason why the quality sucks is because it's zoomed In you morons!!!
And if you could see the eyes then you could see the beaks , He's saying I
Spanish what is that why are they moving like that...jsyk

Author davidenespana (6 months)
Nope, sorry. Some video of a small flock of Grey Pelicans riding a thermal
(as many larger birds have a habit of doing) taken with a crap video camera
doesn't constitute "The best UFO sighting in the United States in 2013"
Awesome? I'm afraid not. 'Risible' is the word that sprang to mind as I
wasted 2 minutes of my life watching it.

Author unclw dro (8 months)
To big for birds and birds don't fly in sync

Author Edward Owens (8 months)
I couldn't detect a wing flap but it looks like birds to me. If not then we
are practicing the latest Drone Formation Flying Algorithms in Mexico. Go
find that video with those little quad rotor drones about the size of a
glass coaster. They will blow your mind. I can only imagine how well they
are working now. They use wifi between them to maintain formation and do
aerial maneuvers.

Author Osório Thomaz (6 months)
This is what you call the best sighting. It seems just a group of birds
flying and badly filmed. If this is the best, what would be the worst?

Author Alex La (1 hour)
Look like birds for a sec

Author Ian Dropsyface (6 days)
There called birds flying you dozey tosser

Author Dick Hamilton (9 days)
birds. get yourself a better lens and a fucking tripod

Author marsman williams (7 days)
Stargate spaceships

Author Anreeta Benedict (20 days)
Hmmm...blury with weak resolution...done on purpose...obviously...birds

Author Deborah Kirkbride (1 month)
Ultra Light air craft 

Author Chaz Lyons (8 months)
if you stay focus on one bird, and not get distracted by the group you'll
notice a skip in the frame right was the bird is flapping its wing. They
don't all flap in unison, so that's why its so choppy in the beginning. The
end..they are gliding. However, it does look like three lights on them.

Author Gummi Falk (4 months)
Pelicans Gees or Herons making formation for Long Distance Flights :) and
reason for steady wings are they use Hot air to lift them up to very High

Jets has been seeing swans up to 40 Thousand feet over Iceland where they
just use the hot air to get that altitude and then they just have to
descent south east toward Great Britain with the North Shooting wind in
their Back

GPS from Iceland University on the swans neck shows they go from Iceland
when the right wind conditions are on in less then 12 hrs to GB

Author bagr zalesni (6 months)
thanx 4 sharing .. bird with halogen lights on :S come on people use ur

Author Anthony Griffin (8 months)
Is it a bird? Is it a pl...oh, hold on, it's clearly a flock of birds.

Author Brendan Wood (6 months)
Sorry, these are flying pieces of the Baltic sea anomaly which came from
the Bosnian pyramid. 

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