Rio Bravo

Una escena sorprendente de la película Rio Bravo con John Wayne y Dean Martin

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Author PeterFirthFan (4 years)
You want to have children with a bloke you've never met?

Author alhenrymc (4 years)
dean was and always will be the top dude

Author divebomber101 (3 years)
@preemptivestrike20 I do have a part. I am a user of both. If no one used
them, they would not be successful. Every account/user of facebook and
youtube is key in the success of both inventions.

Author Mike Newton (10 months)
The bad guy who threw the silver dollar in the spittoon was Myron Healey,
who played B western badmen in many Monogram westerns. He was the hero with
Phyllis Coates in Panther Girl of the Congo.

Author Charlie Parker (3 years)
Nowadays, the closest thing you can get to a John Wayne western is the FX
show Justified.

Author jimmiejoe007 (3 years)
Cowboy: Nobody's run in here....... Duke: We'll remember you said that....
a few minutes later, Chance slams the cowboy in the face with his rifle....

Author WalkTheLineJohn (4 years)

Author Lameglioify (3 years)
Hehe. Dean is even cool when shooting. He turned around as smooth as a

Author Dke721 (4 years)
You threw the silver dollar didn't you? You want it back? You wanna get it?
Best part of the scene, great movie

Author hsmgeek4ever (4 years)
@spiffyinsb I totally agree!!

Author girl43 (4 years)
5:07 Pride regained :-)

Author ddttrrb72 (5 years)
Your the morning...will still be an idiot!

Author mascamcan1 (5 years)
Amen!A true classic.Thanks jswm 24.

Author eric zaldivar (2 years)
@sarmegwantwatchmovie Sure they are out gunned but Wayne and Martin can
still take out a few of em before they bite the dust. So, who of that group
is willing to die? Oviously none of them.

Author Marcio Ivam de Brito Teixeira (3 years)
Classic! Dean Martin was a great singer, actor e sure, a great drink man.
Big film.

Author Tobias King (5 years)
Indeed! Cowboys live in the country, and everyone who lives a rural area is
a great big racist. -Tabris

Author 168waco (2 years)
Who cares what the youth of today has to say-we will all be gone soon and
they can have this shit hole they have made for them self's .

Author BMB4LKW (6 years)
This is the very best Western-movie-scene with Dean Martin. A great actor!
Thanks for posting that wonderful scene!

Author DonFarshido (5 years)
Isn't there any authority on youtube who can throw that little prick here
simply OUT ?! I mean, what he does here is in no way justifiable with
"freedom of speech", since he doesn't express any opinions but simply
consciously wants to annoy all the Users. It takes away any motivation to
put a video in here and talk to other people, It disturbs any kind of
communication. How is it that this prick is still around?

Author leafyutube (3 years)
Howard Hawks knew how to make great scenes. Having John Wayne and Dean
Martin in it also helps.

Author b0g (9 months)
that was the time even we commies loved you. But now? with the muslim
nigger as pres? i dont know.

Author Count Vines (3 years)
The phrase "I Got Your Back" means something here. "We'll remember you said
that." Dude, I don't think it helped!

Author ddttrrb72 (5 years)
axually! YOU are the most racist mofo here!

Author Jamie Barker (5 years)
Let me explain something to you. Im a bloody fisted liberal who is
completing his PhD in multiculturalism and race studies. This movie is at
most barely racist. Burts character is a pretty accurate depiction of Asian
Americans at that time and Carlos isnt incredibly negative. He is a
property owner and successful. He is not the the bad guy, they are all
white. Overall, this movie is rather positive in the depiction of
minorities. Your out of your element here son, go pick on another movie.

Author soundwave000 (5 years)
what a piece of shit you are, and how ignorant you are to think that.

Author soundwave000 (5 years)
One of the best movies besides True Grit and El Dorado!

Author Charlie Parker (3 years)
"You want that gun. Pick it up. I wish you would." Quentin Tarentino would
use that same line in Pulp Fiction years later.

Author Fer Nando (3 years)
Por siempre Duke. Esa vieja escuela de actores de USA que estan
desapareciendo. Solo algunos como Bridges que prolongan el respeto para esa
vieja escuela. Saludos desde Perú. Duke Forever. That old school U.S.
players who are disappearing. Only a few such as Bridges to extend respect
for that old school. Greetings from Peru.

Author Spudskie (6 years)

Author FsHHnt192 (2 years)
3 faggots disliked this

Author davebuckdoes (5 years)
Greatest movie scene ever!!! I love this more and more every time I see it.

Author mencken (5 years)
Like I said, right- it doesn't have anything to do with any of that. You're
just pissed off politically.

Author Jacob Donikian (1 year)
we love you dean

Author SarahLogic (3 years)
I love the blood in the mug. it's almost symbolic. . . the only thing that
kind of bothered me about this scene is that the TWO men walk in with one
gun, and the bartender willingly gives up his, so they have two. they walk
up to about ten guys, each who have a pistol or two, and they just do what
they say! they're outnumbered and out-armed. . . someone please explain
this to me and i'll respectfully listen. i'll learn to respect the
beginning of this scene a bit more.

Author Michael Meisel (5 years)
I agree. Loved this movie as a kid and still enjoy it. The chemistry of all
actors is evident. They just don't make 'em like this anymore!

Author Preston hutchins (3 years)
Number 1 of my (5) All-TIme favorite Westerns: 5) Red River (John Wayne) 4)
"One Eyed Jacks" (Marlon Brando & Karl Malden) 3) "Gunfight at the OK
Corral" (Kirk DOuglas & Burt Lancaster 2) "Last Train from Gun Hill" (Kirk
Douglas) 1) Rio Bravo

Author samuraiofsamuraiedo (4 years)
maybe so, but nobody can copywright plot devices or King Kong could have
sued for the making of Mighty Joe Young, Tarzan for George of the Jungle,
etc., etc.. But even so, High noon is still a classic in and of itself, but
that doesn't make Rio Bravo any less of a movie to watch either.

Author keeshoekerd (11 months)
Man, how good is this quote? The guy must have been scared shitless

Author Knightcowboy89 (4 years)
im only 21 and i love john waynemovies

Author samuraiofsamuraiedo (4 years)
He said he'd go along with it if it's something I wanted. THough we are at
a bit of a disagreement on how to have one. I'm for going with artificial
insemination and having a kid with at least part of our genes in his DNA
and he's for simple adoption. Though it's still a few years down the road
yet. Right now we haven't even actually physically met. We agreed to be
with each other even though I'm in Nebraska and he's in Virginia, soon to
be in Tennessee.

Author eric zaldivar (2 years)
@ItalianWesternReview Obviously*

Author leafyutube (3 years)
@divebomber101 Yea it's true your generation gave us Youtube and Facebook,
but the people who did that are the hard working smart who work long hours,
not the idiots who come on here bashing this movie.

Author Lee Jordan (1 year)
My heroes don't whine,my heroes don't bitch.My heroes kick ass,not kiss it!

Author drchepa (1 year)
i love this movie!

Author David Fleck (5 years)
For you to talk about Walter Brennan and John Wayne and John Ford from a
2009 perspective is real easy. They are real easy targets from your comfy
seat in your dorm room. The charge of racism is dependent upon the era and
context it happened in. To comment on people who lived and were politically
active in the 50's and 60's with a 2009 perspective is ignorant.

Author KaeteChan (3 years)
Good lord, best western film ever.

Author kitkat6026 (3 years)
juanmacready is a troll hes all over u tube with his filth,he finds great
pleasure in insulting the dead and feeds of your replys he shows no respect
any where .block him i did hes an insulting waste of space

Author Obergruppenfuhrer (1 year)
for anyone who didn't notice, Dude knew the killer was in the rafters
because at 2:45 blood drops in the beer mug. Just before this scene Dude
shot the killer in the leg so thats where the blood came from

Author gfytd (1 year)
Spectacular movie!!!!

Author amoswt (5 years)
We'll remember you said that",,,,great line.

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