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Music: Creepy Music Box

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Author sayla aguinaga (3 months)
I know what the song is called its called lonlyeness

Author Jeffery Woods (2 months)
I have that Pinkie Pie gif in the beggining

Author DarkDashV4 (1 year)
These photos are not scary. Its my little pony guys. It is never creepy or
disturbing. I'm a brony I've watched and enjoyed all of its episodes but
even these are'nt horrifying then again I've heard and recieved the
collective knowledge of over 300 creepypastas. I've seen things that would
make you shit yourself if this scares you.

Author louisgworld (1 year)
0:43 equine lied lmao

Author Changeling No.26 (1 year)
dat gif.... gave me.... A BONER?! FTW?

Author Black Spirit (1 year)
yes we better do... chocolate or bluberry?

Author AlbinoTurtle73 (1 year)
0:18 THAT'S HIGURUSH(i think that's how it's spelled) omg! i love that show
(it's probably not a show)

Author 101Whitestorm (1 year)

Author Black Spirit (1 year)
haha we will have cupcakes

Author Crystal Hayes (1 year)
Easy cows I don't feel guility but horses. I feel gulity one time I did eat
it and my mom told me it was horse meat and I started bawling right on the
spot. But when I eat ham burgers and my mom told me it was a cow I was like
"No wonder it's so tasty."

Author Black Spirit (1 year)
yes i hope they taste good *eats cupcake* ewww that taste like cabbage

Author Crystal Hayes (1 year)
I don't want cupcakes that taste like veggys maybe I'll get some from
Pinkie instead.

Author lauren surzyn (1 year)
@AdmiralBurningskull It's mostly Pinkie (or Pinkamena) because of the
fan-fiction, Cupcakes. Scary as hell.

Author Crystal Hayes (1 year)
Blood? Nudity? I like where this is going. 12 YEAR OLD PERVERT-NESS GO! lol

Author Crystal Hayes (1 year)
Anyone else not scared? Only me ok time for me to get a couple cupcakes.

Author Chloe S (1 year)
I actually thought that was cool! Good job! ;)

Author Crystal Hayes (1 year)
Sorry I got my years messed up for some reason I thought it was 2009. Also
I've already had a boyfriend it's not weird for girl about 12 to get
boyfriends. Some at my school are even talking about sex openly. But while
I don't do that matter fact after my aunt had the sex talk with me I was
scared of boys for a while. But we broke up. Not that I care tho.

Author Crystal Hayes (1 year)
YAY CUPCAKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not from Pinkie are they? I don't wanna eat a

Author fanime1 (1 year)
Love the Elfen Lied one!

Author AlphaGirlKatie (1 year)
I can never look at pinky pie the same way again

Author Crystal Hayes (1 year)
I don't really like parties.

Author Kveykva Storm (10 months)
Me too, i dont see how this scares people

Author Black Spirit (1 year)
heeehee 2009... ok... well... if you dont care about breaking up with your
bf... you didnt love him very much did you? and talking about sex openly?
why not? most of my friends are not virgins anymore...

Author Black Spirit (1 year)
really? good for you! and im thinking about going to sleep...

Author Crystal Hayes (1 year)
Maybe but I would rather eat horse meat cupcakes then vaggie cupcakes.

Author Crystal Hayes (1 year)
Welcome Pinkie gave it to me. *eats mine*

Author Crystal Hayes (1 year)
Sure *gives cupcake*

Author Crystal Hayes (1 year)
I don't know the animal my mom is it wouldn't surprise me if she was a dog.
'Cuz she's a totally bitch to me!

Author Crystal Hayes (1 year)
I just realised I reply to you quickly and you reply to me quickly.

Author Black Spirit (1 year)
oh... what about those from rainbow dash?

Author Crystal Hayes (1 year)

Author Black Spirit (1 year)
ahahahahahaha good one xD

Author Matthew Orochena (1 year)
What the fuck was up with pinkies pics they scared the SHIT out of me well
I knew it was a horrible idea staying up this late :p

Author wizzaroot (1 year)
HA! PFFT this isnt scary at all!!! ):) *3 hrs later* BREAKING NEWS!!! girl
was killed last night at 6:46 pm! witnesses say she was murdered by a pink
long haired pony that came out of her screen!

Author Black Spirit (1 year)
hahaha go and watch it! its awersomeeeeee..cute but VERY scary time to
time... and tell me how you like it

Author DelphiX (1 year)
CR ea .j

Author Black Spirit (1 year)
yes this is awersome... LOTS of blood... watch it only if you dont mind

Author Fluttershy the Medic (1 year)
Not like i was gonna sleep at all tonight.

Author Crystal Hayes (1 year)
I eating blueberry poptarts right now.

Author Jake Yatsko (1 year)
Good thing my rifle is right next to me

Author Trixiter Bloodmoon (1 year)
Funny how people say that smiling makes everything better, but, with these
pics, I say that's bullsh*t.

Author Willow Wisp (1 year)
Im scared because I'm watching this at 3:35 in the morning

Author maria kitten (1 year)
that's what i'm wondering!

Author Black Spirit (1 year)
aha! tottaly xD

Author Yuliana Puebla (1 year)
Awsome video!!!!!!!!! I love pinamena

Author pascu ciprian (1 year)
9 years old and watchd ths LOL!

Author Black Spirit (1 year)
IKR! loner party :)

Author Crystal Hayes (1 year)
Ok hey what year where you born and what's the animal of that year. In like
chinese new year terms I was born in 2000 the year of the dragon.

Author Crystal Hayes (1 year)
ONLY EAT COWSI DON'T EAT FUCKING HORSES!! *breaks down crying* why are we
humans so cruel?!

Author BlackfangR (1 year)
Why do the black eyed pinkie pie pics freak me out so much?! I'm scared for

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