History of MQM - BBC Documentary

A short history of MQM presented by BBC

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Author Bazza187 (1 month)
Altaf is a hindu

Author Abdul Tawwab (6 months)
G.A.Altaf Hussain,, G.A.Muttahida,, G.A.Mugheer

Author imtiaz ansari (6 months)
Long live MQM

Author Raza Hashmi (8 months)
hum sheesha nahi folaad hai
hum mohajiro ki ulaad hai

Author m Riaz (9 months)
son of the bitch altaf and musharaf 

Author dev sharma (11 months)
long live mqm 

Author willsonjohn100 (7 months)
It looks someone has thrown a bigger bone to BBC this time.

Author samir79tahir (1 year)
Altaf randi

Author drgmbhatia (1 year)
After partition millions of mohajirs were deliberately settled in urban
Sindh by shrewd Punjabis in order to dilute the clout of Sindhis & when
Mohajirs acquired political eminence, they are being cut to size by planned
settlement of Pathans being brought from distant disturbed areas. In the
process native inhabitants - the Sindhis have become the worst sufferers.
Karachi with its pre-partition glory as a vibrant cosmopolitan port city
has been totally ruined. It pains me as I am a Sindhi.

Author Salman Bhatti (2 years)
Long Live MQM..........

Author aziz ahmad (1 year)
realy killer persons mqm no stop mqm killers in karachi mqm all leaders or
killers to many peoples including altaff kanjar harami

Author mmbqadri (3 years)
Geay Altaf

Author USA 1 (1 year)
Altaf is the next Charles Manson!!!

Author thalochi (3 years)
harami katil

Author Daryakhansla (2 years)
Ban manhoos qomi movement

Author Jack Sapprow (1 year)
laaaaaaanat maq

Author gurumalikg (2 years)

Author Nasser Jilanee (1 year)
This Muhajirs helped to kill millions of Bangladeshis in 1971. Now they
don't have the citizen ships of Bangladesh. They live in shanties and are
waiting for their arrival to Pakistan. These people are the most violent
and barbaric people on earth. We in Bangladesh have taught these people a
good lesson.

Author kamran malik (1 year)
mqm muaff karnay kay kabal nahi .. agar musalman soch hai to bhai hai hain
agar . nasli aur zabani soch hai to harami hain . ...

Author rahul malik (1 year)
from this documentry it is clear that MQM want to part of govt but
pakistani intelorent people and politician want to treat them second class
citizen and want to impose their thoughts on MQM coz they are people from
india. My blessing to MQM.

Author MrBLOODMONEY420 (3 years)
Kick mqn out of pakistan scum bag gypses mahjars killing innocent people
for own gains all mahjar r harami devils

Author shazadahmed90 (2 years)
LOVE MQM yeh saley kuttey, ek opreation ker k samjhtey hain k khatam ker
dain ge magar yeh jantey nahi hai k jin ki nasal shaheedoon se milti hai,
woh in k ghaleez opreation se nahi dartey love MQM we karachi people are
with MQM jop jo haq boley ga, woh MQM hi boley ga

Author Jugnoo Jogi (2 years)
MQM k office mein nazar anay walay afrad kuch logo ko maarne k baad khud
bhi maare jaa chukay hain

Author ali60412 (1 year)
Army murdabad!

Author KASHIF SHEIKH (1 year)
Jub bachcha paeda hota hai tu who roota hai, lakin jub altaf kuta paeda
huwa tha tu uski maa rooee thee. Yeh kis kunjer ko main ne paeda kiya.

Author FactFinder20 (2 years)
Long Live MQM Long Live Altaf The Great

Author hasan ali (2 years)

Author geeo sam (3 years)
lanat e mqm

Author adnan qayyum (3 years)
hum kuch nahe bhoolay sab yaad hay 47 say aj tak hum kuch nahe bhollay

Author dansofi (1 year)
will soon be in JAIL not for Killing thousands of Karachiate
mohajirs-sindhi-punjabi -phatan -baloch -BUT KILLING DR.Farooq in
LONDON--Where there is Punishment & consider CRIME

Author Ather Ahmed (1 year)
Altaf Gandoo laanti shakhs..........terrorist

Author Qasim Javed (1 year)
Fuck mqm altaf tari maa ko lun mqm terrorist

Author Max Awan (1 year)
Murderer party

Author Gh kh (2 years)

Author Abbasi Asif (1 year)
its a paid MQM sponsored and paid documentary

Author Jimmy John (1 year)
good style of lobbying propaganda. In reality Altaf is a traitor. What
rights MQM is demanding. What right they don't have. These people are in
fact pro Indian.

Author kamran malik (1 year)
kuta harami dohra admi hai . kisi ko baap mannay par razi hi nahi . altaf
kahta hai sab hi meray baap hain jo bhi govt main hai .. kutta kahien ka .
harami .

Author SUFIBEAT (1 year)

Author Farnaz Raheel (3 years)
bloody killer Altaf hussain drunken bastard is in rehab

Author Musique Khan (3 years)
MQM has been involved in extortions and targetted killing. Altaf Hussain is
a traitor, sponsored by foreign forces for personal gains. If he really
were a national hero involved as an activist, he would have lived in PK and
not in UK

Author zaidi ali (1 year)
I dont support to anyone in Pakistan but its true that all over Pakistan on
all high post are punjabi and they are taking rights they people they live
their... so please let the karachi to leave the people they live their not
the people they come from Punjab...

Author MrBLOODMONEY420 (3 years)
Altaf is a harami kutta harami mackes no scence and the people r dumb who
follow this man crazy basterds altaf harami mahajas haramis mqm harmi stick
a gorrila cock in all there mums bum holes altaf gorrila

Author 5555Mab (1 year)

Author azhar khan (2 years)
I Love MQM

Author SUFIBEAT (1 year)

Author USA 1 (1 year)
I rather listen to a barking DOG then him!!!

Author Durrab muhammad durrab (1 year)
Ya allah IS azab say jaan Chura dee kitne masoom log roz so jateen ha

Author noto moto (1 year)
Jahil ghunda party with Jahil followers.. Indian sponsored self exiled
kalla naag.

Author MrHazaraak47 (2 years)
MQM forever...fuck the other parties fuck fuck fuck fuck jamiat

Author kmaj007 (1 year)
Altaaf is an Indian Agent, he should be hanged on teen Talwaar

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