Erwin Rommel, A History

This is a history one of the greatest commander of all time, Erwin Rommel.

Brief History:

Erwin Johannes Eugen Rommel (15 November 1891 -- 14 October 1944), popularly known as the Desert Fox (Wüstenfuchs), was a famous German Field Marshal of World War II. He is regarded as one of the greatest generals in military history.

He was a highly decorated officer in World War I, and was awarded the Pour le Mérite for his exploits on the Italian front. In World War II, he further distinguished himself as the commander of the 7th Panzer Division during the 1940 invasion of France. However, it was his leadership of German and Italian forces in the North African campaign that established the legend of the Desert Fox. He is considered to have been one of the most skilled commanders of desert warfare in the war. He later commanded the German forces opposing the Allied cross-channel invasion in Normandy.

As one of the few generals who consistently fought the Western Allies (he was never assigned to the Eastern Front), Rommel is regarded as having been a humane and professional officer. His Afrikakorps was never accused of war crimes. Soldiers captured during his Africa campaign were reported to have been treated humanely. Furthermore, he ignored orders to kill captured commandos, Jewish soldiers and civilians in all theaters of his command.

Late in the war, Rommel was linked to the conspiracy to kill Adolf Hitler. Due to his wide renown, Hitler chose to eliminate him quietly; in trade for the protection of his family, Rommel agreed to commit suicide.

Famous Quotes:
Anyone who has to fight, even with the most modern weapons, against an enemy in complete command of the air, fights like a savage against modern European troops, under the same handicaps and with the same chances of success.
Erwin Rommel

But courage which goes against military expediency is stupidity, or, if it is insisted upon by a commander, irresponsibility.
Erwin Rommel

Don't fight a battle if you don't gain anything by winning.
Erwin Rommel

In a man-to-man fight, the winner is he who has one more round in his magazine.
Erwin Rommel

Sweat saves blood.
Erwin Rommel

The future battle on the ground will be preceded by battle in the air. This will determine which of the contestants has to suffer operational and tactical disadvantages and be forced throughout the battle into adoption compromise solutions.
Erwin Rommel

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Author ewa reamberg (3 days)
i miss him 

Author maor peer (8 months)
one of the best general in history and the best in ww2, generals today can
learn alot from him.

Author Karl Pershing (9 months)
Great man. God bless him.

Author GmitU - Gott mit Uns (11 months)

Author taintedtannis (2 years)
He was asked to be a part of the conspiracy because of his fame yes, but he
told them no. The reason he was aksed to kill himself, was because he was
the first to openly speak of surrender. He knew that a prolonged battle on
2 fronts would only be a further drain on Germany's military resources and
manpower. Rommel was well respected by both sides because he was so caring
and he never asked his men to do something that he himself would not do.
Thats why even to this day, he is still hailed as a

Author Pusztuljka (2 years)
@Prussia75 Sorry to correct you, he was not. He was a soldier, not a
politician, but the conspirators wanted to appoint him the leader of
Germany if they manage to kill Hitler. That is why he had to kill himself,
because he had to choose who will die: He, or his whole family.

Author Pusztuljka (2 years)
@Prussia75 Of course, what is written down in history books, is another
thing... They "wrote" these only, because they wanted to create the nemesis
of the Allied a "good man with implications in Hitler's assassination"

Author RED DEVELS (3 years)
@mystique992 he was not traitor

Author umar gen (2 years)

Author Amine Amine (2 years)
Ed Harris = Erwin Rommel

Author Ramissand (2 years)
Rommel was a true soldier fighting with valor and honor. Too bad he fought
for a psychopath!

Author feldmarschall66 (2 years)
Interessanter Beitrag.

Author barthoedemaker (2 years)
Rommel also " idiot " do your research.

Author harry schnepp (2 years)
jackson , giap, patton, atilla, and rommel, the greatest generals.

Author bavelimohan (2 years)
why is rommel being so much praised by this so called allieds

Author Benderswe1 (3 years)
He died protecting his family and guderian spoke at his funeral...guderian
was one of them that was behind his death scentence

Author Gary Brown (2 years)
@SpankyRavenscroft what would you say of Oscar Schindler?

Author diurite cicero (3 years)
he's forced to suicide because he just say "yes" for take the lead of the
wermacht if the conspiration to Knock down (not KILL) hitler has done,
that's the point. He was not informed of the murder Hitler hitler has a
longtime hesitate include rommel in the conspiration in july 44, goebbels
and goering force him to take this decision because they jealous of rommel
and sorry for ma y bad english

Author nedeljko18 (2 years)
@duongngocvuminh Dear friend,"explanation"is in history and our education
to realize that,ARS LONGA VITA BREVIS...

Author Mertensify (2 years)
Actually France tried to work together with Germany. Did you remember
Stresemann and Briand both getting the Nobel Price for Peace?! At least
France tried and the Treaty of Locarno brought safety for the border
regions. Poland however did not negotiate with Germany and refused Its
claims on the Polish corridor and the free city of Danzig that were
approved by the League of Nations.

Author TANCREDI1860 (2 years)
Rommel był z pewnością świetnym generałem, jednym z najlepszych w II wojnie
światowej po obu frontach. Ale służył DIABŁU, czyli Hitlerowi. Trudno go za
to podziwiać. Jestem Europejczykiem i wybaczam Niemcom ich zbrodnie, nie w
imieniu ofiar, tylko w imię wspólnej przyszłości. Znam wielu wspaniałych
Niemców i wierzę, że szczerze odżegnują sie od Hitlera.

Author Erik Vuchich (2 years)

Author ?Confidential (2 years)
@SpankyRavenscroft rommel was not really a nazi he disobeyed orders to
exterminate jews and plus he was involved in the assasination atempt of

Author Александр Калашников (1 year)
Damn right.

Author Adrian92Smith (2 years)
@GoComando2 and why is that?

Author gothnickify (2 years)
I think that the German people did not want to go through another war when
they had elected Hitler as Chancellor in 1933. Though I myself am not a
national socialist I can understand why national socialism at that time had
done a lot to help many facets of Germany and the German economy. Building
the German military created jobs for people in Germany as well.

Author SpankyRavenscroft (2 years)
@LOYALISTMUSIC1 Clearly he is not respected by me.

Author MrRizzell (1 year)
A true soldier!

Author Szayel Aporro Granz (2 years)
He was linked to a conspiracy to kill Hitler and because he was widely
reowned, Hitler choose to elimanate him quietly. In trade for his familie's
safty he agreed to suicide

Author Questic Productions (1 year)
Wow, You're full of shit.

Author AENAOS1980 (2 years)
@Prussia75 he was a nazi. but he was also a "gentleman" and he disagreed
with hitler some for the assasination atempt, he didnt had any
relation with that

Author Henry Fart (2 years)
you wanna say that to the panzer division he commanded? no??? thats what i
thought. Dick head

Author mystique992 (3 years)
@issenterprise1 you're right, according to his government he's traitor
because he tried to kill his leader, for the history he's brave, for me
he's brave enough to protect his people

Author Marie Therese Bonello (1 year)
A real gentleman and one of the greatest if not the greatest of generals of
all time - respected by friends and foe, adversaries and great politicians
like Churchill.

Author virework (2 years)
rommel is and was the best general of the world. he was a german soldier
not a nazi. RIP rommel.

Author villevolta (2 years)
The Afrika Korps was never accused of any war crimes .. Great humane General

Author George Saxon (3 years)
Is this another attempt to steel the glory away from a great German
commander? Because we all know that the American text books would never lie
they never have before.

Author Eric Nulph (1 year)
Even the Allied generals had respect for Rommel. General Patton's greatest
rival. but they still had respect for each others abilities. but they never
fought each other face to face on the battlefield. I think it would have
been one hell of a fight. Rommel did have some class. who was totally
against the genocide. usually during that time, disagreement meant a death

Author Mertensify (2 years)
Summoning deamons will allways backfire. Hitler gave the German people the
revenge for Versailles and made them feel like they were part of a real
Nation again, rather then the cue ball of the victorious Nations of WWI
that blamed Germany for causing the war, just to hide their own guilt. But
once Hitler was unleashed uppon the world, with his loyal henchmen
following him blindly, the luck turned against Germany. The cry for
redemption turned into Germany's original sin.

Author 1994zunt (3 years)
den besten den wir je hatten ruhe in frieden :(

Author gerold2004 (2 years)
Иноземцы, идите в жопу!...Это самый лучший генерал, что думает о солдатах

Author Erik2Ammo (2 years)
He was involved in stopping the war, not in killing Hitler.

Author benny8hill (2 years)
American Actor Ed Harris had some similar Looks!

Author Iordan Alex (2 years)
no1 rommel no1 guden

Author ?Confidential (2 years)
ok who tried to assasinate rommel.

Author PrinceSamanti (2 years)
Patton respected Rommel.....

Author generalvase (2 years)
Even today's all around the world tankist's have his picture in their
tanks,including me...he was a briliant general there is no doubt!

Author Lorenzo Wells (2 years)
@FreeSpeechSmuggler LOL! what the hell is wrong with him to have that many

Author TotalWarPersia (2 years)
@spermwaste your fucking name is spermwaste now shut the fuck up

Author yorkman25 (2 years)
He was indeed on of the great tacticians of the war, but I think calling
him "the greatest commander of all time" is a bit generous. I would tend to
think that that honor would belong to Alexander the great or Ghengis Khan,
or perhaps even Bonaparte or Sun Tzu.

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