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Author Phill Brooks (1 year)
that was the ONLY way they can make the 'shake, rattle and roll' look even
slightly painfull

Author Dustin Nunn (1 year)
His "Shake, Rattle, and Roll" looks more like a "Shake, Rattle, and Toss".

Author cloaknhood (2 years)
love it

Author MBpintas (2 years)
@Bmaster1001 Fun fact: Honky Tonk Man has horribly elaborate ways to
nutshot people.

Author viking2172 (2 years)
@aquemeni541 DONT YOU LIKE THE «PUNT KICK» IN 0:32

Author havanastyles (3 years)
@edysonmacho lol fail that just means he has had some more recent than you
retard hahaha.

Author ghostfinders88 (1 year)
how do you get him on psp?????

Author forceuser98 (1 year)

Author ALphaxFan (2 years)
He's cool, He's Cocky, He wants to touch your balls! It's the Honky Tonk
Man! Thumbs up if you agree

Author Bmaster1001 (2 years)
FUN FACT: Honky Tonk is one of Jerry Lawler's cousins

Author neutrallycrazy993 (2 years)
@DarkDude2310 Kicks

Author collapsingdude4926 (3 years)
@edysonmacho You're*

Author NightRyder101 (2 years)
@edysonmacho lol dude your terrible just quit commenting

Author CHASER59er (2 years)
@ALphaxFan Nope no does

Author Austin Green (8 months)
Whats with the kickin in da balls

Author MrSwaqqaBoii1 (2 years)
reminds me of elvis : )

Author Sandra Wimer (2 years)
I guess i know how johnny cage got famous

Author edysonmacho (3 years)
@collapsingdude4926 Your* failure,your cat IS..A..FAILURE!

Author Logan Pantila (1 year)
He aint goin have kids after them hits.

Author aquemeni541 (2 years)
@viking2172 Not really.

Author SuperLoconnor (2 years)
extreme bag tag

Author Brian Vu (2 years)
@bigguyjames34 i dont think they included it

Author edysonmacho (2 years)
@havanastyles I meant you "little" as a young pathetic small man or
teenager,dumb ass.

Author andrew potter (6 months)
you are wrong

Author MachoBro99 (8 months)
honky tonk man sucks in the game and in real life

Author viking2172 (2 years)
@aquemeni541 dont you like randy orton?

Author pokemonfreek23 (2 years)
why couldnt the WII version have any DLC? i want these guys!

Author aquemeni541 (2 years)
@viking2172 Hell no. He's a pushkiller, not a legend killer.

Author Asad983 (2 years)
@sborges1968 there dlc's only for xbox 360 or ps3

Author Visthashiznit (2 years)
Honky Tonk Man has a PhD in nut shots

Author Tony Voodoo (2 years)
Miz, Goldust, and Randy Orton stole his moves.

Author MrEpicwizard (1 year)
Cause he the honky tonk man

Author CHADTYLER23 (3 years)
Can you do the all of the Dibiases

Author Stolzsuperbia (2 years)
no goldust?

Author darren francis (7 months)
And bad song

Author edysonmacho (2 years)
@NightRyder101 lol.......not funny,little kid.

Author xXsilvernlnjaXx (6 months)
you got to downluode them

Author ASAGA NGUYEN (2 years)
Is he the Master of the Low Blow =))

Author darren francis (7 months)
I no right

Author ed3187 (2 years)
he definetly likes balls

Author Robert Smith (2 years)
@Qaroc honky tonk was worthless, you must be a little jimmy, or you would
know he was the longest reighning intercontinental champion ever!

Author bigguyjames34 (2 years)
where is his guitar shot?

Author SuperFastGuy7 (2 years)
all of this looks phyically impossible

Author viking2172 (2 years)
in that i agree with u

Author yoda skyaword (2 years)
low blow blows low

Author JK Andersen (3 years)
@ThePimpOf1999 faggot.

Author Anthony Padilla (1 year)
How to unlock him?

Author KhoaEragon (1 year)
I think its cause he is a DLC

Author Steve Borges (2 years)
How do you obtain Honky Tonk Man, Ted Dibiase, Dust Rhodes & other
characters?...I have the PS2 version.

Author WaitingtoHit (1 year)
I've got nothing against Honky Tonk Man, but he never had arms like that.

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