Frank Zappa Detroit 1976-11-19 (complete concert)

Wonderful music, great solos, great sound quality (amatorial rec).
Part of this concert (a few songs) were published in the Conceptual Continuity album

1976-11-19 Cobo Hall, Detroit, MI

FZ, Ray White, Patrick O'Hearn, Terry Bozzio, Eddie Jobson,
plus guests (on the encores):
Flo & Eddie on vocals, Ralphe Armstrong on bass, Don Brewer on drums.

Purple Lagoon Intro, Stinkfoot, The Poodle Lecture, Dirty Love, Wind Up Workin' In A Gas Station, Tryin' To Grow A Chin, The Torture Never Stops, City Of Tiny Lites, Pound For A Brown, Titties 'n Beer, Black Napkins, Purple Lagoon Outro,
Rudy Wants To Buy Yez A Drink, Would You Go All The Way?, Daddy Daddy Daddy, What Kind Of Girl?, Dinah-Moe Humm, Stranded In The Jungle, Camarillo Brillo, Muffin Man.

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Runtime: 110:30
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Author Emil Brandwyne (5 months)
Someone tell me, is this music actually improvised on stage?
I dunno if Zappa does it always.

Author Jazz Cook (2 days)
This album is so fucking good! Since Frank has been gone, sometimes I
forget what a great guitarist he was!

Author Joepepe lombardo (4 months)

Author TJ Nugent (2 months)
Zappa had that special sauce in spades... 

Author Wolfgang Linke (9 months)
Listen at 4:10. Frank really became angry about a fucking t-shirt selling

Author gwendolyne maystadt (3 months)
ow my ears

Author jerry mander (3 months)
This was my first concert. Took my buddies 65 mustang there with a girl.
Just out of high school and all I remember is that Frank didnt have a shirt

Author hdsrvc (7 months)
1st time I saw FZ was at the Felt Forum in 1973 - saw him every time I
could after that ( many many times) ... there was nothing like a Frank
Zappa concert

Author ray rogers (5 months)
very beautiful version of `The Torture never Stops`...melted me

Author Herve Berezowski (6 months)
Chaque concert est differant du precedant qui d autre fais ca??

Author alison collett (6 months)
Wish i'd have had the opportunity to go to one of these concerts,(only 38)
I've met Steve Vai and i've seen Dweezel doing Zappa plays Zappa but they
don't compare to Frank. I can't hear enough of it, great stuff. 

Author Holly McCormick (7 months)
I went to see him every time he came to fav concert was at
MeadowBrook Music festival...he did both the Fillmore East and Just
Another band from LA in one night omg what a concert ...of course those
were my drug yrs lol...and I was on acid lol clean and sober now;)

Author Ray Quigley (10 months)
Always a stellar performance, Franks the cats ass!

Author Paula Carrasco (11 months)

Author Andrea Llewellyn (6 months)
Jesus, every Detroit show frank puts on... has been LEGENDARY and waayyy
off the script! 

Author Travis Zappa (11 months)
Frank is god to me, but I HATE COSMIK DEBRIS :3

Author Jeff Williams (11 months)
I went to every show Mr. Zappa played in Dallas or Ft. Worth Texas from
1976 -1985 each one was different from the one the year before and each one
was a great show. my personal favorite was the shut up and play your guitar

Author Alan Schmid (11 months)
wowie zowie one of those more interesting shows ,I wish I could have seen
frank in person more times than I did,shuld have traveled round the country
like dead heads used to do but to see more fz concerts...thanks ,I'm
looking for 10/23/81 sunrise Fl.early and late?thanx...

Author taikomasala (11 months)

Author Stephen P (1 year)

Author Chance Evans (1 year)

Author Kurt Knutsen (1 year)
more zappa 

Author shadowcaste (1 year)
It's Eddie

Author fadethetrade (1 year)
It is Jobson,I saw all the concerts at the major NE cities in the halloween
christmas tour,phila,NY and boston 76,it was eddie jobson.Ponty was
fighting with Zappa in this period.

Author Maximiliano De Pietro (1 year)
damn, shit happens.

Author Mike Ventura (1 year)

Author br1tag (1 year)
Yes, opening act. Look at the network: Frank Zappa An evening in detroit (3
cd). cd1: Flo & Eddie (20tracks), cd2-3: Frank Zappa. It is a very nice

Author buschnic61 (1 year)
Just a great,overall everything man..what can you say ..the beautiful tone
of that beautiful air conditioned Cobo alive..great
of tiny lights and napkins excel..great patience..the guy played 400 days
in a row and always treated the crowd to a hard played and fun show with a
pleasant disposition..the world will never ever again know such a
brilliant,brilliant person..Thank you..alot..and very much too..

Author whitedwarf13 (1 year)
Pleased to have found a recording of Zappa's 1976 'reunion' with Mark and

Author leelevingate (1 year)
I had tickets to this show, and, had to give them up to work a stupid
stupid job that I was fired from a week later.

Author bogeybast (1 year)
This is (approximately) the band featured on the cover of Zoot Allures.
Does anybody know why FZ decided to perform the studio tunes himself with
TB drumming instead of recording with Roy Estrada or Pat O'Hearn & Ed
Jobson, since he had been playing live with these fellows? Just curious. FZ
made many artistic changes in personnel & musical directions over the
years, so no criticism implied/intended.

Author Samy Daussat (1 year)
thank you

Author The Rev. Bob Channel (1 year)
It's always easy to review a Zappa performance. I saw him 25+ times back in
the day and I have over 150+ live concerts in my archives and I have NEVER
seen or heard a bad performance, or for that matter, even an off night!
Every show this man perforned was incredible and this one is no exception!
We get his usual amazing melodic guitar, we get a great version of Torture
Never Stops (a personal favorite), an incredible drum solo by Terry Bozio,
and just when you think it can't get any better.....

Author Jorge Ramos (1 year)
Thank you so much !! Great work . Spain loves Frank and his music !!!!!

Author Gárdus Imre (1 year)
Gyönyörű gyújteményed van!

Author sortofsorted (1 year)
superb !!..thanks for another slice of history!.. nice upload..

Author The Rev. Bob Channel (1 year)
Out come Flo and Eddie for the last half of the show! And if all that
wasn't enough... they come back out and do an amazing cover of the old
classic, Stranded In The Jungle! Never expected that! Frank ALWAYS amazed
me! Never a dull moment. Excellent show! Thank you very much for posting
this! Thouroughly enjoyed this!

Author Leasa Rosolino (1 year)
I went to his concert in 1977 in Detroit.

Author timmo1782 (1 year)
Great stuff mate, keep it coming! ;)

Author twostikks1 (1 year)
That's Terry TED Bozzio. Most amazing.

Author Jacek Tajner (1 year)
the best - uwielbiam Cie Frank

Author Sion Nois (1 year)
Who plays the violin in black napkins?

Author PissedPistofferson (1 year)
thanks man can never get enough Zappa Subbed!

Author sweetsurrender2me (1 year)
thanks for the upload! br1tag! we just listened to it in its'
entirety....WoWie ZoWiE! {Black Napkins? a highlight! thanks again matey! ❤

Author Jim Krause (1 year)
good sounding AUD

Author ichbinsnichmehr (1 year)
thank you

Author floridashorti (1 year)
this is SO EXCELLENT, thanks for sharing w us

Author Pete Luel (1 year)
Any time is Zappa time for me. This bloke's kept me sane on numerous

Author richie valens (1 year)
Great concert. Genius in a pure state, Thank you for sharing this piece of
art. RIP Frank Zappa.

Author Mike S. (1 year)
Great work here br1tag. Thanks !

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